Monday, January 31, 2005

contacts with italy

As the ones of you that have the priviledge of going to the same class as me (yeah, right) might know, our class teacher recently recieved a letter from italy asking if our class wanted to join a project.
It was somehow haggled so that the task of answering lay upon me.
As the letter was somewhat brief and vague, i couln't really write a very long reply. I just hope she replies.

Without further ado, here is my reply:

I am Johan - Paul Hion, student of form 10a of the Miina Härma
Gymnazium (secondary school) in Tartu, Estonia.
Your letter reached us and our class would be very interested in
joining the project if this reply is not too late.
The our class consists of 36 pupils aged mostly sixteen. Some are
already seventeen, though.
The school teaches english on a deeper level (than the estonian
normal) and we go to a realities class. There are about 800 pupils in
the school altogether.

Would you want any further information about Estonia or our school or class?

Best Regards,
Johan - Paul Hion
Tartu, Estonia
January 31st, 2005.

[music: Banderas - This Is Your Life (Less Stress Mix)]

pic of the day

The street just near home. Click for larger.

(What makes it easier for people who want to have romantic relations with a cartoon character is knowing that it will never happen. For real people, it's obviously different. Just a thought.)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

your average run-of-the mill sunday

A sunday with dnd again. Not half bad. That took up most of my day.

When i got home i started and finished the introduction to the choir i was semi-tricked into writing. I'm half expecting a lot of modifications to it, but i s'pose we'll see. Writing this reminds me that i'm going to take part in a speech competition. Karo tricked me into it. Seeing as she spent her friday evening (or sunday or saturday or whatever - i know i saw it in her messenger name at some point in time) preparing for it, i don't think i have any chances whatsoever. But blast me if i'm going to spend more than 30 minutes preparing it.

Just to let you know. I started working on yet another blog template. Soon, i can start selling the ones i don't use. Provided anyone is actually willing to pay for them. And that, they are probably not. Off to the charities or whatever.

pic of the day vol n²



It just so happened yesterday that i ended up going to Ka's to have a bit of chinese and see the new finalists for the estonian eurovision song contest song.
I'm sort of disappointed at the very low quality of the songs. One thing i can understand is that they might have had not so much time to actually practice their songs together and get accustomed to the specific studio the songs were filmed at and so on. Practice shows that by the time the finalist will perform at the real song contest, it will be much more refined and better.

The other thing is the songs themselves. None of them, exept for my favourite, were real music by my definition. Just some lameass bullshit written to win the contest but written so bad there's no chance they will win. Some lame beat-thingie in the background and the vocals being so bad (due to both bad singers and bad audio management) that it made for a sorry experience altogether.

My favourite, if i remember the number correctly, is song number nine. That one is sung by Laura, a schoolmate of mine. She, i say, has the best voice and best training and nicest song. And i'm not just saying that because she goes to my school even though i could do just that.
Laura also sang at our festive meeting celebrating the end of our previous school year. I wrote about it here. A picture too, if anyone cares.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

there was much rejoicing

Click thumb for bigger. Cant really tell much from the small one.

As you can see, my hosting is back up.

I still have some problems with the gallery but at least i can show you some pictures here.

Friday, January 28, 2005


Well. Rather a normal day today as well.

I took some pics of K's Mini after school but as for now i dont have anywhere to host them. That sucks, but i'm still working on it.

Just sat home all night because i didn't get around to doing anything.

And oh.
Teller's article had me thinking.
What i was thinking is more difficult to say. I mean, i understand his reasoning. On the other hand, i figure that some people don't do it for the public wich means they can write what the hell ever they want. Not that Siim would be telling them what to write.
But still, writing a blog for oneself is sortof fake. I figure it would be safer to save the whole thing onto your own harddisk and to make copies than to trust a web service.
For me a blog as such has no point without readers. Not that i had got many or anything... But i am expecting (read: hoping) people to read this when i'm writing it.

A thing i noticed when reading the article through is the small logo of the site you see on the tab if using mozilla or somewhere else (the addressbar icon if i remember correctly) if you use the piece of b0ll0x microsoft has cursed the world with. I don't have any idea about other browsers. So anyway, this logo seems to be three or four red thingies inside an orange circle. What is that supposed to be? Seeing that logo doesnt bring Eesti Ekspress to my mind. But it ought to, ought it not? I mean, that's what a logo is supposed to do, no?
In fact, it doesnt bring anything to my mind and therefore i see no logical explanation to it's being there.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

wish me luck

Oh bloody hell. I just remembered i have to clean my room today. As in really have to and i cant actually resist my parents because there are some insurance company photographers coming along and my parents seem to have the idea that a house must be "clean" to be taken pictures of. My room is clean but i just have an unorthodox way of placing things, thats all.

Now that i have a camera i might even take before and after photographs. Not that i'd currently have a way to show them to you anyway. But i'm working on it.

thoughts on todays newspaper

Have you read todays Postimees yet?
I quickly browsed through it and found two things that drew my attention.

First, the fact that its holocaust day today. I do think that actually having such a day isn't bad at all. Just to make us remember what went on during the second world war. Usually, when i think about hitler i just think he was hitler and thats it. I don't usually associate him with great evil. Today, when i read the article, i did again. And when i think of it now, i think i ought to. Seems i dont usually admit to myself what a sick person he was. I mean, psychologically sick, perhaps.
I consider myself a bit more educated about world war two than the average person of my age for my father is a great fan of aeroplanes and tanks and history and such and much of that interest has leaked on to me, but still i feel i dont know enough about why hitler actually wanted to get rid of the jews.
Now that i try to answer the question myself, i remember that he went on about something like "only the arian race". But why were the jews his first target? Because the jews were numerous in germany? Because the jews werent numerous but they held great power and priviledge as being doctors and, most of all, bankers?

The second, and a bit less terryfying and horrible thing is Priit Pullerits' story about elite schools. Generally i have to say i agree with him. Yet, in an ideal world, there would be no need to put such pressure on so young children. I wonder how i felt very little pressure (for mostly i just didnt know how important school selection is at that age) at the time i took those tests. Not that they would have been difficult or anything. I do remember my mother being white from the face like nowaday's girls before exams, though.

I just wanted to point out that i'm very sorry that our dear Hugo Treffneri Gümnaasium didn't get into Priit's list of elite schools. But i knew Härma was better anyway :P

(do notice that this is the first time (with maybe only a few exeptions) i'm using an emoticon here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm having ghastly amounts of web-related trouble right now. Most of it is related to my hosting service cancelling their free hosting wich you surely can see from the abscence of any graphical side to the blog at the moment.

If anyone has any ideas about where to get free hosting, i'd be mighty glad. Right now i'm just going to have to ask my friends and test the only candidate wich i sortof already had a drawback with.

Just keep your fingers crossed.

Er, anyway.
Supposing i will have to start paying for my hosting, wich one would you recommend?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Just check this out. Brilliant stuff.

[music: Asian Dub Foundation - Debris]

tuesday, but not so bad

Click on thumb for larger

Today is tuesday, but school wasn't so bad. I guess i'm getting used to this translation stuff. I didn't go running either wich is a shame but i wanted to play the new racer game i recently acuired.

So what else. School was usual. Two people at the translation course, one of them the lady teaching us, hinted i was good at it. Felt weird. But the university translation section must really be desperate. She started (tried to, anyway) plant seeds of thoughts of continuing further in this translation business.
To be honest, i've never thought about that. Not as in "i'm not going to even think about it" but i just havent. The whole thing is new.

And another thing i've been wondering about. I wonder if we would speak more english in real life if we didnt speak so much at school. I mean, i see the "dhiisös" and "õumaigaad" all around me, but not very much from the mouths of people that go to my school. In other places, though, it seems quite common.
Might it be that we're so used to (not to say sick of) it that we feel no need (be it subconcious or not) to sound "cool" with english?

Monday, January 24, 2005


from "Lions" by Patrice:

The first paragraph (for lack of better vocabulary) really connects to me somehow:

First time they've called me a bastard
They even told me to get a proper - haircut -
When I rumble all of them tremble
Because they get to know that I'm a lion

Come and let us rise
Let us rise up so high
Jah people hear my cry...
Let us stay how I can stand
And join ours hands and when I see your smile
Can you see these in the sky
I sing this dance of dance of joy
'cause so long Babylone I put demon down
That's why my sing say

les matters randoms vol n²

Click on thumb for bigger.

Ah well.
Been a normal day today. School, running, the ususal.
As it's a new half-term there are some changes to the schedule. We will now be getting lessons from the ultimately respected and feared Mrs. (Ms.?) Eiman.
She is a legendary figure, you know. My father and his brohters and sister used to tell me stories of her lessons when i was a kid.
Luckily, i am one of the few that she has been giving lessons to before so i have no fear of her. Well, no fear beyond the normal fear one gets when she is giving one lessons.
Anyway, i hope to do well in british literature anyway, i hope it'll be an interesting subject. And Hamlet's monologue isn't that long anyway.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

frustrating shitz

And yet again i am forced to come back to the matter of browser compatibility. Why couldn't they all just get along.

"nokk kinni, saba lahti" / "mozilla või IE"

The trouble here is that i need both.

pic of the day vol 2

Click on thumb for larger.

Peoples and the Mini.

la panthere rose

Pink Panther is the thing to watch in the morning. The perfect cartoon. Intelligent, funny and most of all, pink.

[music: Jazzanova - Bohemian Sunset]

life... is good.

It just so happened that i got around to going to club tallinn to see Kalm live. Obviously, everything did not go as well as we had hoped. Kalm only did about three tracks before going away. I later heard that he had had troubles with the sound equipment. That disappointed me.

I went there with K and a mate K had brought along from the birthday celebration he had gone to earlier. The mate was from Saaremaa wich, for us estonians, is a sortof province. An island. For you non-estonians it's a nowhere. Seems to me that it was his first (not that i could say i'm a veteran or anything) time in the club. He was seriously impressed. Called his friends and bragged and the whole lot. I'm just wondering what it'd have to be to make me call my friends and brag as i'm ever so much more metropolitan than the Mate was.

There was something i wanted to add about drinks i shouldn't be drinking but i seem to have forgotten so there you go.

It was a good night nevertheless.

[music: Jazz Cafe 1 - Röyksopp - So Easy]

Saturday, January 22, 2005

moustache and tight pants, baby

45 megs of pure haardkoor disco classics.

Via jänes.

we have explosives

The track that was tormenting me yesterday does it no more for now i have it. Currently listening to it.
The Future Sound Of London - We Have Explosives.
A good techno track.
It just so happened that i ended up at my dear deskmate H's place.
Just laid around and talked to people. Watched you-know-who's pictures from the Yugoslovenia trip as well.
And i even somehow managed to play all my three caribbean jazz discs and nobody complained. Maybe they're beginning to accept me as a freak. Yeah, right.
The jazz played for the audio but for the visual we had a very splendid movie indeed with the volume turned to zero. But the volume wasn't necessary anyway. Unfortuantely, tv3's website has their programme wrong so i can't tell you what movie it was. It starred Hulk Hogan, i can tell you that. The same fellow that went running around in yellow spandex pants and blonded moustache in the eighties.
A bit of surfing around later i can tell you that it was in fact Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant. Not that much short of a good gay porn movie with loads of naked muscled men in it. Only that we did get to see a lady's breasts in just about the first scene.

Can't put any pictures up as of yet.

Friday, January 21, 2005

annoying melancholy

Ever been in the situation when a track is in your head so bad you can almost remember it but you cant listen to it. Man, this stuff is annoyying. I have this track that i'd like to listen to but i cant find it. The only thing i know about it is that i'm pretty sure it was on the soundrack of wipeout, the greatest playstation one game EVER.
Anyone besides me played it?
Googling the soundtrack narrows it down to 14 tracks, but where can i obtain them? Anyone have any ideas?


I feel like having just crawled over the finish line after running a 500 kilometer race in the sahara desert.

Then again, i know that the drop in tension will be ever so mediocre. But still, i have another weekend in front of me. And boy, does that feel good.

Anyway, as for more real matters now.
My site is partially up again but the gallery isn't functional as of yet. I hope to shed some light into that matter soon.

As for my plans for the weekend, i'd like to do something today if i don't give in to my tiredness. Wich i just might.
I also plan to do some css haxing.

But as for now, i think i'm going off to do a victory dance celebrating yet another evil week defeated.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

if i survive this, i'm invincible

So im here studying.
This stuff gets onto your physics, you know.


Er. I almost cant see the map from under all the notes i've written on it.
Anyway, just before starting studying again about an hour ago, i went to a girl's (her being from my class) birthday celebrationette. She achieved the great rebellious i-am-the-center-of-the-world (two loosely quote our english teachers) seventeen. So would i have to say woman or lady instead of girl? I suppose i ought to.
Congratulations, dear.

A very good (even if a bit bumpy) bit to it was that we went there and back in K's mini. And that is something. You can see that a fellow has the right car when he's ready to park it three times to make it nicely aligned. He most definately has the right car for him.

A bit of dialogue between me and K during the ride:

Me: "Man, this stuff is great. The only thing is that the suspension is a bit rough."
K: "What suspension. This thing aint got no suspension. Only some rubber thingies."

You can imagine the resolved look on my face.

Anyway, the countries of south america have been calling out to me for too long, i'd better go.

[music: oncementioned mix from link by rivo] - house

stress STILL very much the national sport

School can be a burden at times.

Mission for today:

1) Memorize all the countries of the world with their capitols and locations. I don't have to memorize the african capitols, but it's still pretty bothersome.

2) Read Hamlet. 80-ish pages.

Anyway, about some things i've noticed.

The newspaper Postimees has recently been losing it's quality. First, i don't like their new design. It's too colourful and vague. They are using the same photos and clipart over and over again and that sucks. Overall quality loss.
And that's sad to see for Postimees is my favourite newspaper. I hope that i won't be forced to quit saying that.

The other thing i saw today was that tv3 is using web-style banners during their own commercial clips that advertise forthcoming movies etc. That really sucks. Banners really break up the whole design they had on screen. The respectable estonian tv channel now feels like a cheap website selling penis enlargement pills or whatnot.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

stress is the national sport

I'm so buried in homework i don't even rightly have time to post today.
So there.

[music: Phunkie Souls - The Music]

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

yay. tuesday.

Tuesdays are my longest days.

The good thing is that today my translating course was an hour earlier than it usually is. That meant i got away an hour earlier too. First time trying synchronized translating today, then. It's weird. You have to listen to some text and at the same time say it out, only that in an other language. Wants practice.

Anyway, as the course itself was in the language house of tartu univesity this time, i used the opportunity and grabbed my camera along.

I took some pictures of the ice cock (the bird) that they have installed in town hall square. Took some other photos too, but the server is down currently so i cant upload anything. I sure hope that they are fixing the problem i asked them to, too.

And oh. Wearing a beenie and taking photos of stuff sure gets strange looks in Tartu. The beenie tends to cheer people up, i think. It sure made two shopgirls smile when i was buying myself a bun thingie with jam in it. Another time when i and K were visiting the same shop he noted that these were especially sad and depressing shopgirls. Beenie makes the difference!

[music: mom listening to my cd's in the livingroom]

Monday, January 17, 2005

modern language evolving

This from the urban dictionary.

George dubya r00lz.

Also see this.


I downloaded and am now listening to this mix that rivo wrote about.

Even though it's not quite my style, i like it. Especially good as background music for studying. I think they call it house music, but i wont give my head for it. (And that, my dear friends, seems to be a phrase in tartu english i just invented.)

i'm not the only weirdo

Here is a person working in the us navy blogging about star wars legos.

Via blogger next blog button.

monday again

Mondays are the easiest. Not just because they're fist but due to my schedule as well. Mondays and fridays are the only days i don't have obligations after school but fridays don't count anyway. They're fridays and stuff.


Have you noticed it's a bit brighter already. The day lasts a little longer and that's nice. Just today i was coming home hearing the birds singing feeling like spring. But knowing that its only january makes it a weird feeling because you know there is no way it could be spring yet. Man, global warming has its downsides.

And now for something completely different:

I feel sort of paranoid. At times, i think someone has entered my room when nobody has. Been having such occasions for round two weeks now. Weird...

[music: Backyard Dog - Baddest Ruffest]

Sunday, January 16, 2005

leet haxor style v 2.0 launched

*drum roll*


Here she is. The new template. Long in the making, and i'm quite satisfied with it. I hope you too will be.

The experiences i've had with the first template contributed greatly to the development of this one.
But the pinkish colouring happened on a whim. I still like it.

Any and all comments, please?


I managed to do a bit of photography today. Kaimar was along, too. We cruised (on foot, though) around supilinn. It had gotten too dark by the time we got to tähtvere.

Anyway, pictures are here because there are temporary troubles with the main gallery.


Yesterday was a long day. Woke up late-ish, went out with dad to restock the food supplies of base camp (read: home) and then went to my dnd game by three. When the game ended at eight, being a relatively short game at only five hours, i was braindead. Got home only to find out that The People were going out to eat at pang. I went with them.
They hadn't realized that it's impossible to get tables at pang for over 10 people on a saturday night without resercations.

There wasn't much rejoicing.

A little bit of quick discussion later it was decided (and they even listened to my opinion) to go to my place as my parents just happened to be out of town.

Ordered food from pang and, most important of all, watched the videos from The People's recent trip to Yugoslovenia. I will not say anything further about the videos, just in case.

I would upload some photos too but i seem to be having trouble with my server as of now. I need to install some thingies. And installing thingies is pretty difficult.

there is no spoon

The fact that characterises our household and the people living in it very well is that there are always more teaspoons than anything else in the dishwasher.

Friday, January 14, 2005

desktop sidebar

I recently tested, with the intention of using, the Desktop sidebar, developed, correct me if i'm wrong, by tgt soft.

The program, as you can see from the picture, is supposed to act as an additional "start bar". It is highly customizable to fulfill many different roles. During the time i experiented with it i had it check the rss feeds of all the blogs i read, and it sucsessfully does that. It can also check your weather and display your system stats (as shown on the picture). I also had a textbox integrated into it by a 3rd party plugin wich you can download many of at their site.
I mostly wanted the program to have a text box integrated into my desktop. I want a "notes" area where i can jot things down. Mostly stuff i need to blog about and don't want to forget. It did the job just fine.
I also need my computer system stats displayed but so far i had used another program for that.

It can also display your messenger buddies and control buttons and title of the song for your winamp.

All that and much more, like windows office integration, in very little screen room for the functionality.

So why did i only test it and am uninstalling this after i finish writing this? The program looks buggy. Everything is fine when it's just sitting there but when you click on things, stuff changes colour and shape like a lame javascript rollover button. You could also tellw when the skin (for it's a skinnable thing) designer had wanted the color changes not to show but the program engine still drew them.

The main problem was that, even eating only 10 mb of ram, wich is not that very much for me, it made the whole system sluggish.

This brings me to the program i'm currently using to display both system stats and now a way i made it display the text box thingy.
It's called samurize and you can find it here. The possible downside to it is that samurize is so highly customizable you will have to build the whole skin yourself. There are proffessional ready made skins too, but i built my own to suit just my needs. That can be a problem for the not-so-computer-literate-as-me, though. But i say that if you have any idea at all of what you're doing with your computer, you can manage.

Samurize does not eat up much memory or affect system behaviour in any way.
So my suggestion, if you needed a program like that, is to use samurize.

random thoughts volume 1

The good thing about global warming is that it makes the biking season longer.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

we rob post offices. what the f0k do we know about antiques mate?

I finished reading "Mythology" by Edith Hamilton. And finished it quite on time, too. In theory, i finished it about two hours before the last minute while having known about having to read it for about three months. But i still consider it a good result.

The copy i had the priviledge (priviledge because i hear it's been quite a hassle to obtain the book for a few people) of reading was printed in 1975. That made the epilogue somewhat peculiar to read. "Our soviet researchers yaddayadda yadda lake baikal bla bla".

The book itself, for the few ones that don't have the pleasure (yeah, right) of going to the same class with me and thus have not had to read it, is a good summary of the greek myths and legends and associated matters.
I can say i enjoyed reading it even though i didnt enjoy having to read it.

What i suspect may make me a bit different from many of the people that had to read the book is that i knew, and now that i've read it all i can say it, pretty much everything beforehand.
My grandmother loved these stories. Even though i can't say for sure at the moment, i think she studied literature at Moscow University. She loves theatre too. And erm, the greeks pretty much started theatre.
So she loved em and made me love them. A funny thing i noticed that when i read a story, i always remembered the specific illustration to the story from the coloured greek mythology book of my grandmom's. They were a bunch of big colourful books with big text, i suspect for children. One of them was in greek and everything.
Amazing how you can remember an exact picture, actually series of them, after some 13 years (or maybe a bit less) since you saw them.

I like the way the greeks saw the world. Not that i would see the world exactly the same way, but it's still sort of heart warming and nice.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


If this keeps going on for any longer than this week, i'll go totally mad. Half mad already.
Fucking hate this shit, pardon my french.

In the meantime, ladies and gents, if you dont know it already:
the mac mini.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Picture of the day

The thrashbin in my room.



Marathon schoolday over at last. As (almost) every tuesday, i had the translation course today. Not so bad at all as such. Some people actually said i did well.

And now the time for griping and being sad for me. I've yet to start on my homework. A chemistry test, an essay and reading the greek mythology mostly. Not going to do math or physics or english.

The major string of thought that's been going around in my head today has been "how di hell am i going to last till march without a vacation". And mind you, this was the second day of school. But experiences from the previous years show that i will most probably manage somehow. Not that it would make it any easier.

As for other things, i got (or rather, finallized and refined) an idea for a shirt. I'm probably going to make this one happen, too. You will be kept posted.

And oh, i managed to strain my leg muscles so much yesterday i'm not going to run today. You see, my mom, having done track and field in her more youthful years, suggested a new running technique (spelling probably fscked). I tried it.
As it involved different muscle groups from the ones i usually train, my legs now hurt.

Ah well.
I should get to my homework before i fall asleep. The promise of having to spend all four of my three waking hours on homework sounds really nice.

[music: Asian Dub Foundation - Pknb]

Monday, January 10, 2005


This is for K.
Main site of the big pic here.


I just saw two commercials that drew my attention. On the TV.

The first was advertising "colgate complete 7 (read: "seitse") night" What the hell is the use of putting an estonian word between two english ones in an estonian ad. Just sounds really lame and un-thought-through. Sometimes, this occasion being one of them, i feel happy to go to a good school and know as much as i do.
I managed to avoid throwing up somehow.

The other one that amazed me was the ad for some paper napkins. It went something like "with our napkins the time spent together with children can be really enjoyable". Wtf? It's pretty much saying "our product sucks so bad we have to divert your attention and get you to buy it by linking it to happy memories about your children". Oh come on. I'd really be disappointed in the average estonian if he actually bought the napkins because of that commercial. I fear i will be.

There was something yet else i wanted to mention but seems i've forgotten by now.

I was just wondering.
If i have a malfunctioning calculator that shows wrong results and i fail a national exam because of that, can i sue them?

[music: William De Vaughn - Be Thankful For What Youve Got]

not so terrible

Yes, not so terrible. But still awfully boring and routine. The first day of school, that is. But, fortunately, after years and years (actually ten of them) of training, getting adjusted to the routine took about .3 seconds.
The good news is this will be the longest stretch of school-time i will have to endure without a break.
Damn shame.

On the better side, i think i will be able to go running today without risking breaking all the bones in my body on ice.

But school draws your juices out for sure. Im not tired as such, but it's a similiar feeling. Sortof like having a black layer set to about 20% opacity above me, if that tells anyone anything.

And now for something completely different:
When i saw this a warm wave shot through me and i started drooling. Would i love to put myself to the test on that hill, going either up or down. Preferrably both. And fast.
Surf around that gallery. Nice pictures of the nature of finland. Found from near aatomik's blog.

[music: Prodigy - Mindfield] - techno

Sunday, January 09, 2005

teh payl in 40 years

So here i am.
Somewhy, seems that out of the blue, i've imagined myself as a pro photographer quite a few times over the several days. I wonder what that is trying to tell me.
I will say that it's not a very unpleasant thing to imagine at all. Just that i've had a proper camera for, er, almost both weeks by now? Cant even take photos of mediocre quality yet.
But i seem to be liking it. Erm.

And oh, about the camera. I'm afraid i'm going to have to switch it because of the abscence of the possibilty to save to tiff/raw wich greatly hinders everything. Okay, it plain sucks.

Then again, i've been quietly thinking to myself about rejoining a biking training group of some sort.
Damn winter sucks anyway, nothing to do. Maybe if it snows now i can start skiing.

And oh: Enjoy your last night without homework, you lot.

And oh, the second: Ka was right. As soon as the holidays end, it gets all cold and snowy again. Im not sad tho. I do know some others who would have wanted it to be cold and snowy during the holidays.

[music: 187 locdown - kung fu] - drum'n'bass

oh, the pleasures

The weather around here has been really interesting. 30m/s winds and the usual. Roofs flying off houses, you know. Found some pics (and some more) off the web, too. Total anhilation, how ever you spell it.

Been a slow paced day today too. Read some ancient mythology and everything. A tuff 50 more pages so far for a grand total of 111. A third of the book so i have all the chances to finish it by Thursday evening as i have to.

Or maybe the wind has dragged the school building to somewhere in the middle of russia. Prolly not.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Been a slow day today so nothing to really talk about.
I played DnD and that took up most of the day. After that, dinner at grandma's.

And thats it.

In the meantime, check this. Unruled wrote it. Even though the text uses so much grammar and sentence construction, that it made my brain smoke by the time i got through half of it, to me, it was a good read.
Due to recent events, i understood some of it. I mean, some of the parts that didnt have grammar in it.

porokillari - ubre jk2 pwnage

The title is a reference to an idea i and M had when i was at his place fiddling about with his computer and music. I went there mainly because i could. I, you see, had planned to go to sleep early-ish in preparation of tomorrow's (well, tehcnically, today's) DnD game. But as it came out that my parents had taken the liberty of iviting my uncle and other guests, i was rather sure that sleeping would have been hindered to say the least. And as it just happened that the other part of the guests was made up by M's parents whom we have known as family friends for a very long time, i used the opportunity to go to M's place wich had no parents whatsoever. Not that it necessarily would have made a difference.

Got a few cds with good music on them, too.

Havent played DnD in a mighty long while, too.

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Friday, January 07, 2005

in the marley spirit

Well, first things first. I made a wallpaper of the picture you can see above. 1280, 1152 and 1024 versions.

Have you ever noticed how a son's voice can be very similiar to his father's. Would make sense, no?
The example that brought me to ponder this was Bob and his sons. You can hear their father in their singing, truly you can.

Currently listening to this very nice piece by Ky-Mani. "Return of a King". Get your hands on it, if you can.

And now for something completely different ( - the spanish inquisition):

Casemodding fridges. You know, like they casemod computers. Like here, here or here.
I was just thinking i'd like my fridge casemodded. Two massive 12 inch intake fans in the front and a contents list wich shows you where what is inside the fridge. And obviously some very tasteful blue lightning and acrylic glass sides to the fridge. And some nice lady voice saying hello when i open the door and goodbye, have a nice meal when i close it.

ladies and gentlemen

Back from yet another, and that doesn't degrade the quality in any way, night out. Took pictures, as i tend to.
One thing i noticed is that the fact that my camera only saves to jpg format sucks, pardon my french, ass. I cant edit them in photoshop almost at all. Saved it to raw, i could.

We watched a movie. "13 going on 30". Now i have two contestants for the "worst movie of all times". Unfortunately, it's a bit too late to warn most of you not to see it as it was in the cinema a long time ago. I'm not very happy to say it, but it seems that if i like a film or not bogs, on a large portion, down to whether i have a penis or not. I wish it wasn't so. But alas.
I wouldnt really go as far as to describe the movie itself because most of you can imagine what the average hollywood movie looks like, anyway.

Just a quick link:
Adam Polselli's 2005 Color Forecast.
Inspired me.

[music: Gladiators - Chatty Mouth] - reggae

Thursday, January 06, 2005

upgr4d35 v01um3 2

Two more links added to the right. That means i now am a constant reader of those.
Ladies and gentelmen, i present you:
*drum roll*
Irve and Aatomik.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

progress bar.

I just figured that sad mood just for the sake of being in a saad mood and enjoying it like one might enjoy wine can be acceptable as long as you know that you're not "really sad" and that you can and will come out of it when you want or need to.

I currently am, as you might have concluded, sad. But i'm sort of enjoying it. Music and other stuff (no, not material stuff if anyone of you is thinking about drugzes) can sometimes affect my mood quite a lot indeed compared to the somewhat stable of a person i usually tend to be.

This time, part of the trigger was "Whispering Wind" by Moby. Then again, an hour or so back i was feeling really calm and happy. I guess the thought string from that point to here and the mood of the songs that played got me here.

The second song, from the happy side this time, i'd like to mention is "Peace Truce" by the Gladiators. That one went into my "leet songs" folder where i collect the songs i especially like.

Anyway, i've been working on my new site template. I'm hoping to launch it soon, only a few minor things to fix now. My experiences show that these minor problems are always the worst and require the most time, though.

[music: Cafe del Mar - Moby - Whispering Wind]

a night out

Two links first. 1978 Firebird Trans Am Kammback - sport wagon from the 70s. and float tea lantern.

Got back from Ka's house. Sat around, talked and watched tv. Took pictures. I will yet again emphasize that i have to learn a lot. It's only my first week with photography so now that i think of it, i dont feel so much frustrated at all those crappy and blurry photos than i did before.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

blogender 05

Ultramaximum respect, Kalkar. Man, can he draw or what?
Im just stunned and baffled at the shere coolness of the calendar he made. Just download it yourself and share the joy, will you.

les topics randoms

Just wanted to point you to this and this.

The first one is just sort of heart-warming.

The second one had me thinking. I'd suppose that technically, it wouldn't be my (in this case, of course, Siim's) problem if i was first in the google results for something and it had negative results. Such as a negative review about a cafe that wasn't really intended to be so negative.
The considering of the results part that Kaimar stresses, i figure ought to be natural as a result of love of your neighbour, so to speak.
You know, that technically i wouldn't need to, but i'd be a jerk if i didn't.

teh national treasure

Good movie my ass. About the worst movie i've ever seen, i wager. Well yes, the movie's sucking might have been partly my fault. I couln't forget the fact that i'm an european and live in a real world while watching and that seems to be the key.
I don't know what the movie wanted to say. Nothing, i assume. And as it didn't entertain me it was just awful. Well, yes, i did laugh most of the movie but not at the places i was supposed to. I laughed at the so called patriotic (not my expression) music. I laughed at how "the freemasons (read: George Washington) needed to hide the treasure from the Brits".
The movie was so chliché (spelling probably fscked), but i could see they didnt want me to feel that.

If you plan to watch it, don't. Give the money to charity in Asia or whereever you like.

Monday, January 03, 2005

hmm, upgrades

I added this-and that to the links on the left, err, right.
Mainly Rivo and Design Blog and the Estonian Blog List.


Just sitting here, listening to a bit of Bob and thinking of things. Tomorrow, i hope, will be a day of pulling myself together.

I've been promising myself stuff. I promised myself to read the Mythology by Hamilton. 50-ish pages so far. Not bad reading, but it's weird to read it if you (i think) aren't supposed to know the stories and myths, but you do. My grandma has studied literature and she started reading greek mythology to me when i was a bare toddler. So i nodded in agreement for the whole 50 pages. Refreshing teh memory and stuff.

Then i promised myself, well not promised, but got around to wanting, to design a new blog template. Got that started as well. As it tends to happen, i got stuck-ish when i finished the graphical part and started the coding. But not to worry, i will get something, even if buggy, up as soon as possible. You might want to keep an eye on the test blog. Nothing there as of yet, though.
Main reason i started the whole business is that photos dont really physically fit into the rather smallish previous template. I also want to make it visually simpler. And i got inspired. You will see.

And then i got around to wanting to do sports again. Even that, i got started. Went running today. Is it just me, or is running really a bit more intensive than biking? I feel so.
This damn christmas business is bad for ones weight, i tell you. I put up a damn kilogram. Calculations show that i would have to bike 300 km or about one and a half weeks to get rid of it. With running, i dont have so speficic data to entertain us with.

So yeah, i'm just sitting here thinking. Enjoying some bob. Rivo wrote time, among other things. So now i'm sitting here misinterpreting it and wondering.
Bob is really soothing, you know. I like. But you already know that.

And oh,
I thought i'd paste here a post i made about the Asian catastrophe. Post itself here then:

See Instants leiab, et igasugune abi on ju teretulnud. Panen mina kümme senti, paneb naaber kah, ja saabki vaesele indoneeslasele pool mullinätsu osta.

Lisaks sellele, et neid puht ligimesearmastusest tuleb aidata (see siis puhtalt isiklik arvamus), tahaks kunagi loota, et kui jää põhjast peale tuleb või tulnukad läänemaailma ründavad, aitavad nemad meid vastu. Jah, olen valmis midagi lihtsalt niisama ära andma. Kui raha ei ole, siis kasvõi toetavat mõttevaimu.

Ja mina ei taha, et keegi kunagi mu perele "sure ära, eestlasi on liiga palju, küll te uuesti paljunete" ütleb, kui mingi jama on.

Seda ka hästi uskuda ei taha, et kõik kohalikud ainult rusuhunniku otsas istuvad ja helikopteri poole kui kurepojad pesa serval nokad lahti vaatavad.

[music: Bob Marley - Babylon System]

Sunday, January 02, 2005

photos, yet again

Oh boy. Let me just say i got the big problem i had with the photogallery fixed. Embarrassed to admit it, but it was just my own stupidity.

Added some (over a hundred some) new photos from the trip to nõva. They be here.

That be all.

[music: Anthony B - Clean Up]

innovative newness

I just concluded that estonians dont have very much creativity or fantasy concerning naming their companies or projects. Or maybe it's a sort of innovativeness i'm not used to yet.

There is a 2d graphics program, developed mostly by an estonian, called sodipodi. Now, browsing an architecture magazine, i found a doormaking company called kopkop.

So there.

[music: Prodigy - One Love]

Saturday, January 01, 2005

january teh first

This morning i was (not) very glad to discover that, for a change, i am still completely talentless. I was just sitting here and couldn't do what i wanted at photoshop. Talentless at photography too. Half the photos i take i have to delete/stash away because they are too unsharp or wrongly/not at all lit and so on. And don't even come telling me it's a matter of learning because i know it is but if i actually admitted i knew it then i wouldnt sound so talentless as i want to.
The conclusion is that i've been oh so contemplative about wanting to become a web designer-ish person. Maybe i'd be better off picking berries and plucking turkies instead.

And now for something completely different:

I'll tackle the party first. Well, it was mostly pleasant. Nothing so very much to speak about, really. If you've gone to any party at all, i bet you have some sort of idea about what went on about.
And the PICTURES will speak for themselves anyway. Let me just note that i do have the original sized versions wich i havent sized down for internet use if someone especially likes a photo or what ever.

And oh. I apologize the lack of any user interface to the photos. The php gallery i did have installed turned out to be too troublesome to use due to leet haxoring circumstances i rather wouldn't discuss here. I'd like some help(ful links) concerning php/whatever galleries. If anyone would be as helpful as to actually donate a few minutes for live (read: messenger) discussion about it, i'd be most grateful indeed.
Basically, i want to reassure you that the matter is being dealt with. But for now you will just have to manage with the way things are.

And now, again, for something completely different:

Today has been a sit-at-home-at-the-computer sort of oday. I have sort of decided to not let tomorrow be the same. Having done it today is partly explainable with the party and so.
As half the people i know at all are away in some place called Yugoslovakia or something like that, the options of doing stuff with somebody have sortof dwindled.
I spose we'll just have to get by, the ones left behind.

And now a little about the blogosphere as it's a new year:

This section inspired by Siim, then.
Today, i think i got an outside-kaimarblog link. From Kaarel. Yeah. I'm slowly eating myself into the estonian blog scene. Mooahahhaha.

So what have i accumulated so far?
3507 unique visitors. Thats what i can tell you for sure. The statistics engine that gives more wide results has been put to work only recently so i can't say anything about that yet.

[music: Bob Marley - Top Ranking]