Wednesday, October 25, 2006

how time flies by

So i was just sitting here going over the blog archives for a bit of nostalgy. And what do i find. My rant about my "dream car on a budget".

A year and a few months later, i can say that for the most part, thanks to my loving friends, my dream has come true. I assume (provided you have been keeping an eye on this blog) you have seen a few photos of her. She is not black, no, but she IS a genuine vaz 2106 made in 1978, that being 10 years older than me.
I haven't yet gotten around to realizing the idea i had about the letters "kingston" or the jamaican flag on the roof either, but i DO have jamaican flag seat covers and some other minor details.

During the course of the three-quarter-year or so that i have had her, we have had our share of adventures, too, some pleasant, some not quite so. What i can say for sure is she has had character from day one. I still vividly remember how the guys pushed her into the parking lot as she had run out of gas. I remember how K and me went back to the venue the next day to drive her home. I remember almost ploughing her into a field during a period when i learned about rear wheel drive and gravel roads (in a controlled environment, mind you). I remember driving my friends around. I remember getting the wheels to spin for the first time.

I fear a period in my life might have come to an end. She is solemnly waiting for me outside in the parking lot, all documents expired, engine not starting at the moment.
I fear this autumn break will be a crucial deciding point. I hope i find the time, and more importantly, the energy and skill to get her running again. That would mean fixing whatever is wrong with the engine or electrical system, replacing the heat valve, getting a set of tyres for winter and probably something i've forgotten and also dealing with anything that comes up while attending to the aforementioned matters, and something is surely bound to.

So you see why i am anxious.

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