Monday, February 28, 2005


Strange atmospheric phenomenon in tartu.

As some of you might have noticed, we had strange atmospheric phenomena™ here in tart00 yesterday. The cold made the crystals of the snow reflect the light from major light sources reflect upwards in beams as you can see from the picture.
More pictures here.

As for other things, the beninning of the schoolweek went smoothly most of all.

The wintersports monkeys of our class are going skiing (the downhill sort) on wedensday and i decided to go with them. I won't be getting onto any skis this time because i figured i could squeese some good photos out of it. And blast me if i'm going to school and wake up early when there's an option not to.

Just so you'd know, i intend to write the missing section of the school spring play tonight so we could start praticing. It will be a crafts lesson.
To the non-härma person this might not say much, but we here in härma have been blessed with the most legendary crafts teacher there is. He teaches crafts to us young fellows of the male variety. Has been doing it for decades, too. I've been listening to stories my father and his brothers have been telling me ever since i was born. Now we have come to the sad point that he is working for the last year.
As a tribute to that, and otherwize, i thought i'd write his lesson into the play.
Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Click on thumb for bigger.

[music: Kosheen - Pride]

jah live

Song of the day, most definately: Bob Marley & The wailers - Jah Live
Fool say in their heart
Rasta your god is dead
But I and I know, Jah Jah
Dread it shall be Dreader Dread
Jah live children yeah
Jah Jah live children yeah
Jah live children yeah
Jah Jah live children yeah


When taking a shower this morning i discovered, a bit too late to take serious measures, that we are out of shower gel. Luckily i spotted some small tubs someone living here had probably taken from a hotel standing on the edge of the bath. As the orange one was labelled "shower gel", i opened it and poured the contents all over myself.
The tub should have been labelled "carrot jam".

Now i smell like a carrot.

Go figure the hospitality of scandinavian hotels. Why they would want their customers to smell like carrots, i dont know. It must be a marketing trick of some kind. Perhaps all people are attracted to carrots on a subconcious level and thus stay in the hotel longer. Or maybe they eat more at the hotel restaurant?

retractable batons

This via unruled:

It is the opinion of us and our lawyers that you are fucking morons, and
that you should please go sodomize yourself with retractable batons.

Please also note that your e-mail and letter will be published in full on

Go fuck yourself.

Polite as usual,

Saturday, February 26, 2005

sushi skillz

I cooked made some piroshki. Yes, that is an actual english word. A russian loan, obviously, but still official english. It was in the dictionary and everything.
For the less knowledged in estonian quisine, a pirog is sort of like a pie, only very small compared to the usual english pie. It can have both salty or sweet fillings.
I made some with meat inside them.

Rather easy, really, considering i had the meat for the meat boiled beforehand. I still suppose that the meat could be pan-fried instead of boiling, but i've never tried it. Respect the family tradition and stuff.
All i had to do was mince the meat, mince some onions, boil some eggs, create the filling of the three, cut the shop-bought batter into pieces, make the pirogi and glue them together with egg white.
This description makes it sound more difficult than it was.

Well anyway, the result was very tasty and good as you can see from the picture included.

[music: TOK - Cree]

google local

Do notice that google has a new service: google local. At least i havent seen it before.
Google local seems to allow to narrow down search results geographically. If that is done by ip address or some strings inside text, i don't know as of now.
When i searched for "pizza" in tartu, it found nothing, but when i entered what i thought was my area code, i found results for pizza huts in chicago. Either i made a mistake (wich is very likely) and/or the service works only in the states, just as google maps.

Google has been launching loads of new products lately. Yay. The fact that it's changing to be more states-favouring rather than international is a bit sad, but i suppose the rest of the world will soon be integrated into maps and everything else.

What you also might want to read: this via kaimar:

Google Suggest and Google Maps are two examples of a new approach to web applications that we at Adaptive Path have been calling Ajax. The name is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, and it represents a fundamental shift in what’s possible on the Web.

legs on di wall

Well. I've accomplished nothing worthy of noting today and i'm just glad with things the way they are. Once in a while, you need a lazy day, you know.
I hope this explains why there's not much to write about.
To me, a lazy day doesnt mean sitting with my legs on the wall reading a book. It means the sitting part, without the book. Wich, now that i think of it, i should change for many reasons. First is the educational (or entertainment) factor of a good book. And there are loads of books i want to read. I've been planning to introduce a "reading hour" into my daily schedule for a while now. Havent gotten around to doing it quite yet but big scale (relatively) changes like that take mental preparation.
The other factor would be, well, that i wouldnt be just sitting around with my feet on the wall.
That leaves me with one serious reason for starting reading. And it's a damn good one. But instead of reading i'm sitting here doing nothing. Well, i AM doing something. And i might even consider it useful (from an educational - training point of view), but still.

I don't really know if any of this makes any sense.

Anyway, i got a free coupon to print out 50 regular photos free when i bought my camera. And the deadline for those is not that far, especially considering how long it will probably take me to decide what 50 i want to print. A pity that i have to choose 50 to be printed in a relatively smaller picture. I'd be much happier with, say, five a4 photos. I do have a couple that i intend to print and frame and hang onto my wall already. A couple might have even been shown on this blog at some point. One of the latest one is the one with L and my trouser suspenders. Scroll down, it should be visible on this page as of now.
I suppose these free ones are a good way to distribute some of the photos to the subjects on the photos themselves. Stay tuned.


We gathered at my place yesterday to celebrate my birthday. Was good to have the bunch of friends together yet again. It always is.
Well, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen:
zee pictures.
Also see gallery.

And oh.
Bringing cake was nice of you.

Now that i think of it, i again forgot to tell some girls how nice they looked. This tends to happen to me. Oh nevermind.

[music: Jay hoggard - Rain Forest]

Friday, February 25, 2005

lurking in tähtvere again

The second time i went to tähtvere to take some pictures. But it was too cold to go anywhere further. I think my throat might be a bit sore.

Pictures here.

the most useless site

This site found via devil.

It's the site for the new Porsche Cayman S. Devil points to it and says he wants to have a go. Male as i am, i too am fairly interested in cars. So i click the link in hopes of seeing what the new porche looks like. I am then forced to choose between a "video enhanced" and a normal version of the site. I choose "video enhanced". A new, chromeless full resolution window appears. Then, as you might expect with flash pages, comes the progress bar. It goes from 0% to a hundred. Nothing happens. The bar starts from 0 yet again. This time when it finishes some ambient sounds start playing. The progress bar freezes at zero and nothing happens.
I close the popup window and try the "normal version" everything is the same only that after the second bar i do get to the site itself. And what does the site consist of? By now i'm not expecting anything good. There's an eye sort of thing with words floating around it. "Passion", "true", "power", yadda yadda. Bullshit like that.
So i go and click on some words. Some other words start floating around. "Truth is the lack of copmromise". And thats it.
In small noncontrasting text in the corner i can see that "power is the new 3.4 liter engine".
And thats all i found during my 5 minutes on the site. And 5 minutes, in internet terms, is a long time.
It might be that somewhere, there might be pictures of the car or some other "normal" stuff, but i didn't find it. Oh well, one potential porche-buyer less. Well, maybe i'd have ordered myself a porche fleece or cap or cup or something. But no, no thanks. I dont want a cup with red crocodiles.

Henceforth a tip or two to porsche webdesigners:
When i come to your site, i don't want to see red crocodiles floating around. Nor do i want to see this "marketing through emotion" bullshit that i suspect the "power, truth, passion" bullshit is about.
I want to see pictures of your car, read about it's specs in clear text and perhaps see where i can buy or testdrive one. I don't give a (pardon my french) shit for red crocodiles or passion or truth. Come on.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Via core77:
viceversa kitchen utilities.

birthday pictures

The birthday pictures are now up here, at the gallery.

You can see the wickedest pair of trouser suspenders and everything.

ülikooli kohvik.

The birthday evening we spent in the newly renovated Ülikooli Kohvik. The first impression of the place was HUGE. I'm not even sure if i know how many floors and rooms it has. Lots of jobs for people, that's for sure. Some parts were closed off during the time we visited and one was opened just so we could be the first ones to enter. The old building has very nice ceilings and i think the renovators have done a fairly good job blending old and new. For example, the intake ducts for the ventilation system are concealed between wooden boards hanging from the high ceilings.
There was a photo exhibition about the Emajõgi on display on the walls and everything. Speaking about the walls, the walls where we were sitting were old unpainted bricks lit to feel cozy. Despite that, the place we were sitting at felt just too big to be extremely comfortable. But it was still good.
In some other places, i noticed old (porcelain?) tiled walls with blue decor. There will most probably be exploration for many times to come.
The food was not half bad either, if a bit on the expensive side. I had onion soup wich was thick enough and tasted good. It also had a cheese sandwich sort of thing with it (i've forgotten the french term), but it was somewhy inside the soup. This is a move i don't understand. I mean, how am i supposed to eat a piece of whitebread that is inside the soup. I managed with a fork and knife.

I think that the renovation has done a fairly good job of bringing back the old glamour and prestige of the university cafe. The place has potential to become very popular, i think.

And oh, K got me the wickedest pair of trouser suspenders there is.

I expect to post pictures tomorrow.

After the café, we went to have a chat at M's place. Pleasant as well. The girls watched Nip/Tuck and i made silly comments. That's what i usually do.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

one more year till legal beer!

So far it's been moderately good. Got flowers and chocolate and stuff from all sorts of loving and caring people. Thanks.
I now know three people in my school that have their birthdays on the same day. Me and two others, yes.

I just heard from my english teacher that i won the english speech competition at school. i pwn j00.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Today has been the sort of day on wich you come home and think you've got all the time in the world, but then you realize that theres a physics essay you've got to compile among other things.

From the good side of things, kaimz™ picked up my old computer wich i wasnt using anyway to make it a server he will host. There is still generosity in the world. I too will soon be a proud owner of a leenox b0x0r or so i hear. Thanks, mate.

For other things, tomorrow is my birthday. That allows for applying creative forces to create an invitation of sorts.
Unfortunately i can't invite everyone i could because options are ever so limited. I'm still hoping to get around to hosting a birthday party together with K some day. We'll see.

And oh. My coldest went-out-running temperature dropped from minus 8 to minus 10 degrees today.

Monday, February 21, 2005


IF anyone of you is interested in what i do besides biking and photography and the usual stuff, here's a video about roleplaying games that recently aired on estonian television.

Video size 70 meg.


As i recently burned through my 3rd and last lamp i had for lighting up the area behind my computer, i was forced to go looking for a new one. My mother thought that Sisustus E Kaubamaja would be the best place.
I didn't find any good lamps that didn't look like a bunch of crappy plastic. I did find the price for the one i wanted, though. Around 4000 eek. Living in the dark for me then.
Mom said she would be ready to give the lamp to me as a birthday present and then i became enlightened, in a way. I had all forgotten about the fact that i can perhaps expect some sort of gift from my parents for birthday, wich, by the way, is on the 23rd. Of course, it won't be a lamp. Haven't figured out what it will be, though. I cant ask for something expensive anyway because i recently got a camera and, well, will be getting a new bike. Again. Yes, a new bike again. But what can i do? Can't really decently use the old one.

Anyway, what i was trying to get to is the food place at E kaubamaja. For a canteen kind of place, it's really rather decent. It has two different areas, really humongous in size compared to the small counter they sell you the food at. One is a well - lit sort of straight-to-the-point area and the other looked something like a club lounge when i first looked into it. A more dim atmosphere with lighting in multiple colours and comfy chairs. The music was wrong and a bit two loud, but for a place where you can get a meal for 40 kroons it wasn't still half bad.

[music: Aphrodite - Breezeblock Headline Set]

Sunday, February 20, 2005

a walk round tähtvere

I went lurking around in tähtvere in the afternoon. Pictures here.
After the self-explanatory walk i was just passing my school on my way back home when i saw L. He was just coming from a dance-show practice session (something for the spring concert as far as i know). As he said he left early i decided to go and have a look.
You can find these pictures on the latter pages in the gallery.

And i can't stress this enough. If anyone of you sees a picture you'd like to have as a messenger picture or wallpaper, let me know. I can cut and modify the original for you. I just saw M's messenger picture cut from one of my photos. It had horrible jpg noise. So do let me know.


To become a subscriber to natureTV you don't need an iPod, a mobile telephone, give away your e-mail address, or even do a Google search. Just have to learn how to throw away your remote, and turn off the blog.

-- John Maeda

Saturday, February 19, 2005

meet the fockers

Just came back from seeing the aforementioned movie.
General opinion: average pointless american movie.
It certainly wasn't anyting good, but i can't really say it was bad either. A sort of movie one rents on vhs, not goes to see in a cinema for half a fortune.
The film was an emotional zero to me. No feelings whatsoever. A few good jokes, but mostly yust your hollywood he-dropped-his-foreskin-into-your-food (yes, that did happen) jokes.
I feel like i could have done better with the time i spent watching it, wich is a shame because i can't really say i've had much free time lately.

Then again, i can't say i wasnt expecting it. I usually don't hope too much when going to see hollywood films these days.

The positive side about it was the soundtrack. I recognized quite a few tracks. K was especially enthusicastic because apparently Kalm has used some of the tracks in his work. And K likes Kalm a lot.

K, you can find (and listen to) the track you liked via the above link.

[music: Aim feat. Kate Rogers - The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice]

And on another note - please do not laugh at me - i was pointed to the fact that there is a picture in rate of me. Well, to be more exact, there is a picture there wich i am on. Fortunately, only barely visible in the background. But still. The picture is here, then. Im' the third, blue helmet. Just to let you know that i have nothing to do with it.
Were i more rude than i am, i might see what happens if i request the picture being taken down. Afterall, nobody has asked me anything. Unless i have somehow agreed to be taken pictures of when paying the entrance fee of the race, i don't think anyone has asked me if it's okay with me.
Good that i'm not that sort of rude person, eh?

new words

lameware: software that generally serves a lame purpose. such as internet explorer

new word courtesy of Paul F.

newsfeed readers

As we had some talk about them yesterday, here are two newsfeed readers, one for firefox and the other for the dreaded internet explorer.

A newsfeed is a special file you can configure your blog to update automatically. This file keeps your posts (or the first few sentences of your post - depends on configuration) and their dates in raw text form. The idea is that you can set your newsfeed (these files are called newsfeeds) reader to check these files of all the blogs you read. The point being not having to go through all blogs manually.

The feed reader for firefox is sage. I've been using it myself for at least half a year now. Very convenient. It integrates nicely with the browser and everything.

When you have sage installed, you can start adding feeds to it. Firefox automatically discovers most feeds if a site has them. A little orange button thingy appears in the lower right corner. If you want sage to find them, just open sage and click on the "find feeds" button. Any feeds it discovers you can add to your list wich it checks when you press the feed-checking button.

For the internet explorer user (wich anyone shouldn't really be) i found a feed reader named pluck but i don't have any experience with it myself.

not candlelight romance

I and some other fine fellows played risk at M's place. Risk being the classic sort of boardgame.
As it just had happened that M's electricity system had broken down, it was completely dark. I believe M's cooker was to blame.

That meant we played in candlelight. We did have two flashlights fastened to the curtain-holder too but they faded out after a while. One, at least.

It was visible how some parts of life had frozen with the sudden lack of power. His pelmeens were still there (and do not ask me what the word would be in english) on the frying pan in the oil as he had left them. No, this is not to say that he is an untidy person, no.
Made me think of what happened in the purely theoretical situation that we somewhy lost all power. Nuclear war for example. Some proffessions, including some of the ones that i've been grown accustomed to thinking of as my own proffessions in the future, would disappear. Some that have almost become extinct would become mandatory yet again.

Just to have it recorded in history as written word, i won a game of risk for the first time. Probably the last, too.

And oh. I noticed that by now, wich is about 9 months after i started blogging, some people i know read it. Like people in my class and so on.

Friday, February 18, 2005

gallery update

New photos in the gallery.
Gathering at H's on january 22nd.

I'm not very satisfied with most of the pictures, really, but oh well. Doing is learning.

t - shirts

Im glad someone still has a sense of humour in this world. Found this via kaimar.

I'm actually considering ordering it.

Something else:
found this via ebalogaalne.
Do notice the feedback options below the article. Clicking on no gives you a popup window where you have to explain why you didnt like it. But you can't submit it. Nothing happens when you click. Typical, i say.

i've battled and won

At last.
I've been looking foward to this moment from the beginning of the week. 8 tests later i can say that i managed, but barely.

Sometimes i dont understand why i'm doing this highschool thing. Feeling tired all the time. But it's somehow motivating to see what i can do even when tired to the maximum.

And another weekend at hand. Feels good.

nite animaul again

Over a long while i got to speak to somebody about some philosophical topics.

Made me realize there isn't enough of that within my "normal life" (as if i were Mister Anderson and Neo) and circle of friends.

Made me yet again wonder about my future choices as well. So many options and just pure lazyness and business not too look into any. Photography, webdesign, design, psychology, literature? A bit late for pro mountainbike career, i fear. And i suppose a bit late for any sort of art university as well. Could someone point me to some info on what i need to actually get into an university that teaches art. Art for me would be visual design of some sorts, i think.

No matter what i become, i suppose i will still involve myself in all the rest of the things i listed.

As for literature, i havent still heard anything about the school spring play. Can't say i'm not glad though. This week has been killing me and by no means would i hae had time for anything of that sort.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

nite animaul

It's 22:46 and i have just finished reading all the materials my teacher gave me for the speech. About halfway through reading them i realized that they won't be as much use as i thought they would. The materials, mostly, are full of facts.
I, on the other hand, seem to have to write a sort of opinion - giving and attention - drawing sort of speech. That's what i conclude from the title at any rate.
But i'm not complaining. Not at all.

The good side is how good friday evening will feel regardless of what happens. Been a ruff week.

Dont touch my van, f00.


Just in case some of you might be battling with latin quotes for history just as i am, here are two links [1], [2].

Google helps.

Damn nuisance this stuff. I've got to study this history test and then compose a speech too. And this is about the hundreth time i mention the speec here.

About other things, i've already got a new blog template i want to realise. This starts to seem like kalkar, only posting more often.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I want either one of these or those.

The second one would be especially appealing if it would be available in, say, blue.
But the first one sounds more real and attainable. Now that i think of it, a do-it-yourself blank keyboard wouldn't be too difficult to do. Just steal/ask for some acid form school. And voila.
I just can't but smile at the thought of what the not-so-much-computer-experienced-as-me person would do with a blank keyboard.
I, like many of you, hardly ever look at it anymore. But my parents do. //evil laugh

pic of the day


I don't know where i found this but:
Photos by US soldiers in iraq.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

cocktail v1.0


Here she is. Long in the making, cocktail v1.0.
Oh, have i battled with her. Having caused me to be on the verge of suicide, made me smash keyboards with my head and wish the internet never exsisted, she finally succumbed to my mighty leet haxor skills and now looks almost the same on ie and firefox.

At least on my computer.

Well, at least i's not pink anymore.

Your feedback?

messenger virus

People, if someone offers you a .pif file through messenger, do not accept it. It is a virus. I've recieved 2 such offers in the last 5 minutes, both from estonian computers. It sends links automatically to your messenger contact list so if someone starts asking you stuff about why you went "rofl! check this file out" then you know you gotta scan for viruses.

More info and what to do here.


I just updated the gallery somewhat.

New folders are mini and the 31st of january.

oh yeah

You know what? Tonight will be very similiar to yesterday. Only that i won't be going running.
Another two tests to study. This time chemistry and russian.

Today at translation we translated a text about a latvian town. But before we could start translating it into estonian, we had to correct the mistakes the latvian writing it had made. The text was in english - if any of you thought it was in latvian. No, i don't learn latvian. No, latvians don't make mistakes in latvian. But they did make mistakes in english. And lots of them.
The text itself was from a trade fair/meet in Viljandi that was held last year. So it was an official text.
Let me just say that i remembered quite a few jokes of negative tone with latvians in them. Mkay.

And er, this is by no means to say that my english is good. But better than latvians', it seems. Well, one specific unknown latvian at least.

And oh. I'm getting 17 in a week or so. Today i found myself thinking that 17 is not enough. You see, here in estonia, being 18 brings along a bunch of privileges. Well, privileges from my point of view anyway.

Monday, February 14, 2005

i r haxor

You know something is wrong when you put your pen down onto your notebook and want to press ctrl + s.

ruffness maketh man

It's going (will be? is to be? is due to be?) to be a rough week, i presume. I think somebody said we have 8 tests set on this week so far. I haven't actually taken the trouble to count them myself, but i think that number can't be much off.

Coming home at a normal time of day was good though. No play rehearsals or anything as of now. Of course, tomorrow we have the translating course as every tuesday.

Well anyway, im just writing some stuff i had to about the ancient greeks and romans. I didn't really think i could just blast out a handwritten a4 page out of the blue. Even though it's time - consuming and i'm going to have to stay up till about 12 i suspect, i can't say i entirely dislike it.

It's not just the history either. I've got a test in physics tomorrow as well. Now, will all of you that have completed high school tell me how many times you have used molecular physics in your life? I mean, what's the real use of knowing how many atoms of whatnot you have in your jar of jam. Soon i will be able to tell you that by hart. It just involves some constant, taking pressure into account and then the obvious fruit - type factor. A future jamologist on the way.

[music: Culture - See Them A Come]

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Happy valentine's day everyone.

You can see my card here.

Multiple reasons for creating a virtual card. First - i am comfortable with the virtual medium, second - a virtual card can be given to many people at once, third - i don't have a printer to print it.
And why is the material side of things overstressed so much everywhere. I'd just be glad with a hug and a glad word, really.
And no, christmas doesnt count. The material side of christmas (and birthdays) is a whole other affair.

[music: London Funk Allstars - Listen to the Beat]

suudlevad tudengid

We sat at the suudlevad tundengid (or as they say they are called - the maksuamet).
It somehow happened that the whole place was crowded but we got a separate room. It was a very cozy brick-walled room with a vaulted ceiling. Just two couches, some chairs and tables. Very suitable for our group.
As it was that i sat in the little private room, shielded from the rest of the place by a sliding glass door, i can't really say much about the interior of the rest of the place.

The service wasn't half as bad as i had thought from the comments of teller. I do think i read some other blogger complain about them, but i cant find it now. I thought it was kaimar but his post, now that i read it, isnt as negative as i had thought.
Well, the service wasnt bad.

The atmosphere was great. Nice cozy sofas and brick walls and pictures and, most of all, the music. Mostly jazzy stuff, be it old or new. I liked it.

The only thing i didn't like was the prices compared to the quantities of foodstuff served. Maybe food and drink is getting more expensive everywhere and we just have to adjust to it, but i still don't like it.
The tea wasn't that great either. They only had two kinds of tea and the one i ordered, the expensive one (being 15 eek a cup) sucked. No taste whatsover. Too little sugar with the cup and no cream. I did think to myself if i should or should not ask the lady to bring me cream but i figured i'd see what she does.

Overall, though, it was a positive experience. If you dont feel sorry for the money, go and have a good time.

[music: Kosheen - Pride]

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Yippe and yay.
Thanks to Lasse i now have webspace again. This means i have my gallery up.
As for now, it has only today's pictures.

happy ever after

The play(ish thingie) went well. I'm very pleased with the way it came out in the end. I was a bit concerned in the beginning and i'm sure you understand why but everybody spoke very clearly and acted well. It felt like some of the actors had practiced at home.

What surprised me was the audience. It was a whole hallful of people from other schools around estonia. They vere very serious in the beginning and hardly made a sound when something happened on stage that should have provoked laughter. I suppose that it's because they were in a school and town away from their own and otherwise a bit less loose and outgoing than the average tartunian.
They did loosen up by the end though. And i'm happy about that. When G went on stage playing our superstar model, they laughed. It went smooth from there on.

We even had a minister, Toivo Maimets, play along. He had only one line, but still. Have you ever written (and directed) a play that has a real minister having a part in it?

Well, this is the moment to thank Mikk, Märt, Karl, Liina, Gerda, Laura, Helena and teacher Aile Laats again.
Great job, folks.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

women's moods

Well. Sackofsand feeling again.

To make a long story short, today has seen a lot of non-lessonary activities at school.
More rehearsals for the play(ish thing).

And most important, the speech competition. It consisted of two rounds, the first a speech you had to prepare at home. Speech lenghth 5 min. The second round was an improvised speech the topic for wich you got on location and had half an hour to prepare. Length 3 minutes. I won the second round and got third place overall. Second was Karo and first (also won first round) was a gentleman from Treffner. That is sortof a splinter in my bottom but oh well. Now they beat us even in humanitarian areas. Oh well.
I dont have any complaints, really. He was a good speaker.

Thus here are my congratulations to the fellow that won and whose name i can't unfortunately recall and our very own Karoliina. Good job, people.

Got another two books as prizes, too. An estonian english dictionary wich i was planning to buy anyway. The good news to you, reader, is that i plan to use it when writing this blog. So you can benefit from it too.

The other book, though, is a tad different. "Women's Moods." I am writing women's correct, am i not? I showed my mother the book and she, being a psychiatrist, said she'd read it. I myself am as of yet wondering if i want to bother. It's a book written by women for women. But then again, it can't hurt, can it?

[music: Bob Marley and the Wailers - Rasta Man Chant]

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

spring stress?

Today i was so tired i didn't even manage to force myself to go running. That is something. I mmean, i usually manage to do it.
K was talking about being under stress too. Although, his wording was specific to him.

Anyway, tomorrow is the "big massiv speech competition". Preparing for it came out to be "hm, yeah, mkay, say this, dont say this, goodbye". I'm not saying it's bad or too little. I was expecting something different.
The downside of the whole thing is that i won't get to excuse myself from any lessons. I thought i would.

Basically, if i survive tomorrow and the results, i am invincible. School, competition, maths at grandpa's and then studying for an uber important and massive history test. I might just stay up all night, buy a crate of red bull and then collapse into a coma after friday's history lesson.
You shall see.

[music: Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 - Layd Off] - and that, my fine fellows, is a good track indeed.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

fresh from todays blogosphere

From k-tamm: bush and iran. War or not?

I too suppose he's planning to attack iran soon. I really dont know if there's any reason for that or not. But damnit, george, you arent playing f*cking risk here. It's not a matter of rolling dice and conquering countries. People's lives are at stake here.
You are an evil man.

From teller: google map tool.
Once they get the whole world into it, they might have potential. As of now, US only.

Irve writes about computer security. An useful read.


I now know what your usual sack of sand might think on an average day. And considering that a sack of sand doesn't really have to do much else than catch the occasional bullet, their life might be pretty good.
But i, feeling like the aforementioned sack, have to go about doing homework and stuff. I don't know how much sucsess i'll have at that.

And as the circumstances are as they are, i think that's all for now.

[music: Cheikh Lo, Les Nubians & Manu Dibango - Shakara (part 2)]

Monday, February 07, 2005

reportage raporting

Eh well. The beginning of yet another routine schoolweek.

As for things outside the routine, we are now rehearsing the play-thingie i wrote for the opening ceremony of the choir competition. Or did i already mention that?
As some facts about the whole thing came out to be wrong, i had to rewrite parts of it at school today.

All i have to do at home tonight is to compile an informative summary about jamaica and study a test on vocabulary. I hate tests on vocabulary. Yet, they are one of the things at school i feel that are good to me in a practical sense beyond developing my ability to think and reason like matemathics or chemistry.

Now, news from the music front:
I've recently started to enjoy zion train. It's a house-ish (if you trust my opinions on house music) dub. Pretty neat, i say.
Been on my computer for a while, it has, but i didn't think much of it until recently. Then i heard "flag" and that changed a lot. Been listening to that song on and off for two days now.

Oh. Do note that googling zion train also turns up this.

[music: Zion Train - Fly]

Sunday, February 06, 2005


"või harrastad muid ekstreemseid küberspordialasid." - my man Peeter Marvet whose blog i just recently added to my list of read blogs.

I oughtta update the blog list on the left anwyay. Just to let you know, i started coding a new imageless layout for the blog to be a temporary solution to the no-hosting chaos.

jurovizn again

I too will say a thing or two more about a song or two that i feel i should say a thing or two about. Some of it i have already said here.

Also read devil and teller.

The songs i liked best were Nevermore Island and Moonwalk. Even though moonwalk was my favourite i think that the song that did win has the biggest chances of succsess at the real competition. Experience shows that songs like Moonwalk don't really win.

I disagree with devil about the singer in the group that did two songs. Can't really remember the group's name though. The one they call a lesbian. I don't know if she is one or not. She did look less feminine than the average female performer at the eurovision, but what of it? I liked her the way she was, really. She didn't look ugly or male or anything. I have nothing against women (girls?) like that.
They had made her more female for the final competition, though. Just a thing i noticed.

"11" was just pure nasty ugly nastyness. I mean this as negatively as i can. What message did that song give? I sing in a weird language resembling buddhists. Then he had christian choirs dancing in the back. I just don't get what he wanted to say. And while looking so inappropriate for the competition, i dont really know what he wanted. Did you see the bunch of hair on the back of his head. Like a partially shaved testicle. I mean, if he wants to give a buddhist (or whatever religion he seems to belong to) message, fine. but then why did he have the sort of tight-fitting catsuit he had. Silvery and sparkly. Eww.

The only thing about "Lets get loud" i didnt like, if you don't consider the whole music genre, is the turntables. I hope they get rid of those by the time of the final competition. It just doesnt make any sense whatsoever. Four turntables being randomly scratched and to no effect. Just not real.

[music: Jazzanova - Introspection]


Yesterday was a pretty normal day by all standards.

The bigger and more important part of the day i was at grandma's celebrating her birthday. All the relatives and all, too. And the usual computer repairs. I noticed that every time there is a bigger celebration at grandma's and granddad's there's something wrong with grandfather's computer. Now as my cousin also lives there are two computers and this time, something was wrong with the both of them.
Every time there's a celebration there's a moment when all the more techno-savvy people of the family gather in grandpa's study and try to figure out what's wrong with the printer or monitor or whatever happens to be faulty at the time.

I took some photos too but as you already know i don't have anywhere to put them as of now. But Lasse said he could give me webspace so i'm hoping i'll be able to show you all my masterpieces (yeah, right) soon.

As for my plans for the rest of the day, i've got a dnd game coming up in about an hour. That'll take up most of the day.
This time i prepared for the game early on and thus i'm feeling rather good about the whole matter.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Cool watch topic in

Many good and funky watches there.

Friday, February 04, 2005

cashmire extracts

"The new Vanish with chashmire extracts!" Just heard thatin a tv commercial. How can you make cashmire extract. Take a bunch of sheepwool and squeese the extract out of it?

I hate being thought a stupid viewer by the commercial companies.

social upgrades. sortof.

This is weird. Even though i'm supposedly having a lower-tension period of time at school, i find myself in more and more not-lesson-related activities in school. Can't rightly say if it's good or not, but i dont really think it's bad even if i'd rather stay home with my feet on the wall.
During this week it has been interesting to observe (and maybe i am being influenced by my psychiatrist mothere here a little) the behaviour of one of our teachers. Even though i would have been glad to help at any circumstances, i observed that she didn't actually ask anyone if they wanted to do anything. She just told people to do it. I dont really consider it more than a personality quirk, though, if anyone of you were thinking i meant this as a negative.
And no, i dont fear the teacher's reading this. I mean. I'd be able to say all this to the teacher's face if i needed or wanted to. But considering my regarding this as just a personality quirk, i don't.
I cant believe how british the above sentence seems.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

tactically useless day

Today was a very werid day altogether. I'm pretty tired beacause of staying up so late yesterday and that might add a bit of spice, so to say, to everything. It came out that i'd have been better off at home and not at school. As far as i'm concerned, we didn't really do anything exept the psychology presentation. All the other lessons i just sat or lounged through.
At english i was informed of the fact that i will speak at the english speech contest of the school. (I'm slowly beginning to have enough of it.) Oh well.

At least the concert i didn't go to yesterday wasnt much of a concert at all.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

long day

Today when i woke up i told myself it'd be a long day for i knew it beforehand. I expected the program to be as follows: school, coming home, going running, doing homework, going to a concert. At school i found out that we (that being K and i) need to do our presentation on adolescence tomorrow. That meant a change of plans. I expected to squeese the presentation-making into between the things i mentioned above. Just as it turned out, running got substituted with swimming at the aura centre. Even though we only swam for some 40 minutes, i still managed to get cramps in both my legs. Biker's legs my ass. But it was, i suppose, a good exercise nevertheless.
After swimming we headed (for i was at aura with K) to K's place to work on the presentation. It was then about seven o' clock. Four hours and one fatal computer crash later i can tell you that we have made the gayest presentation one can make. Some of you will see it tomorrow. And the crash was a literal one. K was sitting with his legs hooked behind the computer (for his computer is on the floor) and i somehow managed to push him making him make the computer trip ofer and server the mouse cable in the process. The mouse cable was killed and i had to get a new mouse from home. Good thing i live so near him.

Well anyway, if i remember to, i will link to the presentation tomorrow. As of now, it is secret.

- And oh, as you can see the hosting is down again. I wish i got to some conclusion on the matter. I'm working on it. -

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


If you knew how much grief, headaches and terror internet explorer causes to web-designers worldwide, you wouldn't use it. Starving children in africa almost seem like a joke compared to this.

pic of the day

Flowers. Click opens bigger.