Tuesday, March 29, 2005

all that jazz.

Today was much like any other day at school. Well, if you don't count my current health status, anyway. I'm even not sure if something is wrong with me or not. Felt like shit (exuse moi) in the morning, but it got better for the latter part of the day.
All this not-being-well and then some problems i've been thinking about have me feeling sortof empty at the moment. I just hope the pictures i'll be getting today from printing are going to be alright.

Got a surprise in the english, lesson, thgouh. The assistant headmaster fellow (whose title i don't know an english term for as of now and whose pants are a bit tight under the armpit) showed up in our english group and asked whose pronounciation was best. They said mine was. Feeling low as i was, i wasn't too keen on doing something for a competition-or-other yet again. Then he asked whose was second best. Amongst the confusion of them saying mine was and arguing who it should be, a diploma was read out.
And thus, i got yet another book for public speaking. Getting stuff for free is sort of neat.
This time it's a book about languages. Loads of pictures and schemes. Describes the history and different aspects of languages and so on. Haven't yet had time to delve into it.

Another thing i thought i'd mention is that during the last two days i've felt uncomfortable speaking to people. Not uncomfortable as in i dont want to do it, but uncomfortable as riding a wrong size bike might be. Something seems loose. Maybe it's just that i haven't been able to pay enough attention over the last two days, i don't know. When i started writing this, i thought i felt this way only about the feminine side of my group of aquaintances, but now that i'm writing this i realize that it's probably not so.
I dont know... I suppose it'll pass anyway. I really want this virus thingie or whatever is making me feel tired and sleepy, and i really dont buy that spring energy loss season crap much, to go away. But maybe it is spring tiredness?
Oh, bother.

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