Monday, June 19, 2006

get down! get down again!

So i was reading my old posts from a year ago and tought there was something i liked about the quirky and twisted english i used in my posts. It made sense to me (i could read it and understand what i had meant to say a year ago, that is) and i even noticed a few comments here and there (and i am the comment whore) and so i figured i might try to squeese out another text post.And now that i even know how to spell the word which, all is good, no?
Who knows, maybe i'll be back writing full time? Well, probably not anyway, because i suspect it is just the abundance of free time one has to deal with in summer.

So, what i wanted to go on to say today was something about my car. Now you see i have run into a bit of trouble because i havent really posted anything since i don't know how long ago. Thus, most of you lot do not know i have a car. Well, i mean to say that you would not know if most of you lot (and deciding by the statistics hardly anyone reads this blog anymore anyway) did not know me in person anyhow. And being that most of you do know me in person, most of you know that i have a car. I will go as far as to say that many of you actually contributed when the funds were being raised. Ask K, for he knows better.

Well, what i wanted to say is that the car has an interesting personality. I would say things about her, but i love her, and besides, being an Estonian, i should follow the proverb that has to do with horses being given as gifts and looking into their mouths and whatnot.
So i will just state that i will officially try to repair the headlights as soon as possible. And the battery. And i will stop there until something else falls off or apart because trying to fix everything about her would take more time than i will be given on this earth. As long as she runs, it is fine. And even more so when i get my new seatcovers installed (expect photos).

So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, another rant about pretty much nothing at all. I figure i almost like doing this.

Damnit. I'm up at half past one blogging. Blogging. This can't be good.


Liis said...

Paula is back in business!

Sander said...

yeha :D I was positively surprised to visit your blog and actually find something to read. no really.
ranting is good. very good actually. perhaps even better than rambling. uh. what did I just say. well anyhow. write more. yes. you do that. by the way, if anyone is interested, then just now I realised that my verification word to post all this is 'nwrnxk'. okay let's finish now.