Tuesday, November 30, 2004

due to blogger's slowness, i forgot what to write here

Well, today's major topic is being discontent with blogger. I discovered i have no webspace whatsoever to put my stuff to. Luckily, i found out that my interenet service provider (isp) actually does provide hosting so i emailed them. Keep your fingers crossed.
You see, i wanted to post this logo i did just for practice, but i have no webspace to put it at the moment. Also, blogger wasn't accsessible for a while. So if i can get any hosting soon, i might move.

Also, i just figured i have to start noting blogging ideas down if i'm to write any stuff of good quality here. So does anyone know a good way to put notes on the desktop? I mean, the monitor. Paper notes are SO out. I'm gonna take electronic ones, if any.

So eh, thats it for now, folks.

This just in.
Look at the cute elephant Sprizzee made. Neat, no?

[music: Wyclef Jean - Knocking On Heaven's Door]

Monday, November 29, 2004

relatively the same.

I bet this post won't bring much new into your day. But still. Today has been the same as the previous days.

At some point during the day, i actually had a specific thing i wanted to post about, but as it tends to happen to me, i forgot.
Anyway, i just wanted to say it's nice to see a whole four (!) comments on a single post. That's a record for me. Now, some people might argue that comments show nothing and hits per day show nothing, but actually, to me a blog without readers is useless. Im blogging to let the world know (and at times i'm amazed to see that somebody actually cares about the color of my toothpaste). No readers, no point. Of course, other people might be blogging for other reasons.

As for the actual day (that being toda) itself. Woke up and alternated between tv and computer with some sleeping as well. The good thing is that all this takes ever so much less (you can use "much less" in a gramatically correct sentence, yes?) energy than going to school. And i was feeling sort of burned out by school, so all this might have some good effects.
Although i still... Er. Something came up, i got distracted and forgot what the sentence was about.

Anwyay, this whole growing up thing i've been up to lately has affected my parents too, it seems.
Usually being sick with my mother around meant crushed oninons and honey in warm milk and going to bed at eight o clock wrapped in a mountain of blankets.
Now its more like "well, once you DO go to sleep, take these pills aswell, will ya". When i asked her if i'd have to go to sleep right after a bath, she answered "well, have you ever? Just put your clothes on and heep warm."
Different for sure.

[music: Drumagic - Easy Boom]

Sunday, November 28, 2004

ill volume N.

Man, this being ill thing is really interesting. This whole computer / tv / sleep variation is such a thrill. But i don't have to go to school so i ain't complaining. I know that i will be complaining once i do get to go to school again.

I didnt get myself to study today, even though i planned to. Well, thats off to tomorrow, then. I hear i have to see our family doctor tomorrrow too. Mom is saying i have angina*, I and dad are saying i dont. I think we've convinced her by now, too.

The day of just sitting around has allowed me to play some wolf. Oh, the nostalgy of the old times. Just to say, im not so rusty anymore. But oh well.

Edit: Comes out angina in english means some sort of heart disease. It's not what my mom meant, i'm sure. So there is a mismatch between estonian and english terms. Unfortunately i can't tell you the right term at the moment. Well, it's a disease you get when you are in a cold environment too long. I suppose all of you can imagine what that is like. The disease, i mean.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

full modo and winnie

I just finished watching Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle wich i started about four hours ago.

It's a pointless movie. Well, i didn't expect much more, but i was still disappointed. As a movie made as the results of three friends having fun (who just happen to be famous hollywood actors) it's fine, but it remains unclear to me how it made the millions of dollars it did. Well, it had to have made some millions, no? Then again, nobody knows a movie is bad before they see. That leads me to the conclusion that nobody in the world reads film reviews before actually seeing the film.

The jokes (at least they seem to have been thought funny by the director) made me feel embarrassed. Not at the joke itself, although maybe some of them should have, but at the foolishness of them. They were bad jokes. They didnt make me laugh. I just felt sorry for the people that DO laugh at them.

The special effects were equally lousy. Three minutes into the film and i'm wondering "she should have died". During watching the Matrixes i not once thought so. There is a thing i call stunt realism. When the characters of the Matrix do something that is impossible in reality, you know why they can do it and so you know it is ,at least in theory, possible. In the Angels she just falls through rotating helicopter blades and they make no fuss about it. I suppose the Matrix would have made it very clear to the viewer how and why Neo would have been able to do it so the viewer believes what he sees. And that's why the Matrix is a good movie and the Angels isnt.

The other theoretical part of the special effects i especially didn't like was the fact that it took a military helicopter about a third of a second to start up and get the blades rotating. People, military helicopters aren't cars where you turn the key and go. But then again, that might not be such a big problem to the average viewer who isn't such a freak of military technology, especially the flying sort, that i am.

Yet the third part was just sucky computer imaging. Some scenes felt like Toy Story. Characters being dragged around the frame in aftereffects and such.

I can say i got nothing from watching the movie. And i believe Hollywood has more beautiful actresses to put into the kind of a babe-movie.

[music: Oscar Peterson - Jet Song]

sms.ac is a scam, people

Would you all please stop joining sms.ac and sending me invitations. It's a scam. Just google it and see for yourself.

I am sad to see so many people of i know falling victim to it. I would sort of have expected people to check before joining anything, especially so if it's a shabby looking e-mail.

kill ill vol 2

Still ill.

I don't think the temperature is that high anymore even though i haven't actually measured this morning.

About the party i missed, well, Kaimar said it was lousy anwyay. I want to hear what other people think, anyway.

But being ill on a weekend still sucks.

Friday, November 26, 2004

friday night fever

well then.

I've fallen ill again. Damnit. A fever of 38,1 at the moment and mom threatened me with antibiotics, but it's not that bad yet.

The party tonight will obviously be cancelled for me.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

juku the horrible.

This just in.

What i thought to be Avenüü, turned out, to be instrumentaalansambel Juku. Look at the site yourself. I'm not even going to say anything about the site design. One thing though: i know the font of the menu. I will say no more.

And now, my official opinion™:
Juku, you suck.

suured tissid ja eesti punkroki meie mees

Be prepared for a long post, people. Get a can of pickles and read on.

I a packet of gingerbread snaps to eat with the gentlemen on the road and left. Met all the other gentlemen and walked to the club.
They have renovated, or changed, or whatever, the club. That includes installing a no-nonsense sign saying "klubi galerrii" on the door. The board of on-site design experts™ noticed that the sign might be a parody of the club tallinn, but that is just speculation.

Obviously we got there too early and obviously they did not start letting the people in when they had pomised to. So we got a nice half hour of waiting outside. In nice company, fortunately. When they did start letting us in, a whole other opera show started. You can imagine a huge crowd trying to get through what is just a mere door standing in their way. So contemplate a minute on that.

Now then, the list of renovations goes on. They have painted even more of the walls and done not a bad at all job at them. The bar area is open again as well.

We found ourselves seats on a new (to the club) old soviet - made couch that wasn't there before. It was agreed a good feature.

And then on came the first band. And what a band it was. I can honestly say that i've never seen such a, and do pardon me for the expression, faggot before. Really. Ansambel Avenüü i think it was, but google didn't have any notable results on them. Let me just describe the lead singer. But do bear in mind that this is just mere words and by no means will i be able to describe the horror of his looks, even less the way he sang.
A tall not quite obese man, but having had no exercise in a long while. Whereas i would call it a beergut, he himself, judging from the way he acted, would call it a "fuel tank for a sex machine". Only thing is that the only sex he makes seems to be to himself for i believe there is no woman in estonia feeling even the slightest attraction towards him. More of the opposite, really.

Well, he had a quite close to the body (i forgot the real word again) white collared shirt on. Obviously it was unbuttoned at the top to show his really white and nice chest. Do understand the joke about the "nice" part.

Long blonde hair, set to be behind his ears with hair gel. Policeman style sunglasses that he himself on many occasions said were useless, but required to be fashionable. (read: to get chicks, wich he obviously wouldn't anyway)

The pants were sort of close ("creased" pants the dictionary tells me) and nasty. Close enough round the groin tho show the apples or cabbages or whatever he had stuffed in there to make himself look more, er, manly?.

And the way he sung. Oh, i still quiver when i think about it. Well, let me correct myself. I would'nt call it singing. More like screaming and having cramps at the same time. He called his band "the Meie Mees of estonian punk rock". To those that might not know, "Meie Mees" is a band here that produces awful srings of sounds (not to disgrace the word music) but enjoys tremendous respect and fame. Got to give the fellers credit for their business scheme, then again, making money out of nothing.
So i suppose that wasnt such a bad figure of speech at all. Only that Meie Mees pales in comparison of music awfulness.

Just a note: The only lyrics of one song were, in estonian: "big tits, big tits". Original, no?

Unfortunately i wasnt one of the people that had strokes and had to be carried away by the ambulance with blood dripping from their ears and noses. I survived the whole thing and got to see Ursula and Genialistid.

Some of you might know i've mentioned seeing Ursula before and that is true. Now that i think of it, the show they performed was almost the same as last time, wich is of course a shame. But overall, still good. Read about the last concert here.

Then Genialistid. Even though im not that much of a fan myself, their music was really proffessional and as it had hints of reggae in it (even though i would really have to say that reggae has some rock in it and not the opposite). Thoroughly enjoyable. As Kaimar, an expert on them, i believe, said they tend to give long performances and so it indeed was.

I got home at half past two and to sleep at some three o' clock.

You can imagine what i felt like at school. People were wondering why i was so quiet today completely ignorant of my battle to stay awake. It got better, though, and by the end of the day i felt pretty normal again. Then i came home and lied down on the couch to watch the A - Team. Suddenly, the telly started skipping frames and the sounds got all blurry. I decided to sleep for an hour and did.

Now i'm awake again and have just finished drinking two cups of tea so strong i had to pry it out of the pot with a crowbar and actually grind it and eat it as powder. I had to pump myself up to start studying for the upcoming art history test. No wonder there are so many young drug abusers nowadays.

[music: Ltj Bukem - Coolin Out]

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

täna käisin illukas. homme olen ollikas.

aving only one test to study as homework can seem as a positive thing sometimes. Like today. Besides the test i hardly have any other homework. Well, not to mention the math i always do with my grandfather on wedendsdays.

Anyway, i'm soon (in about 20 minutes) going out the door to see a concert. Genialistid and Ursula at club Illusioon, or klubikalerii or what ever they call it nowadays. I would give a link to the concert or something like that, but the site is so badly organized and set together that i can't make heads or tails of what lies within.

(or did i use the wrong expression with heads and tails?)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

stress. enes ei teostu. lõvi ei taha keegi.

Well then.

Back from yet another marathon schoolday. Now some studying and then, perhaps, if i feel like it, running.
Lots of snow everywhere, though. But you probably know that.

Just noticed that mostly, as a generelization, that girls are still a giggly bunch, no matter how old. Nothing wrong with that, though.

[music: Boiler Room - Things Done Changed]

Monday, November 22, 2004

super duper

By looking at the web page for Diil, estonian mobile telephone's new service, and reading this:

Teenustega on niisugune lugu, et neid on just täpselt nii palju kui vaja. Mingeid super-duper teenuseid me tegema ei hakanud – lihtsalt pole raha selle jaoks. Aga midagi meil Sulle ikka pakkuda on.

.. i can pretty surely say who the entire thing is geared towards.
Or then again, can i? I heard somewhere that they target seniors as well. I don't suppose i'd like this if i was a senior.
Crumpled paper and drawn-over-the-edge-mess-of-green-crayons seems a bit too, er, well, geared towards the other target group.

study. study your arse off

Well then.

Today's main theme (and i believe it is now right to use the word "theme" instead of "topic") has been studying. I (again) have decided to gather myself and start studying and get good marks. Unfortunately, it seems to be like what i hear about quitting smoking. So keep your fingers crossed and hope that i can manage to put an effort into it for more than half a week.

I have also noticed that it is easier to study on monday than it is on thursay. The week wears one out indeed.

Today i got back from school, ate, studied, went running and studied until now. To me, it doesn't seem entirely humane. Well, i know that in theory i don't have to do this if i don't want to, but then again, i don't feel a special lure to eat out of garbage cans for the rest of my life, either.

As for other things, i went running in the snow. Quite pleasant. They are now making artificial snow at the sports park and i hear it will be possible to ski there by weekend. Sports, yarr.

Oh, speaking about sports.. I bought myself a new sports hat the other day. Especially for skiing. Well, it is very good for running and ahem, football, and such, but yes. It looks sortof like a head-shaped black condom made of lycra or something. So they somewhy called me cinderella when we played football. Maybe that has something to do with my extreme football skills™. Or the total abscence thereof.

[music: Bee Gees - More Than A Woman]

Sunday, November 21, 2004

national photoshop day

Today's layer count: 66.
I started making another vector picture, this time, a saab.

In addition to the saab, i made a christmas wallpaper even though it's a little early as of yet. A month to go till christmas. Not that early really, but still..

Thats pretty much all i've been up to today. And i'm not implying its a bad thing even though my eyes bleed and hurt and i have the microsoft XP logo tanned on my cheek due to monitor radiation.
First Sunday evening find:
Microsoft Word

[music: Ashley Slater - Private Sunshine]

white men cant make tea. sometimes.

No, i didn't go to McDonalds. In fact, i and the gang (being an amount of people just so big enough it won't do to list them all here) went to Maailm (the world).

As K reccommended the cheeseburger, i tried it out. What i had heard about the kitchen at the place turned out to be true. They do mix food from all over the world. I had a purely american cheeseburger with purely estonian style fried potatoes. It was pretty good. When i got it, i thought it wasn't big enough for the money, but i actually ended up having trouble finishing it all.
The black tea wasn't anything special and they didn't even bring a can of cream or milk to go with it. That, usually, shows quite something about a restaurants tea-level.

After the pleasant stay there, we moved over to Pang for a quick game or two of billiards. Some played, some just sat and talked. Wich was equally nice.

And then, tadaah, we came home.

Todays home walk topic was the sad story of a Härma School being cast out in his own school. As he is smart, he gets invited to the Treffner School to do some math problems. He arrives at the school and as he enters he realises what a terrible dreaded place the school is. When he turns to leave, he sees the front door close behind him. He starts running towards another exit, but that one also closes behind him. The boy, named Jaak, by the way, decides to end his life rather than continue existence in this dreaded place and hits the door with his head. Of course, his head is splattered on the door and he dies.
But the blood is cleaned and there is nobody to remember the poor boy.

It is also scientifically proven that the above story was Shakespare's inspiration to write both Hamlet™ and Romeo and Juliet™. Hamlet, you see, is actually the small boy wondering if to go to the Treffner school or not. He decides to go and pays a hefty price.
Also proven is the fact that the famous estonian poet Kristjan Jaak Peterson took the name Jaak in rememberance of the story. Although the story had not actually happened when Peterson lived, his groin hairs itched on thursdays and by observing these itchings he calculated the location of the door. The door, at that time, was a door of a shoe repair shop where the little boy Jaak's grandfather worked. Actually, he was a minister in Latvia, but to make more money for the community, he worked in Tartu as a shoe repairsman.

I think that about covers the main points.

Now, the friendly rivalry between the two aforementioned schools is known to any pupil in Tartu. They say, you see, that these two are the two best schools in town and in the top four of estonian schools on par with two schools in Tallinn.

Now, obviously, the dont say the whole truth. Härma, the school i go to, is most obviously better than Treffner.
Treffnerists are advised to skip the next paragraph. I will italize it just so you know wich one to skip.

When walking around in town, some of us tend to need to go to the toilet. As we are male, the obvious choice is the wall of the rival school. When we arent near centre of town, we say "ahh, i need to go, but Treffner is so far".
Most obviously, we don't actually do as we say, because nobody would want to stand near _that wall_ with their intimater parts exposed. You can never know what might happen _there_.
No offence, dear Treffnerists, im sorry to say im mostly joking :)

And oh, look at the websites of both schools. I mean, we pwn. Treffner has nothing to put up against our magnificently designed site. Good work, Tajo.

[music: Hi-Fi Meet Ella Fizgerald - Sunshine Of Your Love]

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Jazz Cafe.

A little bit about the dual disc album then. I've now listened to all tracks at least one.
The first impression i got was that it was a good album, and it indeed is. I felt like the second half of the second disc was especially good. Now i see (hear) there are good tracks all around the discs. Gets better when you listen to it, it seems. Like wine.

All good things come to an end, unfortunately. Just like Coleur Cafe by Serge Gainsbourg. The only thing bad about the track is it's shortness.

A sucsess, this Jazz cafe.

Thanks, Kaimar.

capone. al capone.

Back from a friday night out. And do mind that it is just one o'clock or so. I don't usually get back so early if i do decide (or get the chance) to have a friday night out. But today, as you can see, was different.

Went to the Ristiisa (godfather) pub.
Pretty good ribs, but i'll eat my hat if they "had a good lot of meat on em'". Good roasted bread with garlic too. Well, that garlic part tends to be only formal in most estonian places, but then again, i can't say im rightly against it. Talking to people would turn into a nuisance for them if they had too much garlic on them, no?

Thursday, November 18, 2004

snow cafe

Well then.

Today, i managed to go biking and it was still light enough and everything. Biking in snow wasn't as exiting and different as i had expected it to be, but it was good nevertheless. The trouble is that it goes dark so early. I did get to the end of jänese and back in toleratable visibility. Some 16 km altogether, 1 hour 4 minutes ride time. Not so fast as i have been, but then again, i havent biked in a long while and i had to be careful because of the snow.

And the other main topic. (And not "theme" as my geography teacher tends to say instead of "topic". "Theme" has a whole other meaning in english, no?)
Kaimar got me a double disc jazz album, Jazz Cafe, from his recent trip to russia. As i'm only listening to the fourth track, comments on will be posted later.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Birthday Matters

Happy birthday, Kairi.

So you would know what i'm talking about too:
I'm just back from the small gathering at aforementioned classmate's place to celebrate her birthday. That pretty much summarises it.
She, for the record, got seventeen. I have discovered that there are more people older than me in my class than there used to be. Even though we're supposed to be born in 88, half the bloody crew is born back in ol' 87. Deep in commy times and everything, as some of you might want to stress.
I drew her a card at school and everything. I usually do so, so dont get any ideas of any kind at all because i am not saying anything and this came out to be a weird sentence altogether.
I did try vectorizing a rose to make a card in photoshop just for practice, but i did not have the energy. Not to say that i would not have felt depressed earlier today. Even though i would hate to admit it, it might have something to do with being a teenager and all that chemical hormone stuff going on inside me. Or so i have been taught. You can never know.

Oh, and, returning to the birthday topic, we (M, Ka and I) ended up giving her a cabbage as a present. We walked into this certain store looking around for what what to get her, because some of us, Ka - no names mentioned, insisted we get her a present even though M and I insisted that the positive emotions were enough. The first thing i saw was a cabbage and decided it was. Wrote our names on it and everything. It was good to eat afterwards, though.
Henceforth a tip to you, grocery store layout design people: when you design your next store, make sure the people see the most expensive things first. Who can say what would have happened if i had seen a pillar of black caviar cans. And for the uninformed, black caviar is as expensive hell.

On the walk back, tossing around the crazy ideas we usually do, this time our gang being in London meeting Roni Size for a trip to the club including a live puking performance by a certain person.
Tuning cross country skis with neon lights and carbon ski-sticks was also discussed.

Just wanted to mention the snowlight we saw too. Somebody had built a cone of snowballs and put a candle into it. A very nice sight. Sort of gets one in a wintery christmas feeling.

And now, a picture to create mood. Not.
When i saw the sleet (if that is the word for the brown kind of porridge that snow becomes on a motorway), i felt an urge to go to jamaica. All good things (being the fresh snow) have a bad side.
So yes, we have snow now, for the non-estonian reader.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"one can't like one's school too much"

Well. What can i say. I'm back from a marathon of a schoolday.

Normal schoolday, as they tend to be. Got to sit on the other side of the class and with new peoples today at russian. The small pleasures of life, no?

And then the english interpretation course wich made the schoolday into the marathon it was.

Erm. I noticed that i am better at making speeches than interpreting them. One thing to note for the future.

There was something else i wanted to say, but, you guessed it, i forgot.

[music: Grant Green - It's Your Thing]
I swinged (swung?) home from school to that tune. Really grate. Hammond organ, sax, guitar. Nice jazz.

Monday, November 15, 2004

insert random text here

In reply to all the fuzz that has been going around about what people write to their blogs in the estonian blogosphere, here is my "what i did today".

EH. Erm.
School, as usual. Got "my foot white" on the new artigrass field. As i'm not that much of a football freak as you might know (or not), it wasnt anything special.

After school i went running with the rain and everything. On contrary to the expected, there was another lunatic there. So we solemny run past eachother in the rain, got wet and went home.

Anyway, i wanted to tell you that i ripped a (legally owned, of course) very nice brasilian (folk) jazz disc. "Brasilerio" by Sergio Mendez. Very nice indeed.

By the way, have a look at these. The final designs for the future estonian euros.

And see this. Something from clientcopia.

[music: Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby]

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Weekend, Summarized.


Woke up, dressed etc. and started for Tallinn. Got to Tallinn, went to stay at relatives' place. We left our things there and got picked up by yet another relative. Went to grandmas' place, met grandma and left for Troika with the entire gang.

I wasnt a very big fan of russian cuisine before. Now i am. Well, not really, but the food was delicious. Really it was. Everything was just perfect. I had some meat rolls with mushroom filling, rostbeef and all other sorts of russian things, not especially in that order. Also proper russian tea with jam and honey (and sugar due to my absentmindedness).

The opera, on the other hand, wasnt any good at all. But then again, you might have expected me to say that. Let me just tell you that even my father, who is a fan of such things, didn't like it either.

After the opera i and two cousins who happen to be Tallinn natives, headed out to meet a fourth friend. They decided (and i let them decide for they were locals and knew such matters far better than i did) to go to a pub after the place we originally intended to go to was reserved.
Having sat and talked, we went home. To the relatives' place, that is, as i was staying there if you remember.

Today morning was great too because i hadnt been able to enjoy proper toasted whitebread in quite a while. We, for some reason, have had no toaster for two years or so. We just constantly complain that we need one, but nobody has actually gone forth and bought it just yet.
Combine the toast with good italian sausage and the soviet version of coke, being Baikal, breakfast was good.

After breakfast and watching the second part of a duology (as in trilogy, but two films, whats the word?) depicting jews during World War II in a (polish, i believe) ghetto trying to group a resistance movement we started for Tartu.

After arriving, dinner at La Dolce Vita wich has had its menu renewed. They have also covered their tables with cloths, but that doesn't matter so much. The good news is all the old good stuff is still there, but there's lots of new to try. For example, real main courses consisting of chicken and meat, mostly. Go and see for yourself, if you can.

So here i am.
Sitting here aching my head about the english vocabulary test i'm going to have to study.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Friday, Summarized.

Well, obviously today was a normal schoolday. I believe everybody can imagine that.
Speaking of imagining, i quite liked being able to create a character in the french pseudolesson as M calls it. It's actually an extra course some of us take to further develop our skills. Being a DnD person i quite like and am used to using my imagination. Thus Pierre Gasteau, the parisian bisexual chef character was born. I have to thank mister Imre Kose for the stereotype, sort of. Not that i would know or care about his sexual preference.

After school a quick thrust through the hairdresser's. I just want to point out that my hair got cut by a really nice person. A lady of about forty, a bit more tan than the usual estonian. So you'd know she is a nice person when you happen into the cheaper of the two (the one that doesnt quite have 17'' liquid cristal displays on the walls and charge you 500 kroons every time you go there), you could look for her.

And then i and the gang (consisting of some letters that arent very important as i'm still paranoid and wont spell any names out. A, M, Ku and Ka for the very curious.) went to pang - the chinese pub (and they do call themselves that) of the town for all you outworlders. Well, we wanted to go there, anyway. But as it so happened that i left the reserving of the table a bit to the late side, it was full and we didnt get a table. Not letting ourselves be at all hindered by that, we went to Maailm wich was also full. Were we hindered by that? Course not.
The Georgian Embassy wasnt full. It had a table just for us and no more. Very good chicken indeed. Even though i wondered if i would touch it at all when they carried it onto the table, i ate all of it. Good food there. And then the peanut-chocolate cake with black tea. Hit the spot.

After having a wonderful meal, A left us and the rest wondered briefly through Ka's place, played with the dog, looked at some pictures.

And now here i am. A good day you can say, and what's to come tomorrow. About the opera you already know about. What is more, we will be going to the Troika restoran. I expect another good meal.

The only bad bit about the day (not considering some points during the schoolday) is that my ankle hurts. It has swollen up, or so it feels. Haven't actually visually confirmed yet. I put the sort of gel filled bag you keep in the deepfreeze on it.

[music: Toots and the Maytals - Reggae Got Soul]

Friday, November 12, 2004

Image here.

The picture is a fine example of rate.ee style photoediting. I'd like to bring out some parts that i especially like myself.

The fabulous eye color that no real person has. Very romantic and mysterious.

The fabulous face job. Even a trained eye can't see that the face has been photoshopped. But even if it could, the masterful skills of the digital artist are true indeed.

The fabulously uncorrected photo colours that make the model look even more beautiful.

And the grand finale, the virtually fabulously enlarged breasts. I have nothing more to say.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sidenote: my site feed is now available to all you RSS people. You can get it here. Link on right as well.

A postful day today, eh.
Even though Kaimar didnt comment yet, i thought i will, being a person close to the topic and everything.

First off i say that mister Hindrek Riikoja has written the piece in a tone completely unsuitable for a newspaper like Postimees. Then again, i can't say i dont agree to any of his points.

Haridustöötajaid kuulates tundub, et iga ettepanek, mis õpetajate töö korraldamiseks ja kontrollimiseks haridusministeeriumist tuleb, on suunatud Eesti hariduse hävitamiseks. Seda hoolimata tõsiasjast, et väga paljudes valdkondades on täiesti loomulik, et inimesi teatud aastate tagant atesteeritakse, nende kutseoskusi kontrollitakse või arenguvestlusi peetakse.

I agree. The idea that teachers should be checked is right and true. Making it come into life is another matter. The major problem is that we don't have enough teachers. If we checked them, and that would mean eliminating some as the result, we would have even less and we can't afford that.
A two sided sword, or how do they call it over the sea in Albion...

Öeldakse küll, et minge direktori juurde, kuid temagi kuulub reeglina samasse tsunfti ega taha kolleegile liiga teha.

That is somewhat true. It's not a thing of the headmaster wanting to stay in one group with the teachers, but he has no other option. Lack of teachers being the problem.

Nii peavadki vanemad leppima sellega, sest täht-tähelt õigele tööle paneb õpetaja pisut kortsunud paberi pärast hindeks kahe. Või et riiklikult kehtestatud hindamiskorrale vilistatakse ning oma süsteemi arendatakse.

That is overexxagerated. And the changing of the grading system and other thing is mostly (and i do mean 99%) because the government's system is silly. Not only in the grading system, but otherwize. I think schools should be given more freedom. For example, our music teacher wants the participators of the choir to be able to relax a bit in the music history lesson, but the government doesn't allow that.

Vähestes Eesti koolides saab rääkida õpetamisest. Lapsevanematega vesteldes tuleb aga välja, et eriti hiilitakse sellest kõrvale niinimetatud eliitkoolides. Lapsed ei käi koolis mitte õppimas, vaid kodusõpitut vastamas.

Wrong. Proven by student of "elite school".

Eesti koolides ei õpetata tihti last mitte mõtlema, vaid tuima järjekindlusega endale asju pähe tuupima. Ja siis imestatakse, et kuu või kahe pärast ei mäleta laps enam midagi. Loomulikult ei mäleta, kui talle ei õpetata seoseid ja loogilist mõtlemist, vaid kästakse asjad lihtsalt pähe õppida.

True. To some extent. Depends on teacher and subject, but they do their best. Lack and aging of teachers being the problem.

Samal ajal karjuvad õpetajad kooris, et nende koormus on suur. Samal ajal unustavad nad ära, et igaüks laob neist lapsele iga päev vähemalt tunni jagu õppimist koju kaasa. Nii venivadki laste päevad 10-12 tunnini. Sest iga õpetaja näikse arvavat, et tema aine on see ainumas, mida koolis õpetatakse ja üleüldse lapsele vaja on.

True, if taken through a humour prism. Not an hour. And most of it you can skip. Trouble is that you aren't expected to do that. I suppose the government wants us to do it all. In that sense, you are right.

I am truly looking foward to reading Kaimar's take on it.
I just learned that there is nothing i can do for my dearies. They are slowly getting old and weak. The bass is beating over. To use the estonian phrase crudely translated.

I did get some good info about what to look for when getting my next pair of headphones. Now all i need is the money, wich, of course, isn't so easy when you're an adolescent living off your parents who have raised you so that you don't think stealing is a good idea.
Problem is i have other things i need for christmas, too. You see, for us children (or adolescents or whatever) that are still dependent on somebody else for money, christmas and birthdays are mostly commercial happenings. Love, respect, christmas mood. Fuck that. I want new headphones. I want a new harddisk. I want a new bike. I want more stuff. Damnit.
Same with christmas.

Thank you, authors of the pible. Thank you, evil germans that imposed christianity upon us. Thank you all for my new harddisk. And my kvm splitter. And my bike and headphones.
And now a very appropriate link to suit the topic.

School is slowly turning into a pit of problems and trouble.

I've been feeling a bit down lately. Stress, overworking and god knows what. I don't know if it can be called depression, but consider it exactly as important as to talk to mom about it. She is a shrink, for those of you that might not know.

At the moment, that is all. Off to make some (more) teletubbies display pics for messenger.

By the way, if you want any (display pics), ask me. I'll gladly make one for you.
(Unless i get a rush of a million people wanting one, wich i probably won't.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Today, the new artificial grass field was officially opened. That consisted of the headmaster giving a speech and kicking the first ball. Then there were matches between all sorts of weird groups of people such as the teachers and the pupils and the graduatees. Between halves, there was a huge number of girls from the Shate dance club. They danced, obviously. Or well, i call it dancing, but maybe there's some scientific name for it. Theoretical Tango Through Three Thoroughloops. Don't ask.

The schoolday itself was a norm between the two previous days.

And now for something completely different:

Did i tell you i am going to see the opera Nõidkütt on Saturday. A lunch with the family before or after the opera too. Now you know.

[music: Ez Rollers - Tough At The Top (Extended Mix)]

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Here is the vector thing i've been doing. Enjoy. Copyright me.

Edit: As always, hello ruins quality. Please ask me for proper size over messenger.
I'm finally back from school. And it's just 6 pm. Not the usual for me, for sure. I'm rather tired. It was, let's just say, a contrast comparing to yesterday.
The translation course was okay. Not anything too special, but i do see potential for usefulness later in life.
Just as a note, somewhere in the middle of todays lesson, i noticed i was the only male. Are females better at languages or just not so lasy as us?

[music: Gregory Isaacs - My Only Lover]

Monday, November 08, 2004

I just found a great site:
Mr T and Me

Great from the webdesign perspective and it's all about Mr T. I pity the fool who doesnt know who he is.

Shut up, f00.
On contrary to what you might think, i was at school today.

I was greeted by a classmate in the morning asking me if i was coming to the mathematics competition (olympics, olympiade, whatever). Then i remembered. Of course i had the competition. I went there, failed miserably™ at everything, or so i can so presume from what i hear the other people got as answers, but still sat through three and a half hours. Or four lessons. Just for the record, i was not the only person that failed miserably™.

Then i went to the english lesson and took a test. Also got my mark for a previous test and the mark for my half term. And they call it a "half term" because of i dont know what, because it does not cover the lenght of half a term, an entire term or any other reasonable unit of time. The real lenght of time that this mark summarizes is about as pointless and insensible as our fine educative personel has been able to come up with.

After english would have come physical education but as you know i was just ill so i have more or less obvious reasons for not attending. The fact that the hall in wich we had to sit during the contest, and the contest wasnt football or anything else of the like as you by now know, was cold as the north pole. I'm rather sure i saw some penguins and polar bears lugging around crates of Coke in the corner of my eye while trying to consentrate on the question of one number being this-and-that larger than the other and the dramatic problem of how old the train driver was.

And as we only would have had one lesson after PE, i did what any sensible thinking being would have. I abused the cloakroom's being open for the people that want to get their sporting gear, got my coat and left.

A wonderful day with a grand total of lessons-been-in of.... ONE.

And no, dont even think about it, whatever it is.

[music: Koffi Olomide - Victoire]
Yes, the same thing again. It IS good, you know.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Well, today was a busy day. Sort of.

First the usual D&D game.
And then i came home and worked on the vector thing some. I finished it. Can't say it turned out perfect but i quite like it myself. Of course it might happen i work on it some more.
Only some final touches now. I will post it, too, eventually.

Going to school tomorrow. Havent studyed anything since wedensday. I bet i'm going to suffer because of that tomorrow. Oh well. I hope i can come up with solutions.

[music: Koffi Olomide - Victoire]
The sort of track i would play (given half a chance) during our graduation ceremony. Gives you the right mood for sure.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

I've been working on this tracing thing on and off for four days now. It's not as pleasant as it was in the beginning.

And just a fair warning to you all. Say "paths" near me and i'm not responsible for my actions. Usage of helmet recommended.
Damn program aint doing what it's supposed to, either.
Being ill has its good sides, as well as the downs.
I havent thought about school for almost half a week now. I DONT want to know what results this will have when i return. And that will most probably be monday.

As i really haven't been up to anything else than watching tv, i can't write about much. The talk about TV being mind-numbing might be true indeed.

Just as a sidenote, my spacebar now squeaks so loud i can hear it even with my headphones on.

[music: John Scofield - Heel to Toe]

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I am by no means a racist and mean no disrespect towards anyone, and thus the following is to be looked at through a prism of humour. (But i'd still say it has some credibility.)

From what i know and see, one can draw parallels between the (stereotypical) NY ghetto nigger (please excuse use of aforementioned word) and the (stereotypical) russian.
You see, i just saw a russian rap video. Exacty like the "real" ones. The ones produced by the black people who i believe invented the culture.

They both like bling. A lot. That's what connects them. I see tricked out rides in the NY rap videos. I see the blinged out houses of rich russian (mafia) people living here.
Very different tastes, too. I would never ever do this.
(Well, obviously this very same picture tells us that the examples i bring are not absolute. Notice the amount of black and white people in aforementioned picture. Hmm, i just noticed i was automaticaaly assuming the picture was taken in the states although i have no real information about that. I dont exlude the possiblity of the picture having been taken in russia, but i would think otherwize by looking at the western script on the sign hanging down from the ceiling.)

They are both "nasty" in a way.

They behave much in the same way and have very similiar values. Toward culture, for example. Very different from the social group i am growing up in. If that is a good or bad difference, i will not say.

The only difference is that the ghetto nigger doesn't eat caviar.
Trying to leave the presidential, erm, matters behind.

I'm sitting home sick. I think i overdid the running thing. Well, anyway, just a moderate cold or so.

My mind doesn't really work all that well..

Well, anwyay, i've been looking into this image tracing using vector graphics thing now. Over two days, i think i've created a whole two layers worth of content.

Hmm. I just started winamp. I thought listening to music while ill was hard. Not so bad as i thought.

[music: Rob & Goldie - The Shadow]

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I am dreadfully sorry that the world has another four years of Bush to endure.
Really i am.

I, with my limited ability to think and even more limited knowledge of the ways of the world, will now try to analyze what's going on a bit.

Why did Bush (and i'm only using a B instead of a b just to lessen the chances of the secret service showing up at my door) win, even though everybody i know wanted Kerry?
First off, i don't know many americans. In fact, i can (if a bit unfortunately, for i believe there still smart americans on contrary to what one might think by only knowing the president) say that i dont know any americans personally. But i do read a few blogs. Such as Wanton Wonton. She wanted kerry. Most of the americans i have the pleasure (or not quite so) of "meeting" over the internet, wanted Kerry.
In fact, i can say that most people i know _at all_ wanted kerry.
But there's a catch. The people i know, as i said, don't include many americans. And the ones i do know are different from the majority, as we can (now) see, for the majority actually preferred Bush, if there was no cheat or whatever. Let's just set that option aside.

The only actual problem with the elections is that it was not democratic. Not democratic in the way that they only let americans decide. But when the real power of the country can greatly affect the whole world, they should let the other peoples vote too.
I see why the majority of americans had no trouble with voting for Bush. I suppose that if i needed to pay less for my fuel and were otherwize pretty happy, i would vote for him, too. It's just that the happyness of the americans has come with the cost of suffering for other peoples. But they dont get to vote. So there you have it..

And, Kaarel Tamm, i just have to agree to the comments on your page about your latest post. Our president does not govern the nation. And i might say i'm rather satisfied with the way things are at the moment. I wouldn't want to see the sort of bullshit that has always accompanied the elections in USA. I don't suppose the candidates for president should advertise themselves the way they do. They certainly have gone over the limit with that stuff in the states.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

This school stuff is really tiring, you know. I have to keep telling myself that it's all strictly voulentary.
Not enough free time by far.

So, Kaimar.
Jazz. At school. Now i mentioned it. All i know at the moment is that it's on thursday and you can get tickets from the school office. Olav Ehala,Lembit Saarsalu and somebody else. Looking at the names, it is promising. Although Saarsalu is a bit slow for me.

And oh, speaking to and about Kaimar, i noticed that he has "name day" (any ideas on how to put it into english?) tomorrow. So, congratulations.
Altho i have no real clue why someone invented the whole "name day" concept at all. Because they wanted a second birthday?

And now for something completely different:

I spent about 90 minutes yesterday creating "evil leet". It's just a small fellow i drew in photoshop, but quite tricky to make. When i was drawing it i realized how relatively easy it was. But then i remembered the frustration of learning the very basics of photoshop. I've been messing around with it for years now.

IF anyone wants to see, yell.
I'm actually quite relatively proud of it, too.

Monday, November 01, 2004

A cd cover i designed for M. Reggae disc, as you can see.
Bloody hell and mood swings galore.

The first day at school again was very tiring indeed. The first two lessons were okay, then i got tired. I pretty much relaxed trough the chemistry lesson. From there it went uphill.
But i'm still very tired. Just a routine schoolday, but as i can see i wasnt used to it. Wouldn't believe a short week could do that...

As some of you might know, there is now new artificial grass in front of the school. They were installing it even today. It isnt as bad as i thought it would be but still i see no actual reason for getting it. I mean, is it really so different from the dirt field we used to have.
Maybe it has something to do with playability in the wet months of the year. Maybe the a-grass is easier to maintain and clean and stuff.

Wooh. Writing all this was an effort, believe me. My hands almost hurt.