Friday, April 29, 2005

the play

And oh.

The play went along fairly well. The audience laughed and went along with it pretty well as much as i understand and afterwards the headmaster and some of the teachers came to tell the actors how good they had been.

I of course had my moments of tension when some of the teachers i'd been parodizing looked like grim death himself, but eventually i figure they all liked it. At least i suppose i will survive the next lessons with them. But in case i stop posting you know what happened.

exploding plastix

I'll jump on a bus heading to tallinn soon. There i'll be seeing and hearing xploding plastix. I've only heard one track plus some on their website so far, but it sounds good. I want to see it.
I intended to go see coco mbassi but as of now i dont have any reliable information on whether it's been sold out or not. I will see on the location.

So i'll be back some time in saturday, i suspect. If lucky, maybe i'll have taken some photos too.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

nostalgy and the peoples

smirking shadows
smirking shadows

Today we celebrated the birthday of the teacher that taught us, mostly giving all the lessons, for the first five years of school.
A big portion of the original group was together and we looked at old photos and stuff like that. I liked. All of us have changed a lot over the 10 years.

Werent i so sleepy, i might fall into some rant like the one i had when i was feeling nostalgic last spring when school was about to end. That was here. it just so happens that i'm too sleepy for that sort of thing today.

I took some photos and they are here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

new links

I've added two new blogs for you to read to the right.

They are waiter rant and clublife. The blogs of a waiter and a bouncer somewhere in a metropolis in the states (or so i think), respectively.

You can find them on the left too from this point onwards.

I find them very interesting and amusing and so on. Do check them out.

physix. fail. not me.

Today after school we went to see a some sort of physics-people affair thing held at the vanemuise concert hall. It was quite a flat affair, really, exept for the going and coming in the MINI. That's always cool.
We saw the broken robot that was constantly being repaired, the pushbike with inverted steering, and some other stuff.
Listened to two presentations. The first about using gsm positioning in city planning. Quite interesting stuff in itself, but the presentation wasn't the best.
The second presentation was held by a fellow form the university robotics club. Nothing very smashing, really.

Then, after some small errands with K, i got home. When you have a mini to run errands in, it isnt that bad, really. Anyway, enough of praising the mini.

Got home and biked. The evening is not such a bad time for biking as i had previously thought. Relatively windless, too, it was today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

blogger template blog

I just found this site. A collection of templates (skins) for anyone using blogger. Neat, huh?
I still prefer making my own even if they look like the current one, but for someone that doesnt want to or know how to make them, might be a good resource. Check it out.


I'm quite tired. Tired enough to have decided i wouldn't be going biking today. It was a long battle with myself.
Gotta stop going to sleep too late.

Even though today the first lesson was cancelled and we could sleep for another hour. I of course had forgotten all about it, got up and realized it only while making myself sandwitches. Oh well, i went back to bed and slept later.

As for other news, the play we're rehearsing and playing on friday is coming along well. You can see it during the festive meeting (and i still dislike that word) that is going to be held for the 12th formers.


I just got back from asko foto. I and two other mates checked out some die olde skoole russian SLR's. Compared to any normal digital or film cameras, they're ridiculously cheap.
I might be getting myself one soon.
The prices range around 400 kroons so i think i might be able to afford it. The downside with film photography of course is that film costs a lot and it's a whole new skill to learn. But it will be worth it, i hope.

Monday, April 25, 2005

plain usefulness

Now comes yet another argument to say that the internet is useful. It can even save your life, at times, i suppose.

Check out this guide to making a fire with a coke can and a chocolate bar. From the looks of it, it's actually pretty likely to work.
I will surely remember it.

I might test it in the summer too.

of different things

"It's been... emotional" - That tough fellow from lock stock and two smoking barrels

Just a quote i felt like reminding y'all about.

You know, sometimes different parts of your body can be on very different opinions of a temperature you know to be constant.
I was taking a shower, right. Felt the water coming from the tap with my hand. The hand said "hmm, this is pretty nice warm shower water. pull the knob to make the shower run". Then i dipped my foot into the stream and it said "yaoooowwchh, helllp, im burninng!!". The temperature, i'm pretty sure, didn't change between the different experiments.

And then when i was rolling back through the huge parking lot we have behind the singing area, i saw some goofers burning rubber with their BMW. As usual, it had a rear spoiler wich was so high you could see it when you looked at the car head on.

To clarify things a bit, i was biking as the wizer of you already noticed. The temperature thing might have something to do with my feet having been out in the relatively not very warm air for the better part of two hours.

So yeah.
Considering this and some other things, it's been emotional. I just cant get over the way he says it. Its so cool.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

a powerful experience

The following is some thoughts i wrote down after coming from the balcony and listening to a song of bob:
It will probably seem weird so be warned.

i was just standing on my balcony, looking into the quiet spring evening listening to the birds. i think they spoke to me. they discussed what i'm feeling inside.
eventually they told me what bob tells me. no woman no cry. and i don't even care about the red emoticon staring at me from the second monitor, unruled.

... mingle with the good people we meet..

i now more than ever know what tranquility means. you look at the world, at everyone going about their business and you have no part in it. and it feels soothing.

the birds told me about what i was wondering anyway. they told me the problems will be solved someday. all i have to do is wait and see and relax.

the music echoes in me carrying me away.this is a song that will always have a special place in my heart.

a stone of anxiousness has yet again been lifted from my heart.

it's really amazing how fast emotions can be loaded into and off you sometimes, when it's all the way it needs to be.

tonight i saw how useful a girlfriend can be in a demipractical way. hopefully, one day... yeah.

i wish i could always live in tune with nature.

the only thing i dont like about this moment is that my earphones suck and bob sounds corny.


all that from a simple five minutes on the balcony. i wish life was always so easy.



Just a quick note to mostly madli and mikk and/or any other bloggers that don't have newsfeeds attached to their blogs. Please do have a newsfeed. It makes reading your blogs all that more comfortable. When you have a newsfeed, everyone knows when you have posted and can check your blog thus not having to click through loads of blogs manually.
I know madli can just turn it on from somewhere in blogger settings, about mikk and diariland i can't say anything.

As mentioned before, i had dinner with different peoples. I took a few shots, mostly portraits. Who wants to, can see them here.
This post is mostly for my family and relatives, anwyay.

family and stuf


I just had lunch and the accompanying with my grandparents and cousin who lives in the UK. Nice to see people i hadn't seen in a very long while. And as she happens to live in l0nd0n, i might get some info from her about the universities that teach photography there, too. And i might see her when i go to england with me ol' skoole' in june.


Heres a poem i'm writing just now.

Amen and hooray
To Laura K
Who just made my day

By seding me the notes for the literature test.



Ladies and gentlemen, the pictures from friday are finally up. Here.


First. I myself get redirected to blogger's home page when trying to acsess the blog from , however, works fine. Has anyone encountered similiar problems?
If this doesn't stop soon i'm mailing blogger support.

As for other news.

The lazy bastard i am decided to skip the morning exercises just because its a weekend day only to be greeted by his fater saying "here now, hold this meat while i cut it". We proceeded to hassle about with a frozen chunk of meat for a good 5 minutes. Exercise indeed. Have you ever had a 5 kilo frozen piece of meat fall on your leg? I have.

And i'll be trying to edit the pictures now, even though there aren't many good ones to show.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


I'm now back but i won't be editing the pictures tonight. I'm not so sure when i will either because i suspect i might not have time tomorrow. This means that Sunday will proobably be the day.

Anyway, the gathering wasn't that sucsessful. The whole affair was sort of low on energy and spirit.
I'll be gladly greeting the day when The Peoples understand that it doesn't do to use the same discs for 5 years and keep changing tracks once every 30 seconds. It doesn't do well for continuity wich is necessary for a good party mood.
I think that perhaps giving one person complete power over the music part would be a good idea, even if someone had to make compromises that way.

What i did enjoy was going to the sauna because i really hadn't gone in a while.

All right, i'm off to sleep now, further reports tomorrow.

Friday, April 22, 2005

future ideas

Tonight i'll be celebrating my deskmate H's birthday yet again but this time in a more relaxed environment, and hopefully, whithout as much depression as last time.
And if all goes well, i'll not forget my camera either.
I already put it in the hall with my discs and stuff and everything. Then again, i'm pretty good at forgetting things so i'll never know before i actually get there.

Hopefully you could be expecting pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, April 21, 2005



I was looking through some of the (relatively) older photos. Considering i've been photographing for only a few months, you can't really say they're that old, but i do suppose my skills have gotten better over that short while. Obviously, there's lots more to learn.
The framing on this one sucks, for example, i know. But it still caught my attention.

Today, yes, i had (or took) enough free time to actually do something else than study and eat and sleep. Not that i eat or sleep that much, mind you.

As for the emotional front, everything seems to be okay again, or almost so. There's a few things i've got to get adjusted to yet, we'll see.

feeling smooth

sore jazz
sore jazz

Just sitting here listening to music thinking my own thoughts. Feeling nostalgic, but not sure what about. I want summer. I want the darn snow to go away.

I perhaps wish i could tell someone what corduroy says to the mini in the song.
(you have to scroll down a bit to find the proper lyrics)

[music: corduroy - mini]

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

education. lots of.

Now that i think of it, i'll have about three hours of waking time today that arent connected with my getting educated.
The first half hour or so in the morning when getting up, then seven hours of school, then a half-hour at home, then 1.5 hours of car schooling and then i've been studying till now. Great, huh?

One smart bastard coming up.

Not that i'd perhaps greatly benefit from some of this stuff later in life. Then again, you never know.




Just look at the cover of today's postimees. I really don't know why i'm even reading that bullshit no more. The quality of the front page picture pretty much summarizes the whole contents of the paper, too.

eventful events

It's the 20th of april and it's snowing outside. April showers with minus two degrees celsius bring may snowmen, or how was that old saying?

As good as the beginning of the school week was, the middle part sucks. What sucked was mostly this morning.
It just so happened that yesterday we were celebrating a mate getting Aged (18, that is) in a fine establishment and so i got home rather late considering it was a weekday night. Considering that it was a celebration too, and let me yet again wish a happy birthday to K (the second boy) at this moment, getting up in the morning was somewhat difficult to say the least.

But get up i did and to the first lesson myself i dragged. I implemented a very wize tactic to counter the sleepiness. I slept. Semi-slept, really. Kept my head on the table, eyes closed, but took appropriate notes and listened to what the teacher was saying.
Some teacher-side jokes about too heavy drinking later, the lesson ended and i dragged myself to sleep in another location.

Anyway, today was the dreaded Day of Monolougue Reciting. Hamlet's, that is. I recited mine too and got a four and a "pity". That being the teacher's comment. I suppose this sort of stuff is just a lottery, really. Slip here or there, and your mark is lowered. I ain't complaining, though.
I was the first to recite the thing in my group so i could sleep the rest of the lesson. See how wize, yes?
One poor girl was so nervous she almost broke apart right in front of the class. Started crying, i heard later.

And i left my damn camera home for the celebration. I've got to do somehting about forgetting that sort of stuff.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

exploring galore

I found some pictures of our dear parallel C class and their activities via kaur.

Pics here.

Above picture courtesy of Agu from 10c.

hamlet, i own j00

Well. I can now say that i know the soliloquy by heart. It wasn't too difficult or anything. Practicing it in an indian accent helps a bit, too.

Now all i got to study is a very nasty english test and some chemistry. Wich sucks.

I'm quite sure there was something else i wanted to say but i seem to have forgotten yet again.

And oh yeah. It SNOWED today. Just happened to snow when i was out in my shorts and t-shirt getting some food from a shop near the school. Its almost may, damnit. Stop global warming, i want to get off.
The good part of it is that if this stuff doesn't break my health, i don't know what will. Okay, i do, but there are things that don't do it as much as they used to.

Monday, April 18, 2005

teh m0nologue

First idea by me, then posted to the blogosphere first by me dear fellow t6ksti, now fully done by me again.

I'm actually doing this to get some fun into studying this monstrosity by heart. Even though the monologue in itself is pretty neat and everything and i generally like it. You know, there's some truth in all this praising good ol will stuff.

To bE, 0R Not tO be; Th@+ 1S +HE kw3$+ION;
WHEtHEr 'T1$ NO8L3r 1N T3H m1Nd +0 5UfpH3r
+H3 sL1NG$ @nd 4RRowS 0F 0U+r493OU$ fOR+un3,
or T0 +4K3 4Rm$ @G@InS+ 4 5ea OF Tr0uBL35,
@ND bY OPp0$1Ng, 3ND +Hem? to d1E; +O $l3eP;
NO mOre; 4nd, BY @ $L3EP To 5@y WE 3nd
+h3 H3ar+-4CH3 aND +h3 TH0u5@nD N4TUR@l 5HocK$
tH@t Phl3$h I5 H31r t0, '+i5 A cOn5umm4+i0N
D3V0UtLy TO 83 WI$H'D. to D1e; +o $l3Ep;
T0 5L33P! P3Rch4ncE t0 dR3@M: 4Y ThEre's +h3 RuB;
PH0r 1n +H4t 5L33P 0ph D34th WH4+ dRe4m5 m4Y c0mE,
wHeN w3 h4v3 5HuFFLED 0PhF tH1$ M0R+4l C01L,
Mu5T GIVE u5 P@u$3, tHeR3'5 TeH R35P3C+
Th4T M4KEs c4L4mi+y OF So L0NG lIPH3;
PHor wH0 w0Uld BE@R TH3 whIp5 4Nd $corN5 Oph +1m3,
thE 0ppR3$$oR'5 wR0Ng, TEh PR0UD M4N'5 C0N+UMElY,
the PAN9s OF Di5Pr1z'd L0VE, +3h L4W'$ deL@y,
tHE 1N5OlEnc3 0f oFph1c3, 4nd +H3 5PUrN$
Th4T p4+13n+ mERiT oF th3 uNw0rtHY +@k3$,
wHEn h3 h1M5ELph MI9ht HI$ kwi3TU5 m@KE
Wi+H 4 B@RE 8OdKin? whO WOUlD F4RDEl5 Be@R,
+O 9RUNT aND 5w3aT und3r 4 W34ry l1F3,
BUt TH@+ THe DRe4d 0pH 50Me+HiNG 4FTER de4+h,
Th3 uND15COV3R'D CoUNtry, fROM Wh0$3 b0urN
No +r4V3LLER rETurN5, pUZzl35 ThE wILl,
@nd M4Ke$ U$ r4ThER 8E4R th05E iLl5 w3 H4V3
TH4N phLY +0 o+H3R5 +H@+ w3 kn0w N0+ oPH?
+Hu$ Con5C1EnC3 DOe5 m4K3 c0wARD5 0f U5 4ll,
4nD Thu5 th3 N4t1ve hU3 0f R35OLu+i0n
i$ $ICkLIED o'er W1+h p@LE c45T 0F +hOu9Ht,
4nD 3n+3rpR1$3S oPh 9R3a+ Pi+cH 4ND moMEn+
Wi+H +Hi5 RE9ARD the1r CUrREn+s tuRn 4WRY,
4ND L0$E +eh N@M3 Of 4c+10n ..


As good as sports can be, some factors can be quite annoying. Like wind. I mean, strong head-on wind.

I'm really wondering what to do with my knee joints so that i wouldn't have to spend the last twenty years of my life in a wheelchair/on wooden legs/artificial joints.
And for your information, i've retyped most of these here sentences a lot because my fingers are numb from the cold wind.

As for other bike related information, my frame is so lenient (i really don't know if it's the best word here or not) that when i push hard on the pedals, it twists so bad the chain touches agains the front shifter and makes nasty noises and wears itself down.

And oh. I outran a bmw today. He was letting some pedestrians cross the road so i could stop beside him and try my skill. Well, eventually he passed me of course, but still. The fellow looked like he was in the middle of a streetrace. Wich they usually don't when passing bikers.

And thus my shout out to taisto bus drivers. Will you all go please shoot yourself twice, please.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

the dread of it all or asian internet vol 2


Surfed around, found this. But be warned before clicking the link. You will not see so many javascript and animated gifs every day.

The common line with these blogs seems to be that they are set on a dark background and use a lot of pink. I'm not exactly sure if they use the same gifs and other images, but that might also be the case. That is either because it's the same site that the adolescent girl maintaining it constantly rearranges it or because most of (at least seemingly) asian teenaged girls turn to the same designer when in need of a website. Or maybe there's a n ~instant~ ~bLOg~ ~gEnErAtOr~ i havent heard about.

I just don't get it, really.

As for the emotional crisis, it might have recessed a bit. I was sitting at my computer and i think i noticed a sortof "boingggg" in my mind and then everything seemed okay again. Then again, i can't be very sure as of yet and there might be things influencing my mood in the near future. So we'll just see.

grill season opened

cmyk flower
cmyk flower

a young tulip
a young tulip

Today we opened the grill season. In my grandparents' garden, with my family. The weather is not as good as it was yesterday. Cold and windy and nasty. But, like, it's still spring so i'm not really complaining.
I also discussed different aspects of my future education possibilities with different people. Didn't get much useful information, though.

I plan to lay around for the rest of the evening. Nothing better than a bit of laying around at the right moment.



Tonight/today/whatnot, we celebrated K's achieving the grand number of seventeen. As im rather sleepy, that's all i'd say. Took pictures. Them up here, if anyone can see them.

As for the emotional front i've been speaking about, no new developments.

Friday, April 15, 2005

really? (why me)

unrelated tähtvere photo
unrelated tähtvere photo

This evening (note me not saying "fine" anymore although the evening in itself was one i could have called fine a few weeks ago) i spent partly at M's house, partly some hundred meters from there, at L's house. Err, at the moment i'm not sure what number this L is for i seem to have forgotten the order of their appearance here. I think the second or third. I do know where i was, should you be wondering, i just don't know how i've named her here before.

Anyway, i shant fall into too many details about some things we did, for some of you, no names named, would call me something i'm not. Not that some of you weren't already doing that but i'm just trying to avoid the spreading. No, really. I didn't do anything.

Now then, stuff from this point onwards isn't compulsory for those that don't care or know me that well. Be warned.

What i did want to talk about was that i feel something is wrong with me. And telling myself its just a bad case of adolescnence doesn't help much either. The usual situation over the last week (or perhaps a bit more) has been that i feel generally okay at school. Most of the times.
Then i get home (and bike and/or study/whatever i happen to do) and my mood gets down. I don't know why. Okay, that might not be the case entirely. I'm afraid i know the reason. And, i'spose i've said this before (is it more comfortable to read if i use short forms ie "i've" or should i use full forms such as "i have"?), i don't really want to accept it. Or more rather, i can accept it, but trying to figure out some solution is where i get stuck. I do have a thing i want to try but as of now i havent been able to be a man enough (and this man part is the best thing i could think of how to translate the estonian i'd like to use here) to actually go about realizing.

My point is i havent been able to enjoy myself lately. And it isn't a very pleasant situation. Talking to people isn't pleasurable anymore. And i want it to be. I noticed i only feel normal when joking about somehting or such. You could say (well, i could) that i've been downgraded a notch on the mood scale. You know.

Oh crap, this stuff must seem depressionistic. I mean, it sortof is, but i know i don't really like to read stuff like that when others have written it. Nor do i like writing this (read: the feelings that make me write this). But still, here you have this. Please just bear with me and take proper precautions when i slit my veins. Okay, now i'm just joking. I have no intention whatsoever of doing that. A bit too cruel of a joke, possibly.

Anyway, i suspect this stuff is going to blow over sooner or later. Whether i solve the problem i'm not telling you much about myself or it solves itself or is left unsolved. But if this stuff goes on for too long, i'm going to tell my mother. A trained proffesional trained to handle such cases.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

mood schwings

tähtvere at its best
tähtvere at its best.

There are times when being a teenager suck, as i have said. Today (or rather, tonight) is one of them.

I thought i wouldn't be going to the celebration of H's birthday, but i did. Right now i think i ought not have. My mood was dragged down somewhy. My friends overly disrespecting a photo i recently took and there has been much unnecessary fuss about might have had something to do with it as well. I feel i've been hurt without much necessity to actually do so.
To me the whole affair of going there was a total zero. No disrespect, but i almost wrote something offensive here. But i shan't.

Didn't even take any pictures even though i had the gear with me.

Somewhy i get the feeling this stuff is turning into a depressionblog slowly. I hope not.

Now just listening to some Bob hoping he will make things better.

physics. overload.

Let me just first congratulate my dear deskmate H whose birthday it happens to be today.

I just got back from the physics institute. Our physics teacher gathered some voulenteers into a group so that we could be combined with yet another group that seems to have had some vacant slots.
Anyway, they showed us and told us about all the neat stuff they do there. And boy there was lots of it.

First, there was stuff about proteins. The scientist showing it to us was your classic scientist type. His eyes burning, gesturing as hell and nobody could understand anything. He demonstrated how molecules inside proteins move in relation to eachother and how proteins fold and such. I understood about every 4th word.
Oh, just a thing to note. They've got a computer with two 64 bit processors and 8gb of memory only for calculating folding. I hope they are AMDs. Otherwize it's treason.

Then onwards to a younger sortof fellow who played around with liquid nitrogen. That was pretty neat too. He even poured it onto a table and such. In addition to freezing stuff and then beating it with a hammer. I got to know that feeling extreme cold feels a bit like extreme heat. Weird.

Next was a laser laboratory. They explained how they do research on what stuff does when it's extremely cold.

And then onwards to the lab where they had a machine that could create vacuum. That is used for all sorts of stuff. Right now they want to use it to produce foils about 3 molecules thick. That would help the computing business a lot. I hope that in the future all the world will be using estonian processors.

And last we discussed the problem of thermonuclear reactors with another fellow. He also showed us stuff what looked like ordinary transparent plastics in ordinary light but became of a specific colour (red, green or blue) in UV light. That stuff was woot. I now also know that uranium ore will run out about as soon as oil will. Not a very happy thought, really. At least i know how to make a fire in the forest and we have some houses with timber heating over here still.

Right now my brain is so overloaded you can't imagine. At least i can sleep in a couple of tuesdays now for physics is the first lesson on tuesdays.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

to edit or not to edit

Yesterday i and kaimar had a discussion about photography.

Our views on things seem to be different. And it seems to me that with this current subject he's a bit too constrained by what is traditional and what he thinks of things.

His point is that (at least i interpret him so) nature photos shouldn't be edited. We both agree that tuning the levels and light balance a little bit is okay, but that's about it. He feels that nature pictures ought not be edited for when you do it isn't nature anymore.
I disagree on several reasons. Do mind that i'm not saying they should be edited. No, not that. I'm just saying that there is no need to avoid editing them in any way if you want to.

Kaimar thinks that if you are photographing nature you shouldn't change too much because then it isn't natural anymore. I agree, it isn't what was there in the forest or whereever you took that photo.

What i don't see is why one has to think such thoughts at all. To Kaimar, a photo is a way of capturing the moment.
I just (in theory at least) regard a photo (or rather, let's say, an image, then, to avoid any confusion and flaming). So i regard an image as a bunch of color values assigned to pixels. I really don't much care where those color values came from. It only just so happens that photography is a very convinient way to assign color values to pixels so that when combined, the values add up to something the viewer can relate to. The same, or at least something similiar, can be done with photoshop. And why not combine the two if an artist feels so.
It's happening anyway. Look at all the photos used in web or flier design. Or the web elements added to photos.

If an artist wants to, they can do anything. I mean, why be constrained by something when you want do paint your cherries neon green in photoshop and feel like it.
What i think has kaimar thinking the way it is is photoshop being overused nowadays.
My point is that when an artist get inspired and wants, for some reason, to have neon green cherries that look like plastic on apple trees in his work, why not.
The trouble arrives when an amateur photographer (and i'm by no means saying i'm not one) imports his pictures and starts playing around with them in photoshop (now consider i do consider myself an advanced photoshop user) and discovers, say, filters. Then he applies filters just because he can and risks ruining his work because, believe it or not, randomly applied filters rarely do the job.
I too used to play around with filters (and other effects) a lot but i find myself only using them now when i know a filter produces a specific effect i'm looking for. Then again, when i discover something new, i still tend to play around with it somewhat.

I hope that covered it all.

zee driving skool

The first time at the rüütli autokool wasn't bad. It all began with my forgetting to make copies of my passport at school, but i did suppose it wouldn't be much of a problem. All well, i started from home with a nice half hour of time till the thing started. I strolled down the toome hill telling myself to take my time else i arrive too early. So i set it so that i arrived at the door of the driving school with about 7 minutes of time only to be greeted by a sign they had moved. By what i could tell from the address, i knew the right place wasn't far. Yet, i didn't exactly know where it was. So i started going towards where i thought it was and sat into a taxi when i reached the stop. About 5 minutes remaining by that time. The taxi triver earned easy money with me, just as i suspected. 30 kroons for about 500 meters. Then again, i had planned that. I thought it best to be on time the first time, just in case.
As i stepped in, i was greeted by two faces from our school. Gentlemen a year younger than me i believe. The first lesson in itself was just a try-to-scare-us-out-of-our-pants sort of introduction to what we're going to have to face. And how astronomically much we're going to have to pay for it.

But somewhy, that difference in routine and seeing new faces and being in a new situation somewhat lifted off the anxiousness i've been feeling lately. I can only guess why i feel that, but i really wouldn't like too much. The results can be, er, bothersome. But sooner or later (and i'd rather sooner if at it) i'm afraid i'm going to have to deal with it. Wich will be a new experience for me. Man, growing up and being in development can suck at times even though being able to get a drivers licence is pretty neat.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

zee photos then

hermanni street
Hermanni Street

I finally got the photos uploaded, but given the present situation i can't be none too sure if you can even see the photo above. Link to the rest here, then. Any feedback on whether you can see any part of the photos or not would be much appreciated. I'd like to know if you access the gallery via, or the ip address one. Can't give any recommendations to wich ones work as of now, either. Perhaps the IP one is best.

of things that be random

Been a fairly regular, day, really.

I did get a slip of paper with my picture on it from the doctor to take to the driving school tomorrow. It says i'm a normal person. Can't let the army see that.
So yes, i don't spose i've told you lot before. I'm going to be going to a driving school for a while now. Till i get my "kiddie license" and can start driving my drunk parents around. Not that my parents are drunk, but at least one person, no names called, seems to think this is the main idea for this. Oh well.

I would have posted some pictures i took yesterday in the rain, but as for now the ftp side of my server is down and i can't do that at the moment. Wait and see..

[music: Total Science - Badger Eyes]

Monday, April 11, 2005

happy b-day, K (the third girl)


Today i lurked around tähtvere a bit to take some photos. I think i managed to get a few decent ones for my standards, but of that, later. The photos you shan't see today for i have some more "urgent" ones.

Today, at around six, we celebrated the birthday of K (the third girl). She used to go to my class but as of this scoolyear, we no longer share schools. Nevertheless the friendships haven't broken and thus we found ourselves at her birthday celebration just as she does with ours'.

I suppose the pictures will speak for themselves, really. I'm awfully sorry for the flash-eyes. I did figure out a way to get rid of them in post-processing, but it requres enormous amounts of time and doesn't always guarantee results equal to the amount of time invested. So the eyes are as they are until i can get an external flash unit. Pictures themselves here, then.

insert appropriate caption


M wanted to see some other photos even though i said they weren't any good and so as i had some free time till a download finished, i looked through them. This is almost the last picture that has any credibility at all.
Further experiments with the technique too, as you can see.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

new identity


A new production idea by K, realization by me. Now i've got two designs i've got to choose between. Both would make a good white t-shirt. One of the two you can find above.
The trouble with it is that i didn't really find the right font to use, but this does almost just as well. I tried to remember the name of the second good font site i use, but it just didnt come to me. Google was no help either. I'm going to ask the experts tomorrow for the address.

new skillz altogether

wine n cheez
Wine n cheez

The only picture from yesterday i dare to show you lot. You can see i recently discovered a pretty neat thing you can do to pictures. I like it.

the complaining haxor

I mean, even though blogger is a free service and thus i really have nothing to complain, i will say what i will, just so you know it too and can take proper action when you need to.

As of now, getting your blog's css part (i havent checked the html part so thoroughly yet) validated is impossible because the top bar blogger forces on you has faulty css in it. Great, eh ?

positive mix

So far, today has been a day of mixed positive feelings. Positive things about small things, but things important to me in some way.
We played dnd. And remind me to tell you what it is someday, K (the second girl*).
The game in itself was somewhat usual and i got yet again reminded that staying up till two and drinking wine is not a good idea when you need to be up at ten and do mental work for some hours. I somehow managed, but i'm not sure if the game was the best quality i could have offered.
The positive thigs, now that i think of it, were mainly associated with one person. First off, he brought along nice food to eat. Very thoughtful. Then he showed me his earphones. Comes out i'd perhaps have hope of buying decent headphones from tallinn. Further investigation will be carried out.
Third, the person being kevadlilleke, he had his camera along. The sort with a mirror inside it. I got to take some pictures with it.
Man, i need a digital slr. Started pestering my parents to get me one for christmas or my next birthday. I probably won't anyway because a digital slr costs loads of money. About as much as my bicicle. And my bike aint cheap. The one i'm hopefully going to get soon, i mean.

Do notice that the numbering of lettered girls is due to there being more than one girl i want to call K in the blog. They are numbered in order of appearance in the blog. Unless i irremember things, wich is possible.

signs of a good friendship

t6ksti-t6ksti writes.

Kuna mu kapis olid asjad sassis, aga ma koristada ei viitsinud, hakkas ema seda ise tegeme ja leidis sealt mu õlled... ajasin süü ruttu Ronni kaela ja muret polnud. Huh. ja mängisin wolfi edasi....

Very characteristic of them fellers, if you ask me.

wine n cheez

This evening i spent at K (the second girl)'s place. Sat around, watched tv, made silly comments. Well, i did. I'm not sure if the whole lot entirely liked my doing so even though they laughed. Not to say that we watched quality entertainment. First it was lamermovies from broadcast tv, then troy from dvd. I don't really like the movie, as i might have said some time ago. Hollywood bollocs.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

dirt, dust and grime

Who? Me?

Biking in today's weather might not have been a completely sane idea either. But bike i did. See results above, provided my server is all right.

risk @ pang

This fine evening i spent with the lads at pang. We managed to get a table on the uppermost (sushi) floor that was quite big and suitable enough for us to play risk on. Risk, being a boardgame, takes quite a lot of room on any given table.
We played, ate good food and zpoke in many of le foreign languagez. Surely seemed a strange bunch to the personel.
Even though M had some complaints about the service quality of pang, i can't find anything wrong with it. The girl serving us was nice, understanding and caring. Switched the lights on without our even loudly asking for it.

On the way back home the crew invented the most idiotic game i've ever played. The point is you can only speak when you have a wall or some other similiar articifial thing to tap your hands against. If you spoke without tapping, the others could plant their feet in your arse, if you know what i mean. We ended up playing it the whole way home.

I didn't take any photos because i had left the blasted camera battery on my desk after recharging it. Oh well, another thing i'll remember to check now on.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

le factor de wtf

The schoolday was rather normal (don't say you didn't see that coming). We did have someone run through the class in the middle of the history lesson being chased by someone with a knife and the sort of mask you see in scary movie, but that happens every day anyway, so we didn't pay much attention to it.

Over the last two days i've been feeling like nobody is my friend, but even i know that's what you get with adolescence. Wich is not to say it feels very nice while it lasts, though.

Anyway, mood swings or not, i still biked. Wich, looking back, might not have been an entirely sane idea. I mean, with the wind and all. I've never ridden in so bad winds. When i stopped at K's window for a chat and a handful of candy before coming home, my legs shook so bad you could see it from the other end of the street.
If i don't get ill from this, i'm invincible.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

g's b-day

I've uploaded some photos from the somewhat recent gathering at G's place.
Thou shalt excuse the slow gallery, of course.

Do notice the gallery has spread over to include 2 pages of albums now.

a little about me

First things first, i got my bike back. Lots of new stuff replaced, feels better than before. They also made it a little faster. That pretty much covers it in layman's terms.

The other thing, i got a little information (and motivation) on photography and learning it in estonian universities yesterday. That is good.

Anyway, i wanted to tell you i took this personality test. I took one similiar to this at school, but i don't remember the results of it. I do have them in a notebook, but what ever.
The results say i'm an intj - thats "an introvert intuitive thinker decision maker". I bet the original english ones are different (and this test seems translated from russian), but i hope you understand what i am.
The results are about half accurate, i'd say.

From the point i see myself, the "appearance to others" bits are correct. Then again, i don't much feel like the test seems to have me think on the inside. The reason and facts and thinking part is correct but the lack of self-motivation and such i'm not so sure about.

Some parts of the test i can't yet adequately comment on for i am not a grownup whom the test seems to have been designed for.

Now, dear reader, what i'd like from you is to read as much of the results, given here, and tell me (via these comments or messenger/email if it's more private and you feel beter that way) what you think.
Seeing how other people percieve (that is a word, yes?) what i am would be really helpful and hopefully an experience we all could benefit from.
So dear readers, yes, both of you, help me, please?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

shopping. oh, dread

From what i hear from the girls (and i do hear quite a bit for i sit boxed in between 5 of them), shopping is somewhat pleasurable if you turn a blind eye to the back and leg pain.
For me, it seems somewhat the opposite. I didn't have many pains (even though mother made me carry her bag) but all i got was a feeling of frustration.
The everyday reader of the blog already knows the saga of my earphones. They know that my good ol' philipses ceased playing normally a few weeks ago and that i am on the lookout for new sound equipment to please my ears. They also know that i had pretty much chosen the model to buy.
Today i went to the shop and tried the headphones. I don't have anything bad to say about the sound. Then again, i don't have anything good either, but that's just probably me. Had i had my current awful headphones along, i surely would have felt the difference. I sure hope i would have.
The sound aspect aside, the phones lost much of their appeal. They are overly small (being of supra-aural design) and feel very plasticcy and not nice at all.
This brings me to realize i might not get good earphones from estonia as there seem to be no alternatives to the old philips circumaural kind i had in the price range i'm looking for. Any help would be extremely welcome.

Second, i was looking for some sort of shoes or footwear for summer. I did find something i liked, but they'll be probably bought by the time i get there tomorrow or some other day.

Monday, April 04, 2005



Yeah, man.

A slice of life

Today was a busy day and i didn't even get around to doing my homework. O well.
It began, as any normal day does, with school. Nuff bout that.
The highlights of the day would be learning that i (read: my parents) will have to dish out ernormous sums of money yet again just to keep my bike rolling. But as it is for a noble cause, i don't expect too much complaining.

Anyway, later this evening was the celebration of G's (yay, another letter) birthday where you can see the pictures are from. Gathered at the lõunakeskus as any modern youths nowadays do and then headed onwards to location. Loads and i do mean loads of fun (and near-death experiences) with the MINI. Especially for M. Ask no more.

And oh, i'll hopefully be getting a new haircut (okay, a haircut tomorrow.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

a good day indeed

We diped ourselves into this.


The dreaded MINI

Sky 1

Sky 2

Today turned out to be quite active. After some idle time in the morning i happened to chat to K over the internets and he told me he was going to his country house in pangodi for a sauna. Some discussion later, our plans were made.
I biked a quick 26 km and got back as soon as i could. Then I, K and another mate sat into the mini and rolled away. Very pleasant day, good weather and relatively warm, too. And the sauna was just so fitting after a very sports-wize active weekend. I feel very relaxed now. The sort of "drip down the chair like i were a puddle ofwater" relaxed.
On the way back we were greeted by the most beautiful sky i've seen in ages. Unfortunately i hadnt got my tripod along but i took some shots anyway and then later at home used the tripod too.

in memory of a great man

While occasionally observing yesterday's events about the pope while my parents almost constantly kept the running and tuned onto bbc world, i noticed a string of thoughts in my head.

At first, being perhaps a little bit too negative of christianism, i really didn't understand why everyone made such a fuss of it. I mean everyone who wasnt catholic. I figured people dying was as natural as ever and that he surely wasn't the first pope to die in the last thousand years or so.
But later, having recieved more information on who he was and what he did, i realized i had been overly harsh. He was a great man and did many things to help mankind as a whole, not only catholic christians. And that is why everyone is sad when he leaves. I think why i didn't understand it in the firstplace is that he was pope for longer than twice my age. Or even more if you consider my "able to think independently" age.

So i too join in with the rest of the world for a silent moment of grief.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

the season has begun

Today was the start of the biking season for me.
The day began with getting my bike from the garage, where it was stored during winter, going to my grandparents' garden and cleaning and doing maintenance work on it. This is not to say that i won't take it to proper professional maintenance on monday. Shifter regulation feels like rocket science as of now.

And then i got around to doing 50 km with lasse. It might have been a little too much, i'll tell you tomorrow whether my legs (or some other part of me) hurt or not.

I would perhaps say something else, but i need to conserve energy.

Friday, April 01, 2005




Abituriendid ikkagi



I got the pictures edited now. They are here. And yet again, please don't use photos from the site directly, if you want to use any of them, contact me. I'll also gladly make you msn/rate pictures too, only ask.