Saturday, March 26, 2005

zee pangg


What's in here?

When time stops.

As you can see, i was at the pang again. This time, it happened to be a different gang of people than the one from a few days back. Different floor, too.
Different gang means (at least this time it did) different, er, social settings.
We (mostly the girls, really) recalled all sorts of different incidents from the past. I heard things i had never heard before. Some of them were not very nice, as such.
Good memories about different field trips, though. Yeah. Like the ones to saaremaa, or lahemaa or whatwasit. Even though i was half-dead at some points of the lahemaa trip if i remember correctly. But still.

The trip to saaremaa owned to the fullest, though. Especially the part when i and some mates dragged our matresses and sheets and stuff out of the sorry-ass cabin thingies filled with dog-size cockroaches and found ourselves a nice forest clearing to sleep in. Made a huge bonfire, too. And when the sun rose at 4 in the morning and the birds started singing so loud you couldn't sleep, i was happy.

[music@awfulheadph00ns: Dom & Roland - Analysis]

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