Thursday, August 23, 2007


Will i ever come to a point where i feel i have some level of mastery in my chosen medium? Will i then be able to concentrate on being creative? Is concentrating on creativity something to do just for itself?
Why are there so many great photographers out there who never (want to) make a dime with their work? If they are all better than me, what should i feel about planning to go proffessional?

Why do i never write about this during daylight hours?

How much do i subconciously downvalue my own work? Does this help me evolve? Do others? Does it help them?

And finally, how much does a can of baked beans cost in the UK? How long does one last? What will i have to do to be able to afford some?

Folks, stay tuned for the next episode of the hit reality show The Hungry Photographer in the near future. You saw it first on

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Kaarel Nurk said...

Jõudu. Konservoad ja sarnased asjad on seal ka odavad;)