Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the mad girlz attakk again

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i need to use my head
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Aye, today was a crazy day at school. Thinking back on it, the major point to myself that i have to keep in the back of my mind is that i'm getting weak. During the lesson it felt like the Girlz were dishing out the worst barrage ever, but now that i analyze it, it would seem that it was just the usual. Now, taking this into account and comparing to how i felt during the lesson, i must conclude that i'm getting weak. You see, today was the first time i actually switched seats in order to get some rest. Wich i, as you could have come to expect, did not. For they were only some 5 meters away or so and that is really not enough when one wants to isolate oneself from the Mad Girlz. Of course, it might be that i would have sat somewhere else earlier as well, but today was the first time a seat was vacant, but that is all theory.

And all to you that keep asking me why i dont switch seats with someone permanently...

.. would you switch seats with me?


Monday, November 28, 2005

results or lack thereof

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Some new stuff is up at flickr. Click on the photo above to see it.

what a day

Today was an inspiringly insane day at school. Nasty biology lessons, nasty chemistry tests, the Mad Girls raging at full blast, all that more in a day that did not really see any daylight as such.
Now that i think of it, the day started off pretty well with my deskmate being absent for a while. Not that i'd have anything against her, but a change is good once in a while, you know. As it later turned out, keeping the opportunities of retaining sanity in mind, it might not have been such a good thing at all.
One way or the other, it started in the biology lesson. Biology lessons always follow almost the same pattern. For the first five minutes you are really in it and try to follow what is going on. Then you realise you dont understand any of it and in another two minutes the people are split in two - the ones that do not pay attention and do something useful such as reading materials about the test two lessons up or polishing their fingernails or what ever. The other half still try to cling on to what the teacher is saying and miserably fail to process any of it. This is where the fun begins. This is what boils your brain. By the end of the lesson you get a group of people stuffing pens up their noses and finding a joke in everything the teacher says. And this spirit usually lasts on through the day.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

been busy

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a bit
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Even though it's been the weekend and so on and so on, i've been devilishly busy with all sorts of things. Posting, as some of you might have noted, has slowed to a crawl of a few per week with any luck.

Anyway, i've taken a few (and i do mean only a few) photos here and there and i expect to be uploading them over a period of time now. The four first ones you can see if you click on the above one.

As for something else, i'm quite sure there was something rather clever i intended to say but i've forgotten it by now, as it tends to happen.

It's amazing how many empty sentences that do not really tell you anything i can blurb out sometimes, no?

Friday, November 25, 2005

drink less

You might want to check this video out.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

weird things happen

When you have been at school for 10 hours straight with no breaks and then come home to study your art history test, do not be surprised if you look at your notebook in amazement when the text does not scroll when you spin the wheel of your mouse.
That just happened to me, yes. I was simultaneously having a chat in gaim (read: messenger) and reading my notebook and then tried to scroll the text in the notebook with a mouse. Took me a couple of seconds to figure out what i was doing wrong.

Not the first time i doubleclick buttons in the elevator or wonder where the cursor is when im riding a bus, too.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

b-day kidzz

Just, you know, to dig up an older photo in relation to the main event (dare i say) of the day.


I have not really posted anything as of late as some of you might have noticed. Have not had anything to post about, really. I suppose i'm becoming used enough to how tough school is that whining about it is losing it's appeal.
But oh yes it's been tough. Combine that with the virus (a virus would be the only thing i could explain the exessive sleepiness i've been having lately with) or whatever it is that is making me sleepy and you get a frustrated me. Or rather, a sleepy one.

Anyway, it is the birthday of the K-brothers today so a shout out (w0rd!) to them. I designed the flyer/invitation to the party some of you received today and i hear some will be receiving tomorrow. Ah, i was almost about to say what i thouhgt about it but i figure it's better to wait until most of them get distributed and you can decide for yourselves.
Hopefully it's going to be as wicked as it was last Saturday.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


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I uploaded a whole three photos of yesterday. Can't take photos no more...
Click on the above photo to see the rest as well.

Friday, November 18, 2005

skulls and R

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skulls and R
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I uploaded a few photos from yesterday to flickr. Click on the above photo to see them.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

birthday card

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important day
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She turned 18 today. Happy birthday.
Click on the card to see it in flickr.

bug smastard

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bug smastard
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

angel's trumpet

R, my man, and all you other lot, something for you. The Angel's Trumpet, but this time it's a lamp and not very edible even though it's made of paper.

Monday, November 14, 2005

warfare of the past

When discussing my reports on warfare in the past:

Unruled: "oi chap, would you be so kind as to let me hit you on the head with this here wooden bat?"

"well, ofcourse mate, go right ahead"

Unruled: and lets not forget the tea-breaks

Sunday, November 13, 2005


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A few new shots up at flickr again. Click on the above photo to see them.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

to you ipod freaks

You won't want to buy this as you won't want to buy an ipod altogether, but supposing you have somehow made a big mistake and bought yourself an ipod nano already then you might be interested in this. It's a pair of headphones with a slot for the ipod so you just wear the headphones with your ipod inside them, so to speak. Just check the site for pictures and specs.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

like a swimming pool, only different.

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like a swimming pool, only different.
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So i took a few shots of the new Kaubamaja yesterday. The ones that can bear any criticism at all are up at flickr. Get there by clicking on the above photo.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

3 o'clock in the afterdesperate

Up until today i had thought that reasonable people, even the ones that can rightly call themselves trendy and true, told time by conventional methods wich involved numbers, or when that great precision was not needed, references to lunchtime.
It may very well be that rational people still do just that but i'm not so sure about the trendy ones anymore. Today i learned that the Mad Girlz tell time in reference to the Desperate Housewives. Makes total sense now that i think of it. Well, almost total sense.
I think all of us, even the ones that do not personally know the Girlz, have by now figured out they might be watching such atrocities. What i dont quite understand is why to they would refer to time as the afterdesperatehousewives or beforedesperatehousewives if lunch is an event in the day with at least as much weight to it, if not more than the evening tv show. I think describing how some of them, if not all, stampede towards the lunch hall during lunchbreak deserves a post of its own. Let it be noted though that the exact time of the lunchbreak on any given day must be derived from a formula based on the movement of the planets (or the Girlz' bowels), pi, how much hair all the dogs shed on that day and god knows what. I'm sure no scientists will be able to figure it out for centuries to come yet. The result this obscure formula tends to have is that there is an infinite amount of lunchbreaks every day. But more of that some other time, perhaps.

One way or the other, if they get their ideas across to eachother, should we care at all?

And, oh. I couldn't help but overhear the Girlz talking today. I swear that if i could do anything short of stabbing my ears to evade having to listen to them, i would have done it a long time ago. They were discussing who of them was wich Housewife. Maybe they would be interested in this.

Monday, November 07, 2005

sanity under siege

Today was a weird day at school, mildly speaking.

The first lesson was fairly normal although i felt a bit more tired than i usually do. But that was just the beginning, too. By the end of the second lesson the Mad Girlz, time and the hot classroom had taken their toll and i felt weird. I'm talking about the sort of weird you can only achieve when you spend enough time in a very confined space with the Mad Girlz battering you from all sides with chemistry tests and hair problems and whatnot.
Supposing i wanted to make myself feel good and find a good side (not that it would have been entirely bad, no, but still) to the day i could say that i infected someone with the madness. I don't know how fertile i can be trying to explain to you all how you can "infect" someone with madness unless you have ever sat waiting for the teacher to come unlock the door of the classroom and asked someone if they still took up boxing. If you have, you probably know what i mean. On the other hand, if you havent, i'm afraid there is much i could do to make myself sound sane and compiled. But why would i need to do that, anyway? After all, it would almost be like lying.

Anyhow, the most horrible part of the day was after all the lessons. That in itself isnt very nice because one generally likes to go home from school thinking happy thoughts even if one has three tests the next day. Thus one should generally keep in mind that it is not a very good idea to scare people when they are about to leave school. I would even say it would be best if all bad marks could be given to pupils in the first half of the day, somehow, but that is just a theoretical dream.
But the Mad Girlz, as you might have come to expect, have no regard towards my (or anyone's, for that matter - or so it would seem) sanity or moral wellbeing. Just as i was sitting on the bench putting my boots on after lessons, the Girlz attacked me. Now, if you could imagine a scene from one of the alien films where the hero is walking along a dark corridor with light shining from one end and then the aliens come running towards him on the floor, walls, and ceiling with the light shining in from behind them, drawing contours of of silky death for the poor hero who only has his last bullet in the barrel and then multiply it with a number big enough, you get what i was feeling. Of course, the scene wasnt quite the same as Mad Girlz (with a few exeptions, perhaps) generally can't run on anything else but floors and the corridor wasn't that dark or foreboding at all, but i knew what to expect of the Girlz and that made it all the more terrifying for me. Knowing that you have a second or two before they reach you but that you have nowhere to run or hide or defend yourself with is something i hope none of you will have to experience.
Hopping like bunnies or kangaroos or whatever other words i'd try to use to describe their movement, reach me they did, and what followed i'd best not try to conjure on these pages for i care for my reader and want her to cling to her sanity for a moment or two longer than i did today.

Let me just say to you these few words of warning: When you find yourself alone in a corridor in our school and know the Girlz are near, best be prepared.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

folk festival 1

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folk festival 1
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I scanned two photos.
Click on the above photo to see them at flickr.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

all souls day

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soon they will rise. and we shall have tea.
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I hear it is all souls' day today. I do not know if that is true or not but the fact remains that my mom, my aunt and i visited our family graves in the graveyard. And i had my camera with me.
Click on the above photo to see the results. Yes, both of them.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

challenge me

I just got an idea and i need all your help in realising it.

The point is i'd like you lot, the readers, to come up with a title for a photograph and then i'll go and try to take it as i see fit.

So please, go ahead and offer any at all ideas for a title for a photograph. I can't guarantee i'll be able to do them all, but experience tells me i should be lucky if i get any response at all.

So please, go ahead, challenge me, let me develop myself, give me a title.