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teh shadow

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teh shadow
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estonian people

From Estonian People, for my searches as i'm doing a favour for a friend:

Estonians never seize a single Bastille. They stand on the fringes instead, finger in mouth, analysing, assessing, advancing, and sometimes gradually falling in love with something.

--Jaan Undusk, literary critic


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And my favourite photo of the day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

gearing up


I've done the first major step towards competing at what will probably be the race of the year. The dreaded haanja 100. This is what i wrote about it last year.
I've registered myself and there's no stepping back now. And there is no way i'd step back even if there was one.
I intend to make what was eight hours of mud, grime and suffering into some six hours of mud, grime and a bit more intense suffering.
Of course, any predictions i make here can't be held to much value because it all depends on so many things when the course is so long.

Many of you might wonder why i do this. On the track, i will too. But the feeling you get after crossing the finish line makes it all worthwhile. And the way your saliva sticks to the car window when you sleep through the ride back to town after the race.

And besides, if having ridden 100 km in the wild bush of haanja isn't a good enough reason to skip a few days of school, i don't know what is.

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As for things besides the photos, i went to the country yesterday. Some good biking and good photos taken of us. Not by me, but another fellow from the cru.

And i managed to get my adrenaline dose of the year, too. Hence the morale - make sure you can always trust your brakes. Or if you know you cant, stay off Väike Munamägi for good. Especially the area with the concrete steps.

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business centre

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business centre
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birthday day

It's been an entirely busy sort of day.
My parents woke me up at 1.20 saying i had 40 minutes to get ready to go to my great-uncle's birthday. He, you see, got 70 and it was a jubilee (am i using the right word here?).
So i saw lots of relatives whom i hadn't seen in a long while and then some i didn't even know i had. Took a few photos as well.

And then we had to leave said party to go to a next one. Another relative of mine, namely O, just had his very first birthday and so it was celebrated in my grandparents' garden.
The gift from my family was a sort of truck you have to build out of building blocks. So that the weels are attached to a base and then you put building blocks on it to form a truck. I think it sucked but i wasn't present at buying the gift and i'm just hoping O likes it.
He's getting teh ubre birthday gift from me next year anyhow as i'm giving him my legacy of lego pieces. And theres a huge bloody lot of them, too. I was a real lego maniac when i was a kid, you know... I hope O will be, too. But that all is in store for next year and in the meantime he'll have to do with the truck.

Friday, August 19, 2005

life. (just do it?)

Thought i'd give a text reportage of what i've (not) been up to lately just to distract the monotonous feed of photos a bit.

In fact, there's not much more to this post than the above two lines. Or one, depending on your screen resolution etc etc.

The only "new" thing would be that i've started to bike again, but then again, why would you be interested in that beyond knowing that i have...

It has not been that boring as it might seem from this post, honest.

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edinburgh street

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edinburgh street
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And my favourite photo of the day from the part of the blogosphere i keep my eyes on.

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jap crap

A fair warning beforehand. This post is not for the weak of heart.

This night has been (and will continue to be) a night of shocking personal discoveries.
I found this page.
To draw a parallel line so others beside K and another few exeptions could understand what we're talking about here: you start looking the net for funny pictures of people getting gently kicked in the bottom. It's good humour. As you find a couple more sites, things start to get serious. The violence gets real. A few guys on the pictures have bruises. Then somebody uses a stapler on someone else. And soon, things have escalated beyond jackass scale. There is blood. And in a little while you are looking at very graphic photographs of people cut to pieces with chainsaws.

This happened to me tonight. Not quite as i described above, but almost. To your knowledge and so that you could sleep safely, i've seen only one person in the photos i've been looking at so far and even though her face was blurred out due to the long exposure times, it was imminent she was all right and enjoying herself.

If you havent guessed so far, i'm talking about cars. And japanese people. And what tends to happen if you put the two together.
I've been looking at photos (quite a number of them) from different japanese car festivals.
I've come to conclude that japanese people just think different from us europeans. In the beginning, i thought they were just freaks, but as i browsed on and the scale of destruction came imminent, i saw that we just can't consider it "freakishness" anymore, because that is based on our own standards and sense of judgement. And when an entire people (or kind of people) seems to do something wich you consider perverse, abominal, even blasphemy, then you just have to accept that for reasons and events so deep in their history, they just see things in a different light. A very different light.

I will try to bring some examples as to illustrate what i'm thinking:

This is one of those "chainsaw massacre" scale cases i was talking about. Why oh why get a lamborghini and then cover it with "racing sticker"? Lamborghini is THE racing sticker. Enough to show absolutely anyone you "got what it takes". But some people just have to make double sure, it seems.

This car has me almost change my policy of "pedestrian safety regulations are the death sentence of beautiful cars". And until tonight i thought i held that view quite dear.

Exeptions always enforce the rule. Seems there are a few people in japan left with a sense of humour.

Yes, the japanese are widely known and respected for their knack in engineering but squeezing this out of a nissan i had previously thought impossible.

Nothing says racing or fast better than 50kg of extra fiberglass. Or subwoofers. Or both.

Then again, this does. To some extent.

Something so completely lost in translation between the two cultures that i simply fail to understand what i'm seeing.

Of one thing i am now sure. A japanese person must feel as dull at an european car show as an european does after staring at a concrete wall for five hours straight.

Now, after all this, i seem to have two choices once (okay, let's be honest, if) i get my lada. Just keep it original and be proud. OR. Or cover every damn square inch of it with racing stickers and find a way to use office tape to make my eyes squint while driving. And then be proud...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

deth lettre

Yes, darlings, stuff like this happens when i'm bored. Too often for my own good, as of late, it seems.

level 10 rice food

I didn't get around to making the rice cotlets i said i'd make yesterday and they had to wait till today.
But now i am another bit wizer in rice metaphysics.

So what did i do?

I had two baggiefuls (you know, the sort of bags rice comes in) of rice. When you try to recreate this at home (and i'm not saying it would be an entirely sane idea) make sure you properly boil your rice and don't leave it underboiled like me. It wasn't so underboiled as to render it useless but underboiled enough to taste like unproffessional cooking.
Unproffessional or not, i was hungry and wanted something to eat so i decided i'd make something of it.

I took the rice (still two baggies of it) and mixed in 4 eggs. If you don't count the adding of salt and pepper for good measure, that's pretty much all i did to prepare it.

Then i heated a pan, put some oil on it (the failed experiment with flour coatings i will not mention) and put a largish tablespoonful of the batter(?) onto the frying pan. I wasn't entirely sure if what i was doing was right but i had some vague idea of what i wanted the whole lot to become after a few minutes on the pan.
Now most of you can imagine (or then again, perhaps not?) what four eggs mixed into cold boiled rice looks and tastes like. Not very inviting if you ask me, but then again, there are always phases in cooking during wich it is better to stay as far from the kitchen as possible if one is to eat the very same thing afterwards.

The egg, you see (and most of you with any at all cooking experience know it anyhow), is there to make the stuff stick together to form a sort of cotlet. But that only happens when an egg gets heated. Thus you have to take care when transporting the spoonful of batter and installing it on the frying pan. Make sure it stays together in one glob and looks vaguely like a cotlet. Flattening it a little bit with your favourite kitchen utensil might help too.

Now i let the glob heat a little on the pan. As one side of it gets heated, the egg in it hardens and this means you can now treat what was a glob of rice with raw egg mixed into it as a single unit because the egg somewhat keeps it together.
Then, at some point, the glob is turned to apply heat to the other side as well.
This should make the glob stay together rather well and from this point on calling it a cotlet, albeit made of rice, isn't as absurd as it might have been before.

Now all you have left to do is let your cotlet fry from both sides until it's nice and golden brown and then devise a nice way to consume it.
You might want to try wrapping it in salad leaves and improvising some sauce from whatever you might be having in the fridge at the moment.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

haard koor, pastoriseeritud

Yeah, got bored.

news from the province

I suppose i'll shed some light into where i was and what i did last night, then.

I went to Otepää (or rather, to a summer house near it) to party. That would summarize it in a sentence but wouldn't do a very good job of letting you know what it actually was like.

At any rate, i had lots of new experiences, some of them good, some of them, err, very interesting.

One of the major things i'd even be a bit proud of is i got to see Otepää City at it's very best peak time (in sumer, that is). It was friday night and the Suverull rollerskiing festival sort of thing was in full swing so as much as i could make of it, it was one of the busiest nights the town sees considering they've put an end to the madness that was Pühajärve Beach Party.
I saw the "cultural elite" of Otepää in their Hondas, Opels, Mazdas, and in a rare case or two, even in BMW-s. I heard to the übercultural trance music they were playing. I hid my hair in fear of getting beat up. I cursed myself for leaving my camera behind yet again as an elderly sort of fellow in a jacket you usually see with a Double Bock or Turbodiesel was sitting on a park bench in the middle of all that.

And then we managed to organize some transport to the actual summer house itself. This is where the Lada thing comes in. We were taken there (or at least near enough) in a very nice (that's my view anyway) green Zhiguli 06, i think it was. And this got me thinking, as you can see one post below.

Obviously when we got there at about 10-ish, most everyone else was drunk enough not to be worth talking to. You all know the discrepancy between the levels of intoxication of the two sides holding a dialogue can't be very big or the whole affair turns into pointless mumbling in the eyes of at least one side.
Fortunately, there were a few exeptions and i met a fellow i had not seen in a while. MT, that is, not that it would tell most of you lot anything significant. Between the two of us we managed to gain dominance over the music computer for a period of time without using very much brutal violence so it was good.
And i can't believe how much (good) music that computer had. The ones of you that know how much music i have must know that it takes quite a bit to impress me in that field.

And then at some point some people tried to sleep, some other people made a few futile attempts to draw penii (if you dont know what it is, google it) on the faces of said people trying to sleep, but given they had enough trouble standing up, they stopped after a while.

And the next morning, through another astonishing array of adventures, i got home.

And now i'm off to try making cotlets out of rice and if anything good comes out of it, maybe i'll post a few hints on how to make em.

me dream car, man

Where i just got back from and what i did last night (and i do believe i'm using the right phrase - had a rather long discussion with somebody over this (tonight vs last night, that is) once), i will hope to discuss in another post when i've slept a bit.

But this, what i thought of during the bus ride back to town, i want to get off my chest now.

Point is, i just realized what my "ultimate dream car on a budget is". Well, maybe not ultimate, maybe not dream car, but it would make a good car on a budget. And that, for me, will be a major issue soon enough for being 18 and getting my driver's licence isn't so far off in the future anymore.

But what would i do without a car? I mean, yes, both my parents have cars and i could in theory pester them every time i needed to ride somewhere, but i've come to realize that a personal car, if you turn a blind eye to the gas prices, grants lots of freedom i'd like to enjoy. And the car i have in mind won't, unlike some Pontiacs i've been dreaming about, consume incredible amounts of super-quality fuel.

We do have an old saab 96 lying around but it won't do me much good because she's in bad condition right now and last we consulted the specialists (also see zee germanz) they were of the opinion that getting her to ride again and ride well would cost a meagre 40 thousand eek (2500 eur). Thus you can see why this saab will have to remain in the condition she is in for a few more years, unless someone of my family wins a million on the lottery. (And i bet everyone would have a million other things to do with a million than go about restoring old rotting cars).
So now you see why she will become my middle age crisis pet project immediately before (or after) i get (and restore) myself a Pontiac gto.
Or so a 17 year old fellow thinks, at least.

What i've been coming around to (getting quite the essay, isn't it?) is that a Lada or a Zhiguli, depending on from wich side of the iron curtain you look at it, can be a rather neat car for the price you can get them these days.
I must admit that being the young city-grown punk i am, i hardly know anything about these cars. Well, not as much as a normal teenage boy should, i would suppose. But the good side about these cars is that everyone else does. Every car mechanic worth his salt has no doubt learned to take apart and put back together a Lada blindfolded much like they do with their guns in the army. Of course, that is changing towards the worse every year as the old hardcore soviet-era mechanics die and/or lay down their wrenches for good, but i don't see a total catastrophe in that field quite yet.

So yes. A look at auto24 tells me i can get one for about 4500 eek (280 eur). Of course, one can't expect anything perfect or even moderately good at that price, but damnit, my camera costs almost twice as much and it's a damn shitty one. Even supposing i'd have to get a new one every year (and that might hold true), it seems a pretty good option for a poor student with no personal money such as myself.

So i was here thinking i'd get one. At these prices, i could perhaps pester my parents to get me one for christmas/birthday, it will be seen.
A black one would be especially neat, but if i'm getting a car for christmas, i'm not complaining at anything.
So supposing i got a black one (or not), i'd paint (or tape or attatch or whatever) a jamaican flag on the roof. Then, knowing there is a car named king-somethingsomething (i think it was a nissan of some sort), i'd get one of those signs that cars have on the back stating the model of the car in chrome letters. I'd break off the something-something part and leave the king part. Then i'd salvage some more of these signs until i got the letters ston. And then, after a bit of glue or whatever, i'd have "kingston" written on the back of me car.
Add a portrait or two of bob marley on pillows on the back window, perhaps throw in a custom interior with black hair for good measure, and you get a damn neat car for the price you cant get a good camera these days.

Or so i'm dreaming.

Friday, August 12, 2005

karlova window

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karlova window
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you never can tell

Experience has shown me no time is a bad time for my net connection to fail.

This would explain why i've been absent from cyberspace for the last couple of days.
Starting to get on my nerves, really...

Monday, August 08, 2005

party in da province™

My sense of time is a bit messed right now, but i do think i'm describing what happened yesteraday. Going away from home at 5 in the evening and then getting back at 11 the next morning with varied periods of sleep in the meantime doesn't really do good to one 's ability to correctly judge what time it is.
The whole time i was in the city today at around 11 or so i thought it was about 4 in the morning and wondered why there was so much bustle.


I had heard of the party and it's background, but i wasn't sure if i was invited until the day before yesterday, give or take a day. (The give side is more likely, really.)

The party then was to give a proper farewell to a fellow who'll be studying in the states for a year. Rather neat, i say. Lucky fellow.

Why it had been set so, i don't know, but the party was held near Otepää wich, for the international reader, is a smallish town in the south of Estonia about 40 minutes away from Tartu.
The place itself was allright and not too big. Everyone was accommodated just fine and it seems everyone got a decent place to sleep even though it happened so that i shared a bed with the fellow who people who were present surely understand the reasons for calling a teddy bear. (I hope this sentence made sense.)

The party itself was fairly typical of what one might expect of such an affair, but it turned out to be less brainless drinking than i had feared. Drinking, yes, but not so very brainless.
Frisbee throwing, swinging on the swing, playing petanque, watching the bonfire outside, dancing, lounging and a waterpipe inside. Nice.

I went to sleep, it seems, at a relatively civilized hour and got home without much hassle.

In fact, i had expected tõksti to cover the affair in detail but all he has written so far is this announcement wich refers to my kissing another (male) fellow while intoxicated. Knowing him, he'll give you an intricate description of the party so keep an eye on his blog.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

yachting photos

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Check out this photo and others from the trip at flickr. Clicking on this photo should get you there.

water, sun and rain

Ah me disgruntled reader.

Been a while since i posted last. Been a while since i used the computer, too. Been away doing stuff and i might not stop at it just now.

In the meantime, i've seen an exhibition by Kazunari Sakamotoin Haapsalu. It was interesting, but i'm afraid it's over by now. By the looks of it, it was something you would expect to see in Tartu or Tallinn as that way more people would have seen it. Ah well, maybe the museum at Haapsalu has more fanatic people working there.
Anyway, this Sakamoto fellow is a japanese architect and the exhibition, obviously, was about the buildings he has designed. There was some pretty interesting stuff there. Stuff that just plain looked damn cool and then some stuff about houses i hadn't thought about.

Then i think i managed to sleep at home for a night (in contrast to sleeping in a tent at the folk festival or staying at my country place) and then off we were to do a bit of yachting in the pärnu bay area.
Due to some weird twists of fate, it happened so that i and tõksti had to take a bus from tartu to pärnu while the others went by car. As it tends to happen, we missed the first proper and good bus and had to take the "express line" that took 3.5 hours to cover what was not more than 200 km. Er, i mean, it would have not been more than that had we taken the shortest route possible, but that is not to be expected of an express line like that. I do think we visited most of estonia and northern latvia to make stops everywhere and take nobody on board. At least there were altogether some 7 people on the bus so i could neatly occupy the last row of seats (the one with 5 seats next to eachother) and make myself comfortable there.
So yeah, if you want to pay 85 kroons for four hours in a milddly hot bus, the tartu-pärnu express line is your thing.

From there on though, having arrived at pärnu, things went relatively uphill to the point when we got out of the harbor, wich was about 15 minutes. We were able to enjoy a whole hour or so of good weather before we got soaked by the rain and nasty waves and everything that turned up from i don't know where.
Anyway, we got to Kihnu alive and fairly well and spent the night there in the boat while it rained all night long.
The next morning, though, as we had hoped, the weather was fine and we took some time to look around the island and eat a little. Tõksti and i separated from the others to get some stuff from the yacht before meeting up with them somewhere else on the island. Of course neither of us had no idea where we should go to meet them so we decided to take a few shortcuts. Walked a horrendous distance, saw most of the island (including the airfield), and found the others after a few phone calls.

The voyage back to pärnu was in nice weather and altogether pretty good. And from there back to tartu wasn't bad either and so here i am.

I hope this made sense...
But it probably didn't.

I'll be putting some photos up soon, too, hopefully.