Tuesday, May 31, 2005

not a very good day

Today wasn't a very good day all in all. It wasn't a bad day as such, either, but it didn't have much meaning to it besides taking the exam but thats just a part of the routine, so to speak, so you could say i did nothing useful today.

Came home, played on the computer some, didn't bike (did get myself some stuff to make powerdrinks of), went out with peoples. Do note that said outgoing was partly (as much as i can see) on my agitation as it seems i filled the missing link in organizing it. Of course, everyone else will retain their right to a different opinion and the right to express it in the comments.

We sat (for not more than 3 minutes) in the suudlevad tudengid. I really really liked the atmosphere. Really felt like the first republic. Wich was good. But then the lot decided to move on to ristiisa pubi in hopes of having a beer or two. All we did was play cards and contemplate on whether we should get beers but then it came to be evident that we couldn't. I don't know if the beers would have made it any better, but i suppose they might have. (This is not to say drinking is good, but it is, but it isnt.)

Add that to figuring that i'm not sure if i like the girl i thought i liked, and you get my current mood. A bit sad and melancholic, but not the worst of times. At any rate, i don't know what i'd be doing without Bob Marley.

teh slayer

I dont know what this originally was but damn if it aint leet.
via erki

sk00l 3nd

Today school ended, pretty much. At least the studying part was concluded with the exam i took today and all i have to do now is get some new books and endure the "festive meeting".
Proper rainy weather to go with the whole lot.

I really wanted to write some more about the whole school business ending, but my attention was drawn to another topic.

Maybe i'm just a different (or perfectionist or whatever) person, but i don't get how our group of friends makes decisions. Or tries to make them, anyway.
This might seem as plain whining (and it somewhat is), but i just don't get it. I would do (and do, if i get the chance) things differently.

Today i was greeted by yet another example of indecisiveness and uncertainness. I quitted my pirate game (as in caribbean sea, not necessarily an illegal copy of anything, mind you) to be sucked into a multiple-person conversation in messenger. After some three minutes of spamming i understood that the main idea was to organize a get-together of some sorts to celebrate said school ending.
What went on, and unfortunately this time wasn't an exeption, was pointless talk and beating around the bush. For example i expressed my opinions on the location of choice someone had selected to be under discussion. I got no adequate reply but only something along the lines of "but i don't want to go to this-and that because it sucks" without having mentioned said second alternative.

The whole above conversation was of course intertwined by threads of people discussing homework or arguing about why a certain place sucks or not. Wich they could (and should) have done in private. And K making nauseating jokes that have nothing to do with anything. And this sort of thing always tends to generate a wave of useless spam that gets nobody nowhere.

The other problem besides useless small talk plaguing these kinds of conversations is indecisiveness. Unfortunately, most of the people just say "okay, i have to go, call me if you do anything, maybe i will come too". The sad part is that nobody seems to realize that one can't organize anything on such vague promises as these.
This is what happened today, too. Everyone told everyone else to call them and the chat dissipated without any results.

With much regret i have to admit that the above described situation is not by far in the majority of occasions.

When i take up organizing something like this, and i have on a couple of occasions, i try to get things done as fast and hard as i can. Usually i set some time and place myself (or consult a few people) and then spread the word and cancel it only if nobody is willing to come. It usually works. One thing i've noticed is that once people meet somewhere public in the city there is less arguing about where to go because everyone is either cold or hungry or just don't want to go back home because they couldn't decide on anything.

As you can see i'm sad and frustrated about the way things usually turn out. Today not being an exeption.

Monday, May 30, 2005

cante mantra

Awfully sorry for the entire readability issue. I'll do something about it tomorrow.

As for first things concerning the blog, i'm developing a new template. Hopefully, it will make to be something good. Thou shalt seeeth.

And what was the other thing i wanted to write about...

Oh yes.
As it is once again spring-summer and school is ending, one of my self-indulged traditions is getting awfully near. As i have made it my holy duty and promised to uphold it by all means, i always clean my desk thoroughly after i take the old books back to school. That day, though, is tomorrow. And this would mean that i'm going to have to clear my desk tomorrow or the day after, at the very least.
And by clearing my desk i mean not just clearing my desk. The ones of you that have seen my desk can assure the ones that havent that it's a truly herculean task. The fact that i always make a fully detailed list of what one can find on such a desk after an intensive year of schoolwork, wolf playing, coding hypertext, eating at my table, being a biker (etc. etc.).

Thou shalt, for a second time, seeeth.

tablettarvuti? wtf?

Still no server and no background images. Sorry 'bout that. I would perhaps copypaste this into a more readable environment.

In today's postimees (i still read it for the comic strips), there's a review story about a new nokia handheld computer. They call it a "tablettarvuti" in estonian. That is the most idiotic thing i have ever seen. The bad translation is so transparent that i can be pretty sure the device is called a tablet computer in english.
Therefore i suggest a new, not so idiotic, translation: "krihvelarvuti". I think this isn't a bad word because it really follows the trend of using ye olde skoole words in a new context when translating the names and functions of new devices. And it has some meaning, too. I mean, what clear parallels can you draw between a pill and a computer. The word "tablet" has been made to estonian by changing it into "tablett" wich is just plain dumb. To me, at least.

"Krihvel", then again, would mean almost the same thing as "tablet" does, as far as i know, and it has some meaning in the context that you hold the new device in your hand much like you would hold a "krihvel" and then use a pen-sort-of-stick to write stuff on it.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

grillmasta daz

The server is down. Sorry for no images.

Yesterday night we (that being the peoples and i) gathered at K's place for a grill evening.

The crowd was a bit different from the peoples i've usually been accustomed to, but it makes it not a cent less in worth. Mostly a few peoples from my class (very few, compared to the usual) and then the crowd of 12thformers from school. Well they don't go to our school anymore as they all graduated or are taking their last exams, but still. Once a Härmasman, forever a Härmasman.
From my standpoint, i got to know a lot of people a lot better. Wich is good.

The whole grilling part was left on my back to bear, wich i dont mind, and even, you could say, took action toward it being so as i like good meat and grilling it. (Wich of course doesn't mean that meat is the only thing that can be grilled or i did grill.) But as i was assured that everyone would be bringing something to grill, i didn't bring much to eat. Ah well, considering i asked them to pay me a bit and only two people did, can't say i feel sorry for them. Doesn't really matter anyway.

Apart from there being not much to grill the stuff with (as in no coal in proper amounts), i liked.

We listened to old vinyls including elvis, michael jackson, ruja and others. A powerful experience. Talked to different peoples. AND stood around cracking jokes as some people tried to change the dead tire of a fellow's car.

And oh. I did have help when grilling. Thanks, OHR. Grillmasta daz...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

lost d0g

lost dog

If you find him, please call.

Friday, May 27, 2005

less d3ad f0nes

Just to clarify and let you know on the current situation.

This morning my phone was fine again. The siemens i found is still as broken as it was yesterday night, though.
What my phone did is still weird, though.

But yeah, as i said, this morning i turned it on just as a test and everything works fine now.

Of course that could not by any means have been the situation yesterday night when i was going to sleep.
I went through quite a weird and mystical feeling array of events in my search for an alarm clock.

As my phone was dead at that moment, i needed something else to wake me up in the morning. I didn't have to go to the few first lessons so i couldn't have relied on my mother to wake me up, either.
I knew there had to be somehting for that purpose in the other room.
First i didn't find anything. Then, when i looked for a second time, i found an alarm clock that seemed to suit just fine. Only trouble was that it wasn't working. I discovered it had no battery.
I remembered we had a leftover watch (the sort that get given to one as advertisements to some company) somewhere in said room in a box somewhere so i decided to find it and see if i could perhaps use it's battery. I found said box and said watch only to discover it was broken. Not running at any rate so it couldn't have possibly had a good usable battery in it.
I decided to shuffle in the box some more just in case. I did find an appropriate battery, most possibly having been taken out of the alarm clock beforehand.
I happyly put the battery in the watch, and, it started to seem weird by that time, it was almost dead. The second arm of the clock didn't even properly move.

By this time i was thinking something weird was going on and someone somewhere didn't want me to wake up at the right time in the morning.

Still, i continued my quest and decided to ditch the alarm clock mom keeps in the bathroom. That one was running, at least. But this wasn't the end of my problems. When i wanted to adjust the hand that functions as the alarm hand, somehow setting off the alarm at the proper time, i found out that the button for doing it was missing and all that was left was a small plastic stump sticking out of the clock shell.

Even more thoughts of voodoo magic and deja vu by this time.

I couldn't find mom's small pinchers wich i wanted to turn the stump with. Then i figured i'd use the other button that was still on the clock to turn the hand i needed. So i removed the button (or wheel, really) that moves the real clock arms and tuned the alarm hand in place with it.

Thinking i had finally found a solution, i tried testing the alarm. As you could guess by now, something went wrong again. The alarm sounded an hour or so off every time, with no real way to predict when it exactly would. (Do notice that i didn't actually spend hours waiting for it to go off, but rotated the hands.)

Feeling really weird in a voodoo way, i decided to give up and take heed of the advice someone was giving me through very obscure means.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

m0re d3ad f0nes

I'm forced to begin cultivating a distrust of siemens as of late.
You all know what happened a few days ago and now i have yet another reason to dislike them. Of course, i do not exactly know how bad the phone i found had fallen (or how ever it took the damages it obviously did), but now my own phone is dead for no reason.

I suspect that carrying it around in a moist (due to obvious reasons - and don't think anything nasty. I know you lot.) pocket while biking might have something to do with it. Or dust in said pocket. But still. As far as i know i haven't been swimming or out in the rain lately. And i really don't expect dust to be such a problem.

Whatever caused it, when i came home today and took the phone out of the pocket it was blinking like it usually does when i miss a call. I try to press down the button that i usually do in this situation but nothing happens. Then, after a while it says something like "command not found" (this is really not the exact wording). I go on to discover that the left half of the keyboard doesn't respond and half of the right half doesn't do what it's supposed to.

So i take the battery out hoping a reset might make things better. But alas, now it won't switch on.

And thus i now have two siemenses to take to the repairpeople.


When will the first fanblog that is dedicated to a blogger show up? Or there already are curiosities?

fun fun fun


Today was loads of fun and tension at school. Not. Three out of seven lessons were proper inside lessons. The rest were cancelled, we cancelled, or were held outside.
Nice, in a way, of course. Beats studying. Can't do that in this weather anyway.

That's why you aren't reading anything sensible at the moment, too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005



I really had something to tell you about but, you guessed it, i forgot. Didn't have my notepad file for blogging ideas handy when i thought of it, either, so this will be just a summer-is-here-and-i'm-happy-about-it post.

So yeah.

Summer and warmness. And i have a bit of a cough and a painful spot on my tongue wich i suspect has something to do with it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Even though karoliina writes about how she run a gardening tractor over her phone and it survived, i seem to have found a specimen of the same phone (for i'm quite sure karo last had a siemens cf62 last time i saw her use her phone) that isn't (or wasn't?) as durable.

I found it lying beside the tartu-tallinn highway when biking today. It's dead. At least i haven't been able to get it to show any signs of life. Perhaps some wizer people will be able to. I found the battery a meter or so from it lying in the gravel (beside the road - not that we have gravel surfaced roads connecting the two major cities, mind you), but the battery cover is missing. Oh well. It ought not be a problem as far as getting the phone to function is concerned, i can tell from my experience.

The SIM card is still inside it too and as i currently can't figure out how to get it out of the phone without it turning into a fatal event for the card (i might have karoliina explain it to me tomorrow), im just using the thing for toying around so i would seem cool if anyone was looking, which they of course arent.

Supposing i do get the card out, i might call the owner or something. Or call the owners friend or something. Depends on what i find on the card.

The whole folding action business seems neat. And i'm not even going to mention the integrated beer opener. Now that's thoughtful. Just the phone for an estonian.



Going to school with this weather and tension at the same time is impossible. Even though i only had five lessons today i felt like a wet sack of flour by the time the lessons ended.

Intolerably nice and hot outside, just plain hot inside. Argh.

Monday, May 23, 2005

outa space

Max Romeo & The Upsetters - I Chase The Devil

The very song, it seems, that the Prodigy made their famous "out of space" from.

a day of rest


The interesting feature about today's schoolday was that it wasn't. I mean, it's not my fault, really. Not as much as one might think, at any rate.

You see, when waking up this morning, i proceeded as i normally do. But when i was packing my things to go to school, i noticed i had set a driving lesson for 10 am today. So i sent K a message just in case anyone at school wonders why i'm not where i should be and slept for another hour and a half.

When the lesson ended, i dropped myself off at the school only to find out that the english lesson would be cancelled. After english we have physical education wich i didn't have the gear for anyway and then literature wich was said to be held outside anyway. Lessons outside mean, well, not much work and more sunbathing than anything.

So i waited for the bunch of fellows to get free from the previous lesson, grabbed a can of lemonade with them and came home because there was really no reason to stay at school.

It's spring at last, as you can see.

What a day.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

theoretical question


Considering a situation i recently came about and i've been thinking about even before.

Suppose a photographer takes a picture of somebody without their knowing. Not with bad intentions or anything, but just that the subject doesnt know. Such as when there are many people in the shot.

Said photograph puts said photo up onto the net.

Said subject finds said photo and uses it for personal needs.

What happens? What is the legal situation with this sort of thing? Does it matter if the photo is taken in a public place or on private territory?

On one hand, maybe the subject did not want to photographed? On the other, the photographer has his authorship rights. Whose rights are above the others? Any ideas, anyone?

my baby


As you can see i've been doing lots of biking lately. Some 190 kilometers over the weekend by my calculations.
This of course partly due to the fact that i got a new bike and biking seems all the more pleasurable now.
And adrenaline still feels as good as ever.
And the jokes we toss around in the car or on the track are still funny.

Could say some aspects of my life are pretty good.
Then again, there are aspects i wouldn't go so far as to call good, so i suppose i've got room for, erm, advancement.

Friday, May 20, 2005

she's wonderful

I have a new darling. My relationship with my old baby had been squeaky for a while now. Today, the final events happened and i am now a happy man again.
I had been looking around to exit the aforementioned relationship for a few months now and today the moment finally came.
I said goodbye to my old darling in the afternoon. I hope she wasn't hurt. Some day, she will find someone else for her. I hope that day comes soon.

But my old soulmate is what i came here to speak about. I came to speak about my newfound love. She's the best. Slick, stealthy, a tad smaller in size than my ex. Comparing her behaviour to what i had to put up with even three days ago, i haven't really experienced a bigger contrast before.
I used to have to be really careful about what i did with her and where we went. If i did something wrong, she would get really irritated and let me know about with the temperament of a true mexican girl, even though she wasn't one.
My new companion is much more understanding in that aspect. I can take her to dangerous places, put her in risky situations and she only loves it and asks for more.

Of course, as with getting aquainted to any new girl, everything between is not silky smooth yet and she manages to surprise me by stroking my knee in a way i didn't expect from time to time or generally do things a bit different than i'd expect her to. But i suppose this is more a matter of my getting to know her, rather than the other way around.
I hope to get over these areas of "not knowing her" in a couple of weeks or so. Depends on how much schoolwork and the like lets me be together with her.

At any rate, some of how things go between us is bound to drip onto these pages as well.

Until next time

Yours most sincirely,


Thursday, May 19, 2005

wrong colours


I don't like the colours, but here you go.
Maybe i should have taken it in black and white. Maybe i should have made it black and white.

good and bad sides

The bad side of today is the postimees. Can't really say it was a surprise or anything, it sucks again. Just generally.
The level of their graphics and advertisement placement has really gotten ridiculously lowsy as of late. I really feel bad reading it. Most of the stories suck, but as long as they keep publishing new comics every day i'm bound to browse through it once in a while.
It's not a pleasant experience, though.

The good side of today is that i figured we could take the bike, provided i do get to keep it through clever maneuvering, to our former crafts teacher. He is a legendary figure we all like and trust. He has told us many stories and through them we know that, among other things, he was a motorcycle racer in his youth. That means that he ought to be rather skilled in the area, considering he is both a racer and a mechanics fanatic and everything between.
This seems like a real way to get the bike back onto it's wheels. Not that i'm totally sure about being able to obtain it, or, if i do manage, then the level of damage it has sustained over the years.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

school sketches

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the twenty second silly olympics, held once in three point four five years, this time hosted by Põlva, in Estonia.

And onwards to the first event - the copper equestrian. This year, a heated battle between the Mednõi Vsadnik of Saint Petersburg and the Mannerheim statue of the finns is expected. Experts claim that both are on the peak of their skill and ability and only time will tell who will make the first fatal mistake that gives their adversary the edge.
And the referee rises the pistol.... And they're off!"

Camera shows the two immobile statues behind the strating line on a horseracing field. There are some birds sitting on the statues and flying around. You can hear the chirping.

"With me today to comment the race is former equestrian rider Carl the Great. Carl, how important is this game of nerves we usually see in the beginning?"

You can now hear a deep loud voice with an unmistakably german accent.

Yes, John, thank you. Yes, this, i dare say, is the most important part of every race. You can just gasp at the calm preparedness of the two. Oh, this is a fine race to watch indeed, two great masters meet at last. You can almost touch and smell the psychological battle going on between the two.

Camera still showing same statues behind the white chalked line. Some bird chirps. The referee is pouring himself lemonade from the jug a girl next to him is holding the underplate for.
You now hear the first man, obviously of english decent, speak.

"And was that the first move from the Vsadnik? Oh, perhaps i'm mistaken, it's hard to tell from this angle. If only the director would give us a better angle. The socalled trouble with these proffesionals is that their movements are so subtle. I have to agree with you Carl, this will be a massive battle of the giants of copper equestrian skill."


"And now from Carl the Great and John McLintoc from the Royal Racing Grounds to Lenny Obsenheimer in Royal Stadium to see the latest developments in the men's sleep race semifinals."

You can see a young man with brown longish hair and moustache in a grey suit standing on a running track. Behind him, eight competitors are taking their places on the starting blocks.

"Thank you, Jim, this is Lenny Obsenheimer from Royal Stadium. As you can see behind me, the second sleep of the semifinals is about to begin. A very tough bunch of competitiors here. The probable winner is the Romanian Jochezlaf Waldebzwoezk.
And the referee rises his pistol..."

The referee pulls the trigger and all eight contestants drop to the ground. Some of them use pillows, some of them just fall onto the hard ground.

"And as expected, Waldebzwoezk has the lead. Surely the first to hit the ground. He's in REM sleep by now, i expect.... And yes, the billboards confirm it, REM sleep entry was in world record schedule. The fans here in Royal Stadium are holding their breath as their favourites all sleep towards the finish. It'll be a couple of weeks before the first of them start waking up so it'll be a long wait for the spectators but the exitement makes it all worthwhile. Back to Jim in the newsroom, this was Lenny Obsenheimer from Royal Stadium."

"Thank you Lenny. And the most recent developments from trousershooting: the Norweigan champion Olle Lunsbrik has just achieved a new world record of point triple zero four three millimeters from the testicles. The award money is estimated to be around four million pounds."


Oh. And wouldn't it be cool to have Burt Reynolds and David Hasselhoff as busdrivers for our trip to england?
And the appropriately styled bus, of course. Part trans am, part k.i.t.t.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

engine topics


On a motor topic as it is, i thought i'd post the above snap.

On blogging engine questions, does anyone have any suggestions for a script to create a gallery of random images from a folder on my server, one that would look similiar to what kevadlilleke or sepp have.



It all started on saturday when i took the photo i posted here too. The one with the motorbike, you know. I took the photo, came home and looked at it. And then something snapped and i found myself imagining sitting on that bike. And i'm positive that it's a good feeling.
As it just so happens, summer is very near (even though what i will endure during the two remaining weeks is another matter entirely) and i have an old jawa bike in my cellar.
As i live in a flat-house our cellar (even though it is technically above the ground it's still a cellar) is a system of cubicle sort of things. The bike has stood in the communal hallway sortof area for as long as i can remember. So i figure it's been there for longer that i have lived here wich is something like 12 years now. It still has old russian license plates as you can see.
So what i'm thinking is that i'm going to put a sign up in the hallway asking for the owner to show up or get in touch or whatever. And if he/she doesnt, wich has chances of happening as far as i can tell, i'm going to drag it out of there, gather a bunch of mates and refurbish it.

The only two downsides i can see is i dont know shit about motorbikes and that it has an engine too powerful for me to legally ride even if i get myself my first timer's bike licence.
But obstacles are for tackling, no?

And yeah, as i've been on this bike craze for only less than a week, everything might change but i can't let that stop my planning and dreaming, can i?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Now some metatheoretical stuff about blogging. I wonder how many people read this. I mean, yes, i can look at the statistics, but that doensn't say all that much about who exactly sees this and so on. And no, i won't consider changing visitor tracking systems as of now.
As for some parts, i'm thinking, an anonymous blog would be good too. Of course i can't have one no more (or i can but i don't really feel like keeping two blogs at a time.) Or perhaps i have one already and haven't told you about it? I mean, if i had, it woudln't be anonymous no more, would it?

What i've been thinking is that there might be some stuff i'd write in my blog if it were anonymous. (And this is not to say that i dont necessarily have an anonymous blog, mind you.) But as this blog obviously isn't, i can't tell you all of it.

Another option would be that if the blog would be so very limited in it's audience that i could comfortably tell you all what i'd like to. That would mean putting the blog under a password or something, wich i dont want to do either because the majority of stuff i write is still for more people than just a very close circle of friends.

I don't even really know where these thoughts came from. Well i might, but nevermind.

/funny how a thunderstorm can quiet the world down. i was on the balcony enjoying it./

Sunday, May 15, 2005

rice demolitions™

And now a little paste from a msn chat i recently had. I just love me some good estonian skillz. This time from the people at kalev chocolate. Unless my source twisted the wording.

JP says:
wtf is õhitud riis
JP says:
õhku lastud riis?
K says:
see mis riisišokolaadi sees on...
JP says:
kas keegi laseb seda õhku enne shokolaadi sisse panemist?
JP says:
ma juba kujutan ette neid sõjaväelasi kes sellega tegelema peavad.
K says:
ma ei tea...paisutatud riis noh...tead küll.
JP says:
major K. Tamm, riisiõhkamise spetsialist, riisiõhkedivisjoni ülem.
JP says:
õhkab iga päev isiklikult riisi vähemalt 25 kilotonni trotüülekvivalendi eest.

fafafaa; man's got power*

Today, as you ought to know, was the first elion marathon of the year.
What can i say...
It all went fairly well. Didnt really exhaust myself over my limits during the first 10 km and thus it was fairly all right.
The track was the same as last year. Minus one exeption where they had done some rearrangements.

Anyway, 244th place out of some 1300. Fairly okay, i wager.
The only bad thing is (and its a pretty damn bad thing) that some schmucks had lifted some trail borders around and thus some 100 people rode the wrong way and thus all the results got cancelled.
I of course don't know if that bunch was ahead of me or not so i can't tell if my result is accurate or not but i hope it is.

*both titles courtesy of lasse

Saturday, May 14, 2005

spring in town vol 348


I went lurking around with the camera over a longish while.

Spring is here, it seems, yet again. I wonder how long till it snows again.

the ultimate party

It just so happened yesterday that i had a pretty good night out.

As some of you might know and some might not, triple jump 8 took place yesterday. Triple because it's a party (or series of parties by now) organized by three schools, one of them being ours.

Anyway. As the evening started i didn't feel like going at all. I was tired and thought i'd rather stay at home and play cards with someone. As i had the priviledge of not having anyone at home, it seemed a good idea.
Because of that, i and M went looking for water pipe tobacco, wich, in yesterday's weather, wasnt a very nice affair. Especially considered that we didn't get any because all the places one could get some from were closed.

Speaking of M, i noticed that he can be uninformed about some parts of life. No disrespect. He didn't know where either of the two tobacco places were and then there was a third thing he didn't know i can't remember right now. But i dont really hold it against him, why should i. He probably knows more overall than i do anyway.

By the time we got back from town all the rest of the peoples™ had decided that they were going to the party. Staying home alone wasn't something i craved for either so i decided to go along.

We met up at K (the second or third, possibly)'s place. After watching some parts of the film about attempts to assasinate hitler and random vegetizing, we moved on to lutsu teatrimaja wich is a funny little place. I even managed to carry someone from K's place to the teatrimaja on my shoulders. The place was cozy and i liked. Had there been a regular sized crowd one would expect to see at such a public party, it would have been to small a house. (Even though it wasnt really a whole house we used but that's what it's called anwyay.)

What i wanted to get to is that despite there not being very many people (and the smallness of the place compensated nicely) i had teh ubre ultimate party. Especially music wize.
When i got there they were playing dancehall reggae. I remember that at some point M told me he'd tell me what i was doing the next day but i'm fairly confident that i remember everything i did anyhow. So this time it was a party where i knew most of the songs by heart and not the r'n'b or hiphop people.
And they even played a song of bob. Wich of course i liked to an extent i won't fall into describing on these pages.

Then of course, the main event of the night, André and Petti. Two fellows from our school. One with a guitar, the other singing. I don't think wasting virtual paper with describing what they did is a good idea. You just had to be there. They got the whole crowd moving, that's what.

When they were done a hiphop dj, rafu as far as i know, got the turntables. I just sat around and checked out his leet deejaying skillz.
And then they started playing drum and bass. There's only two kinds of music, you know. Drum and bass. Anyway, they started with twilight's last gleaming from high contrast and moved on to play four hero and other neat stuff.

All in all, i think it so happened that i stayed there as mister party animaul (that being K) himself and we were the last ones of our group to come home.

You can be somewhat sure i'll be going to the next triple jump (if there ever is one?). Unless of course the lineup really blows, but that is to be seen.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

There was, like, something ultimately wize i wanted to say that i thought about during biking but in my limitless wizdom i have forgotten it. As it tends to happen.
I'll just entertain you with another photo then.
Seems i've come to like semicoloured photos lately.

summer days

At least the weather is good today.

We had one lesson outside and one got cancelled. This means i got home earlyer and will be able to enjoy the good weather on saddle.

Anyway. Just a quick sketch M and i thought of while listening to some presentations during history lesson.

A victorian age english livingroom. There is a huge portrait of Henry VIII on the wall. The whole secene is brightly lit and you can see two men, personal doctors of Anne Bouleyn, Henry's wife, dressed in black suits leaning over a third figure whose legs you can see in the lower part of the screen. The camera rests above the third person's head. You can see the lower part of a woman dressed in a stark white bedsuit. Her legs are spread and the sheets are smeared with blood. She doesn't move.
One of the two gentlemen, a tall blonde man in his late thirties strokes his beard: "i reckon one isn't supposed to do that when it's childbirth one's dealing with, Jim."
The other man, who had been previously leaning over the camera in a way that you could only see his shoulder on the right edge of the screen, leans back and rests a smallish saw covered with blood on the woman's stomach.

"So you mean you arent supposed to cut their head off? Hmm, that's very interesting. Where do you get that from?"

"I'm not quite sure. I think i read it somewhere. Have you ever done a childbirth before?"

"No, i havent. Have you?"

"First time as well."

"Maybe i did get it wrong somewhere. It's just that the proffessor said it's a good idea to cut the head off in most cases."

"Oh, indeed. I suppose you're right, then."

"You always have to do that, don't you?"

"Do what?"

"Argue with me when you know i'm right."

There's a moment of pause when both men look about assessing their work. The younger man speaks first again:
"That's about it, then?"

"Right indeed, chap. Tea?"

The men wash their arms in a basin lying on the corner of the bed and walk away, chatting merrily.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005



As of late, i might have to agree to some opinions some of you have expressed about my photos. Then again, i'm not going to let that stop me.
Might be that i'm over the first step in my own learning curve system i've explained here beforehand.

When encountering a dog or two, knowing that you might not be the slowest sprinter in the group is an assuring thing to know.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

putin beer scandal

Just to tell the people that don't know already.

There was a press conference held in the Kreml of Moscow as part of the celebrations held on the 9th of may.
There were lots of journalists present and it was known (albeit not spoken about publicly as much as i know) that who would get the microphone to ask the question had been set beforehand. Luckily, some minister from some other country* was present too and pointed to an estonian journalist.
She asked about the russians not apologizing for the occupation.
Putin got nervous and beat around in the bush. He started saying that the russians apologized already (wich they didnt) and eventually moved over to speaking how much beer he drank while attending university.

When i get any extra information from the blogosphere or google, i'll be sure to let you know.

Estonian journalism 1:0 Putin.

Info and further posts trickling in.
Karoliina writes.
Russia blog writes.
Jedno Pivo Prosim writes.

*I am sorry for my lack of knowledge on who exactly this person was. Any help would be much appreciated.

sports lets you see the world

As i mentioned the other day, i've gotten into the habit of finding myself something to think about when biking. It can be anything, really, depends on the day.

Today i was thinking of opening a restaurant. I've thought about it before too and the prospect itself sounds appealing. Not that any enterprise of such sort wouldn't be heaps of hard work, mind you.
But owning a restaurant would be nice. I could design everything the way i wanted and serve whatever foods i pleased. Within, reason, obviously, but still.

One time when i and the peoples was sitting around somewhere (might have been here, might have not) we were playing around with the idea. Everyone that was present got assigned some facet of managing the would-be restaurant. I generally like rolling around ideas like this and that time was no exeption.

Flying to jamaica and finding a perfect spot to start a restaurant in would be great. I'd more likely end up gettig robbed on the street when i step out of the airport, though. Now that i think of it, i don't really know anything about the crime rates in jamaica. A night's googling will do the trick.

As for other things,
I saw a rullnokk gathering when i was coming back from my usual biking route through the parking lot behind the laululava area. There were two rows of cars, about some 30 in total. Every one uglyer than the one next to it. Mostly old BMWs and Opels and such. With huge spoilers made of cardboard and painted red or something similiarily cheap, as they tend to be.
I even saw an old (about 82') madzda doing a dragrace with 5 people in it. Young punks, as you can imagine.
I really wanted to shout "normaalne" at the top of my lungs, but i hold my life too dear. Instead took a tactical retreat before anyone noticed my hair.

And oh,
someone remind me what sketch it was that we were thinking about on the way back to school. As i'm somewhat sure K and A were the only ones to hear it, K ought to do the reminding because i doubt A reads the blog. Then again, if M or one of the Ks was around, do tell.

Monday, May 09, 2005

status report.

Spring in tähtvere.

Through thoroughout testing over the last two months or so, i can conclude that generally speaking, sport motivates. I mean, it makes living somewhat easier.

Living in general, at least. That might not always apply to school. Being able to start studying at nine can hurt at times.
I hope to get through the remaining four weeks and english exam anyway.

And yeah. Seems i've gotten as comfortable with my bike again as to have started daydreaming on the saddle. Not a very good thing in heavy traffic, mind you. But kills the monotonousness and bad asphalt you encounter at times.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

a maladicao do samba

green royalities
Green royalities

a wonderful evening

movement of the people

yellow media


I had a fine evening yesterday. Had a few people over, not too much to become crowded. Played cards, sat around, listened to music.
I liked. A lot.
Perhaps the smaller company was a good change.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

good sports commentary

Man, dont you just love estonian sports commentators. Most of them always manage to sound so perfectly absurd.

I passed by the rowing-sports base in supilinn today. There was some sort of competition going on on the river. There was even some sort of stall set up and a commentator over a loudspeaker and everything.

So the commentator goes:
Heigo Tamm peaks nurga tagant mõne aja pärast ilmuma. Asi on selles et Heigo oli hõivatud eksamitega sütevaka gümnaasiumis. Sütevaka gümnaasiumi nimi tuleb sellest et ära hoia süsi vaka all. Tarkust, noh...


le grande finale

I now officially know how to give first aid. I even got a shiny card thingy that says the EU accepts my leet first aid skillz.

Anyway, as it just so happened that i spent a day and a half in a confined space with the people whom i go to driving school with, i thought i'd briefly touch the subject. Of course there were some people whom i hadn't seen before because they either go to another school, go to mine at other times or were at the course for other reasons.

I figure that most people conform to some kind of stereotype. How much and to wich one is another matter of course.

There are the three jolly girls in my front row who constantly whisper amongst themselves and giggle.

There is the military sort of fellow that doesn't greet you when you sit next to him and has a strictly short haircut. The sort that stands match straight with his legs spread out a little bit and his arms locked behind his back even when he's reading a poster on the wall or examining the doll depicting various wound types.

Then there's your run of the mill blonde babe. Long straight blond hair, blue eyes, high heels, jeans and the whatnot. Doesn't speak much, takes loads of notes.

There are the two silent guys that seldom do anything at all.

There's the good-looking loud speaking country girl.

There are more people of course but perhaps i'll describe them later.

Friday, May 06, 2005


I now know what to do if a person is unconcious and not breathind and has no pulse, assuming they are still alive. The dictionary hints the word is resuscitation, but i'm not very sure.

I just leared it at the tartu red cross place as part of the driving school programme. Got to play around with the big doll sort of thingies and everything.

It was from 1700 till 2100 today and as it will be another 8 hours tomorrow, i think i will be very educated in the field of first aid. Until i forget it all in about two weeks.
So in case you are bleeding or something try to reach me in two weeks or so. Else i might not remember what to do.

And oh. My parents are going out. I arent. I need to sleep to get up before dawn tomorrow. Just because the first aid course begins early. Then again, i know most people that have taken the course have had to endure this. I'm no worse.

office pictures

As the estonian blog-reader might know, parasiil is collecting peoples' office pictures.
I sent in mine, too, but i'll post it here just as well for lack of anything better to say. True it is that this picture has been on this blog earlier as well but still.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

sports results.

Ah well, biking season and there's going to be some bike talk at times.

First, the weather doesn't still correspond to what we can see in the calendar.

Anyway. I managed 44 km with a 28.5 average. Not that bad. I'm satisfied.

afrikan tv

This afternoon i got a nice surprise when coming home from school and switching on the telly to waste some minutes while the food was warming up.
I seem to have an african tv channel. Those of you that know me might see why i'm happy about it.
I was watching a news program. News like any other, only that everyone you see is black and most of the names are along the lines of Makawi or Mbulumbu or something like that.

I found their site too. I intended to copypaste something here but seems they've disabled doing it somehow. Not good.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

dead tired

Today has been a bad day. In all lessons where i've done some tests or other work that will be marked, i've screwed something up.
I think it's because school has drained most of the energy out of me. Good thing there's only 5 weeks left. Not that it would be a very short time as such.

Feels like biking up a hill with the baddest possible wind there can be and then when your nose starts bleeding you just have to go on because you can't stop. Not in 5 weeks.

Ah blast, i'm off to theory lessons @ traffik skool.
You will hear from me unless i faint somewhere and get run over by a car.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

tallinn photos at last

the bloggers
the bloggers. a compulsory photo.

celestial business
celestial business


flens lare
flens lare


I've finally uploaded them. Had no idea some of them were so bad quality. Oh well.
Gallery here.

ps cs for 225eeq?

Is there something wrong somewhere or is it really so that with the launch of photoshop cs 2, the prices of cs 1 have fallen so rediculously low that you can get a book and cs 1 for 225 kroons?
I can't really believe it.

foto.diip seems to think so, though.

Or it can be some downgraded or trial version, wich i suspect is the case here.

driven i have

Well yeah.

Just to note to the pages of history that i now have driven a car. Yeah.
As it was my first time, nothing spectacular. At least i suppose that knowing some of the things i'm doing wrong isn't that bad for a first time.

The car was, if any of the car-savvy readers should care, a toyota corolla of some sorts. A newer machine, it was, too. This meant that it was about a lot more sensitive to all commands than i had expected a car to be. Oh well, i'm getting used to it, more or less.

The teacher was a nice fellow, too. From what i have heard from the others, they have gotten lots of verbal abuse when doing something wrong but my teacher just smiled and told me to look at everything through a prism of humour and said it'll be fine. Just the attitude i have, too.

I just hope i won't forget to go to theory lessons tomorrow.

terrain again

It happened so that today i got to reintroduce myself to terrain riding. This means, among other things, that i'll have to wash my bike before riding tomorrow.
The wind was so bad and i had only limited time resources that i decided to cut the usual route a bit shorter.

Can't say it wasn't fun, though. I mean, it wasnt very difficult terrain as such, but still better than asphalt. I looked around the hiking trail near ülenurme and the fish ponds.
Regained my confidence in getting over logs and everything.

Monday, May 02, 2005

les essays (actually not in french)

As said before, i had to write an essay sort of thing today and so i did. I don't really know the official english word for kirjand so i'm just going to keep calling it an essay sort of thing. Can't say this doesn't suck. They ought to teach us school vocabulary some day. I've been thinking of asking my english teacher to do it. We especially lack vocabulary in this field. I'm not so sure knowing what they call a specific person who has robbed three stores, climbed a fence, then ridden over a river in a refridgerator and abandoned his loot in a chicken farm is any better either. I feel especially weak in the fields of science. Like mathematical terms and so on. And i personally need that vocabulary almost every day in communicating with people (over the internet) in english.

What i wanted to speak about is the EST (essay sort of thing). I don't really see why everyone complains so much about writing them. I don't find it that difficult. I mean, once one leaves the grammar bits aside. I used to have toleratable grammar but it's gotten worse now. I suspect it might be partly due to my having no time (or energy) to write a draft and then write a final edit. I just get it done with one version these days.

The topcis we had to choose from were absurd to say the least. Our teacher always wants us to write about a book we have just read in literature. She doesn't say she does, but when four of the six topics (or titles or whatever) are related to the book, one can sort of tell.
As luck would have it, though, she always leaves in one or two for those who aren't that keen on the book. And i usually am not.
Today i wrote on "the limits of human knowledge". I indeed formulated a few ideas but getting them on paper was shabby in a few places.
My main idea was that the limit of human knowledge is knowing we will never know everything.

Should i elaborate?

various infotainment

From a distance, all cars look like a mini. It's just a matter of how close they get ugly.

And just for the record, at this time tomorrow evening i'll be yet another step closer to being a man i will have driven a car. I will have let the engine stopped quite a few times, i suppose, but i will have clutched. And turned the steering wheel. And so on.

So yeah.

And i still havent managed to edit the weekend photos. And i don't see it happening today either because i'll have to write an essay sort of thing.


Now, quickly before i forget, the poem i promised to write to L (possibly the second):

(the whole affair slightly inspired by monty python)


Thou who art in heaven
Thou who art so fine
And so absolutely huge
And look good
And do lots of things
Requiring lots of flexibility.
And are otherwize pretty leet.


As you can see this one is in the free rhyming sort of thing thingie.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

insane gfx 1337

And now a bit of something for the gaming freak:

This is what the new xbox graphics engine can do.

volber. not volmer.

Yesterday/early morning today was the dreaded volbriöö of the estonians. As much as i can tell, estonians have been drinking and making fires and being merry on this day from the ancient times of lembitu.
Of course i could be wrong, but i like to think that way.

We celebrated at M's house. Seems we have gotten into a tradition of doing that. We did the same last year and yesterday was just as good. Didn't take any photos because i felt i had taken enough on friday and could use a rest.

This year's event wasn't maybe as dancey as last year's but that is because the music selection was limited. It had somehow happened so that nobody had brought any music and as M doesn't keep his music on CD's, we had to make do with M's parents' music collection. Felt like having to cook when you have two eggs, half a bread and a tomato in your fridge. Meaning that with some luck and skill, you can have different but still tasty results.
To me, this innovative weirdness was the raimond valgre double disc from the estonian golden music fund. I started liking that stuff. Well, not to say i hadn't liked jazzy stuff before, but i started liking it more, then, if you will.

A nice evening overall.

tallin experiences

As you can see, i'm now back from tallinn and the festivities i had yesterday that made me busy enough not to post yesterday.

I went to tallinn by bus, if anyone cares. My mother, not knowing the current situation on the roads very well, had bought us tickets onto a taisto bus. That was a wrong move altogether in my eyes because i am of the opinion that taisto drivers are complete lunatics on the road. That i can tell from a biker's perspective and i've heard stories of them racing around on winter ice with worn out summer tires and so on.
At any rate, i got lucky and didn't die on the way to tallinn.

I lounged an hour or so at my grandmothers place (who by the way seems to be more liberal about drinking than my mother is) and then met up with Kaimar.
In tallinn as we were, we decided (or somehow happned to) go to "chill at a supermarket". We were looking for food too. Some time and photos later, we met up with M (the at least third).


Getting into the concert hall was a breeze. You see, we had heard that underagers (is that a word in english) like me and K (the at least third) were'nt allowed into the hall. But the security personnel at the door was reasonable enough.
That can't be said about the security in the hall itself, though, because they somewhy didn't want people sitting on the steps near the stage wich i see no real reason for.


The first artist was, as you might know so i'm not going to provide links and you can just google them yourselves, Kismabande. They were a bit too artistic for me. Somewhat like abstract paintings with sound, i reckon. Just a bunch of long weird noises and not very entertaining to me. Even though i appreciate their effort and such.
Everyone just sat on the dancefloor and talked and laid around.

But when the plastix came on stage, everything changed. The plastics consists of three norweigan fellows. A drummer, a fellow on keyboards and laptop and a third smallish fellow on dj-ish-looking stuff. I called the third one mouse.
You will see them on the pictures once i get them edited and uploaded anyway.

The music of the plastix was much to my liking unlike the music of so many parties i've recently attended. Wich was soothing to the soul. Took lots of photos, hopefully some good ones too.

The crowd seemed to like the affair as well. The artists were clapped and stomped back onto the stage for two extra songs as well and everything. This reminds me i liked the official last song best and i ought to get it from somewhere. I hope their website can help me.