Friday, March 04, 2005

stuff to mention

The small relative.

There have been some things i've wanted to mention. By now, enough have gathered to make a post out of them.

Well then:

Check out It's a site about, as the name says, the high line. The high line is a stretch of elevated subway rails. Having been built in the thirties, it's now closed for traffic, but it hasnt been demolished and some activists are actively protecting it. The site takes the same mindset.
The 1.6 mile stretch of free unpopulated and uncivilized terrain serves as a garden to the people of nearby houses and as a mystical place to explore for others.

The other thing i wanted to say is that i've been reached through the google keyword firemen dirty pics. I wonder.
Havent actually done anything to promote that sort of traffic...

And oh, i ordered my first print from photopoint yesterday. I think 9 kroons for an a4 print in 5 days isnt too bad. I hope the quality is all right. If the service seems trustworthy, i've got some photos i want to frame and put on my wall in a4.

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