Wednesday, June 28, 2006

art rules

Tonight, life is good. Whether it was yesterday or will be tomorrow, will be another matter, of course.
Anyway. Tonight was pretty nice, especially in a cultural way. After a longish sort of while i felt good about intellectual activity again. I went to see what they call the annual school theatre festival. Or that is what i believe it was, but i'm not very well informed. Some of you might know that i myself have been (and hope to be in the future, too) involved with theatre at an amateur level. I've written and directed some plays, always enjoying the process. And at times, the outcome has not been that bad, either. Today i got to combine my love of theatre with my love of photography. Which of those is the bigger or more important one remains to be debated, but today was the first time over a long period of time that i did not feel uncomfortable taking photographs. Whether the resulting photographs will be any better than my regular botchings as of late, will remain to be seen, but i doubt it. Of course, the reader of this blog will see the results sooner or later.
Watching theatre from an outside perspective was refreshing and, most importantly, inspiring. To my own shame i must say that i do not go to the theatre half as frequently as i should. And today i got to see some ten plays, even if they were only some 10 minutes in length. I took photographs of some of them too. And i even had some ideas. Maybe i'm getting my inspiration back, maybe this was just a temporary flash of enlightenment. In either case, on my short way home i felt that art was good, life beautiful, and the sky amazing.

Bottomline is: Art owns. It inspires. (woot).

Yours truly.

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Sander said...

well.. since when has art NOT ruled? or.. why did you discover this so late, I wonder? (using an adjective from a certain parody of a certain film): art is the 'bestest'! whooo.