Thursday, March 31, 2005


A bit about the new name law, then.

I think this is too oppressive towards everyone's free rights.
I do agree that there are names that children should not be given, but even amongst the examples brought by postimees i find some that i don't see nothing wrong with.

I'm supposing this can lead to whoever officials are responsible for banning/not banning names really naming the children what the hell ever they want. In the worst case.

For example, the part about names meaning weird stuff in other languages. I bet that every name can be found a nasty meaning in some language. So why let some in and ban some?

And it says that an unorthodox/untraditional/unusual name mustn't be given to a child. I have only one thing to say to whoever thought of that. But it wouldn't do to say it here.

All in all, as much as i can tell, i think they've gone over the border.

zee photography again

As you might or might not know, the annual school concert is today.
Every year something different is performed, but the main idea of it is to enable the school choirs and dance groups and drama group to do something. This year, it will be, i hear, first the dances and whatnot in tv commercial parody form and then a play (an opera? or operette or something perhaps) that i dont remember the exact name of at the moment and rhymes with kugelspiegel. The whole lot is expected to last for about 3 hours.
In the beginning, the plans were somewhat different. The kugelspiegel was (as i might have mentioned) supposed to be only a part of what it is now and there was to be another play instead of what is now the tv parody. But it just so happened that certain someones were really especially polite to let certain other people do all the preparation (including writing the play) and start practicing before they announced that their part (that being the second play) would take too much time for the first play to be performed at all.
You can see i'm not very happy about this, but what can you do.

Anyway, i intend to go there an hour or a bit before the actual beginning and try to do some backstage photography if i don't get in anyone's way. The results you shall definately see.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Site news: Now, the gallery seems to be working fine. I intend to take the old gallery (the one) down in the near future. The main one is hosted here. That is .
Enjoy the pictures.
Commenting is now also enabled.

As i havent been feeling very well over the last few days, my mother thought it best for me to stay at home today. And who am i to argue with her.

I do intend to go to school tomorrow, though. Our school system doesn't really tolerate being absent all that well. Besides, the school concert is tomorrow and i want to see, and moreover, take pictures of it. Right now im thinking i'll go take some photos backstage, but i'll see.

And now for something completely different:

Today's find is, via core77. Just check the logo out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Architecture behinde me ole house.

I'm still not sure if i ought to have cropped the right edge the way i did or not.


Mikk wrote this. (I'm not quite sure about diaryland's archive system so the link might grow old.)
By the way, i re-added mikk onto the list on the left. Seems he is writing again.

His writing got me thinking. I am also a scientific mind and don't rightly want to believe in afterlife. Even if i sort of hoped dying wouldn't end it all.

I just wanted to say that from a scientific standpoint, the possibility of there being an afterlife might not be that much eliminated after all.
I mean, as far as we know, thoughts electric impulses between the cells of our brains. And electric impulses are thought to be bunches of electrons. The actual trouble here is that the existence of electrons can't really be proven as such because of what they are. They are pretty much just a representative of the laws we have learned the world to function by.
My point is that if we don't really know what thinking is (and i am of the opinion that in practice, we don't), we cant know what thinks and whether and how it is connected to our physical bodies.

So, as far as i can figure, afterlife or lack thereof is still only personal preference until you do die and find out.

all that jazz.

Today was much like any other day at school. Well, if you don't count my current health status, anyway. I'm even not sure if something is wrong with me or not. Felt like shit (exuse moi) in the morning, but it got better for the latter part of the day.
All this not-being-well and then some problems i've been thinking about have me feeling sortof empty at the moment. I just hope the pictures i'll be getting today from printing are going to be alright.

Got a surprise in the english, lesson, thgouh. The assistant headmaster fellow (whose title i don't know an english term for as of now and whose pants are a bit tight under the armpit) showed up in our english group and asked whose pronounciation was best. They said mine was. Feeling low as i was, i wasn't too keen on doing something for a competition-or-other yet again. Then he asked whose was second best. Amongst the confusion of them saying mine was and arguing who it should be, a diploma was read out.
And thus, i got yet another book for public speaking. Getting stuff for free is sort of neat.
This time it's a book about languages. Loads of pictures and schemes. Describes the history and different aspects of languages and so on. Haven't yet had time to delve into it.

Another thing i thought i'd mention is that during the last two days i've felt uncomfortable speaking to people. Not uncomfortable as in i dont want to do it, but uncomfortable as riding a wrong size bike might be. Something seems loose. Maybe it's just that i haven't been able to pay enough attention over the last two days, i don't know. When i started writing this, i thought i felt this way only about the feminine side of my group of aquaintances, but now that i'm writing this i realize that it's probably not so.
I dont know... I suppose it'll pass anyway. I really want this virus thingie or whatever is making me feel tired and sleepy, and i really dont buy that spring energy loss season crap much, to go away. But maybe it is spring tiredness?
Oh, bother.

Monday, March 28, 2005

just another photo

In action.

I have to note that this photo reminded me of britney spears after i had analyzed it for a while. Not a bad thing in this occasion, if you ask me.

[music: MC Hammer - Can't Touch This]


I read the first part of it, then. That's about 127 pages or something.

The first impression when i opened it was like "wow, no way, this all cant be in rhyme". But it indeed was.

I don't know if it's me or have the books we have to read changed lately. Somewhy, what i read doesnt spark much thought in me anymore. At least faust didn't. At least right at the moment of reading.
It of course may be that the first part was only the introduction and goethe gets to what he wants to say in the latter parts of the book. It also might be that i cant get my head around faust.
Some people from my class complained that faust was difficult to read. I really cant say i agree. The rhyming made it different from reading an usual book but i don't think it was much harder.

So what do i think goethe wants me to think (about)? Faust is a man that knows a lot but feels it doesn't really get him closer to happiness. He almost kills himself in depression and then makes a pact with the devil. He wants the devil to make him happy while not believing it will be able to. He's prepared to die if he finds happiness.
Is faust a critic of his own times bias to science? Is he on science's side? I don't really know.

Maybe i shouldn't have skipped the literature. They spoke about faust. But i really felt bad enough to justify the skipping.

[m00six@awfulphones: Wyclef Jean - Thug Angels]


Today has been interesting.

As i stayed up far too late yesterday i knew things wouldn't be good. But i did not know to take into account being a bit ill. That combined with the tiredness made for an unpleasant experience.
I took a nap and will now commence the reading of the first part (some 128 pages i hear) of goethe's faust. I will report back to you lot later.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

koolitants 2005


Just Like Cabaret


I'm now back.
Taking pictures in such extreme conditions was really educating. The conditions, obviously, were extreme from a photographical and not survival point of view. It was dark and the subjects moved fast in relatively low (and rapidly changing) light conditions. For a beginner and an amateur like myself, it was somewhat challenging. That's why the photos are the way they are.

Still, i quite like the way most of them came out. I simply adore the reflections on the dark wooden floorboards. They give the pictures an almost magical feel.

Though very difficult, theatre photography can be very rewarding. That's my opinion after doing it for the first time.

And oh, as i'm nearing the point of telling you where the actual pictures are, nevermind the few car pictures in between the others. That's just what we did during the break, of sorts.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures. Feel free to bookmark them or whatever. But please, if you want to use them, let me know. I can (and will most gladly) cut you messenger or rate or whatever pictures. I can also supply larger versions if needed for printing or otherwize.


I also wanted to tell you about how i got into the theatre building where the event was held. Had kaimar not reminded me about this, i would have forgotten.

So anyway. The first time, at about 5.30, i got in with no problems. The girls even bought me a ticket, being their photographer as i am. (I hope i have some pleasing photos to give to them in return.) But after the first bunch of our girls had done their appearances, we decided to leave. We dropped a mate home and picked up a real genuine fine girl up do drive around with. That being said, i must mention K and his mini were involved. Thus the car pictures in the middle.
When we wanted to return after the break, they asked us for tickets. In the meantime, we had also met up with some other mates a mate of mine we had picked up knew but i didnt. Anyway, they told us they couldn't let us in because all the tickets had been sold and we didn't have any. K, onto whose arm K (the girl) had drawn a stamp-imitation wich meant he "was a contestant", of course got in with no hassle. We, after pooling brain resources for a few minutes, headed for the Shakespeare theatre cafe, hanged our coats there, and walked into the theatre through the door between the cafe and the theatre hall. And then i spoke the door-guard-lady into letting me in to take pictures.
All's well that ends well.

unofficial support photographer


Later today i'll be going to the school dance festival/competition-thingy. I really don't know that much about it. Only that some girls from my class will be dancing there and they've asked me to take photos of them. And i'll always jump at a chance to take pictures of beautiful girls in sparse clothing.

Some of the results will be probably displayed here later. The trouble is i'm head diving into a photographic pool i havent swam in before. I hope i'll get some good pictures, still. I hope to take enough test shots during the dances before our girls' ones.

Thou shalt seeeth.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

something for me?

Via teller:

A coder in courierland

Once upon a time, I was a coder not unlike yourself. My day consisted of coffee, perl and java hacking, meetings, and e-mail. I had a cubicle with fluorescent lighting, my own bookshelf and two computers. And I traded it all in.

Read it, if interested.


The Elder Tree of Glowing Light

Some of you (obviously the ones not living in estonia/tartu) seemed amazed at our still having snow on the ground. So here is proof that we do.

I took a walk round the toomemägi area with my father. Heard some of the evergreen russian talk on our way home, too. The sort where you can be happy if every third word isn't a curseword. So you can say i didn't understand every third word only. And the, shall we say, spicier, cursewords if there were any. The rest (being the lame cursewords) i understood.

zee pangg


What's in here?

When time stops.

As you can see, i was at the pang again. This time, it happened to be a different gang of people than the one from a few days back. Different floor, too.
Different gang means (at least this time it did) different, er, social settings.
We (mostly the girls, really) recalled all sorts of different incidents from the past. I heard things i had never heard before. Some of them were not very nice, as such.
Good memories about different field trips, though. Yeah. Like the ones to saaremaa, or lahemaa or whatwasit. Even though i was half-dead at some points of the lahemaa trip if i remember correctly. But still.

The trip to saaremaa owned to the fullest, though. Especially the part when i and some mates dragged our matresses and sheets and stuff out of the sorry-ass cabin thingies filled with dog-size cockroaches and found ourselves a nice forest clearing to sleep in. Made a huge bonfire, too. And when the sun rose at 4 in the morning and the birds started singing so loud you couldn't sleep, i was happy.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

spring officially here




If you havent been outside today, you should be held criminally responsible of crimes toward yourself. As you can see, i was out with kaimar to take some photos. As there's some hassle with the gallery again, zee photos are here.

Oh crap. I was just hit by the simplicity of the word "parents" in estonian. In estonian, "parents" is the same word as "the ones that are older". Simple and genial. And to think that i hadnt come to think of it before 17 years of age.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

ah! blast!

To your information, the clerk-ladies at the Eeden Photopoint aren't very flexible. I mean, they act nice to you but they don't let you use a coupon two days late. Just so you'd know.
I know it was my fault, but still.

I wanted to make use of the coupon for printing 50 digital pictures for free i got with my camera, but alas, i was late. Oh well. Still gave in some for a4 printing for the walls of my summer house. Some for giving away, too.


There are two episodes i remember of the dreams (or dream) i saw tonight. It might be two episodes of the same dream, but it might not. I think they are, though, for they have the same characters and background system in them.

The first episode i remember was about i and my class being on a field trip. We were having a walk (or hike, i don't quite know how long it was) in a pine forest much like the ones we have in northwestern estonia (where my summer house happens to be).
I can't remember the circumstances leading to the situation, but i remember we were chased by a huge pack of werewolves. I think that there were as many werevolves as there was of us. So i suppose about 40 on each side. I remember being in a crouched position when i saw them, i might have been tying my shoelaces. What is clear is that the majority of the group was a kilometer or so ahead of me on the trail and i was the last person and thus the first to be eaten by the werewolves.
I started running. It was a sandy trail (for the soil is very sandy in the area i mentioned) up a hill. I knew werewolves run faster than humans, yet i knew i was a good runner myself. I clearly remember the expression of some boy (not someone i know in real life) when i ran past him and he realized he is the last and will be eaten.
That brings an end to this sequence.

When i had woken up and was taking a shower, a dialog popped into my head. A dialog between me and a god. Lets call him Jah. The dialog somewhat represents the conflicts i had going over the dream in my head.

Jah: So, Paul, you did push the boy to run harder and didn't leave behind.
Me: Well, yes.
Jah: And now you are dead. You know, there's nothing you can do to make a person run faster. Not on such short notice as you would have needed.
Me: Well... I didn't know that.
Jah: We both know you did.
Me: But i couldn't have left him there. At least he didn't die alone.
Jah: Yes. But isn't it a bit of a waste to die when there's nothing you can do but run and live to fight another day?

The second episode had my class on a field trip too. That's why i think it might have been the same dream.
We were in a place that resembled a swamp and a jungle at the same time. It was very green and humid and we had been walking for a long time. I remember being one of the last people in the group again. We reached a house inside the jungle. What was weird about it is that the front porch looked like the livingroom in my grandma's appartment. It only had two walls, though, but the furniture and the wallpaper and everything was the same. The doors too. I opened the door that lead into the house and found the whole place being quite like my grandma's place, but not exactly. At any rate, there were lots of beds. I remember thinking to myself that there still arent enough beds for quite everyone and i suspected that being one of the last to arrive, i'd have to sleep on the floor.
Then someone told me they had it all figured out. Everyone would share beds with someone. That way everyone could sleep in a bed.
They told me that i'd have to share a bed with Kalev (a former classmate and a schoolmate of mine). I was worried if the two of us could fit into a bed. They weren't very big or anything.

This concludes the dream.
Now that i think of it, the surreal things you sometimes see in dreams are so darn cool.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

urban mantra

just off urbandictionary:


Googler + Google = Ph.D in everything.

For if knowledge is power, then God is Google.


Over the last few days i've dug through a lot of earphone options. Can't really say i've found the perfect option anyway.
Having to buy them from estonia narrows the list of options down greatly at any rate. As of now my best bet seems to be the sennheiser hd497-s. One of the bad sides of those (and i'm saying this without having seen or heard them so this can change) is that they seem to be supra - aural. This means that they arent as big as the normal "big" earphones. As far as i've read on the net, they are a sort of cross between circumaural (the usual large ones) and supra-aural ones. A true supra aural earphone sits on your ear, not around it. That means smaller build wich means easier mobility (wich i don't need) and less comfort (wich i want a lot of). As a cross between the two types, i hope this won't be much of a problem either.
They also have cables coing going into each speaker unit, not one. This won't be much trouble, though.
The second major thing is that they are a bit below the price range i set for my phones in the beginning. But as they will be sennheisers (and that is quite something in the earphone world), i still hope they will be better than the philipses i had. And i loved those.

At any rate, i hope i'll be able to try them on and listen to them before buying. Then again, i might have to buy them even if i cant.

[music@awfulheadph00ns: Higher Sense - Out There [Origin Unknown Remix]]

what if

The other day i was wondering if my friends would help me if i was seriously ill. Seriously ill like in a wheelchair, having aids or having to lay down in a hospital for a few months. I wonder how many and who of them would care.

This is not to say that i ever wanted to find out, mind you, but as a hypothetical situation it interests me. Do i know my friends enough to predict who would stand by my theoretical sickbed? Somewhy, i doubt it.

Just a thought that ocurred to me.

night fever



Well, my fine fellows.
I just got back from a fine meal with fine company, as always. Even though some people that promised to come, didnt, it was still as enjoyable as ever. Let the few pictures speak for themselves.

[music@awfulheadph00ns: Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing]

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

color foreplay

Simple results to simple action.

Yesterday i discovered TEH PHUNKY stuff in photoshop. Really quite simplistic to do but i still felt like a toddler making a new discovery. The above result is'nt the most drastic of the effects i achieved but it's the, erm, nicest one.

As forother things today worth mentioning, i found porn at blogger. The other day i wrote about spam-blogs that seem to have no reason and real author. Those i had been seeing for weeks when clicking the "next blog" button. Today was the first time i saw pron. Go figure.
I suspect any automatic service can be harassed by spambots and hackers and such.

raudne kodu

I just finished reading the play "raudne kodu" by e. tammlaan.

I got it from my grandfather. My geat grandfather (his father, then) had directed and played a role in the play. He asked me to read it and i wanted to read it just because my ancestors had played in it. But comes out it's not a bad play in it's own right.

The copy i read was printed in 1955 and i'm not sure if it was the first print. So it is an old (by modern standards) play.

The play describes the life of a sailor in three periods. The first is his childhood. He finds his true love and loses both his parents. During the second, he has become a sailor. The drama begins when his true love happens onto the same boat as him being the fiancé of the boat-owner. To complicate matters even more, the ship gets hustled into running a cargo of guns and the crew has problems with that.

Anyway, my retelling this is probably awful, the play was really nice and smooth to read. And it somehow made me feel closer to my ancestry, too.

Now that i think of it, the whole thing seemed pure somehow. Not touched by the commercialism of modern day. I'm not saying everything written and done today is driven by money but i hope you know what i mean.

wake-up call

This birdie greeted me in the morning.

Today, i woke up to strange noises that didn't let me sleep. It sounded something like a powerdrill so i presumed some neighbour of mine must be renovating their apartment or installing screws to hold pictures or something like that. At any rate, the noises were so annoyying i couldn't sleep. So i got up, grumbled a little, and walked towards the kitchen to have a glass of water. The picture above is what greeted me. As i live on the fourth floor, for a second or two i was really baffled. Then i understood what the cage thingie was for.

Can't say that i don't like what the man was doing, though. My view is so much better now. They cut down or shortened many of the trees in front of my house. I bet the old people on the lower floors were complaining that they don't get enough light. They do that every year. And they cut the trees every year. I wonder how long this will go on. Eventually, we ought to run out of trees, no?

Monday, March 21, 2005

path: ways of working in photography

path: ways of working in photography

A photographer brought along a photograph when she went to a friend’s dinner party. Her friend accepted the gift and admired the photograph, adding:

You must have such a nice camera.

The photographer, at the end of the evening, said to her friend:

Thanks so much. That was a lovely meal. Your pots and pans must be very nice.

I've been reading it for some time now, so only the beginning parts. I can't erally estimate how long it's going to be either.
Anwyay, as far as i have read, it's about motivation and the meta-photographical aspects associated. It's really comforting to know i've been through all that with photoshop. At first, you think you're god and can do everything. Then you discover layers and another function or two. You study them and think you know them. And then, BANG, everything falls into complete chaos. Loss of motivation, frustration. I bet photoshop stood there for at least half a year before i dared touch it again. Then it started getting better again and i now consider myself fairly knowledged at photoshop. Yet i admire how much more than me some people know.

Knowing the same is ahead with photography (supposing i'll stay to it - and at least now it seems i'm hooked) is comforting and unsettling at the same time. I know i'll have to get through a crisis or two, but in the end, they'll make it all the more worthwhile.

As for my current progress, i can draw parallels with my first dabblings with photoshop. I thought i was god but by now i know how little i knew. Can't even draw a parallel that "ordinary" people might understand, either.

We (and you)'ll see, no?


Today, like yesterday, have been idle days. And i s'pose it's not bad as such with all the busyness i went through the last week of school.

I and unruled were just discussing (not to say arguing about) the use of the word "nigger, neeger or negroe" or whatever it is in any given language. I may have stated this here before, but as i don't have anything else to say at the moment, i'll say what i think.

First, do mind that i wouldn't go about using the word in front of black people for i know they might feel hurt. That's the problem. I think that the word in itself is the best word there is for what it means. The only bad thing is that said subjects have come to think of it as an insult through the twists of history. And that's sad, i think, from a language point of view. I mean, even though there is a perfectly good (and nice sounding now that i think of it) word, i have to use two-word combinations or something just to stay politically correct.
I'm not blaming the black, no, i'm blaming the slavers and whoever made the black people feel the way they do about it.
It would be nice if we could just forget it, no?

spring in town


I went lurking around to smell the coming spring. Results here.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

photos are nice

I just got back from the photo lab. 9 kroons for an a4 print, as i've said, is not too much for the "art factor" they hold.
I just looked around the apartement with the intenion of finding good places to put photos and i found some. Also reorganized lighting a bit to display the ones i have at the moment better.

I think i'm gonna have to drill holes into my ceiling one day soon so i can attach a rail from wich to hang the pictures.

As for now, the whole photography business seems pretty neat. I'm thinking i'm gonna email a photoblogger or two asking how they got started at proffessional photography.

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evil drink

Evil Drink in stores soon

This thing just sortof happened itself. I knew i had to use that smile somewhere. It just looks so diabolic.

[music@awfulheadphones: Africando - Mopao]

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Dabbling at photography.

Ladies and gentlemen.

For the impatient, pictures here, in the old gallery.

Yesterday was a fine night indeed. Fine company, fine drink and an atmosphere finest of all.
It wasnt a very "active" event as such. We watched the infamous "fast and the furious" or pretended to be watching it and talked.
Many people left early for home due to headaches or for the club.
I and some other fine fellows sat around till about four eating toasts with cheese and mingling. And it feels good to think back. Really it does.
It was nice.
Thanks, people.

the first tease


Here's the first tease of the pictures i took yesterday. I dont have time to edit them at the moment so you'll have to do with this one until i get back from my dnd game and go over the rest.

Friday, March 18, 2005

bad web

And now, ladies and gentlemen, i bring to you:
The worst site of the day.

end at last

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Normal schoolday. Total of lessons been in: 2. Total of tests written: 2. Productive, eh?

You might get a photo summary of what i'll be up to tonight tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

teh plea

Read this. Sign.
Nuff said.

i love me some education

My life as of late.

First things first, Happy St.Patric's Day, j00.
It's one of the few holidays i dont feel are totally commercial b0ll0x.

I don't mean to complain but i've been getting overly much education over the past week. I mean, really. Coming home from school L and i figured we have (most of them have been, then) 8 tests this week. Even though it might sound a terrifying number, there's plenty of room for improvement. The maximum is 15 tests per week so about double the amount.
And i yet again forgot to tell her she looked nice. It usually occurs to me about 15 seconds too late. S'pose im on a subconcious level more shy than i'd like to admit. And i admit to being a shy person. To myself, anwyay. But enough of that.

If i didnt get the next week off (calling it a holiday really sounds like exaggerating), i'd go mad. The fun thing about going to (my) school is that you teeter on the verge of madness quite a lot. Thrilling, you know.

As i already am telling you lot about education, let me tell you how my grandfather got educated today. He's computer had stopped working for some mysterious reason. Thus, he had called in my cousin, the infamous L (the second). Well, he isn't really infamous, but it sounded cool, no? In he came, at the computer he looked, try to boot it he did. Boot the computer didn't. About that part, my grandfather was correct. What L (the second) discovered in about .53 seconds is that there was a floppy inside the drive. That, as the more computer knowledged of you might know, causes windoz 98 to look for windows on the floppy. At wich, of course, it fails miserably as there is no windows there.
My grandfather now a yet wizer man.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

depression ensues

I'm heartbroken. Only now slowly beginning to realize what it means to lose someone who has been in your life for years on an almost daily basis. Who has been your trusty companion on the journey of finding yourself.
And now, out of the blue, they are gone. My room seems empty. My ears ache of the unbelievably ugly sounds their temporary replacements make.
Ahh, but what two nice years they were. Filled with joy upon joy from experiencing all the world has to offer.

The search for another soulmate begins.

From the positive side, spring is in the air, even if about a month or so late. You can't actually see it as such yet, but you can conclude from clues that it's coming. Sun shining, birds singing. The biggest giveaway, though, is snow. You can't actually see spring from the quantity yet, but from the texture. You can see snow having melted and frozen again on fence posts. You can see dirty brown snow that hasn't been reinforced with new fresh snow for ages. And won't be.

Mixed feelings conclude this post.

[music: Zion Train - Zion High]

rip philips hp 910

This is a sad moment. I just declared my good old philips hp 910 earphones impossible to listen to without humiliating my ears. They had been slowly declining in quality for weeks now. They had made rumbling sounds with heavy bass for a long time but now i couldn't get rid of it even if i turned the bass off pretty much with the equalizer. It used to be so that they did it for the first five minutes and then stopped, but no more.
I'm currently listening to music with my walkman headphones, the pioneer se-m380's. And they aren't half as good as the philipses were.

And they werent that bad at all. Compared to all the headphones i've listened to, they were darn good (until a few months ago, that is). I'd recommend them to anyone. Just so you'd know, mine failed after 2 years of listening to them a couple of hours every day.

Unless someone knows how to and if the problem i mentioned can be repaired, i'm going to have to get new ones. So comfortably i have a birthday present "slot" free for just the purpose.

I'm planning to get some sennheisers of about the same price range or a bit higher than the philipses were. Quality open can headphones for home listening.

Any ideas/comments, anyone?

postimees again

More frustration when browsing through postimees today. Look at the picture on page 24. Christ. So bad jpg noise. And why? Because they have taken a picture from the internet and stretched it big enough to fill the parts of the page they weren't able to come up with any news to fill with. Yes, it says "internet" where the name of the author usually is. That's about as good as saying the information in an article (or somesuch) is taken from "a book". Come on.
And as it only says "internet", it makes me wonder about copyright infringements. I mean, if they had asked the author, they would know their name and thus could have signed his name at the proper place. I'm afraid they didn't do that.

I do feel that if you don't count a few good articles, i'm only reading (more lately browsing anyway) postimees just because i have to bring it up from the mailbox and i open it to see the humour page anyway. Wich is not that good lately, either.

One of those good articles was an article by Kati Murutar today. As it doesn't seem to be on postimees' page yet, i can't link you, sorry. Murutar expresses her opinions on the ideas of splitting the education system up gender-wize. She says it's unrational and i agree with her.

Lately i've come to feel that the government should stop fucking around and improve the current system, not try to begin from ground up all the time. When it comes to education, at least.

As for other stuff, "aslan mashadov" seems to be a quite popular search topic judging by my blog statistics. So here you go: "britney spears". i wonder how many people that brings here.

I remembered i wanted to say some things about the schoolday as well. First, i i was made to feel lazy today. All the girls kept telling me i was lazy. I don't feel lazy as such. I might just say i've got my priorities set different than most of the girls at school. Well, they also called me a smart bastard but i cant take that seriously anyway.

The other thing is my mentioning K (the girl) being curves-friendly the other day. Some of you had something to say about it. I'm not saying it was negative. So, for your convinience, here is the link to what i said.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

i'm not gonna say anything


Just to let you know i love our beloved institution of education we all go to. Exept not.
Studied from 5 to 11 today. Besides the time i was at school. Mention Pythagoras to me and i'm not responsible for the consequences.

As for other news, i feel a bit snotty myself. Everyone else is ill too. I aint planning to fall ill, though. Got stuff to do. Tuff bastard.

windows f00™

Am i a nutter or doesnt the windows calculator have a square root button when you set it to scientific mode. I mean, who needs the square root function anyway when you are going about calculating cos and sin functions.

Who's the idiot, bill or me?

xploding plastics @ jazzkaar

Two events i spotted i'd like to see. Chances are i'll get to see at least one, although i'd like to see both.

Friday, 29th of march at 23.00:
Kismabande (est) & Xploding Plastix (nor)

Saturday, the 30th at 19.00:
Coco Mbassi (france-camerun).

Any takers?

Monday, March 14, 2005


Click for larger

Friends around flowers.

In the shadow.

More carnal charms.

So yes, my fine fellows, i've handpicked a few ones i liked from the birthday bunch.
And Hubert (Cumberdale) agrees, does he not?

disappointed at postimees

I'm really disappointed at postimees. I might have expressed these feelings before, but the loss of quality is becoming more and more evident.

Postimees used to be a quality newspaper, but i don't consider it much better than any of the other nespapers nowadays.

They write about pointless things and don't pay enough attention to what's really important. I remember looking for an important article and finding it only in the middle of the newspaper from behind loads of mindless bollocks.
They have gone too emotional. Postimees (and especially, arter, the weekend supplement) feels more and more like a maire aunaste show. And i dont find anything good in that.

What has especially annoyed me during the past few days is the visual side of the paper. Especially, the way they use photos. They've started to use too much.
The new policy seems to use a visual design (photo or drawing etc.) with every bit of information, be it an article or a small button. Of course, there's no way they can make their own photographers take all the photos and thus, they use some image services like scanpix.
This causes the paper to look like they have illustrated the element with the first picture that comes up when you google the title of the article. The photos are small and hardly match the topic.

Another thing is non-potographical visual elements. They've started using some "art" stuff on their front pages, but it's so unprofessional it makes me ache. I mean, look at the collage on today's postimees' cover. They've taken a picture of the riigikogu, slapped some coins on it in photoshop and then made a pink ellipse and added a thing or two so you understand it's made to resemble a pig.

Then, a few centimeters down is a banner wich in it's own sake is the last thing a newspaper should put on their front page. In the size it is there, anyway. But there's something wrong with the banner too. They've cut it so that the top of an oil bottle is missing and it really strikes out.

And, for crying out loud, theres JPG NOISE clearly visible in the banners on their website main page. I looked into it and it's actually a flash banner but that doesnt justyfy anything. What is more, i believe that the current banner could be just an animated gif just as well. And there are reasons one should prefer animated gifs to flash banners in that situation.
You can see the banner out of context here. It's not the proper size there, though.

I'm thinking that if it were up to me, i'd not order postimees anymore.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

voltaire's zadig

First things first.

People, do ask me when you want to use my photos. I mean, for whatever you want to use them. I'm a nice and understanding person and very very likely will allow you to use them. I mean, why would i not? But i want to know who and where uses them.
That goes for messenger pictures too. The main reason here is that i can cut you a proper picture from the original raw picture from my camera. That makes for best results with your display pictures. It's annoying and sad to see people just using photos as they are. Messenger in itself doesnt do a half-decent job of resizing them and makes them look jaggy.

You can save them onto your computer for personal viewing but when you want to display them to the public, ask me (read: let me know).

In this aspect, M is a positive example. Proper credits alongside the pictures. I like.

Thank you for your attention.

And now, onwards to what i wanted to write a few sentences about:

I just read zadig by voltaire.

A rather interesting read. I mean, just for the prose factor. It made me think if it's better to read the book first and then learn about the author or vice versa, as we do now. I'm really not sure.
I spose i wouldnt disrecommend the book to anyone. Can't say i'm especially thrilled either but voltaire's style of writing is really nice and smooth.

The foreword by lauri leesi was also a bit werid.

L's birthday photos


Lo and behold. I've managed to edit and upload the photos i took yesterday. I uploaded them into my new gallery, here.

There's some confusion with the galleries as of now as i'm moving the stuff from the old one to the new one. Do note that the links on this page will take you to the old gallery, the address of the new one is .

Anyway, here are some things i noticed while editing:

K (the girl) seems to be the most curves-friendly girl in our class. I'm not implying to anatomy (wich might not make it thoroughly wrong), but to the photoshop function.

At any rate, i'll be remembering you lot's eye colours till the day i die. Fixing red eye in every photo is so much fun. I need an external flash unit.

zee birthday

I'm now back (have you noticed i'm not telling you so much about where i am going but more about where i was lately) from L's birthday.

It was generally a very nice affair. At first, it seemed like a party 3rd formers would have with their teacher (for lack of a single word for the thing i want to say). Later, though, everything "normalized" again. Yet later, the mood fell and we came home.

I don't really suppose anyone that wasn't there would be interested in the details. Let me just say the pictures will be hopefully posted sometime tomorrow, when i feel well enough. I'm somewhat shaken at the moment. Yes, shaken, not stirred.

Today i had contacts with matters i'm not used to hearing about. Probably just part of growing up. No, it's probably not what you're thinking if you don't already know what i'm talking about.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

no spring so far

The earlier part of today i spent in the country. Got up relatively early to do some work around the area near our pond. As the pond is frozen over, this was the perfect time to cut down the trees from the waterline and a few dead trees from within what would be the pond in summer.
There's loads of snow down south than it is here in Tartu. 40 centimeters or so. Digging roads into it with shovels so we could move around easily was quite the exercise.

Can't really say i saw spring anywhere either. Snow, cold, everything. The only thing reminding me that if this one were a normal year, the snow would be melting was the sun. It shone really nice.

If the weather continues and the circumstances turn out to be right, we might end up playing hockey tomorrow. Then again, we might not.

yat - kha

I'm just back from the concert yat - kha gave at the vanemuine concert hall.

The band consists of three very different and yet similiar men. They all look like dwarves to some extent. Loads of beards and hair and beer gut.
The lead singer, Albert Kuvezin, has a very specific throatsinging technique you would see with mongolian and himalayan people. But from what i know, he is from that region. Combine that with the rock the band makes and you get something very unique, resembling rock and metal singing.

Even though i was overly sleepy throughout the concert due to the stressful schoolwork of the week, i will try to say what i felt in a sentence or two.
The overall impression was positive, even though, thinking back, i can't see any specific things that would have made it so.
We (i and M) sat on the balcony for they had removed the chairs to make room for the people that wanted to dance on the floor. I wanted to sit due to aforementioned tiredness. M felt the same.
We also saw a person from our class i would not have expected to see but still see the reasons for their being there.
Perhaps due to being on the balcony and to the side of the hall, perhaps not, but the acoustics were (was?) bad.

On the positive side, even though that sort of music is not among the genres i listen to everyday, it was good. It didn't leave a very professional impression but i wouldnt expect that with folk bands. They are somehow different in that aspect.

Overall, i don't regret going.

Also see this.

[music: Green - Nagu Merelaine - (Jungle rmx)]

Friday, March 11, 2005


Well, besides being a rather normal friday, two people have birthdays today. The legendary M and the L. Happy birthday. Just one more year to go.

Besides that, the weather was exellent. Playing hockey was great.

So anyway, can anyone recommend what engines they are running their blogs on. Are there any other options besides going on with blogger or using movable type?

Or perhaps anyone can recommend a good content management system (cms) to base my whole site on? Any ideas?

Now that i think of it, blogger ain't that bad. I just ought to refurbish the design a bit.

In the meantime, i've made some progress with setting up the gallery. I'm still wondering if to create my own theme but i seem to lack the energy. The first priority is moving the blog to the new address and doing something about the look of it.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


The first sign.

The second.

Just to utilize some photos i took today.

at last

Ladies and gentlemen, i proudly present:

Although there's nothing there yet (exept the 3second design i made to tell you just that) i intend to move both the blog and the gallery there.
You will be kept posted.

Thanks to Kaimar and crew who made it all possible.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

summer. i want.

Straight outta blogosphere: bus stops in estonia. Very beautiful estonian nature in the background. Made me want summer even badder than i already did.

Especially good is this one.

end of world 2

Hokai. So here's the news.

I just found a second clip by the makers of end of world. Ladies and gentlemen, the clip.

I'm a bit sad to see it has gone commerial (so to speak) but it's still the same crew and almost as cool as the first one.

showoff photos

K - Flight.

I edited and uploaded some photos from the kuutsemäe trip. This time, the trick is in the editing.


Yesterday, the russians killed Aslan Mashadov, one of the leaders of the resistance in checnya. I do not approve of the russian's occupation. Nor do i approve of the tragic events that took place in that theatre in moscow.

Still, i consider the death of Mashadov a loss. Do note that Mashadov publicly distanced himself from and condemned the events in moscow.

Postimees writes:

Pärast aastaid kestnud inimjahti õnnestus Vene eriteenistustel eile tabada ja tappa mässulise Tšetšeenia viimane seaduslikult valitud juht ja iseseisvuslaste liider Aslan Mashadov, teatasid Kremli kanalid.

Tšetšeenia asulas Tolstoi-Jurtis läbi viidud erioperatsiooni käigus lootsid Vene julgeolekuteenistuse FSB eriüksuse liikmed Mashadovi elusalt kinni võtta. Puhkenud tulevahetuse käigus hukkus aga Tšetšeenia president omaenese ihukaitsjate relvade läbi, tsiteerisid Vene uudisteagentuurid eile Moskva raadio Ehho Moskvõ andmeid.

Of course they did.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

new year in march


I uploaded the new year photos to the current gallery. For your viewing pleasure.

good stuff

Do notice that the picture of the day rarely has anything to do with the actual contents of the post. I didnt get this photo printed.

On contrast to the humongous amounts of homework i'll have to do, there are good things in today.
First off, i got my first a4 print today. Rather nice. It's cool to have a picture you took yourself behind glass in a4. Like real art or something. I like the photo too, even if it's a bit low on the quality side. I spose my skillz have gotten better since i took the picture about a month or a bit more ago, too. I like the picture anyway.
I intend to print at least one more lowish-quality photo onto a4. I just like it that much.
Both the mentioned photos have been through this blog too, so longtime readers have seen them.
The one i got today you will be able to see when you come visit me. The other i intend to make at least two copies of to give one copy to the subject. So you'll possibly see it at school.

The second good thing is that i got lots of new music yesterday. And listening to it is nice.Amongst them, the soundtrack for the ubreleet playstation one hit wipeout, some new drum and bass, some new jazz and some new jamaican stuff.

[music: Paris Lounge 2 - Curtis - Stick Caesar]

Monday, March 07, 2005

farenheit 9/11

I just finished watching the (in)famous movie by michael moore.

It didn't generate as much thoughts as i presumed it would. First of all, this is one of the films that shows you that anything can be shown in any light.
I do believe, even though if i can't bring specific examples, that moore finds evil where it isn't. He might be right about some things but i think he's going a bit too far into the other extreme.

I expected the film to raise questions. It didnt. Well, at least to an extent i expected it to, as i said. For the bigger part, it just described the life and situation in america after the tragic two towers attack. This, of course, for an american, might be more shocking than it is to an estonian, giving for that we haven't been pampered for 300 years like the americans have. Of course, my saying this is not to be taken as the ultimate truth but just my opinion.
Moore showed americans what war is really like. He showed them blood and guts and grieving parents. I actually think he went too far. I don't really like seeing children's arms being blown off and then whats left of the boor baby being zoomed in on for a closeup. That's for hollywood films, not documentaries where real corpses are being shown. Yes, i do believe there's a difference.

What moore wanted us to see, i think, is clear for most of us around here. Therefore, for me, as an european and an estonian, the film wasnt that sensational as it might have been for americans. We here are yet used to suspecting something or having doubts in their motives when the government does something on a large level. Of course, it might be history soon. But as for now, i don't think there were many estonians who would have bought the bush administration's talk about terrorism and such. Many, if not most, of us suspected oil or somesuch was in play.

But seeing the film wasn't a waste of time either, i just had higher expectations. I did see what life in iraq is like and learned of some things worthy of pondering.

If not anything else, i got inspired. Seeing the US tank crews discuss what music they kill people to gave me a sort of general idea. I'm not sure how i should realize it yet, though. I suspect that if it ever will get to be realized, it will be either a piece of writing or some influences in a role-playing game somewhere, or both.

spam spam baked beans spam

Your random factoid of the day:

I had a misunderstanding with a fellow over messenger. I said a third fellow is "here". He thought "here" meant physically at my place. I suppose that's what a normal person is supposed to think in a situation like that.
What i meant was that the third fellow was "here" in messenger. Happens when one spends one's whole waking time on the net.


People, a messenger virus is on the spread again.
I can't believe how stupid some people can be. I mean, you wouldn't accept anything strange mysteriously offered to you in the street, would you. So why would you do it in the computer?

So i must warn you yet again, DO NOT accept any files offered to you through messenger by your friends without asking for confirmation if they actually sent said file. It's a virus. Well, it could be. Be especially wary of english slogans like "omg check my lesbian friends" and pif and exe files.

(blogger) spam

I've been noticing blogs like this on lately. As far as i can figure, they don't serve any real purpose. Just ads and ads and google ads and more ads and links to ads.
Is it a new emerging form of advertising?
At the moment, i think so.

Anyone prove me wrong?

Found this from somewhere. An interesting read for sure.

Moving house is said to be one of life's most stressful experiences but, in Switzerland, it is made even more stressful by strict requirements on how you leave your old home. Imogen Foulkes moved house recently and describes the day the hygiene inspector came to call.

et voila

Making Culture

We played hockey at school. Well, at least we called it playing hockey. People who have played real hockey, of course, probably wouldn't.
There were quite a few differences between our game and a game you might see being played in the nhl. For one, we had no goals. But we didn't let that disturb us. Second, there was snow on the field but that really is a minor factor. Some of us had no sticks. Some of us had sticks with only the shaft part and the big part you hit the puck with missing. Some of us even had skates. I didnt. I had two things that vaguely resembled skates. But for playing hockey they weren't more useful than a snowboard might have been. I think they outdid many of even the best snowboards in sideways movement. Back-and-forth movement wasn't one of their strong sides, though.

But the whole affair had me thinking that once they finish the ice hall at lõunakeskus and supposing it will be somehow opened for the public, i'm going to buy skates.

So there.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

inspired @ speeches vol 2

Here then is the second (and probably last) batch of thoughts i formed while listening to the speeches at the public speaking competition.

About the issue of the (estonian-russians wanting to make russian the) national language.
Some speakers said that it's everyones democratic right to speak whatever language they wanted. All i have to say is that it's their democratic right within the borders of not stepping on anyone elses' rights. I consider forcing estonians to learn russian stepping on their rights. Period, case closed. Speak russian (or chinese or whatever) at home, but don't go telling anyone else what to do. You want them to learn your language. Thus, by infringing democratic rights, you cant hope to achieve your own rights being granted.

That settled, then.

Second, a girl came out with the phrase "don't do alcohol, go to museums". Doesn't seem very realistic, thats all. I mean, there's a reason for all the stories about museums being boring.

Third, about cannabis and drugs in general. Some people asked how we can tell if it's bad without trying it. Well. I mean, if drugs didnt have negative effects, nobody would have anything against taking them. It's the negative effects that cause drugs to be shunned, and rightly so. These negative sides are visible to non-abusers as well. Perhaps even more than to the users themselves who might have been somewhat blinded by their desire to get high again.
I hope you all know what negative effects i have in mind. If not, better go and educate yourself.
Drugs are bad, mkay.

Thats all for now, folks, thanks for your attention.

out with the ladies

Some other photos i took are here.

It just so happened that even though many of the peoples™ were lazy or otherwize hated me enough to not come out with me, i still found some ladies that agreed to come and have a meal and talk at restoran bambus. One thing i must say is the site is useless as of now.

That can't be said about anything else about the restaurant, though. From what i had seen from the pictures in the newspaper, i was expecting a cold environment. That notion, fortunately, turned out to be false. Even though the tables (what i had seen in the newspaper) were very strict and nordic-feeling, the chairs, lightning and music and everything else made it a pleasant and comfortable stay. The music was a bit too silent for me. On the other hand, had it been louder, i would have had to make comments about the music choice. It wasn't bad, no, but it felt like low-quality music, i don't know why. Indian techno and technoish indian music. Felt like the music you can buy from a flea market.

The food was exellent. What i had, roasted chicken in honey, was very much alike to that of pang. And that, with this dish, is not a bad thing for i like it. Some of the foods the others tried were also like some of the ones that are served at the pang, but i would expect some similiarities in the menus of two chinese/indian restaurants.
Everything i tasted was great. I had the aforementioned chicken and the ladies had spring rolls (note that the ones from thailand are thinner than the ones from china) and soup. Said soup turned out to bee too spicy to be deemed edible. Not something you can be pissed about when you go to a chinese restaurant, i wager.

For dessert the ladies had (and offered me lots) of cheese roasted in something with jam of an estonian berry.
Using my dictionary i recently won, i can now tell you that its either a blackberry, bramble, boysenberry, loganberry, arctic bramble, dewberry or cloudberry. You can see the english have just as much obscure berry-vocabulary as the estonians do.

Being able to enjoy the good food, mood and company, though, can be another story altogether. We got there and by major luck and alignment of the planets, there was just only one table free, exactly for the four of us. All the time we were sitting there, people kept coming in and out looking for seats. The place was full. I suspect that when the newness wears down, you can go there with less worry in your heart, but as for now, getting seats without reservations seems to require lots of luck indeed. Seems we had said luck.

A bit about the prices too. Not very expensive at all. Prices comparable to pang. I don't really know if they are a bit more expensive or not. At the time i was there it felt so, but now i am not sure. Now that i think of it, i might just have had less money along than i usually do. What you get for your money is sure exellent.

And the service was good too. We were waiting for the fourth of us and they asked us if we were ready to order several times in 15 minutes. This, i consider a good thing. Fast service, good service. And the lady asked reasonable questions and generally knew how to handle a client, or so it seemed.

My opinion: bambus is definately a place worth going to, even if you have to pay a wee bit more.

In case you're wondering, getting seats in the bambus wasn't my only luck today. I got to spent a nice evening with four three most lovely ladies. Thank you, if you're reading this.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

inspired @ speeches vol 1

While listening to others' speeches of others, i noted down some ideas i think are worthy sharing with you. I'll see how much i can make of the notes 2 days later.

One of the three topics every speaker could choose from was "Will the European Union threaten what is Estonian". If i remember correctly, there was only one speech that said it didn't.
I feel i should say my opinion on the matter.

To be honest, i dont really care about the estonian nation as such. Or the people of estonia. I dont care in such a manner as some of other speakers cared about any nation in the world.
Many speakers said they were worried about chinese or turkish or russian or what ever imported labour. One thing is the ethical sense of doing that. I suppose it would be nicer of the businessmen to train local labour instead of just importing cheap chinese one. But leaving those aspects aside and concentrating solely on immigration, no matter what the reason, i don't really care if estonia will speak chinese in 50 years.
It is probable that the estonian nation will become extinct in some time. And so what? Leaving out the possible scenario of somebody invading us, i see nothing against it.

What matters to me is the general well-being of everyone. So supposing half of the population will be chinese... If everyone feels good, what the hell do i care.

I feel the "protecting of the culture" for it's own sake is just silly. Everyone can do what they want and there is no way a government can (or should) influence that. Why ban chinese traditions in estonia? Or somehow "ease" (in fact make living otherwize harder) their integration into estonian culture.


This was only the first (and the larger) amount of it.
I will gather the rest of thoughts into yet another post.

Friday, March 04, 2005

stuff to mention

The small relative.

There have been some things i've wanted to mention. By now, enough have gathered to make a post out of them.

Well then:

Check out It's a site about, as the name says, the high line. The high line is a stretch of elevated subway rails. Having been built in the thirties, it's now closed for traffic, but it hasnt been demolished and some activists are actively protecting it. The site takes the same mindset.
The 1.6 mile stretch of free unpopulated and uncivilized terrain serves as a garden to the people of nearby houses and as a mystical place to explore for others.

The other thing i wanted to say is that i've been reached through the google keyword firemen dirty pics. I wonder.
Havent actually done anything to promote that sort of traffic...

And oh, i ordered my first print from photopoint yesterday. I think 9 kroons for an a4 print in 5 days isnt too bad. I hope the quality is all right. If the service seems trustworthy, i've got some photos i want to frame and put on my wall in a4.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

zee pictures

Henceforth, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen:

Click for bigger.


zee gang togezer


from zee tower

The other pictures, and there are loads of them, you can see in the gallery here.

Do note:
If any of you want a picture taken down (wich i dont see a reason for) or would like msn/rate/whatever pics of any of the photos, contact me. I can then cut you a proper picture from the original.
Please dont use (or hotlink to) the gallery pictures.

f*ck you i'm a star

Before i go spamming you with all the pictures from yesterday (yes, the server is up again), i want to tell you what i did today.
As you might know, today was the town round of the public-speaking-in-english contest. It was held in kivilinna gümnaasium
. The school itself is much different from ours. It's a lot bigger and the building is different. Whereas our school building was built almost a hundred years ago and looks like it, in a positive way, then the Kivilinna building was built during soviet times and looks as such. The ones of you that live in estonia do know what that looks like. Its just concrete slabs strapped together as walls and ceilings. The whole loot looks very blocky and, in my opinion, not very pleasant.
The whole mood in the school was different too. Our school feels friendly and nice but that big building felt cold and claustrophobic even. Very low ceilings at places.
But i didn't really mean to complain, schools are just different and i'm happy with the school i go to.

I think my speech went fairly well but i don't want to speculate before i get the results. There was strong competition.

After the event, we got back to school to finally start practicing for the school spring play. Got the roles almost divided. I've got to write another lesson for tomorrow and then the play is mostly done.

Oh, anyway, i've been meaning to tell you about a new blog, t6ksti-t6ksti. It's a classmate of mine, one of the M's. He is yet designing his whole blog and i s'pose a week or two is a too short amount of time to actually say if he's gonna remain in the blogosphere or not, but as he wrote about our affairs today, i thought i'd link.

* This is a reference to a writing that was once upon a time painted onto a larp shield i had the priviledge of seeing.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

murphy, embrace me

Oh yes, Murphy is real.

My ftp server fails to respond just when i need it the most. When i have just finished editing the photos from the trip and am ready to upload them. No response.

Oh well, i'll let you know when something changes.

simple pleasures.

Wanton wonton writes:

i comb the newspaper looking for stories about bush. i especially like the ones with the pictures. i carefully cut them out and then put them aside. i give myself brownie points if in the picture he is wearing that smug look that he likes to don a lot now. you know the look. the i'm-the-king-of-the-world look. the cat that ate the canary look. or more like the cat that ate iraq look. anyhoo, while i'm going about my daily routine i check out my pervy birds cage to see if it needs a clean.

Read on for the ending.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The Eller School

I feel tired. More physically than mentally, i think. I exercised some muscles in the school gym yesterday that i usually don't and now i can feel it. No running today either as it was my marathon tuesday, as always.
The good part is that the translation course is over. Good in the way that now my tuesday evenings are free again. But actually it's a bit sad that it ended because i found it very educative. Can't say that i actually started thinking lots about becoming a translator but i think i'll benefit from it even during my schooldays. And you never know, perhaps i will become a translator. Although i dont suppose so now.

Erm, as for other things, the english teachers had me point out three members to my support crew™ that will be backing me on the town contest of public speaking in english. The good news (yeah, right) is that the competition is on thursday instead of saturday. The good side is that my weekend will be free (alcohol, here i come - er , i mean the speech subject). The bad side is i won't have time to practice it. As if i would have if i had had the time...
Oh well, i think i'll manage.

And now i'm gonna put my camera battery recharging for tomorrow.