Thursday, March 24, 2005


There are two episodes i remember of the dreams (or dream) i saw tonight. It might be two episodes of the same dream, but it might not. I think they are, though, for they have the same characters and background system in them.

The first episode i remember was about i and my class being on a field trip. We were having a walk (or hike, i don't quite know how long it was) in a pine forest much like the ones we have in northwestern estonia (where my summer house happens to be).
I can't remember the circumstances leading to the situation, but i remember we were chased by a huge pack of werewolves. I think that there were as many werevolves as there was of us. So i suppose about 40 on each side. I remember being in a crouched position when i saw them, i might have been tying my shoelaces. What is clear is that the majority of the group was a kilometer or so ahead of me on the trail and i was the last person and thus the first to be eaten by the werewolves.
I started running. It was a sandy trail (for the soil is very sandy in the area i mentioned) up a hill. I knew werewolves run faster than humans, yet i knew i was a good runner myself. I clearly remember the expression of some boy (not someone i know in real life) when i ran past him and he realized he is the last and will be eaten.
That brings an end to this sequence.

When i had woken up and was taking a shower, a dialog popped into my head. A dialog between me and a god. Lets call him Jah. The dialog somewhat represents the conflicts i had going over the dream in my head.

Jah: So, Paul, you did push the boy to run harder and didn't leave behind.
Me: Well, yes.
Jah: And now you are dead. You know, there's nothing you can do to make a person run faster. Not on such short notice as you would have needed.
Me: Well... I didn't know that.
Jah: We both know you did.
Me: But i couldn't have left him there. At least he didn't die alone.
Jah: Yes. But isn't it a bit of a waste to die when there's nothing you can do but run and live to fight another day?

The second episode had my class on a field trip too. That's why i think it might have been the same dream.
We were in a place that resembled a swamp and a jungle at the same time. It was very green and humid and we had been walking for a long time. I remember being one of the last people in the group again. We reached a house inside the jungle. What was weird about it is that the front porch looked like the livingroom in my grandma's appartment. It only had two walls, though, but the furniture and the wallpaper and everything was the same. The doors too. I opened the door that lead into the house and found the whole place being quite like my grandma's place, but not exactly. At any rate, there were lots of beds. I remember thinking to myself that there still arent enough beds for quite everyone and i suspected that being one of the last to arrive, i'd have to sleep on the floor.
Then someone told me they had it all figured out. Everyone would share beds with someone. That way everyone could sleep in a bed.
They told me that i'd have to share a bed with Kalev (a former classmate and a schoolmate of mine). I was worried if the two of us could fit into a bed. They weren't very big or anything.

This concludes the dream.
Now that i think of it, the surreal things you sometimes see in dreams are so darn cool.


madli. said...

lucky you.
i hardly ever remember anything about my dreams but the fact that they were very deep or had things in it that i would above all else want to happen.
sad is the world, but i have a kavorkian scarf..
round my neck!
i don't think you will get the joke:D

Unruled said...

you have lots of detail there, thats quite astounding. Like madli said, I hardly ever remember things either, its usually all a big blur, and a while after Il completely forget.

You should get a psychoanalysis P.O.V. on that dream though, that would be interesting. Perhaps your mother could assist you.

Paul said...

With me it's one of the two:

I either don't remember dreaming anything.

Second, i remember specific scenes and thoughts. I seem to have a "visual" mind so i tend to remember specific pictures and scences when i do remember something from a dream.

Doesn't happen very often, though.

Kevadlilleke said...

Dreams are really cool :) Especially how different people handle/see them.

I have dreams every night and remember only a few nights in my entire life when I didn't. Some of my friends though are quite the opposite. Also I know one person who dreams in black-and-white, and I have been told a dream with subtitles (imagine that one :P ).