Thursday, June 30, 2005

back and still alive

It seems something has gone terribly awry with the blog template while i was away. I won't be fixing it at the moment because i need to start work on a completely new one soon anyway. Please bear with me.

Yes indeed, i'm back and i can still type, albeit barely.

I suspect most of you lot are now expecting a post telling you about what went on in england, and i'll try to give you some of that, sipping on my "Tango Clear lemon and kiwi" as i am. And that, by the way, is a very good lemonade they sell in the UK but i haven't seen on the shelves here. I suspect they don't export it to such backwater places as Estonia.

Of course, i won't be running you through the entire trip. That would take too much energy and, possibly, digital space than i have at the moment. I will try to cover what were the highlights of the trip for me.
The rest of the story i hope to tell you through and with photos, once i get them edited and sorted. That, though, can take a while because i have some 500 of them. Most can stand no criticism of course, so you won't be seeing all of them.

I'll get myself the short pocket version of the trip's timetable to help myself remember what we did and what i thought about it. Just a moment.

So then, let's get started.

Some three hours into the trip, the fun begins. One of us gets called in at the airport to explain the contents of his suitcase. I'm not saying anything.
We arrive in London and everyone can get a look around. Kaimar and i go to chinatown to meet a relative of mine who lives in London with her partner. It was a very nice evening with good food. I later took a very short walk around town with some people before going back to sleep at the hotel.

The second morning there is more trouble, but i suppose that in the end, it only adds a bit of spice to the whole trip and gives us more stories to tell our grandchildren.
I'm not telling you if the "culprit" was the same as in the airport, you will have to guess. But i wouldnt be surprised to learn that it was, were i in your situation.
Someone, you see, had fallen asleep in Hyde Park and didn't get back by the time they started counting people in front of the hotel to head out for the day. But found the person was and there was no further trouble.
We then proceeded to have a very long walk around the town wich wasn't that interesting from the program aspect, but it was still a chance to see London so i'm not complaining much.
Were i to organize the next trip, i'd put way less time and effort into showing the pupils all the sights and would let them have more free time instead.

The next day began with the Tussaud wax museum wich was totally pointless for the price we paid. I would have bought books for 20 pounds and been much happier.
As the roads were clogged up by outgoing friday traffic, we got to York, the next destination, so late that we had only 15 minutes of free time in the already sleeping town and then went to sleep.

After York we toured around Scotland, seeing very many different things i wont go out to detail at this point. Scotland is a really nice place indeed. I will tell you more with the descriptions of the photos, or so i hope. Keep your eye on the blog.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I am thus off to england for a week or so and wouldn't put much hope of getting new posts here during that time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

common knowledge

sigane writes:

"Aga kuidas ennast ravida? Vanad head võtted rahvameditsiinist on eksimatud – läksin peale tööd ülemiste keskusesse ja ostsin 2 paari kingi. Miks panna vanadele kingadele uued kontsaplekid? Ostan parem uued kingad, nendega saan uhiuued kontsaplekid kauba peale ju. Niisiis on mul nüüd ühed uued plätud (siuksed nagu mingite värviliste kividega) ja uued rihmikud (siuksed kõrge kontsaga). Esikus vedeleb nüüd 28 minu paput. Sain vanamehelt kiita."


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Monday, June 20, 2005


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don't old people sleep?

One facet of aforementioned trip i forgot to mention before.

Having the crazy fanatic teacher we have, she made (in theory it was all voulentary but that's all politics) some of us, not all as far as i know but a fair amount of people, memorize some poems/songs/culture programs (feat. vabakava) to be recited at different locations once in england.
Through cunning politics and careful manipulation, i set things so that i would have to learn a poem by Robert Burns i had to learn for my english literature lesson anyway.

Then there was the first checking session i didn't go to. I "slept in". It might not have been a lie anyway, i don't remember so well. Nor that i'd want to.
Everyone else (or at least two girls - i hardly think any boys were there) was there and sang their stuff.

Tomorrow is another (and hopefully last as the day after tomorrow is departure day but you'll never know that teacher) session of such monkey business. I figure if i want to stay at my school for another two years and be able to go to estonian studies lessons (although i bet they are called estonian studies only because of politics and are really a disguised version of british studies), i'd better go.
Thus i set my phone to wake me up at 10 am and will lumber to school half-sleeping tomorrow even before the sun rises. That is not a normal time to get up at, especially in summer. Even more so to an old teacher, i would think, but reality proves me wrong. I mean, if even i, a relatively healthy young individual, have trouble getting up at that time, what must it be to a person some five times my age? One has to give her credit for the determination.


I rediscovered (for the third or so time) the album "generalissimus" by kalm. It's still good.

And a bit about the trip to England, then. Karo can't wait. Tõksti isnt thrilled.
I'm thinking i'm going to have to agree with tõksti on this one, yet i much hope that i (we) will be proven wrong.

A bit of background information for both of the readers that don't already know what's going on because of unexplainable reasons:

For every 10 years or so, my school has put together a trip to england for the 10th formers. Not that we would be any formers specifically in the summer, but whatever. There's been progress, too.
I hear the first trip was sleeping in tents and whatnot. We're going to sleep in youth hostels like almost civilized people if you leave the roaches and contagious diseases aside.

What i've been thinking about is the previous trips' reputation of boundless consumption of alcohol. I mean, where will i ever take the money from? Knowing england's prices, i shudder at the thought.
Not really.
Some people around me have indeed (and i'm not going to name names because of the everlooming threat of postimees posting this - not that they might actually do it without asking - and they're still doing it - and i'm writing in the wrong language anyway) been leading me to believe the trip is going to be about drinking to them.
Of course, knowing myself, i'm overdramatizing things quite a bit at the moment, but still.

Yet i can't say i'd be so very happy about the other alternative (even though it's not so black and white in reality anwyay) wich is to run around (not that the drinking people could somehow evade this) following the teachers who rant like mad about this-and-that column.
Not that a bit of info about a column or statue or two would be bad in itself, but knowing our teachers (mainly one) and the level of fanatizm they have toward anything and everything to do with the british, "a bit of info" is most definately going to be a catastropic underestimation.

So i too am not as thrilled as perhaps Karo is, but i still hope it's going to be good. I need a bit of a change too for i haven't really gotten into a summer mood yet because of all the car school business i've been going through.
And as sad as i am to admit it, England is going to be the furthest i'll ever have been from my home. Even though i would like to travel a lot, some of us haven't been the material security necessary. Or the vigor.

And i'm sad to admit i still havent begun work on the new blog template other than the few basic sketches i compiled. I'll get to it someday.


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Sunday, June 19, 2005

haanja. marathon. again.

I took part of the same race last year, too. Use the link to make comparisons etc.

As it comes out, i tend to overdramatize things before races near and around the Haanja area. I was thinking i was going to die in a bush deserted by all mankind and found only a bit too late last year, and i did this year. Given i've survived three Haanja races by now (one being the "traditional - as it was announced today - it's only been held once - Haanja 100), it might be a bit exessive to panic so thoroughly in the future.

I didn't die or anything. On the contrary - i might have overestimated the difficulty of the track a bit.
Yes, i know that griping after the race is no use but maybe it's useful to somebody else or me when i read this next year, once again after the same race.

So yes. I overestimated (perhaps) and thus held myself back a bit in the beginning in order not to squeeze the juices out too early. I lasted just fine till the end and this brings me to think that i might have been faster in the beginning. I'll be smarter next time.
Also, overestimating again, i didn't eat almost any of the food (being nutrition get and muesli bars) i brought along. Not that much of the hassle, really, but i'll know i dont need so much next year/race.

The track was pretty much the same it was last year, but much dryer this time. That meant for a cleaner bike and less strain on the brake pads, wich is good. Others around me loved the terrain but i can't see no very big reason to agree with them. I think i still like the Rakvere course most of all.

Now that i read what i wrote last year, it's a good point to make some comparisons.
Last year's result is first, this year's second, comments after it:

Time to finish: 3:37/2:44 - thats quite near to an hour in improvement. Not bad. Take into account about 4000 kilometers ridden between the races and 13 kilograms of weight lost in the meantime.

Place in overall standing: 569/289 - around 300 places or so. Not bad, could be a bit better.

Place in own age group: 21/15 - i was M16 last year (15 and 16 year olds), M18 (18,19) this year. Given most other riders in this age group are proffessionally trained kids that go to bike clubs, i don't consider this year's result bad.

What i also noticed was that last year's description of the race was a scenic story of the ride and the people participating. This year's wasn't. I think it might have something to do with my being too occupied with keeping myself out of them trees and logs and mudholes and sandpits and trying to chase somebody in the meantime that i didn't have much time to pay attention to who was saying and doing what around me. Nor any further time to think of how to put it into words on these pages.

And if i dont fall asleep and drown in the bath and will be able to drag myself to my bed, i'm going to sleep as a baby tonight.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

how's it hangin?

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how's it hangin?
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famousness strikes

Our good friend tõksti has gone and gotten himself famous while nobody was watching. Theck out today's postimees (yes, i admit, it, i read it today). He's on page two of the Hip! section, where the blogs are.


the hand

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the hand
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DIY brings joy to da peoples

Yesterday evening i spent at M's with the fellows playing narx yet again. We had something to grill and everything.

Today will most probably be spent doing preparations for tomorrow's marathon. I need to get supplies etc. Therefore, not much to write about.

IF i survive tomorrow, i'll let you know how it went, but as the Haanja stage is the roughest one of the Elion races, anything is possible. I'm wondering if i should design the invitations to my funeral first hand just in case. Or if there is to be a funeral, they might not find my dead body from the south estonian jungle at all. What with all that mud and nasty stuff and rivers i've been hearing about, it's possible.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Thursday, June 16, 2005

of mishaps and more

Today began (well, once i got my breakfast eaten and stuff it was about way past lunch time for normal people) with running errands for and with my bike. As i said yesterday i broke a tube.
Today i switched wheels on the bike and got myself new tube repair and replacement supplies from the bike shop.

By now, i'm all done, but the process wasn't that nice. At first i thought i had bought the wrong size of tube. Comes out the people at the bike shop do know better. I had the right size, but had feared to put too much pressure into it in the beginning. Now the bike shop people think i'm a fool. Whether it justified or not, is for you to decide on your own.

Then i started repairing the old tube. When i had applied the third patch only to find a fourth hole, i gave up.

During all that of course, as you might be able to imagine, i got as dirty as a greaseball. Even though this comparison sucks.

And then some stuff i aint tellin j00 asses (note to self: play less gta), but im putting a reminder here for so that if i read this in 40 years i might remember. Wich, without a keyword, of course might only generate confusion. Let's hope.


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wize wordz

"Mina leian, et on liialt naiivne arvata nagu oleks poliitikud vahepeal mõistusele tulnud." -- Jüri.

the girl

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the girl
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Tonight, for me, was a "totally pointless" night out. I hoped it would be fun, but alas, it wasn't. We went out, waited for other people for a while on one of the summer terraces at the currently-under-construction town hall square and then moved on to ristiisa pubi.
Let it be noted that while we were in town hall square we witnessed the most qurious drunken singing act we had ever seen. There was a hobo with something attached to his head to resemble hair like the kind kalevipoeg might have had. Drunk he was, but he sang. In many languages. I now know that singing in indian sounds something like "munnadi munnadi munn". M even gave the fellow some money.

And oh. Supposing anyone of you needs a pack of cigarettes real quick, find some finnish tourists. Once you have located them, commence breakdancing. If the tourists are of the right kind, the kind some of my mates encountered today, they will give you the cigarettes. The dancing doesn't need to be fancy or proffessional at all. Just spin on the ground for a couple of times.

(and i wonder. who will blog this first, me or M?)

But that aside, tonight was disappointing. Doing something (drinking, for example), just to do it. I knew it might not be as good as i would have expected the moment i sat down at the table and heard the girls gossiping.

I've been feeling useless lately. Nothing intellectual to do, nobody to talk to. Unless i want to gossip someone or discuss female anatomy or your average illegal herbal product. Maybe i'll find some change to that.

Yes yes, you get it. This was yet another "i'm sorry for myself" post.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

oh happy day*

Today, from the biking aspect, was the worst day i've had in a while. Yet it leaves me to wonder what would have happened if the bad circumstances i encountered while trying to bike hadn't happened.

Thing is, as we went biking, we came to pass this stair that i'm on no good ends with from last year. I decided to show it who's boss this time. I did just that, but to no good results. As i was rolling away from the location i heard something making a sizzling noise. Knowing from previous experience that this can only mean one thing - the tube going flat - i pulled over and propped the bike ready for switching the tire. Only then i learned that the different sorts of valve ends for inner tubes are there for a reason. I'll try to explain.
The iron rim on wich both the inner tube and outer tire rest has a hole in it through wich the valve of the inner hole comes out for easy accsess during pumping and maintenance etc. This hole is a specific size. The inner tubes that came along with my bike have this all-fancy presta racing type valve. The old spare tube i had along (and it took me a while to learn it's a good idea to always carry a spare tube) has the more everyday car sort of valve wich you can pump with anything you could also pump a car tire with.
Comes out said hole is just small enough for the fancy type valve to fit through, but the usual type doesn't.

Thinking back, i think that on K's bike, the original tubes were the fancy sort too but the old type fit through it just as well.

I had nothing else to do but come home. Decided not to go out with the road racing set of wheels i have, either. Funny how i always get this empty unfilled feeling when i've planned to go bike but then can't.

When i came home i found that i had left the door unlocked. Funny how all sorts of events can happen conviniently together at the same time. Had i been away for a longer time, maybe someone would have stolen something. Probably not, though.

*do note that im _very_ sarcastic with that.

... i gazet

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... i gazet
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


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As i concluded, i am not as all-powerful when it comes to computers as i thought i was. Okay, i admit it, i've never thought i'm all powerful, but i thought that such a simple problem as my cpu case making weird noises couldn't defeat me. But alas, life proved otherwize.
You see, for a while now, my case has been making weird vibration noises when booting up. I had assumed that it was dust gathering in and around the fans and that this was the cause. Now, i don't know what to think.
Today i opened the case and cleaned it as thorougly as i could all the while bearing in mind the rules (or guidelines) one must follow concerning static electricity. That means only cleaning with moving air and not any brushes or such.

This didn't help, though, the case is still just as noisy.

Of course, some idiots have built the case so that there was no way i could get the graphics card out to clean it no matter what i tried. I had to build a special suction device out of lots of duct tape, a coctail straw and the vaccuum cleaner. But it wasn't as effective as i had hoped.

How this can be fixed and if it is harmful to my baby remains to be seen...

Monday, June 13, 2005

frida, nej

A checkout counter operator and her friend speaking as said operator is processing someone's order. The friend has already paid and is just standing beside the counter.

Friend: "When are you working next?"
Operator: "Tomorrow."
Friend: "When i come by we can talk?"
Operator: "Yeah sure."
Friend: "And what's the next time after that?"
Operator: "The day after tomorrow."
Friend: "If i come then by we can talk?"
Operator: "No, don't come the day after tomorrow, come tomorrow."

I went to la dolce vita again. My mother adores the place and i have absolutely nothing against it either. A new thing for me today was their outside terrace. It's in the yard area between the houses. Blast if i can remember... Oh nevermind, i'll check the dictionary. It's not there. Well, yard it is then.
Anyway, it's quite a curious, eh, spot. It is so new-feeling that it really doesn't fit the mood of the yard. Yet. Give it a few years for the wood to age, and we might be getting somewhere, though.
Today's meal was a visually pleasing experience too. We had a rather nice-looking waitress, you see. Not that my mother would have cared much.

There was a swedish family dining a few tables off. As swedes tend to do (or at least my mom seems to think they do), they had children with them. Both of them. It was peculiar yet heart-warming to hear swedish children playing. I think their parents werent so pleased with the dirt on their clothes from throwing all those rocks into the puddles. You could judge that from all the "Frida, nej"-s that were tossed about.

Another discovery i made in mom's car today is that Jimy Hendrix is best listened to loud. So is hardcore techno music and pretty much anything, really.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

summer begins

I feel the summer "routine" wear itself in. Not that i really have anything against it.

This sunday was, well, low on the activity factor. As they (the sundays) tend to be.
Woke up, saw that parents were preparing lunch. Did some work for K. Not that i would be getting money and i don't even know whether i'm satisfied with the results.

Then lunch, after about an hour after getting up.
Then the ordinary biking routine, pretty much. 55 km.

And then i played the new gta until now and i might do it later as well.

And then i started reading the book about design printed in 78. Estonian authors. I hope it will be interesting. It's bound to.

Shit. I just realized there's no point in posting when there's nothing to post about.

toy hill

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toy hill
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Saturday, June 11, 2005

toome shadows

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toome shadows
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andreas san

I recently got my hands on the new gta san andreas.
Basically, its still the same old gta, only bigger and a bit better and a lot more like the sims. You can (and must) eat, buy clothes etc etc. Not to mention tuning cars.

But what i really wanted to say is that many of the radio stations from the classic gta 3 are back. That includes k-jah - the reggae radio. And alas! I have most of the tracks that the radio plays anyway. Hardly any one i don't know. Probably just because the game makers used the most famous reggae and dub songs they could in the game. But still.

light in the jungle

I just finished reading "Light In the Jungle". It is a work by a russian, or should i say soviet, author, Villi Petritski.
As always with soviet authors, the soviet system shadows the writing here and there a bit, but with this book, it's not very bad because the book doesn't touch on subjects that the soviet authorities would have wanted to see depicted from their viewpoint.
The ideals and ideas touched are so general and true to all peoples and even the russians seemed to accept that.

The book is a biography of Albert Schweitzer, who was, as i learned, a great man indeed. The son of a relatively unimportant church minister who later became to be known worldwide as one of the fiercest fighters for peace.
His father wanted him to be a minister or a lawyer but he did not end up being so.
Through twitsts of events i'm not going to go through on these pages, he ended up establishing a hospital in the middle of nowhere in Africa.

A very interesting read. If anyone wants it, i can maybe lend it. IF i can trust you.

essence of tartu

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essence of tartu
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indian poker

Yesterday some people (including me) were here.
You can of course imagine what goes on when a bunch of people gather at my place.

What i've been coming to note during the few last times people have been at my place is that we're starting to grow up and it can be seen in the amount of mess we leave behind. What i mean is that the mess guests can leave behind is not as bad as it used to be. Wich isn't bad at all.

Yesterday some parts of the gang put much weight to playing cards. All sorts of games were played and later, new ones invented. One especially curious game - by all means worth seeing played - is indian poker. R invented that game (or so i hear) and why he called it what he did, i don't know, but indian poker it is.
The main idea of the game seems to be something similiar to poker, but the trick here is you don't know your own hand, wich consists of only one card. The card, you see, when the round begins, is slapped to one's own forehead in a way that one can't see it oneself but everyone else can.
Then commences the betting as everyone tries to win small amounts of money (or whatever is being used as currency) by trying to guess what their card is and playing on their opponents' fears.

I tried taking some photos for it is a very photogenic game but i fear it was too dark and i had to give up as i didn't want to use flash for it disturbs people. I'll look over what i did shoot just in case, though.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Today, after a very long pause, we gathered at M's place to play narx.
Narx, you see, is a game we made ourselves, but i have probably told you about it some time in the past.
What i can tell you (again) is it's great fun. Today i didn't even sit around pretending to be a log and almost won. But almost winning is not winning so the real credits go to M again. I think he's been beaten at this only a couple of times. He tends to shine at boardgames and math and such, anyway.


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I went lurking around with the camera yesterday, as you can see.

chill (no grill) @ L's

Through circumstances there's no reason to explain on these pages, it happened so that we ended up at L's place chilling. Some people did grill too (as for the expression "chill n grill"), but we rabble weren't given any of it. Fair enough, really, for why should they have if they had paid the money for it and had counted on eating a hearty meal themselves.
I didnt let that trouble myself anyhow as i had my own pack of cheap estonian (or so i've been lead to believe) potato chips along. Have to say those chips saved me, too. I had just come from biking etc. and wasn't feeling all that vigorous or anything. Perhaps 160 km over three days is a bit too much for comfortable riding, i don't know.

Anyway, we proceeded to sit around, smoke teh water pipe, gasp in wonder at the playlist L had come up with and the usual.

I got home at around two.
Wich brings me to the fact that it's almost impossible to fall asleep when it's light outside and the birds are singing etc. And i've got these very nasty sort of crow birds that don't actually sing but do their crow noises and it's especially annoyying. Not as annoyying as somebody mowing the lawn outside, but almost. So i couldnt fall asleep tonight. Wich is not a very good thing because it might leave me feeling sleepy and that is never a good thing, is it?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

tree perspective

photo from flickr
tree perspective
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Taken on a walk i took around town not a very long time ago.

results of hard labour

photo from flickr
results of hard labour
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Okay, this year it was easier than on the few previous years. I had unused desk space showing through the pile here and there to begin with and the piles themselves weren't that high.

Ah well.

Here's the full listing then: (want to waste a day - read it all)

2 beer glasses. a le coq. .4 litre.
1 whiskey glass
1 teaspoon
1 mug. a gift to my father.
1 vial of "pinosol" medicine.
1 booklet with traffic regulations.
1 a4 envelope with photopoint stickers on it.
1 a4 photo in said envelope.
1 copy of "trigonometry" in russian, moscow, 57.
1 booklet with note papers. some chemistry stuff scribbled onto first sheet, otherwize emtpy.
1 envelope marked 481.
2 booklet with first aid info.
1 green slip of paper with car school info.
1 vial of pinosol in box.
1 blue permanent marker.
13 pens/pencils.
1 ruler with leet haxor tuning.
1 pair of cissors.
1 china mug. seems to be a souvenir of some kind.
1 copy of "voltaire. filosoofiline sõnaraamat.".
1 recordable cd inside paper sleeve marked "kasutusjuhend".
1 cable. presumably for getting video signal from photo camera to tv.
1 inner tube repair kit for bicycles.
1 flyer for "maa ja ilm" music festival.
1 photo mom took of an aeroplane wing.
1 empty paper cd sleeve.
2 ruined cds. coasters v 1.0 and 2.0.
1 scalpel.
1 adapter with wich to attach camera to tripod.
1 booklet with first aid info.
1 pink penci.
.5 post it note slip.
1 wrist slip ticket from a concert of some sort.
1 2 eeq bank note.
1 floppy disk. labelled "hion 8a".
1 small metal box for watch with appropriate documentation inside.
5 pills of neo-angin with the slip sort of thing they come in.
1 post it note reminding me to be at school on the 6th of june.
1 packet of stickers to use as bookmarks.
1 concer ticket. xploding plastix and kismabande.
1 plaque marked 347. quite stained.
1 diploma from "tallinna maraton".
1 a4 notebook that used to be for literature and estonian but ended up being used for everything.
1 a4 notebook with charlie chaplin on it. maths.
1 a4 notebook with che guevara on it. russian.
1 a5 notebook with tigger on it. english.
1 blue a4 notebook with flowers. geography.
1 english workbook.
1 english student's book.
1 red a4 notebook with flowers. psychology.
1 semitransparent folder with nothing in it.
1 a4 notebook with loads of extra sheets. maths.
1 a4 notebook. physics.
1 a4 notebook with marilyn monroe on it. history.
1 phat a5 notebook. chemistry.
1 copy of "english literary reader".
1 a5 notebook with footballer. english literature.
1 copy of "three men in a boat" by j.k. jerome.
2 huge a4 booklets from an english university.
1 folding carton booklet with documentation and cd rom for camera.
1 spoon.
1 broken pen.
1 booklet. "alkohol eestis - vaenlane nr 1.".
1 wooden cutting board.
1 booklet with kodak software instructions.
1 small transparent plastic bag.
1 photo mom took of me.
1 a5 notebook. history.
1 children's book "a new true book. robots". good design.
1 passport photo of me.
1 folder containing 27 sheets of history materials.
1 plastic sleeve containing blank a4 papers.
3 diplomas from different public speaking competitions.
1 a5 notebook. maths tests.
1 a4 notebook with lots of extra materials inside. maths.
2 booklets with camera materials.
1 folder with loose papers in it.
1 envelope with history materials.
1 empty folder.
1 unused notebook. "ice cream".
1 handbound sketchbook.
1 a4 notebook. maths.
1 music history workbook.
1 copy of "let me tell you about estonia" by t.m loko.
1 10th form estonian workbook. total of 3 exercises done.
1 biology workbook for 9th grade.
1 notebook. "vanilla ninja". british studies.
1 photo of my mother's class graduating.
1 notebook. words. used in forms 8 and 9.
1 pouch with most peculiar dice in them.
1 box with two pencils in it.
1 small notebook. for d&d ideas.
1 a4 notebook. also for d&d.
1 copy of "player's handbook".
1 copy of "dungeon master's guide".
1 copy of "monster manual".
1 copy of "psionics handbook".
1 copy of "magic of faerun".
1 copy of "forgotten realms campaign setting".
1 a4 notebook for d&d.
1 stained glass box.
1 lots of rocks in said box.
1 lots of foreign coinage in said box.
1 pair of briko biking glasses in case.
1 fast recharger for camera battery.
1 small lamp that attaches to things via a clip.
1 camera bag with strap.
1 pair of old glasses in box.
1 bunch of post-it notes.
1 block of note papers.
3 used post-it notes.
1 used cinema ticket. the bourne supremacy.
1 used mobile phone. siemens, broken.
1 cap for socket end of camera battery recharger.
1 cd walkman. sony dne511 with small earphones.
1 block of note papers.
1 used daybook.
1 cheap microphone.
1 empty cd case.
1 uk socket end for mentioned recharger.
1 thing wich loosely resembles a screw i made in crafts.
1 notebook. maths.
1 bowl with cookie crumbles.
3 empty cd cases.
1 cd with photos.
1 broken pen innard.
1 map of the vidzeme region in latvia.
1 estonian-english dictionary.
1 half of memory stick case.
1 mini tripod.
1 usb wire for camera.
1 pair of old used biking glasses.
1 container i stole from chemistry class.
1 small plastic bag with warning on it not to dispose of in fire etc.
1 ordinary table glass.
1 inner tube for bike.
2 tools to install said tube.
1 key of unknown purpose.
1 report card.
1 book about roman architecture.
1 docking gadget that came along with camera.
1 tool for cheating in school. blast if i can remember what they are called.
1 siemens phone recharger.
1 lightbulb in box.
1 copy of "mort" by terry pratchett.
1 book by a. de saint-exupery.
1 flopy labelled "hion kopirait".
1 a4 notebook. estonian.
1 of those things one is supposed to attach to one's clothing in order not to get run over by a truck

at night.

estonian money in coins worth 16.2 eeq or about 1 eur.

1 block of note paper.
1 müsli bar wrap.
4 small speakers.
1 desk lamp.
1 19 inch monitor.
1 17 inch monitor.
1 computer case with innards.
6 cds.
2 empty cd case.
1 metak box with pencils in it.

dust in so humongous amounts it makes my keyboard squeak and gives me asthma.

1 a4. part of a play script. lots of pen drawings on it. found under keyboard.
1 note format. "essee"
4 a4 sheets with first aid info.
1 a4 with bike speedometer instructions.
1 a4 with list of people going on trip to britain.
1 slip with printed list of books we had to read in literature this year.
6 blank note format slip. from reet noorlaid by the looks of it.
1 russian test. marked 5-.
1 half of test in english literature. elizabethan theatre.
1 folded a4 sheet with notes for speech. noorlaid's handwriting.
1 a4 sheet with excuse letter from mom to teachers explaining why i had been absent.
1 a4 printout from
1 a4 with notes from english literature lesson. early english literature.
1 a4 explaining ancient greek architecture.
1 slip with answers from test in car school.
1 a4 with cast assignment for play and notes taken during play rehearsal.
1 russian test. 4-.
1 history test. 5-. the one i hear was the best of the batch.
11 a4 sheets comprising the early script of a play.
2 sheets from another printout of said script.
1 2-sheet english literature test. robin hood etc.
1 russian test. 4.
1 russian excercise.
1 printout of mom's email.
1 sheet with english vocabulary.
1 random note paper.
1 noorlaid slip of paper with speech notes.
1 a4 sheet with said notes.
1 noorlaid sheet with structure of speech on one side, blogging things on other.
.5 sheet with speech parts.
1 sheet with notes-drawings taken while listening to competitors' speeches.
2 slips with mom's notes.
1 warranty paper of some sort for bike.
1 sheet with "muusika" written on it.
1 sheet thanking me for participating in a survey i never got the results for.
1 very small paper with 8 written on it. or the sign of infinity.
1 french test signed "madli pärn".5.

8 random slips with notes.
3 maths sheet of some sort.
2 blank a4 sheets
3 french homework sheet.
33 sheets from between the chemistry book.
1 sheet with physics materials of some sort.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

hard times

Hard times are ahead. I will only succseed in fulfilling my goal through luck, skill and sheer strength of will.
Tonight i will clean my table.
This is a task so daunting that even the bravest of the brave, such as me, only gather the courage to do this once a year. It is a tradition for me to attempt this heroic feat after school has ended.

(And good it is that i remembered to take the before picture.)

Supposing i don't post anything and nobody sees me in the next two weeks, send a search party in after me. I should be somewhere between the monitor and the computer case. I'm taking a survival kit with me so with luck, i'll be still alive when you find me. Of course, knowing what predators might lurk in the jungle, any outcome is possible.

Supposing i do succseed, a complete listing of the things that were to be found on the table is to be expected.

sin city

photo from flickr
church reflection
Originally uploaded by payl.

Photo from a walk around town i recently took.

Yesterday we saw sin city.
It was the most curious film i have ever seen in a while. Unfortunately i haven't read any of the comics it's based on so i can't really say how accurrate the adaption is or such, but it did have a comic-book feel to it. A lot.
The whole monochromatic thing helps a lot, i think.

The plot, though, isn't the best part of the movie. At least it's not what one would expect of a movie. It's a string o f shorter stories intertwined together and the viewer must make out what is going on on their own. And that turned out difficult at times.

I don't really know if it's worth the money i paid for it, but i don't regret seeing it.

If you've been thinking of going to see it, go.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


photo from flickr
Originally uploaded by payl.

From the school batch yet again.

f00d thoughts

You might want to read this. Sigane writes about food. I share her opinions for the most part. I only disagree about raisins.

(Raisins is spelt raisins, yes?)

Monday, June 06, 2005

estonian design galore

banner, sorry

Just look at this. Someone makes a banner in photoshop but as the font he/she is using has no Õ letter, they use Ö. Christ. (And do note that i usually try not to use that name just in case.)
It would have been too difficult to DRAW the top bar there, would it have not?

marathon photo

This is me. At the marathon. Can't really tell at wich point the photo was taken because i think i was somewhat dirtier than that by the time i finished. Then again, i didn't see myself in the mirror, so you never know.

rest & relax

photo from flickr
rest & relax
Originally uploaded by payl.

From the same batch as the last one. The last (or so) day at school.

the kõrve marathon

I decided (although a difficult decision it was) to go to the marathon and not go to the birthday. Wich is a pity, but i really couldn't have been able to be at two places at the same time.

The marathon itself was fairly normal. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to brag about either. That, i mean, from the race side. The logistics of the race organization was great.

The track, though, could have been better. This was my first time to participate in the kõrve marathon and i didn't know what to expect. I had heard that the track would be a very fast gravel race as it had been on some previous years, but i decided to leave my mud tires on anyway. This, of course, to a person not so acquainted with biking, might not mean that much, but in fact it's quite important.
My decision, it seems, was a two edged sword. The bike handled really well in all sorts of muddy and nasty sections (and there were lots), but people simply rolled past me on the faster sections.
The first half of the track was a really muddy unemotional series of puddles and wet sections. Everyone got really dirty with no actual benefit (such as the emotions one might get when said puddles are fun to go through) at all. I thought i would die and regretted coming at all.

But after the first 25 km it got better. Don't say north estonia aint got hills. It does. Lots of nice sandy (wich of course isnt so very nice to a biker, come to think of it) pine-covered hills. Much more emotional riding than the first half, but still not that much. What made for extra emotions to me was the fact that i wasnt the only dead tired person in the group i was riding in. This meant that during the last 10-15 km i was the only one to actually do any serious riding. The others just suffered their way towards the finish. And it felt oh so good to pass them, especially when i knew what i had thought of the ones passing me when i wasn't feeling good in the beginning.

279th place, 2:11:33 for the 51 km.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


photo from flickr
Originally uploaded by payl.

From the batch of photos i took at school one day.

once again a fine evening

I had some people over yesterday. Quite a few, now that i think of it. Somewhat depends on what point in time one looks at, too.
I think it might have been around 15 people during the peak moment(s). And that for the size of the place i happen to live in, isn't very little at all.

For some of the lot, this was apparently the first time they were here. Fortunately, as much as i could divine from their faces and feelings, it won't turn out to be the last time.
Using the appartment as an example, i demonstrated to some people that one can lead a perfectly normal life (as much as my family can be considered perfectly normal is up to the reader to decide) without paying too much attention on keeping the place neat and tidy.

For whatever reasons the people did get here, we did what we usually do. That being sitting around, having a chat, playing cards or doing whatever.

During one of those chats i learned that, you could almost say unfortunately, i am invited to a birthday taking place tonight. Why would that be unfortunate? Well, as many of you might already know, i have registered myself for the entire season of the elion mtb marathon series and one race is tomorrow. Wich means that i can either go to the birthday or go to the race. And now i'm sitting here wondering what to do.
And i don't like it one bit.

Friday, June 03, 2005

old tv ads

You might want to see this. A story about old TV ads. Well worth seeing. Classics in it.

steps and grass

photo from flickr
steps and grass
Originally uploaded by payl.

School ended today. With the traditional gathering behind the train station and everything.
I will do something to celebrate the moment we've all been waiting for for a year later in the evening, i presume. You might hear how it went at a later time.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


photo from flickr
Originally uploaded by payl.

Today, among other things, wich were not that many, i went lurking around with the camera. I don't feel so frustrated about taking photos as i did a week ago, i suppose.

And as for other things, i now have two sets of 11th form books right here. Oh the pleasure and joy.


photo from flickr
Originally uploaded by payl.

ignorance isnt always bliss

This article in yesterday's postimees by Hanneli Rudi made me feel puzzled.

The author criticises the editors of delfi for putting "weird links" into the news stories. She goes as far as to actually mock and disrespect them.

What amazes me is how someone can be so ignorant as to actually publish something in a newspaper (and especially the most widely-read one in estonia) without actually knowing so little as she obviously does about what she is criticizing.

What she really saw and misinterpreted as "stupid editors" was of course advertising. I'm not by far saying advertising is good but it's just that she went way overboard without even knowing what she was talking about. "Lahmib" in estonian.

Proffessionalism my ass.

And i do believe i'm right.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the new mother

photo from flickr
the new mother
Originally uploaded by payl.

Today we and the people from the old class went to see our former class teacher Maiu and her relatively newborn son. As you can see...


I've been feeling useless over the last two days. Especially yesterday. You might have already read what i felt about yesterday as a whole. Can't say today has been much different.
The feeling is an intellectual one, if i read myself right. I feel intellectually useless. Maybe it's the sudden drop of compulsory brainwork i have to do with the abscence of further schoolwork and all, i don't know. I'm hoping that this will push me to read some good stuff eventually.

Still havent seen the new star wars. Hoping to correct.

And yeah.
I switched wheels on my bike today. Slicks. Damn she looks like a sex machine. Mean. I now begin to understand jimi's motivation of doing you-know-what to his guitars. And i dont mean lighting them afire, no. Not that sort of thing. And no, i dont expect you to make two copper cents of this paragraph.


photo from flickr
Originally uploaded by payl.

This is just a test photo for testing flickr. Yeah.


from Estonia - Uncyclopedia (via sepp):

"About 300.000 Russians live in Estonia. 7 of them don't have a criminal record."