Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Mikk wrote this. (I'm not quite sure about diaryland's archive system so the link might grow old.)
By the way, i re-added mikk onto the list on the left. Seems he is writing again.

His writing got me thinking. I am also a scientific mind and don't rightly want to believe in afterlife. Even if i sort of hoped dying wouldn't end it all.

I just wanted to say that from a scientific standpoint, the possibility of there being an afterlife might not be that much eliminated after all.
I mean, as far as we know, thoughts electric impulses between the cells of our brains. And electric impulses are thought to be bunches of electrons. The actual trouble here is that the existence of electrons can't really be proven as such because of what they are. They are pretty much just a representative of the laws we have learned the world to function by.
My point is that if we don't really know what thinking is (and i am of the opinion that in practice, we don't), we cant know what thinks and whether and how it is connected to our physical bodies.

So, as far as i can figure, afterlife or lack thereof is still only personal preference until you do die and find out.

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