Thursday, March 31, 2005


A bit about the new name law, then.

I think this is too oppressive towards everyone's free rights.
I do agree that there are names that children should not be given, but even amongst the examples brought by postimees i find some that i don't see nothing wrong with.

I'm supposing this can lead to whoever officials are responsible for banning/not banning names really naming the children what the hell ever they want. In the worst case.

For example, the part about names meaning weird stuff in other languages. I bet that every name can be found a nasty meaning in some language. So why let some in and ban some?

And it says that an unorthodox/untraditional/unusual name mustn't be given to a child. I have only one thing to say to whoever thought of that. But it wouldn't do to say it here.

All in all, as much as i can tell, i think they've gone over the border.

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