Friday, December 31, 2004

happy neu jer

Yarr, matey.

I'm now, as you can conclude from my posting here, back from the country. Everything went along just as it tends to do.

Took some photos (can't upload yet because the camera battery is recharging), enjoyed teh sauna and did everything one tends to do on an occasion of being in the country.

Well anyway.
I'm going to the (traditional, i might say) new year party at this certain mate's place.

So yeah. Another post to show you that i'm alive.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

dragosta tin tei

If you are looking for serious content, skip this post altogether.

And now, for something completely different:

Your usual internet spam (with a tape-recorder up his nose):
Link 1 and Link 2.
I'm not responsible for any seizures this might cause. Consider yourself warned.

phot -ooh- graphy

This whole photography thing seems quite neat. And oh, i can imagine what the "old fish " are thinking right now. The likes of K-Tamm and Teller and Rivo and all the many others. No, i won't say what i think you think because chances are you aren't actually thinking what i'm thinking you are thinking.

Anyway, i just found a very neat site called trekearth. It has huge amounts of photos from all the corners of the world, my home town Tartu among them. This photo had me thinking. I want summer and vacation. I suppose all i can do is wait, for they will come.
As of more closer-on-the-timescale (damnit, i need more vocabulary) plans, i want to go take pictures of the architecture of Tähtvere (the part of town i live in). Any photo people in tartu wanting to come along or something? I'd plan to do it shortly after january 1st, during the holidays.

Hence the following. If you know anybody that might like to come along, point them to this post, will you. I know i don't get that many readers (yet). The more, the merrier, you know. And eh, just daydreaming now, if i get some really photo-savvy people to come along, i might even learn something or other.

[music: Mad Cobra - Find and Kill]

i am the great cornholio

Been watching some Beavis and Butthead lately.

Went out to town and helped M (and maybe i am getting a bit silly with all the abbreviations and pseudonyms) buy a walkman. Got him a sony, this yeear's version of my old player. Ought to be good.

Will be off to the country in the evening, i think. Back to greet the new year in Tartu.

[video: Beavis and Butthead - A Great Day]

Monday, December 27, 2004

well then

My internet was absent yesterday, as you could see.

What have i been doing, then? Well, besides from all the christmas stuff, i went to the country yesterday. Took, some photos too. Link here. I'll add the gallery link to the side for your viewing pleasure as well.

I'm wondering myself if this will now turn into a photobloggy thing or not. If it does, i'm going to have to redesign the template.
Well, i plan on redesigning the whole thing anyway, so we'll just see, i s'pose.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

photos then

Well, i've got some photos up in a quickly cobbled together gallery. For your viewing pleasure, if any.

Anyway. Now is the time to give me links/hints/advice/information on (digital) photography, if you have any at all.
Especially interested in how to get good quality pictures with a digital cam.

all in order


Just a post to say nothing than i'm still alive and looking over my harddisk to make room for new stuff. I hope to post some photos with the next post.

Friday, December 24, 2004

merry christmas and the usual


I just realised. What am i doing inside the first hour of Christmas Eve Day. The day is more important than the actual christmas day, anyway. So what am i doing? I'm sitting at my computer reading f00ken internet message boards. Get a life, self.

The fact that i just got back from somewhere isn't really that important. I dont know if i should be so bold as to say i might need some company from the, er, well, weaker sex. No, i shan't be that bold. So disregard this paragraph.

Well, but i did get back from somewhere. The dreaded (not really) Pang again. Why do i (we) go there so much? The food is always a safe bet. Sorry for repeating myself, but i had good company again. With me i had K squared (thats two different physical bodies considered one entity as of now) and an L and then some more people that didn't stay with us for the whole time. I reckon the letters arent telling you much anything so i'll just skip the complete cast listing.

So yes. When coming back, the girls (yes, actually two of them) suggested we pick a route through town hall square for it's beauty. Oh yes, the three tracktors and several trucks and the sounds of hammer banging from near the huge christmas tree were beautiful indeed. In an industrial sort of way.

And now, something i don't usually do but as it's christmas i hope you will forgive me the total lack of netiquette and modesty rules in the following sentence:

Merry Christmas.
Or whatever holiday your religion might be having near this time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

merry christmas, yo.

Been a busy day. Luckily, i can relaxx for about two weeks now.

Busy day began with school, as always. After school, i got home only to meet up with mom in an hour. We then proceeded to buy my christmas present, the Kodak dx7590. My preciouss. Well dad says all teh family can use it but what does he know.

After getting the camera i proceeded, at light speed, to buy the ingredients i needed to make a christmas present for Ka. (And i'm not sure if there have been any previous Ka's mentioned and if they are or are not the Ka i'm talking about right now.) That consisted of buying a white mug. I proceeded to paint it with special colors. I sort of like how it turned out, sort of hip and all. I hope Ka likes it as well. At least it has a prospect of being a gift with some practical value to it.

Erm, a thing i remembered about school, then. Don't know if i even should be telling you this, but here goes. The british studies teacher, who has been the form teacher (thats a phrase in the good ol' Tartu English) of my d3ar mother, sent mom a card through me. Said i was a nice chap and everything.

After the lightspeed mug painting, because i was in a hurry of the grandest of the grandest of scales, i went to school. Got to wear a new shirt i had bought, but never mind.
The happenings at school were exactly as i had foreseen. The festive meeting, with the highlight being Morten, a mate of mine,'s play. Depicting the problems of modern society through a story of Rapuntsel. How ever you spell that. And Morten got to wear a skirt and have ribbons tied into his beard.
Exchanged gifts with people. I got a box with cinderella gear and a discful of pron and a loo roll in it. I'm oh so proud.

After the festive meeting (another phrase of Tartu English), there was the disco. Well, the disco was there, but we weren't. Thats a school tradition, you see, nobody ever being there.

And then we came home and on the way decided to to somehting tomorrow.

Boy, does it feel good to just sit here and know that i've got no worries on my back and listen to Jimi. Bliss. Heaven. Aah.

[music: Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing]

parts. prime minister car parts.

The front page of today's postimees. The estonian police sent the crowd control squad to hide in a forest near Lihula wich Parts was visiting. People seem amazed with that.
Wtf?^^ mates?
I see nothing wrong with it. Only the fact that the PM himself didnt know about it. But among the duties of the police is protecting the minister. We saw what the crowd did at Lihula the last time. It's natural to have forces ready just in case something happens, i say.
Come on.

And oh.
Did you know that the stone-age axe had "victorinox" written on it:

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

one more day to go, yarr.

Highlights of the day then:

The periodic table, v 2.0. Created by our juniour colleagues at school, i reckon. Besides the obvious elements one expects to find in a table such as that, the one on our physics class wall had on it such diverse elements as: lr [leetonium], hx [haxorium], o2mg and many more including some named after our teachers.

So what else.
Retook 2 maths test to get my grade, feeling indifferent as to the results.

Decided not to make an effor to wear a costume that we're sort of recommended to wear. Nobody takes it very seriously, though.

Figured out what to give to a classmate as a christmas gift. Not that it would matter too much or be of too much importance, but still.

Decided to postpone the buying of a gift to a classmate to the last minute.

Oh, and yes, Merry Christmas, people.

[music: The Vogues - Five O' Clock World]
This, as a matter of fact, is a song i recognize from within a song on the new record by Kristjan Kalm. "Run" the name of the track in fact.

Monday, December 20, 2004

monday mishaps and otherwize

I'd be lying if i said this wasnt a monday within the norms. The usual schoolday with extra added fun factor™ at the chemistry lesson. The teacher, and if you happen to not go to my school, let me just say that this is the classical sort of teacher that makes the class shut up in about 3 seconds when the enters the class and then complains about us taking too much time to settle down. Well, anyway, the teacher asked me. I had even studied and everything and didnt have much problems. I answered my piece and as it seemed too short, he asked extra questions. He asked one that required a bit of thought and so i was standing there thinking for a moment. Obviously, at the most critical moment one of my deskmates calls the right answer out in an argument with the other deskmate. The teacher then generously interprets this as him telling me the answer and lowers my mark. Oh what joy.
Well anyway, i still got an above average mark for my chemistry, so im not too mad.

After school, wich ended two lessons early due to the literature lessons being cancelled, i and mom went to check out some second hand stores for stuff. I'm looking for a coat or something. Got myself two nice shirts instead. I tell you, second hand stores are the best place to look for all sorts of cool stuff.

And, em, thats pretty much it for now.

[music: Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra - Jamay]

Sunday, December 19, 2004

The town hall tower bells playing the melody of "white christmas" is nice. I heard it when coming home yesterday. The two gentlemen in gas masks werent so nice, but funny.

I just finished my geography report on Bill Gates and Microshit, er Microsoft. I happened onto a great wikipedia page that had pretty much all info i needed. I hope for the best, we shall see. I suppose i will get a four at least. They always find something wrong with any given piece.

Just a sidenote, my parents can cook well.

And, er, the Grand Vision of my new site is coming along slower than i thought. I'm lazy and php is scary.

[music: Ez Rollers - Blow]

Saturday, December 18, 2004

christmas moods

I've created some christmas backgrounds for all your viewing pleasure.
Three different versions for different resolutions:
1280, 1024 and 800

sat - your - day

43 minutes 10 seconds of running. Thats about two minutes less for the same distance since i last ran it.

So far i have done pretty much nothing exept create a small thingie in photoshop and went out to run.

Going out to eat somewhere with parents and a family friend or two later.

Yay, another pointless post to the archives of history. I wonder how some fanatics still read this blog.
I'll try to be better.

my shirt smells of cigarette smoke.

I'm now back from the gospel concert. I was good. I went there not knowing exactly what to expect. I hoped (did i already mention it?) i would like it. And so it was. The beginning seemed sort of slow and i was wondering if i could get into the mood. They did some neat songs, one caribbean flavoured (read: salsa (or whatnot) song i liked especially. Also spoke about the history of gospel music.
During the second half i decided to get myself into the mood. I deliberately chose to sing along to the song that went "hallelujah" between the crowd and the four ladies and it helped. I got into a positive mindset and enjoyed it even more.
By the end of it all, i was really "stoked, man".

For those of you that might not know, here is my definition of gospel. It's the church music of african american people. Their temperament and traditional african influences make the music something way different from what we here in europe are used to think of as church music. The concert we saw was performed by four ladies (who looked and felt just like grandmothers, wich they probably are, too) and one piano. Not that the piano would have played on it's own, mind you.
Frantic singing. Very nice.
You can see the influences of gospel in any sort of music that has even the least to do with afroamerican musicians, i figure.

After the concert we headed out to town with the intention of eating at the ristorante italiano (wich i cant find the site of at the moment). Obviously, the place was full. We visited some others, concluded most of them were full, and headed back to the ristorante (back to the street in front of it, that is) to formulate further plans.
Long story short, we ended up getting seats.
Very good food, a bit too crowded. But thats what i'd expect on a friday evening. Good company, as always.

As we had seen afroamerican (and i'm deliberately using that word) performers, we had (or i tried to have, anyway) a discussion about the estonian equivalent of the word "negroe". I understand black people generally dislike that word used about them. As much as i figure, though, it goes not only for english but for other languages as well. I'm a little confused here. I can understand that the word has become polluted, so to say, with the slavery and racism business. But on the other hand, i believe it's about the best word there is to use for the meaning it conveys. I mean, it's a word on it's own, not combined of some other words and everyone understands what you mean with it.
That all is from the estonian language perspective, then.

And now for something completely different (a man with a tape recorder up his nose):

I've been looking at different digital camera options for a while now. I have some chances of getting one for christmas. Not that sure yet, though. I'll describe the camera when i actually get one, but there's a thing i'd like to point out.
There's a (newish), i think site called nomatica that sells all sorts of digital equipment very cheap. I believe that is a french company that has now expanded to include most of the EU, if not all. I think it's french because all the javascript and the occasional error page are in french.
So i've been looking at cameras on the site. What i noticed is that they keep rising prices. One camera i checked got about 1000 kroons added to its price during a day and a half with at least three stages of adding.
I'm guessing they look at the traffic any specific camera gets and rise the prices when there's lots of it.
So beware.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

toy or tractor?

Yesterday evening my father got home. Showed up, as i'd like to say. Made himself a sandwitch and in the middle of eating it mentions he has gotten himself a new car.
So i got my jacket and went out with him and mom to see it. As we're a family with very long Saab traditions, my eyes were searching for the familiar shilouette of a saab as we were walking down the row of cars parked in front of the house. And then dad stops in front of something i had perviously thought a shed or a minivan. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a Land Rover Discovery. You can imagine my surprise.
Its about as big as a tank and i hear just as able in the wilderness. The only thing it lacks is a good gun on top. Well, inside it's more on the opposite end of the comfort scale from the tank. Looks more like a luxury limousine. Leather seats and electrical everything.
Looks pretty much like the one on the picture.

2.5 turbodiesel, built 2001, for you car enthusiasts.

I suppose i should have seen it coming because father had been drooling over land rover pictures in the internet for over a year now.

And now for something completely different:
We're going to see the gospel show tomorrow. Got the tickets for a few people myself and i hear some others (namely K) are coming too. I hope to enjoy it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

no en-er-ghyy

Been a rather normal, but tiring today.
Luckily tomorrow is thursday and i quite like thursdays at school. We have the week's only psychology lesson on thursday and the day is otherwize not very tough either.

Well anyway.
The energy loss is due to lots of activity. When i got home at half past eight i was so tired i decided not to go running. And that is something.

Well anyway, for the sedonc time.
Now for something completely different:

I went shopping with my personal fashion guru™, K. I was actually looking for an overcoat from all (well, not all really, there are so many) the second hand shops in Tartu. Obviously, i didn't find any suitable ones. But K spotted me (as it was too big for the small fellow he is) a fine (for the price they asked for it, i'm even more than sure of it) jacket. S'pose most of you will see it at school someday.
Also got a very neat t-shirt wich most of you will probably see too unless i decide to frame it and hang it on a wall but thats not very likely to happen.

K got himself a neat Adidas hoodie wich is by all estimates too small for him to wear but i of all people understand the meaning of buying something just for the design value of the logo on top of the thing. I bought the very same t-shirt that way.

[music: Hybrid - We Are In Control]

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

samurai champloo 01

I just finished watching an anime. My first anime it was, too.
And it wasn't half bad. Largely got into this whole anime business due to unruled's influences.

.christmas {feeling: 0; weather: 0; decorations: 1;}

41 minutes 45 seconds. Running.
Added 1 lap wich is about ten minutes or so. Conclusion: to get a full hour routine, add another.

No christmas mood whatsoever. I was just thinking that it's a week or a bit more till christmas and i dont feel that way. I mean, a week would be about the last time to get into a good christmas mood, no? All i feel is happyness about the upcoming vacation but that's not quite it.
I suppose the absence of the feeling might be caused by the weather, wich isnt, and tv deprivation. No christmas commercials around the clock - no christmas feeling. Or so it would sadly seem to me.
Even though Karoliina says the ropka area is well decorated and everything.

And by the way, i and a mate had some free time during our lunchbreak and we happened into the school library. Long story short, we found a school chronicle back from 92. Thats 14 years, folks. Let me just say the pictures of the teachers, many of whom sti
ll teach pupils, including us, were haardkoor.

Monday, December 13, 2004

kes on koolist minu saiti lugenud? kes on minu kruusist joonud

34 minutes 21 seconds.

Of running. I went running for over two weeks or something. Had i not gone biking on saturday, it would have been the first physical activity in quite long a while indeed. (Rather British indeed, say, chaps?)

And as my mother brought me a new watch wich just happens to have a stopwatch function, i grabbed the chance and measured the time it took me to run. And i would have thought it was longer. Do mind that this is the first analog stopwatch i have seen. It has different hands for showing stopwatch time and "real time", difficult to explain. I'd like to run for an hour or so, but as it was my first day running after a long while i decided to cut it one lap shorter than usual. But even with the extra lap it wouldn't have stretched out to be an hour.

I'm afraid the running business is going to be over soon anyway for there has been frost everywhere the whole day. That means subzero temperatures. So if it rains now, it'll be snow, obviously.
They are already making artificial snow in the Supilinn Sports Park and there were so many skiers there i could hardly see where i was going within the mass of flailing ski poles.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

the household bores.

I now got back from the dreaded Jump Off. And what a bore it was. I am very disappointed. Now then, i should have known to expect boredom from a hip - hop party. But then again, as i might have mentioned, there were rumours about reggae. Of course, i suspected dancehall all along and that is what they played. It was hard to believe that anyone would go about playing reggae at a, well, party. Not here in estonia, at any rate.
The dancehall, you see, would have been fine IF they had played it properly. I am not sure if it's my hearing thats wrong or the hearing of the deejays or that they were drunk. The sound was awry. There was way too much bass and too little of anything else at the dancehall room. The other, hip - hop, room suffered from similiar problems. The proffessionalism (or lack thereof) of the performers could not really get to me withoug being twisted in a horrible way. I think that having a sound technician or the dj pit in the middle of the sound, as opposed to the speakers being behind the pit and thus not enabling the artist to hear himself, would have helped a lot.

The whole sound thing makes me quite sad and frustrated, really. Is quality really too much to ask?

As we couldn't listen to much anything, all we could do was lounge around in the bar area and that we did. Not much fun in that, i say.

Thus the whole party was a mess and a bore. I didn't like at all. Feeling quite sad now, but some real reggae with properly equalized settings and good earphones is slowly starting to have it's effect.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

saturday, er, afternoon

Back from a bit of good ol' biking then. I went with Lasse and another gentleman we got to know through a mountainbike forum.
Well anyway, it felt good to ride over a long while. And being able to ride in the middle of december is interesting, too. Fuck greenpeace, global warming rox. (Not really, though.)

I won't comment on the Older Peoples ability and willingness to ride, i won't.

saturday morning

There was something i wanted to add about yesteday's gettogether, but now i'm not so sure what exactly to say. Pleasant it was and not too many people either. Thanks, people.

As for today's plans, i plan to go biking with Lasse soon. Club Gallery and Jump Off in the evening. I'm only going there because someone, i'm not even sure who, said, they're going to be playing reggae. I, though, suspect that they will be playing dancehall instead. To the nonfanatic indifferent person, that might not make such a huge difference, but what do you people know, eh.

And now for something completely different:
About the article in postimees:

Rootsiga sarnane hindamissüsteem, kus kuni kaheksanda klassini ei panda õpilastele koolis hindeid, võib tulla kasutusele ka Eestis, kirjutab Eesti Päevaleht.

I can understand why they want to do that. But the current methods they propose won't actually change anything. I agree that giving marks creates stress of itself, but i doubt there is anything we can do about it. Because at some point, they have to give the pupils grades. In theory, of course, it would be possible not to, but at some point in their lives people will most definately go through some kind of sorting process, be it connected with getting a job or otherwize. And i am more of the opinion that we (the pupils) should be trained to get grades (be sorted and compaered based on eachothers' results) from the ground up rather than start recieving them during only the last - but - one year of compulsory school. Being used to them, i believe, makes for better results and less hassle.

The other side, of course, is the stress it creates. And i've experienced it myself and i dare say that i am not by far the only one. It is not a problem they candidly speak about, though, and has thus remained hidden from the public's eyes. But as i said, i suppose all that is for our own good later in life.

fry day.

I'm now back from having a pizza and watching a movie. Met some people, ended up at La Dolce Vita, had a pizza, rented a video and watched it. It was the italian job. I had seen it before, but it's a decent movie worth watching again. I'd like to see the old version someday.

That's it, for now, too.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

your average run of the mill

What has jah i been up to today, then?

Nothing much really. School - school school - school. Screwed up a maths test retake. But i' dont worry too much. Let come what will.

And i got meself some hosting, yay.

And now that i think of it, thats all for now.

[music: Brand New Heavies - Track 09]
EDIT: I did have an image here but as IE constantly cant display anything properly, and i do believe IE is to blame, and not my dear mozilla, then just a link to it.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

get down is võtke alla

I just got back from a concert performed by the winners of the 2003 rainbowjazz contest. And good it was. They performed all sorts of pieces, even a Chick Corea piece i knew beforehand. The whole group was great. I especially liked the sax player. Marko Mägi i think his name was. He's really skillful, you know, with that sax. And there was something for the eye, even.
Of course, Sofia Rubina was great as always. I do think i've seen her perform before.

As i luckily tend to do, i had nice company this time too. That being K, and, er, another K. Lets name the other K Ka, then, shall we. As we tend to do, K and i kept on commenting about the band and players. We defined the eye candy, too. Ka wasn't as active in the, er, well, you know. Ka blamed me of kicking her chair, wich i did. Not that it would be considered very important, but i had to write something about her, no?

The schoolday was pretty much normal so no furher talk about that. Only that i've got two maths tests to retake tomorrow and i'm not feeling very confident about either. We'll see.

And now, random question of the day:
Why does your average r'n'b always have turntable scratching and an african american male going "uh huh" in the background?

[music: Apollo 440 - Addicted to Bass]

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

at first, i forgot to enter a title. resistance is futile.

Still a spree of tiredness. I don't know, maybe it's a virus or something. Didn't feel so well in school at all. The whole day was a drag so you can imagine how happy i was to hear that the translation course would be cancelled for today.

Now then, something for christmas. Er, no, i don't want one.
What i do want is a digital camera and thanks to it might even be possible. They sell cameras and stuff really cheap. It's what i like about net stores. As they have a huge number of clients all over the world, they can afford to sell stuff so cheap. Same goes for bike parts net stores, too.

And now for something completely different:
I'd want to go to sleep but have to burn a cd before. You see, we have the opportunity to bring our own music to the music history lesson again. I'm still sort of wondering what to burn, too.

[music: Bob Malrey & The Wailers - Ride Natty Ride]

Monday, December 06, 2004

but i am le tired

On the way from school to home i decided to go to the pöff (a local movie festival) with me good ole' classmates again. We saw some finnish movie, called "Pearls and Pigs" or something like that. It wasn't antything special, but good neverhteless. Anything is good to the hollywood crap, anyway. Well, there are a few exeptions, but still.

The film depicted. Ah, crap, i'll just paste the link and hope that you can read estonian. And, well, if you don't, google the film's title. Link.

When i got back i was so tired it took me about half an hour to get myself to even open the diary. I still am. And the cup of killerstrong tea didnt help much, either.
But then again, listening to Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley while almost sleeping was great. Not to say that they wouldnt be great any day of the year.

[music: Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing [live]]

Sunday, December 05, 2004

graphix i made.

The second is a bacground free for personal use. The thumbnail doesn't do it justice, though. Copyright me.

The author just (or almost just) got back from watching Terkel i Knibe (terkel in trouble). Its a danish (the country with Copenhagen in it, im not quite so sure about all the dutches and danishes in english). It's a 3d computer animation with a plotline similiar to what one might see in an episode of south park.

It's a story about a kid named Terkel. It depicts his life. One day the fat girl in his class jumps down the window because people mocked her and then all sorts of trouble starts. Somebody tries to kill him while he is frantically trying to find said killer. I really dont want to ruin it for you lot, but let me just say that everything gets solved in the grand finale.

By the way, somebody just pointed me to the fact that it's a "family film" as it says on the site. Just look, its somewhere there between the penises.

And now for something completely different:

It's my grandmothers birthday. Party. Woot.

[music: no music, i have guests so i figure it's better to keep the headphones off.]

Saturday, December 04, 2004

the eu in the bible. wtf mate?

Kaarel pointed to this page. I didn't quite get the mood set behind the following:

Pille süstis pisiku ja andis lingi, nüüd kuulan ja loen. Jube... EL sucks!

but. As it is really a great site with hugely impressive web design elements as the one on the right, wich you should be able to see with a good or even, decent, browser. If you see it with IE it's just a coincidence.

I didn't even read anything on the site, but thought you lot might want to see it. Can't say im proud of not reading anything, but then again, the design didnt quite draw me to read either. So there.

[music: Ska P - America Latina !!Libre!!]

mellow saturday. or sunday. or wich was it

Arrg, matey. I just finished watching pirates of the caribbean. The title, actually, is pretty self explanatory too.

But that is not what i wanted to post about.
I wanted to tell you that i have found an alternative semisolution to my hosting problems. Imageshack. And as somebody has been so generous as to enable me to use the (so far) great service, i do. I got inspired today and decided to create a tv. Click the thumbnail for big version.

le monde

Went to the Maailm again, i did. I don't know if it's that i have listened to so much music or just that i go to places with music tastes similiar to mine, but during the whole three hours (wich is not that much now that i think of it) i was out, there was hardly a song played i didnt know, or have myself, for that matter, in either of the two public places i went to.
The places being, as already mentioned, Maailm and Pang's pool room. The enthusiasts i was with, you see, were anxious to play some pool. Billiards. You know, the game where a bunch of goons gets a handful of sticks and beats some coloured balls around a green table of sorts with holes in the corner.

Now that i think about the music matter, it is quite likely the places' taste is similiar to mine. Pang, for example, played Fernanda Porto. The Maailm plays anything and everything. During the time i was there i heard Massive Attac, the Beatles, Bob Marley and Outkast.

The happening itself wasn't anything special in particular, but i figure it was still better than sitting at home. Unless i would have had a really great game of wolf.

[music: Dom & Roland - The Storm]

Friday, December 03, 2004

les matters randoms

Well then. I didn't post yesterday solely due to blogger's being slow and unfriendly.

Well anwyay.

I've been going to school for a whole two(!) days now. Massive, eh? As expected i have huge loads of stuff i have to catch up to. Gossip wize, and most obviously, schoolwork wize.

But as it is friday and i happen not to have too much fever, i will leave that aside.
Wich brings me to this. I have no ideas for what to do toninght and i really wouldn't want to sit home playing wolf (again). Last friday already was like that minus the wolf because i felt like a rag.

As for other things, does anyone want to see some signatures i designed for some gentleman. You see, i recently joined an IT oriented forum. I really can't say i like the sort of average talk on an average IT forum, but i figure the practice i get at making forum signatures (if any) is still practice. And, well, an exercise for creativity too. I won't discuss the reasons for joining the forum until i have some results (and the signatures not being a result) to show.
EDIT: Ah crap, im just gonna post the images, alright.
EDIT, the second: As it came out, a certain browser, no names called *cough*internet explorer*/cough* can't even properly create scrollbars, the images have been taken off. Link to first and second.

Thats it for now.

[music: U Roy & Melodians - Everybody Bawling]

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Today i went to see the family doctor. Why i needed to do that, i'm not sure, but mom was pretty obsessed. Well, i got assured that everything is all right so i'm going to school tomorrow.

About my hosting. Did not get the ISP webspace working as of yet so i'm stuck with blogger wich seems to have had a bad day yesterday. Today everything seems fine again. Well, blogger is the best blog provider out there, so unless i do get some of my own webspace, i dont see anything happening on this front.

[music: John Lee Hooker & Miles Davis - Harry Sets Up Sutton]