Monday, March 28, 2005


I read the first part of it, then. That's about 127 pages or something.

The first impression when i opened it was like "wow, no way, this all cant be in rhyme". But it indeed was.

I don't know if it's me or have the books we have to read changed lately. Somewhy, what i read doesnt spark much thought in me anymore. At least faust didn't. At least right at the moment of reading.
It of course may be that the first part was only the introduction and goethe gets to what he wants to say in the latter parts of the book. It also might be that i cant get my head around faust.
Some people from my class complained that faust was difficult to read. I really cant say i agree. The rhyming made it different from reading an usual book but i don't think it was much harder.

So what do i think goethe wants me to think (about)? Faust is a man that knows a lot but feels it doesn't really get him closer to happiness. He almost kills himself in depression and then makes a pact with the devil. He wants the devil to make him happy while not believing it will be able to. He's prepared to die if he finds happiness.
Is faust a critic of his own times bias to science? Is he on science's side? I don't really know.

Maybe i shouldn't have skipped the literature. They spoke about faust. But i really felt bad enough to justify the skipping.

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