Tuesday, December 26, 2006

any suggestions?

As sepp points out in his comment to my last post:

pildid on lahedad, ent milleks on vaja spetsiaalselt vaeva näha, et võimalikult halb oleks albumit vaadata. sellest javascriptist räägin, mis peale lehe laadimist pool pilti ära peidab.

This brings me (and i'm sure i've written about this before) to this: Does anyone have any suggestions on a quick and easy (and not too ugly) gallery engine? I would need it to do pretty much the same that the gallery in the previous post does, but in a more elegant way. I agree that the current galleries i create straight out of my favourite-photo-editing-program™ are not very comfortable to use. And if anyone has any ideas on how to make the transistion to running a blog based on a photoblog engine as smoothly as possible, i'm all ears. (If at all possible, i'd like to keep using blogger.)

Any ideas?


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näide sellest: http://romzzz.pri.ee/foto/wonderland

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