Friday, September 30, 2005

back in tha web

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Yarr, mateys, shiver me timbers, i be back on the wide open sea of thine internet.

Yeah, my connection was down for a whole 3 days. They told me the thunderstorm had broken something but they probably lied. Never can trust those people.

Anyway, i'll be adding a few photos to flickr, mostly of the Tamme Race and then the Fox happenings today so check it out. As for now, only Tamme Race photos, i've yet to edit today's bunch.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


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It has officially begun now. I've taken another step towards utter madness, as always caused by the Mad Girlz feat. Nipple Cream Lady, but this time i have a semilegitimate reason.
During the last lesson (or was it physics - doesn't really matter) i asked G (or L, or all of them, depending on how you look at it) to bring me the next issue of Cosmopolitan. Now, most of you will stuff your fingers inside your ears and sing loudly and say i've turned into something terrible, and that is true.
But please bear with me for i can explain.
You see, one of the fellows at the Mini meet was a photographer for Cosmopolitan (you can see the photos he took here) and he said that his car is in some of the photos in the next issue. I don't know if i'll be able to find them from amidst all the oral sex tips and whatnot without help from proffessionals, but i'm not worried for i have plenty at hand. I need not look but one desk away in any direction, really.

I've also sent K the photos i took and when he gets around to uploading them all, i'll paste the link here. In the meantime you can bore yourselves with the few i've put up to flickr.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Is it just me or can everyone else besides me take good photos and i cant?

I hope this will be a feeling that passes. Given my learning curve experience with photoshop, i suppose it is. We'll see, we'll see.


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Sunday, September 25, 2005

autumn beauty

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autumn beauty
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Had quite the busy weekend this time. Not as half as much sleeping as i would have liked, either.

Friday night was friday night and then, from saturday afternoon till not very long ago (sunday evening) i was at a Mini club meet with K. Thus, you could expect to see a few Mini shots in the future. I think K will want me to put them up somewhere as a batch (or i will send them to him and he will do it) so you will be notified when that happens.

One way or the other, i am now much more knowledged in what to do when my hypothetical mini just dies with no apparent reason. It just might be the fuel pump as it was this time.
Having a bunch (around 7) of Minis in a country gas station for a few hour can be quite an experience. Even more of an experience for the locals. There was much rejoicing, you know.

I got even more reassured that driving a Mini gets you looks no matter what. Driving a bunch of them in a row gets even more, obviously.

And em, no matter how small, they are very (repeat: very) good for driving at speed. Oh my!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

the pack

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the pack
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Thursday, September 22, 2005


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I did actually get around to taking some new photos today. Unfortunately, i only managed a few i'll be showing you. It's damn hard to take good photos, especially when you're not very inspired. But some of the results you will be seeing.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

mad girlz part two

I think i could start another blog entirely and fill it with what the girls i'm sitting next to are up to.
Today was a mad day again, even though my own deskmate was absent. Usually she's about the worst culprit, but the others proved they can drive me (and everyone else) mad without her just the same.
Maybe today it had something to do with my nose being blocked (you know what happens if your brain can't get enough oxygen) but the physics lesson was mad.
I'm afraid that it's a bit difficult to use words to describe what they did for half of it was physical. That happens when you sit jammed in between a bunch of dancers (or gymnasts in the Nipple Lady's case - and i'm sure i didn't get the english name of the field of sports right here).
The other part, i can try to describe a bit, but so very fortunately for me the ability of the human brain to forget bad things is working and i'm not sure if i remember everything or remember it right.
One thing i can tell you is that it's damn difficult to try to understand physics when someone is going "paulllllnnnnnnnnnnn paulnnnnnnnnnnnnn" behind you. Then some silence and "argh, stop touching me", "i'm not touching you, heheheheeeee".
Is it just me or are they really mad at times? Or do they do extasy at school?

No no, i still love you all, obviously.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

opera made free

The makers of opera have now made it a totally free browser. There used to be a banner in the free version wich you could pay to have removed, but from today everyone gets the bannerless version for free. Opera is a web browser wich i used a few years back but i don't really have any experience with it as of late.
I don't know how it compares to firefox wich i'm currently using but it sure is a good alternative to internet explorer. Hell, even a tin of sardines is a good alternative to IE when web browsing is concerned.

So if you have been using IE why not migrate to a program that was actually designed to view web pages - give opera a spin. It's free after all.


Today was the most queer day i've had yet this year. Adding to the queerness were many different factors.
The first and most important is of those was the way i felt. I had contemplated staying home yesterday but i decided to go to school because i would have had to represent my school in a sports competition between the schools of Tartu. By the time the first lesson was over i realized that i was in no shape to be at school, let alone go run in a competition.
So i decided to go home. Unfortunately, it only ended up being a decision on my part. The school policy on being ill seems to be "no fever, no go home". That, of course, is wrong. It was in my case, and those of you that know how much (or little) i usually skip or miss lessons shouldn't have anything to say here. I did honestly need to go home.
The school nurse of didn't seem to realize that though. "We here in school don't go home for such small matters as a slight cold" is what she said. Reminded me of good old prison movies. And school is prison.
As the ladies in the cloakroom don't let you get your stuff without a proper notice ahead of time ("time" being when your lessons actually end), i had to stay at school.
And being at school when your nose is blocked and your head doesn't get any oxygen and you can't think straight is queer.

Combine that with the two incidents i had with teachers and the weird stuff that generally happened, and you get a pretty weird day. For me, at least.

Monday, September 19, 2005

winamp and the lama

As i had nothing else to post and some of you (namely K) wanted to see what equalizer settings i used for listening to house with winamp and at the same time was uneducated enough to not understand a textual explanation through messenger, i decided to post this screenshot of my winamp. I'm damn pleased with the way it looks, too.
Ahh, the colours...

the knob

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the knob
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Sunday, September 18, 2005

pride and prejudice

Pride is a very common failing i believe. By all that i have ever read, I am convinced that it is very common indeed, that human nature is particulary prone to it, and that there are very few of us who do not cherish a feeling of self-complacency on the score of some quality or other, real or imaginary. Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have other think of us.

Damn. It's going to take some time to read all that. 200 pages of indeed upon rather upon considering and supposing and a fair bit of perhapses and neithers and nors thrust in between.
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, no?

garden party

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garden party
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Saturday, September 17, 2005

msn 7.5

It recently happened so that i installed the new msn messenger 7.5. Now, generally, i know from my experiences that installing a new messenger is always a step for the worse, but sometimes i can't do anything but still install it.
Msn actually forcing you to update to new versions a while after they are released doesn't actually help any either.
This time, i updated because i thought it might work better. Those of you that know me enough also know how bad and unstable my net connection is. So i can never tell if it's msn (or any given program) not functioning or if it's just the net connection itself. This time, i thought it was messenger but apparently i was wrong. It doesn't matter now anyway.
As always, the new messenger looks twice as bad as the one before it. This one again is even more blue, sticky-looking and unreasonably overcrowded with silly functions you never need. Or maybe it's just the same as the previous one but i don't remember it well enough. You see, i'm writing this to ask for your help and advice if anyone should have any. With msn 7.0 everything was relatively okay because i had it skinned. Now, due to my own foolishness, i had made no backup copies of the skin and it got lost in the reinstalling process. And i can't find it on the net anymore because their site seems down.

Thus i turn to you all in my dark times. Does anyone know any good messenger skins that don't actually look like britney spears or gummy bears? Using alternative messaging programs is not an option right now due to my internet being partly disabled (see above), although i'm working on it. Should i find a good alternative solution, i'll let you know anyway.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

like aladdin

Today the first meeting of the people behind the school newspaper, Tabula Rasa, was held. As last year, i participated. It happened so that last year i ended up not doing any work for them, but this year it might be different. This makes no sense as my workload will be much more intense than last year, but i hope i can manage.
It might so happen that i will be doing the typesetting.
I got a bunch of old newspapers digitally and a typesetting program to look at them with. Namely, a version of InDesign. Knowing that InDesign is an Adobe product and i am reasonably familiar with another product of theirs, Photoshop, i expected to find something familiar. And i did, but this comparison holds no more true than what a yachtsman might feel stepping onto the Titanic or a Lada owner sitting into a Ferrari.
InDesign is so much bigger and more complicated than Photoshop than i can't even begin to describe it. Or at least this is how i feel after a quick run around the block with the program.
I hope that it won't be too much of a burden and that i won't have to disappoint myself and the rest of the newspaper crew by saying i can't do it. One way or the other, interesting times are ahead as i try to invent my own methods and learn from the masters.

You could also expect me to do some photoreporting for the newspaper but i can't say we don't have enough photographers. Three if you include me. So you could expect lots and lots of photographs if at all i will remain working with the team. But then again, last year, i didn't. Let's hope this year is different.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

nano update

When you order the ipod nano from Apple's web store, they engrave it with your name or any other message for free. You can engrave 2 lines of 23 characters each.

Not that this would make buying an ipod less pointless than it is. Don't waste your money, you can get at least twice the amount of mp3 player for that money.


I have now added word verification to the blog's comments. So if you want to comment, just type the letters you see into the box below. This ought to help against comment spam wich i've been seeing more of lately.

As for other news, if this keyboard isn't the ultimate porn addict's tool then i don't know what is.

certified leet haxor

I just recently got back from the first introductory bit for the Oracle course i'll be taking.
Point is, i'll be learning database design at the same rate i'm learning maths wich is five hours (lessons) a week for the whole year.
This should make the bunch of us some pretty leet haxors by the time the trees go green again.

The course, they say, is going to involve all sorts of stuff from (what i make out of it as) social skillz to writing teh 31337 code and everything in between. Of course, i might be a bit wrong.

The nice thing about this is that i'm probably going to have only one day when i get home from school earlyer earlier than 5' o clock.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Got inspired by the Nipple Cream Lady.

babes pan di car

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babes pan di car
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I'd like to tell you about a contrast in school-life i noticed today. I think using colours would make a good metaphorical sort of thing.

There are two sides to it.

On the one hand you have the gray grading system. I learned about that today with my deskmate in the (should i be using this article?) english lesson when we got our tests back. What results we both had is irrelevant at the moment, what matters is that we had been mislead about the grading system.
The trouble is as follows.
On the first day of school, all teachers introduced (i hear they had been instructed to make very sure we knew everything) the new grading system to us. The fact that this very system changes every year is another matter (and perhaps worth a post on it's own) completely. They said (do note that my facts may be a bit off, i'm using this to make a point here) that the margins for marks had been lowered. Thus that when last year you could get a three (the first "positive" grade) by having 50+% of the test right, then this year it got lowered by 5% to 45. The same happened with the lowest margin for a four wich moved from 70 to 60 percent or something thereabouts.
Seeing this as pretty much the only good and beneficial (to us) change among the lot, we were glad.

So comes the first test and we take it. As always, people expect and get different results varying amidst the class. Who scored how much is not important. My deskmate and i started comparing our results to the official system and it came out that the margins for different marks were different than what we had been introduced to only a week ago. Our teacher explained to us that in every school, the "subject council" can always change the margins for a given subject taught in a given school. I assume the council can oly raise them for if they could also be lowered, there'd be no point to a state regulation at all if it wasn't to be adhered to anyway.
What strikes me as odd is why we got introduced to the state regulation but nobody told us that our ("elite" - the teachers keep reminding us that) school has different (more difficult) margins.
What is "nice" about the estonian education system is that it's actually one big gray crack in the law system and every school and teacher can do what they please. Combine that with stupid administration from the govermnemt that makes the official rules (wich are almost never strictly abided by anyway) change every year and you get a silly gray mess where everyone adapts the rules to fit their style, standards, ethics and level of lazyness.
I admire our teachers who can make Estonia's education system one of the strongest in Europe (if not the entire world) with this level of chaos hanging about.

So this was the gray part.

The contrast, what i'd describe as "colourful" (even though it can be quite unnerving at times) is my deskmates. I have only one "literal" deskmate but i consider the two girls in front of me and the two behind me my deskmates as well because you can't but communicate with them a lot during a lesson. Sometimes it is good, sometimes bad. Today, it was mostly... Well, i'd be using the wrong word if i said "bad", but i can say it wasn't good.
Maybe you can imagine what a male person must go through when sitting boxed in between 5 teenaged girls 8 hours a day. Sometimes, today being one of them, it makes one think about things. If only think so you can hear your own voice inside your head to block out whatever the girls happen to be talking about. I suppose my writing this is not entirely (or at all) their "fault". Maybe i had a bad day.
What i can say for sure is that it began when somebody started talking about some sort of nipple cream or lotion in the middle of maths. And it got worse.
Sometimes i wonder if i will make it out of school as the person i am now. I consider myself sane for now, but that might change soon if i don't get strong.
Eight hours of "zutsti, you got stung" and "guess what i'm writing on your back" can be too much at times.

Support me. Tell me about crankshafts, about carburators and turbocharged engines. Show me car pictures. Anything to get my mind back in track to keep my body producing male hormones and not think i'm a woman.

Yet, this whole piece of writing is nothing compared to what some other people are going through. So small that i actually feel a bit ashamed to have written it in the style i have. But for the lot of you that will remain ignorant of what's going on (and you will), i hope that sheds some light on to what's going on at school.

Monday, September 12, 2005

ubre cooling leetage

Reading this has sparked quite a few thoughts in both my head and in those of my fellows.

For the majority of you that will be bored to death reading either what hides under the hyperlink or lies below this sentence, know that the talk is about a cooling unit for a computer that can reach temperatures of -100 celsius. That is way cold.

I mean, what if you could power a cpu (for those not so tech-savvy as we geeks: processor) cooling unit off of a mini cooper engine. Then you could go about saying "my cooling unit has an optimal temp of -220 degrees @ 3300 rpm". Or you could go about complaining that "stfu n00bz0r i was shifting gears, that frag dont count" in a wolf (or god forbid, a cs) server.

That much for geekiness.

On the other fronts, today i called my car school and long story short, i'll be finishing my driving lessons somewhere in early october i think. Then exams and other nastyness and i should be having a driver's licence by the time i turn 18.

ez d-cizonz

School has been weird lately. I mean, it more hasn't been than it has. Both on friday and today, the three last lessons were cancelled. Only difference is that today we cancelled one ourselves without actually consulting the proper authorities. On friday, everything was legitimate.
I expect there will be some trouble for skipping the chemistry lesson we're skipping (as it hasnt actually taken place yet as i write this), but for a few free hours, i'm willing to go through quite a bit.

It appears that our english teacher is ill and thus her lessons were pretty much cancelled. As we have two on mondays and there was only one other considerable (P.E isnt considerable) lesson to go to besides the english lessons, the decision to go home was easy to come.

Thus i'm sitting here safely at home and it's only half past twelve. Ah well. The good side is that this gives me more time to get my car school stuff right. I have to finish some driving lessons and then take the exams and so on. You will be further hearing about that soon, i think.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

good reading

If you are interested in what went (and goes) on in New Orleans during the aftermath of Katrina, you might want to read this. But as with any other material from the net, bear in mind that you can't know it's the truth.

weekends is good

When i stepped out of the school building yesterday, having checked my phone and seen that mom had called, i called her. To astonishment, she said the family was going to the country for the night, including me. I told her it didnt include me. All of you know what this means and most of you were here anwyay.
When we tried to count the number of people that might have been here, we got a total of 17. Of course, this number might not be entirely accurate because i don't trust my matemathical skills to a very high degree at three in the morning. Nor do i trust anyone else's. Not anyone's i was doing the counting with, anyway.

As for the rest of things, the plan to play dnd with some of my classmates has been given an even greater spin than before and things, i could say, are now in motion. Can't be so sure we'll be doing it today, but sooner or later it is going to happen. So you might expect a few more freaks and weirdos and lesson-time talks of bar brawls and dragon slaying now.

Friday, September 09, 2005


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Thursday, September 08, 2005

nano. ipod.

Apple launches new ipod nano.

business. literally.

So i had nine lessons today. The usual seven and then two lessons worth of english business literature.
I really don't understand the people that manage to get through the schoolyear with nine lessons almost every day. I have nine lessons on two days and it's no fun.

I was just thinking to myself one day that all teachers seem to think that preparing homework for an hour for every of their lesson ("because you don't have to do so much homework for the other lessons anyway") is alright. But combine 7 (9) lessons (hours) with 7 of homework and 8 of sleep and you exeed the 24 hour limit a day sets you quite soon.
So sometimes i think it'd be nice of them to back off a bit. Even though the schoolyear hasn't even properly started yet.

This is turning into a whineblog, yeah.

The other news is that some fellows from the class have been taking up some interest in roleplaying lately. Being the veteran roleplayer (oh yeah), i is glad.
So we'll just see what comes out of all that in the end.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

jah mon

Just got back from Celebrating L's birthday. She turned 17, you see.
I'm fairly confident i wanted to say something about it.

I figure spending part of the evening together with friends is a good alternative to what i usually do after school, but starting to do homework at 22:23 isn't the best part of it.
Anyway, L seemed to enjoy her birthday, just as one would expect, so that was good.

Heard about a fascinating motoroller crash and everything. The man-on-one-side-of-the-street,-boots-on-the-other sort of thing.

Na mean?

birthday kid

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birthday kid
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mid-week summary

I've gone to school for a whole four days now, yes? Three of them this week. And what can we say about that?
Just about what i said in the beginning of the week, really. Everything is so much the same. And indeed, that is to be expected when you're doing it the eleventh time over. Only the actual material you learn is different, how we do it and what we do between actually learning stuff is the same.
This is both bad and good, i suppose. Bad because it's routine and it gets boring. And the tension isnt something i entirely like, either. The good side would be that we know how everything goes and there aren't many nasty surprises beyond surprise tests in english literature and so on.

What i will have to find about is the extra courses in philosophy and oracle programming i'll be taking.

Another thing is that the three days have sucked the energy out of me. I suppose that is something to be expected on the firs week of school, but knowing this makes bearing it no better. As soon as i get home i get sleepy and such and yet i have to do stuff. Homework, car school, other stuff. Stack some firewood at grandparents'.

Oh, bother.

Monday, September 05, 2005


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Saturday, September 03, 2005


I thank Jah for my friends. They're good to have. All of you.
I hope nothing happens to any of you.

Make sure your friends know you love them. No matter what it might seem, this is not something one can see. Let them know.

Friday, September 02, 2005

misc update

1) There is a concert at toome hill. I can hear it crystal clear in my own room. The sound reflects from the neighbouring buildings. A bit too clear for my own good. I cant listen to my own music very well now, the concert disturbs.

2) Speaking of concerts, i just got back from one. Tõnis Mägi with Chalice. Everyone was there. I do mean everyone. Most our school, half of Treffner, Kaimar, you name em', they were there.

3) I just removed half a centimetre of toothpick from inside my foot. It got there some time ago when i stepped on one. I wasn't aware that some of it had been left inside until i took an ankward step today and the constant pain shifted a bit and got worse. This got me thinking some might be left inside and i heated a needle and opened the wound and indeed, found some wood in my foot. Fascinating.


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just as expected

About two minutes into the first lesson and you feel like there has been no summer. Everyhting is the same. The lessons, the breaks between them, the people you go to school together with. Well, there's a catch there as there are some (quite a number, really) new students in the 10ths, but why am i telling you that? Most of you know anyway.
So indeed. Going to school after summer becomes the less special the more you do it. Knowing that i have to go through the agony of it all only once more gives us strength, no?

And i thought i'd tell you how i'll become a Man of Steel by the time i graduate. Or become a woman. It's one of the two for sure, it just depends on whether i resist the pressure or break. For the second year now i sit boxed in between 5 girls most of the time. It got "worse" this year too as it somehow happened that the girls sitting behind me changed (while my deskmate and the two in front remained the same) from two relatively calm girls to two of the most energetic young women i have ever laid my eyes upon.
I'm wondering if i'll have a subscription to cosmopolitan by the time i graduate or not. Anyone want to take bets?

And yes. Our new chemistry teacher is mister füfinikfüfinik. Naah disrespect man, jah.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

From our dear own school comes the picture of the day:

activity again

As i was just discussing with some people that were over here today, during the latter parts (not to use the word episodes) of summer, i rarely had anything to write about.
There wasn't enough content for many "i did this tonight" posts as i think playing rpg-s on the computer hardly interests any of you besides M.
And as i wasn't really keeping myself tuned to the happenings of the world around me, there wasnt much reason to write a "i think this about that" post either. So you see why i've only been posting photos lately.

As expected, this changed today when i went back to school. It now happens that i have to spend (although it's probably nicer than it sounds in this context) some seven hours a day in a relatively limited space with 36 peers and a teacher. That makes for rather a lot of information being exchanged, even more so when you compare it to how much i communicated to people in (the latter parts of) summer.

So you could now be expecting more posts in text and less in photo as i will be having (note the elite tense usage skillzorz or lack thereof) less and less time to do photography. Another problem with that is that i've hung around Tartu quite a bit and it can become boring. Of course, now all real photographers and my deskmate M will come lecturing me that "a real photographer can't be bored nowhere he is unless he is out of film". I agree to some extent, but it's easier to be creative when you're in a new environment. I still have some parts of town i haven't been to with a camera (in a very long time), so not all is lost quite yet.


But onwards to what i really intended to write about. School began today. Of course, to the majority of you, this is no news. Being my age and missing september the first would be a new level of skill altogether and i don't think there are many people reading this that wouldn't know what's going on. Or what went on, rather.
As you probably noticed like most of us, after eleven years of the same stuff, going to school for the first time after summer gets a bit monotonous. I mean, the ceremonial part and all. You sort of feel "been there, done that" when watching and listening to the same stuff (with a few exeptions every year) for the eleventh time.
So indeed, nothing wondrous with the first day of school, as expected.

After the official part i and some peoples came to my place to smoke teh milkpipe. You know, a waterpipe with milk in it. Yes, indeed, i am aware that it damages my physical health. Yet, school damages my mental health and i have to compensate. Yes, this is faulty logic, no, i don't care.
Then some cake with grandparents and here i am now.

And the last thing. Some of you asked me what a "cool song" i played today was. These same of you told me to send it to you through messenger (and i can still do that if you wish), but as it indeed is very good, i thought i'd circulate the link a bit as the song is freely available from the artist's website, Just go to DOWNLOADS and download the top one of the two files, two ways. Sorry i cant give you a direct link, it's a flash site and i'm no expert at extracting links from flash.


photo from flickr
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A shot to go with today's mood, eh.

be strong!

Today is a sad day for many, many young people all over the world. September the 1st has been known as a sad day for years by now, if not centuries and yet governments are unable to do something about it. I'd even say that governments in their ignorance give support to the evildoers known as teachers and other school-related people so that they could more effectively round up all the free people when summer ends and make them sit in crowded classrooms studying things they will never need in their lives.

Yet another summer has come to an end and the routine begins all over again. You can see children marching to their schools with flowers in hand anywhere you look. Don't expect such gestures from me. It's bad enough that they make me suffer for another 9 months, why should i even want to make them think i might like it?
Can you believe some of them might actually be happy about it. About going to school. Even i might have been once, when i was younger, but now i know better. We all do, don't we?

But do not despair. There is always another spring. When these horrible months are behind you, you'll be saying to yourself: "oh, how time flies, it is as if yesterday we sat at the festive meeting of september the 1st."

Do not lose heart, be strong!

May the force be with you!