Sunday, March 13, 2005

voltaire's zadig

First things first.

People, do ask me when you want to use my photos. I mean, for whatever you want to use them. I'm a nice and understanding person and very very likely will allow you to use them. I mean, why would i not? But i want to know who and where uses them.
That goes for messenger pictures too. The main reason here is that i can cut you a proper picture from the original raw picture from my camera. That makes for best results with your display pictures. It's annoying and sad to see people just using photos as they are. Messenger in itself doesnt do a half-decent job of resizing them and makes them look jaggy.

You can save them onto your computer for personal viewing but when you want to display them to the public, ask me (read: let me know).

In this aspect, M is a positive example. Proper credits alongside the pictures. I like.

Thank you for your attention.

And now, onwards to what i wanted to write a few sentences about:

I just read zadig by voltaire.

A rather interesting read. I mean, just for the prose factor. It made me think if it's better to read the book first and then learn about the author or vice versa, as we do now. I'm really not sure.
I spose i wouldnt disrecommend the book to anyone. Can't say i'm especially thrilled either but voltaire's style of writing is really nice and smooth.

The foreword by lauri leesi was also a bit werid.

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Kaimar said...

Voltaire is firstly a philosopher. Although some of his writing could remind one of fairytales or be just plain funny, there is lots of political incorrectness and hidden criticism in the stories.

Read Micromegas, also by Voltaire.