Sunday, October 31, 2004

Now back from La Dolce Vita. Nice getting together with the gang. I enjoyed. Good food, as always, too. I reccommend the place to anyone.
Nice walk back trough the autumn town and everything. Not that the walk there wasnt, but the walk back was longer and stuff.

Hmm. I have to make an effort to remember what i wanted to blog about.

Going to school doesn't seem so scary as it did a while ago. I'm off to do my homework, over and out.

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my typing seems to have gone awfully awry as of late
Last day of holidays, then. Yes, exactly, holiDAYS. A week and thats it. More like taunting us than letting us rest, isn't it?

I was planning on writing about some different stuff, but i seem to have forgotten most of it. Oh, bother.
Let me think.

Organizing a group gettogether at a restaurant wasn't half as difficult as i had thought. Msn messenger helps.

Oh bother, there really was something i wanted to address today, but i have forgotten. Ahh....

Some more about the holidays, though. My holidays consisted of laying around and resting. Sortof what holidays are for, yes? Then again, i see (not physically, obviously) my colleagues in an international school not in estonia studying their arses off during the holidays because thats what they are expeced to do. Now, wich government (of school) has the wrong idea of what a holiday should be? Well, from the pupils perspective, anyway.

And now for something completely different:

Car tuning picture of the day.

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Did you know that the ancient chinese invented everything?
I just watched a show on Discovery Science that left the impression that without the ancient chinese, we still would be somewhere in a cave sucking on the bone marrow of somebody else.
The ancient chinese invented, among many other things: helicopter blades, sails, the compass, the rudder, the wheelbarrow, the first flamethrower that could produce continuous flame, the first torpedoes, the first propaganda letters and i dont know what else.

And now for something completely different:

I went running. 10km or so. M was along, too. Thats pretty much all i did.

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Friday, October 29, 2004

So what have i been up to?

When did i last post? Oh my...

Well then, over the last few days there have been two main themes. Sims 2 and roleplaying (alright alright, mindgaming - a freaky translation from estonian).

Yesterday nights DnD game went well.

Today i played sims. Lots of it. Trouble is i'm having problems with the technical side of the game. It doesnt do what it's supposed to, or does it WAY slow.

Nothing else to say as of now. Mind numbed by countless hours of monitorgazing.
I will give you some nice images to look at, instead:

This from Mällo,
This from Starfild's gallery
this from the same gallery.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

As jp (and that jp is not me - not that i wouldn't share his/her opinion) points out:

päeva hüperlink: villu parveti 'täiesti geniaalne' spin-off.


allakirjutanul oli ausalt kavas siia üks teatav mõte lisada, kuid enne seda leidis ta mõistus oma traagilise lõpu liit sõnade, ergava tubliduse ning kriiskavroosa mannavahu voogudes.

I... I don't have much to add.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Did you know that is only accsessible from the USA, if you don't consider using proxies.
They say that the site is full of GWB-style bullshit and i hardly doubt em'. is obviously readily accessible to anyone.

Just a random factoid to start the day for me.

The whole problem with the elections in the usa is that they don't let the rest of the world vote.
I'm back from Aura Keskus. (For those of you that don't know, its a spa.) I hadn't gone there in years. Okay, maybe a year or so, but still a long time. Had not gone for all sorts of different reasons. So i planned on going. Then i found out (okay, refound) that they don't accept swimwear with pockets or the kind of studs they stick to pockets to make holes for airflow or whatever. M and i planned to buy new swimwear. We packed our other gear, such as towels and the like, and went to the local mall. Not to say that we have only one, obviously. Just before buying them, i deciced to call L just in case and ask him if he had gone to Aura lately. He said that the pockets were no problem and that the stud could be cut out. Yay, no need to buy swimwear. Now that i think of it, the decision to buy new stuff might have been a little too rash.

Anyway, the spa itself was, er, okay, i guess. Not too much fun as gliding down the waterpipes with great speed has lost some of it's appeal it had when i was (even more) younger.
But i got to swim some and that, i presume and hear, is good for one's muscles and so on. There was a point when i was in the middle of the pool and felt a snap as the strenght left my arms. Did not drown, though, as you can see.

The company was also nice. People i know from school and otherwize.

After the spa, we bought some food and headed for L's place where we hanged around and watched tv. Nothing too particularly brilliantly eventful, but it was nice, as the company i tend to socialize with always is. Thanks people, you were great.

So we taxied home. Had a nice walk with M and L2. (Okay, maybe this paranoia thing is getting a little too far. Having to use indexes with letters isn't the nicest, is it? Let's just make it Li instead of L2 then, shall we.) So i had a walk with M and Li. That would give the estonian reader, if any, the info (i won't bother myself with finding a better sentence construction as of now, sorry) that it was a female Li. I con't know any male names in estonian beginning with Li. Anyway, don't make any settling presumtions on that, im not _that_ kind of a person. If you don't get what i mean by _that_, all the better. (Should i say i am not a _that_ kind of person _unfortunately_ i can't say.)

When i had parted from the others (wich means i had seen M and Li off to their homes), i took a quiet moment to admire the architecture of the houses on my street. The area of town is built in the 1920ies, or so i hear and suspect. All the houses, expect the one i live in because it was built by the soviet (commies), have very specific lines to them. You can see they belong together. Another moment i wish i could have had a camera with me.

And now i'm just sitting here listening to some good bosa (nova) writing this. This is the longest post i've written, isn't it?

[music: Towa Tei - Technova]

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I added some more links to the right.
Namely k - tamm, ebalogaalne and overcompensating.
A strange thing, this biking.

Something that might have seemed so basic and plain has gained a lot of depth over the last year or so.

I just finished arguing (Okay, not quite arguing. More like a friendly conversation consisting of trying to show the other person wrong. Wich would of course mean arguing.) with K that i ate my words on the topic of not fearing mud. He said that i had (and i did) said "bah, pussies, you fear mud", but now i go running because the tracks are muddy. And in a sense he is right. But then again, he is wrong.

What amazes me, though, is how i can just sit here and have a sudden urge to bike. Half past twelve at night. Whats up with that? I mean, really, if it wasnt dark and cold outside, i'd probably go.
Ahh, why cant i live somewhere with mountains. Like jamaica or switzerland or canada.

Just a sidenote. Scooter sucks. "We are not the monkeys, but we have the key." Come on.
[music: Scooter - Weekend!]

Monday, October 25, 2004

Partly on M's agitation, i've been browsing rate for a while now.

There are good and bad sides to rate, as i can see. Today i won't fall into discussion about the real matters. Today i want to bring out some good and bad kinds of pictures. Based solely on my opinion, obviously.

There are good pictures. The sort that you look at and see that effort has been put into taking the pics. Real photos, you know.

And all the rest fall into the "bad" category. Webcam snapshots. Bad pictures. Random snapshots taken by drunken youths. Pictures where naked adolescent girls demonstrate themselves. Well, semi-naked anyway. And, what hurts me (for reasons you might guess) most, lousily photoshopped pictures.

As i was specifically browsing the pictures of people from my class or parallel classes, i don't want to bring examples of both for political reasons.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Back from Nõva and i cant type anymore. I dont have my passwords in muscle memory as i usually do or anything. Two (!) days away from the computer does that to you. And i keep pressing enter instead of õ. Nasty.

But the two days, even if away from the pleasures of the internet, were pleasant.
We got there late friday evening. Did nothing. Well, heat up the house via oven / fireplace and took a sauna. Biking and concert on saturday. Biking today.

The concert, then. You might already know that M was along. It just so happened that M and i were too lazy to see the concert in Tartu. Fortunately for us, i knew that i and my family would be going to the country this weekend. Eeven more fortunately we knew that the concert was on tour and that it would be performed in Haapsalu, a town near the country place. The rest figures, doesn't it. We went to Haapsalu (that being me, M and my parents) to have lunch and see the concert. Lunch at Promenaadi Hotell was good, if a bit overpriced.

The concert itself was pretty neat. To say the least. It just so happened that M's father happened to be one of the people playing on stage, too. Nice irish music and irish people alongside estonian musicians.

But the concert is really not what i wanted to talk about, even though i might not squeese out much more text about my next topic. Biking.

The biking was really great. Autumn is a good time for biking, especially around the Nõva area. The weather is good, as it's not too hot and not too cold if you have the proper clothing. And the moistness only adds to the thrill and the fun. Even if i might sound like a psychopath. No nasty tourists in autumn either. I rode some 23 kilometers each day. And 23 kilometers of purely forest trails with maybe 1.5 km of gravel maximum. That makes for great fun, chaps.
The area holds my definate favouritest bits of single-track yet to be seen. Especially fun was riding on a 20 metre-high riverbank slowly making your way over wet roots thinking what would happen if you slipped. Motivation like nothing before.
I also happened into a bog. You see, there are some bog lakes in the area. I was just going along a trail near one of these lakes when i saw a road turn toward the lake. I decided to take it. After not even 10 meters i saw that it might not have been such a great idea. There was a big puddle in front of me with little chances of getting by it. I waded through. Obviously my feet got soaked. What followed was some 30 metres of plain all out bog. When i had reached the end of the trail and started to come back, i got a little more corageous. And so it happened that i rode in a puddle so deep that even my largest front chainring disappeared completely under the surface. That was a moment i wished i had got a camera. The writing on the hubs shining from under the brownish bog water with sunlight reflected upon them the way it was would have made for a good picture.

And what did YOU do this weekend?

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

A newspaper page i created for practice. Also liked the idea. Not the very best quality through Hello, but i hope you can still make out what's going on.
It was the last day of the quarter (term?) for me. Not going to school tomorrow. You, see, i'm going to the coutnry tomorrow. Actually, i will wait for M to have this test at fourth lesson and then he will come home, we'll pick him up and go. But no way am i going to school. I had my mind set on not going.

A thing i (okay, my ego) wanted to mention. Beginning of english lesson. Everybody laying around sitting on their tables waiting for teacher. Teacher comes in. Everyone sits down, we greet. Some random talk about whatever that we usually have for a minute or so. Then she tells me she wants to talk to me after the lesson. So im sitting there wondering what the hell it might be about. I wonder if it is something about my deskmate who they seem to have a specialish relationship with. Or something about my behaviour. I wonder.
Lesson ends.
I go talk to her.
She offers for me to go on a synchronized translating course (i just randomly translated the word from estonian, i have no idea what it is called in english).
The part in italics is not to be read by those that don't like me boasting.

She says she usually offers it only to 11th formers, but i (and another person from the class as far as i know) could go. Says we have good english. Me likes.

Probably going to take the course.

Going to the country tomorrow. Oh, i already mentioned that. Oh well. Don't expect any posts during the weekend. And good holidays for those of you that have them beginning.

[music: Steel Pulse - Earth Crisis]

EDIT: There was a previous post here about me going to this concert. Due to BLOGGERs incompetence, though, it has been lost. Oh, bother.

EDIT II: The post isnt lost. As i posted the current post after midnight, it gets counted as a new day and thus i got confused when i didnt see the previous post i knew i had posted today. Oh, bother.

Just a quick sentence or two about the concert before i go to sleep.

It all started with Ansandur, or so i believe the group was called. They started off with some punk-rock-metal stuff. NOT for my liking at all. My ears that are used to mellow reggae and smooth drum-n-bass (okay, maybe that is not the ultimate comparison) are not used to this kind of harrassment. After two songs, my head was aching. But then again, i had expected it. But while listening, i was wondering about two things. The name of the band was familiar and so was the lead(ing) vocal. I started suspecting that a sort-of-good song, called "Lähme Peole" was also among their repertoire. And it came out to be true. When they were almost finished and i was hoping to listen to something toleratable again, everybody around us (that being me and the gang from my class i was there with) started shouting "peole". It made me wonder.
And then they played it. Im still sortof shocked. How can a band play something so awful and something so pretty-good together. Really amazing.

(Do notice that the above and below is only my opinion and that i mean no disresepect to any metal fans or musicians whatsoever. Listen to what you like. Peace on the planet, sire.)

Lähme Peole is a song of tradition amongst some of us. Somebody told me to get it a while ago and since it was first played during a Risk game, many people have come to like it.

Then Ansandur finished and Ursula started preparing. Ursula, as expected, was good. Songs in live always a bit different than from recordings. Great stuff.
But the thing with me and Ursula is that there is something missing. Some small bit in the music i cant quite grasp. But i'm sure there is something. That's why i'm not as thrilled about it as i could be. But it was still good.
One doesn't take someone that says everything is good and then only brings out bad sides too seriously anyway, right?

All in all, it was worth the money i paid for it. What happens tomorrow at school because of my sitting here posting and not getting my sleeping done, is another matter entirely.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Been a pretty much routine day again.

Went running with M. There are definite bonuses to running alone. You see, when running alone, you dont laugh at jokes and can thus breathe. And irrespective of what you might think, breathing during running, or any sport for that matter, is of some importance.
But besides not being able to breathe and feeling like fainting all the time, it was fun. As you could imagine when one can't breathe because of laughter. I even tricked M into running a bit more than he had planned.

Im going to a concert soon. Rocktober at club Illusioon. Im going there to see Ursula. Ursula is a band. Further description requires thought. I cant very well explain the music they make, but it has got a bit of reggae in it here and there so i'll go. But i dont obsess over them so much as to go alone. What i wanted to say is that i wouldn't go if i had to go alone. Luckily some people from the neighborhood are coming along.

[music: Jamiroquai - Scam]

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I really hate autum weather. No-good-to-no-one gray shitty rainy stuff. Pointless weather. No sun, no nuthing, it doesn't quite rain but it isnt dry either. Or it rains wich is even worse. Can't bike and gotta run.

Rather ordinary school day.

Then i went running. As a matter of fact, it was pretty good. I ran about 1.5 km more than i usually do and did it at more than average speed. Felt pretty neat.

I bet there was something else i wanted to say, but i forgot again.

Just mentioning that i created a new batch of display pictures, namely for myself and M. Keep a look around.

Also wanted to link you to this post by Starfild.

Mis mul siin siis on. Kogu see v2rk meenutab v2hemal ja rohkemal m22ral Durrelli "Minu pere ja muud loomad" olustikku. Esiteks ei ole omanik-rahval muret koha majandusliku k2ek2igu p2rast, kuna peavad seda hobikorras. Steve saab pinssi ja tal ka muid investeeringuid, nii et kui on kylastajaid, siis tore, kui ei - pole ka hullu.
Inimesed, kes p6hiliselt The Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe'is (Nii nimetatakse veranda baariosa. Hmm.. kus ma sarnast nime olen kuulunud.. ega ometi Adams:)) istuvad, on eriti kirju seltskond. Nagu ka Larry'i kirjanikest s6brad Korful olid. P6hiliselt kohalikud valged "6lid". Ses m6ttes 6lid, et enamus t66tavad kohalikes naftafirmades, mis siin piirkonnas on p6hiline tegevusala.

I want to do the same one day. I mean, really. Very inspiring.

[music: Aphrodite - Tundra - Biome]

Monday, October 18, 2004

M pointed me to this. Oh, the nostalgy.
I figure that i would have had just as an interesting day as i did, had i stayed home and slept. In reality, i went to school and slept. It felt like that, anyway.
The first lesson was cancelled, making the schoolday short. And it never got light. I mean, really, it didnt light up in the morning, it just greyed. Autumn is here indeed. Damn shame, too. Were autum bright as summer, i might like it. But alas, it isnt.
Nothing much interesting happened at school, as you might have figured.

And nothing interesting will happen from now on, i presume. I have to go do some math with my granddad. Quite a lot, really. Not very interesting at all.

As it is raining, as it always is in autumn, i won't go running today. Damn shame.

And why the hell is my spacebar making squeaking noises like it needs oiling? One doesn't oil a keyboard, now does one? I'm very close to getting a screwdriver and popping the key off to see if there is some little animal stuck somewhere.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

So what have i done today.

Uh. Er.
Got up, did some random stuff, ate breakfast, laid around till lunch, tried to do some math homework, found out that i couldnt do some of it, called granddad for an "appointment" tomorrow. And i am now continuing the laying around.

Just wanted to show you this. Yes, that is somebody standing outside the door of the school office. With his shoes burning. Happens every day. I won't even try to count the times somebody has asked me to ignite their shoes in front of that door. Sortof like a school tradition.
George W is a smart man.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

I just went to see the Terminal.

A good movie, for a change. It's about a man who lands in the USA only to find out that there has been a revolution back in his home and that there is no official government wich means that his passport isnt valid and that means he cant enter the usa.
He has to stay in the international space of the airport terminal.

The whole idea of something like that happening is very absurd, but then again it makes you think that it actually just might happen.

As he is stuck in the terminal waiting, he starts adapting. He figures out ways to get food and so on and so on.

Very good movie indeed. Good entertainment. A smart movie, sortof. Just go and see it for yourself, will you.

[music: Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft]
Arrg, matey.

I attended the aquainting party of the 10th forms yesterday. It was held in some house 17 km from town. We had to take a minivan taxi. Considering that there was 7 of us, it wasnt very expensive. The house was big, but we were only allowed to use some parts of it. Didn't degrade anything too much, i suppose.
The party was okay (cant think of anything better to say at the moment) and i did get to know some new people that go to our school now.
Sauna and pool and everything. Nice socializing.

And i found myself taking pictures with a camera i found. Not to worry, the camera found its owner. If they will be put up somewhere, i might link.

But having random policemen walk in in the middle of the party was a surprise. I'm not very sure why they were there, but nothing happened, as far as i know. There was a group of "somebody's friends" there that might have caused some trouble. I didn't see any of it, anwyay.

Off to biking now.

[music: Jonny L - Listen Right]

Friday, October 15, 2004

Just came from school and the extra lesson of french as the last one. We're not very content with our current "official" french teacher, you see. And then one day when she was away getting an award of some sorts for being a french expert (and she is, too, just that she doesnt teach very well), the replacement teacher was a young lady. We all liked her. So some of us, the active girls, as always, my deskmate being one of them, i believe, talked to her. We now have an extra french lesson (actually two lessons in length) every friday after the standard lessons. Very neat.
She left a good first impression for sure, seems to be a very nice person. The sort that would go (and _did_ go, as far as i understand) to france with no money in her pocket by hitchhiking.

But what i really wanted to tell you is that the SUPERFABOULOUS BALLET DANCE performed by the boys of form 10a, is now readily available for download over the internet. Link HERE.

And to prove that the world is not yet so very standardized at all, from Sprizee:

I am currently in Berlin fighting with a German keyboard that has a spacebar that works whenever the hell it feels like it, which to be precise is not very often. Also, apparently, on a German keyboard the y and the z are in different places and I can not find an apostrophe to save my life, which explains why I am not using any contractions, or the at symbol or even some fÜcking quotation marks, however there are some other cool characters which I have no clue what to do with. Öh bÖy!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

15 km. 18.5 km/h average. That makes for a ride time of 49 minutes, i think.

Went biking again after a pause of about three weeks. Just got my bike back from the repair shop today. 600 eek (35 eur). Changed the little wheelie thingies that guide the chain of the rear derailleur (shifter), full maintenance and brake repairs.

I went to the Supilinn sports park. I have been running there, you see. Combine that with the hills at the "tendropark" and you get a pretty tiring 15 km. I rode too fast in the beginning. Again. Oh well, very nice to bike again.
A bit too cold though, especially the feet. Gotta find a solution.

Ehm, what else.

We (okay okay, THEY) did the play today. As i have expressed before, it didnt come to be as good as the christmas play, but, ah, shit happens.
Still came out pretty good, considering the circumstances. We had very little practice and very short time and yaddayadda. Its never the skier and always the ski coating thats bad, you know.
I hereby want to give ultramaximum respect to my 'da crew' TM. You did great. I love working with you people. I mean, the crew really wrote half the play. Had it not been for their improvisation and good ideas, the play would definately have been poor.
Ultramaximum respect.

Anyway, i've got two tests tomorrow so i better finish ranting. Literature and maths.

[music: Natural Born Chillers - Rock The Funky Beat]

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I was just rereading the book(let) that was produced as a souvenir to rememember our old class wich got split up at spring.

Then i read Karoliina's blog, wich did not have anything specific to do with this.
Then i read some more of both and remembered some situations i've been into.

I realized how deep human relations can get. Not to say in the boyfriend <-> girlfriend way but just the level of understanding / hate / communication between them. What makes me wonder (not to say annoys me) is that i cant seem to be able to grasp that depth. Cant dive so deep. I just don't get all the nuances there might be to saying or not saying something, for example. I just dont think of it _that_ way. I dont think how whoever i say stuff to might feel when i say it, unless the possible consequences are very obvious. I just say what i intended to say and if, then regret it (or if there is no reason for regret, wonder) later.

Everybody else around me (or does it just seem so) goes around ranting about relations, and stuffs and deep things and stuff like that. And i'm just here sitting, wondering what everyone else is talking about. What complicates it even further is that some (not to say many) of them arent meaning what they are saying. So i have to invent and figure out what they mean when they say stuff.

So here i am, sitting in my tree, wondering.

I do presume this made no sense whatsoever to you

EDIT: I added some links to the right. Browse.

[music: Augustus Pablo - East Of The River Nile]
What the hell is up with everybody whining about the MSN server maintenance. If i rememember correct, and im pretty sure i do, i think i got an email or rather, saw the fact about the maintenance about a month ago or so. And so i figure did everyone else.

Peace pan di world, brothaa.

[music: Sister Charmaine - The Body]
Now, building upon the ideas of Kaimar and Kaarel Tamm:

Kaarel suggests dropping the point(and use)less lessons to reduce skipping. By pointless lessons they (we) mean the lessons you never learn anything in. Such as my physics. Or the lessons you dont want to learn antying in.

Kaimar wants to replace the useless ones with useful ones. One thing i can tell you is that it is impossible to work in all the lessons for the full 45 minutes for seven lessons straight. Not for five days a week and lots of weeks a year. Some say it might be doable, but it isnt. At least i know i cant. And i _can_ ride in the Haanja bush for eight hours.

Supposing there was no problem with incompetent teachers, and there most definately is, the problem might be solveable, but as we do have them, pointless lessons are different for everybody. I mean, some people can understand the teachers, some can't. And the classes are too big for the teachers to handle everybody.

I think i've handled all the current twists to the topic now...

So what else...

Probably last and possibly final rehersal of the play was today. More or less pretty good.

[music: Legendaarne - a beat my classmate S wrote for us to use in the play]

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

We rehearsed some more today. It's coming along rather decently. I got all the character slots filled now. At least i won't be going about having to play three parts all on my own.

The good thing is that all the actors are really cooperative and creative. Today they invented a rap for the main character to perform.

What else did i want to say...
Big Nasty Math Test postponed from tomorrow to some other day. Big Nasty Chemistry Test still tomorrow.

I DID NOT get my bike back so i went running with M. I ate too much before running and it made me feel nasty and bad. But exercise is still exercise.

Oh, and yes, about the new law suggestion they are talking so much about. (For those of you that dont live in estonia, they want to change the order of how being absent at school is handled).

I do believe that the new suggestion is inhumane. The whole "YOU HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY, SLAVE, DAMNIT!!!1!11!!!1!!" thing is a little over the edge, i believe. As many have said recently, it's important that the child does well at school. I mean, if i just dont feel like going to school one day, what's wrong with not going. Forcing everybody to go to school EVERY DAMN DAY all the year round is just not possible. And not wize. And as the new law leaves options to "conceal" your being absent with things such as your relatives being ill, i see no point. And i don't think a law that didnt leave these holes would be possible.

Get wize, govermnent. No point in doing silly stuff just to impress somebody. Let it be.

By the way. Jüri Vene imagegoogles. That's something.

[music: Roni Size Reparazent - New Forms]

Monday, October 11, 2004

I added a new link to the right. Rosie.
A blog about Rosie, a four-month-two-week girl. Just an interesting idea and an interesting read, too. Also because i have a new baby in my cicrcle of relatives.

And i dont even want to think about the english grammar test i'm going to have tomorrow. I did study, but don't feel very confident.

Had a good night in front of the TV for a change. First, there was Ärapanija and Karvased ja Sulelised or what was it during the commercial breaks from ETV. And then mountainbiking videos from Extreme Channel. I do miss it. LOTS.

Wich brings me to telling you that i took my bike to the repair shop on, er, friday. Hopefully i will get it back tomorrow. That means, hopefully, that i will get to bike tomorrow. And that IS GOOD. I have some toome and jänese in mind, if i dont get out in too dark. I do have the lamp, of course.

Er, just wanted to tell you that i saw the 50000 kroon (3000 eur) prize given to our very own chemistry teacher today. But yes, he does deserve it. He has all of us studying chemistry like mad in the first three weeks. And he has been doing this to classes for decades now. Respect, Jüri Vene.
(Just to mention:

Shalla..oeh, küll uni on võimas says:
krt ei näinud, seda oleks tahtnud näha, äkki tal homme hea tuju ja võtab mu vabanduse vastu
JP | kas siis, kui messenger rivist väljas on kõik magavad? says:
JP | kas siis, kui messenger rivist väljas on kõik magavad? says:
HOMME on TEMAL pohmakas

Well, not really, but still. Just kidding, Keep up the good work. And don't kill me for posting this, please. I'm too young to die.

And disregard what i had in my messenger name about not fearing you.

[music: Roni Size - Heroes]
Found The Flat Earth Faq.

Check it out.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Just browsed around at the school site.
Found the old but good teacher quotes. Laughed.

Toompere: (Uuele õpilasele) "Ja mis sina siin lobised, neist (vihjates, neile, kes on Härmast) ma saan veel aru. Nad on eluaeg imelikud olnud. Aga sina?"

Heino Noortoots: "Käisin pojaga Isha ja Poja rallill...näet, sõitshime shohu, tead. USSSSHHH VINGERDAB

Aavasalu: "Now Lennart take the kaardikepp and go to the tahvli juurde. "

I was just browsing around with bloggers Next Blog button and found Know O' Prince, a blog about a dnd (Dungeons & Dragons) campaign. I havent actually read it yet, but now that i think of it, having a blog about a dnd game seems like an exxellent idea. I mean, really. If i get my players to go along with it, i might just start my own.

And the the blog probably just won itself a steady reader, too.

And just as a sidenote - i just discovered that if you type "google [word]" into your firefox addressbar, it automatically googles [word]. Neat.

[music: Loose Joints - Tell You Today]
Pretty good, actually.
I went to see The Bourne Supremacy yesterday.

The first Bourne was much better. I didn't like the camera job of the second one at all. Too jumpy for my tastes. Seeing a boot push on the accelerator pedal for about half a second during a car chase is not so important to me. The camera kept jumping around and i couldnt make out what exactly was going on half of the time.
And the plot was rather thin, too. And the missing of the plot _wasnt_ compensated by action scenes so it made for a rather bland movie experience wich i of course wasnt expecting.

At least i had good company.

And it was good to play a little DnD over a long time this morning. Got up at ten to play at eleven and everything.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

First pictures of Teachers' Day here.
Expect more.

Political map of europe in the year 1914.
The concert was good and bad. It was this multiartist thing with sessions and breaks and all that sort.

Everything before the break (that is, the first half of the concert) sucked. Well, lets just say it wasnt to my liking. It was jazz, and good jazz i suppose, but just too slow for me. As you might or might not figure, i generally like positive (and faster) music. Not really into slow single piano tracks or the like.
So i felt really disappointed during the break.

But it got better from there. The second part consisted of some stuff i can't remember and then the good bits. There was this band that played two tracks (Maybe "track" isnt the best word when speaking about jazz. Lets say "piece" instead.) as a surprise. I got the notion that they were'nt supposed to play at all but just did it as a surprise. The first one was pretty good, a latin - something piece. Similiar to my much - liked Fernanda Porto in ways. The vocals were similiar. Their second piece was a tune by some old estonian jazz guru and otherwize respectable gentleman. They had won a competition with that one, but it was again too slow for my personal tastes.

After them, the big band. As they will be celebrating their 60th anniversary next year, i understand why it is named the Mickeys. I do suppose that Mickey was rather hot some 60 years ago.
I liked em. The tempo got a bit faster and everything.

After the big band came an estonian chellist (or contrabassist, im still not very sure, pardon my incompetence in the matter) that did some weird electronic stuff. He used filters and other nifty electronic stuff to make the chello sound like i-dont-know-what. It was interesting, but not very grabbing.

But Lonnie Smith made it all worthwhile. He is a small old charming african(american) man. Even if you wouldnt like the concert, but you will, it'd still be worth just seeing him. A very positive character indeed. You just have to see him. He walked onto the stage in this very ethnic looking suit and clothes and a turban on, placed his ivory walking stick on the keyboard and started playing.
And did he play...
Very good music, i think i even recognized some themes and tunes. Very lively at times, but not at others. Good jazz indeed.
For an old man, he was very energetic. Playing his organ, hands flailing, he reminded me of a chimpanzee at times. In a very positive way.
And he did get the crowd clapping and everything.

Just as a sidenote, Lembit Saarsalu, a very famous estonian saxophonist, played a few tunes together with Lonnies trio. Enyoyable.

And then the birthday after the concert.

Also nice, but i can't say much, because nothing much happened. But that doesn't degrade it in any way, because a calm(er) sit-around-and-talk party is good for a change, too. I enjoyed.
Somebody did try to explain to me the absence of the sort of action this gang i hang around with usually creates, but i'm not sure if i can believe that.
It was said there was tension between specific different people, but i will not formulate any opinions based on rumours told by drunk people. World peace, bretheren.

[music: Cd 2 - Dust]

Friday, October 08, 2004

I had to actively look for an unocupied spot on my desk to put the mug.
That means i have lost the battle to keep the desk clean after about a month since i last cleaned it. That means i've got some eleven months to go before i clean it again.

About teachers' day, then.

As i walked from the cloakroom into the school lobby, i was greeted by one of the 12th formers playing the headmaster. Most lessons were given to us by 12th formers. That included geography, the first one. After roll call and a girl retelling something, i and two other gentlemen had to draw a political map of europe in the year 1914 onto the map. Rather generalized, if i do say so myself. The girls had to correct our map afterwards and as they couldn't find any real mistakes they started making the shorelines better. Bah.

The other lessons were fun too.

But the most brilliant part came after the lessons at the festive meeting. We did do the ballet thing. During our physical education lesson, wich we sortof skipped, we practiced the movements.
We had Nasty Gay Boy suits and everything. Our girls brought us some swimming suits and some of us wore those. We all had tight pants (and i mean really tight) and shirts. Some had swimming suits too. Like real ballerinas.
The girls also made our hair all nice and bundled up in ponytails. In my case, anyway.
The crowd seemed to enjoy it and we will certainly get our names imprinted onto the school wall with letters of gold.

Pictures were taken and if i get any, i will surely link to them.

Now off to the concert of Lonnie Smith, a jazz organist, a little later and from there to a birthday.

[music: High Contrast - Expose]

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Went running.

It started raining as soon as i stepped out the door. Got wet. Still ran some. 10 km or so. Entirely manageable.

Still cant remember what i wanted to say before.

[music: Ez Rollers - Vingage Moments]
A bit more civilized of a day today.

Got home at the "usual" time for a change.

Tomorrow is Teachers' Day. That means all sorts of fun stuff. We will be given lessons by the 12th formers and the teachers will be given lessons. Funny incidents expected.

We are to do this 3 minute _thing_ at the festive meeting. As nobody came up with a plan what to do, we just might do ballet. Us boys, that is. Well, not all of us as some arent obviously as brave as the others, but still. They even practiced throwing eachother around like real ballet dancers today. Hilarious.

I'm rather sure i wanted to write about something else as well, but i have forgotten. Maybe later, then.

[music: Propeller - Karuksi Laul]

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Oh my.

I cant say i much like getting home from school at five o' clock or so. Doesn't leave time for anything else. Havent touched photoshop for days. Havent had free time for days.

I had the demonstrative arguing thing. You remember, Karoliina got me into it. As i might have said before, i was on the YES side of "ban gambling". Well, it came out to be a draw. As it was the first time for most of my team and the whole opposing team, we both made mistakes.
It was fun.

Went running after school. My knee hurts. I did expect them to hurt when i started running. So you see...

Starting studying only now (nine o clock) is nasty, really. Considering i ought to go to sleep in an hour. But i won't.

Anyway, i got a discful of Die Olde Skool Estonian Rock, Propeller that is, from M. Nice

[music: Something by Propeller]

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Been a rather busy day today.

School (icluding the tension when the chemistry teacher was asking people to come retell stuff), come home, lay around, go run, study chemistry, eat, here i am.

That would be the summary anwyay.
Two lessons were cancelled today. The first because three Dimitries and other people from greece and bulgaria and i dont know where else wanted to talk about environmental problems.
I do suppose that wasnt the main purpose of their trip to estonia. The whole thing sort of unorganized and unprepared. A la "i have some more information on this sheet but it's in spanish so..."
But still. A lesson being cancelled is always good. And seeing foreign people just for the heck of it isnt bad either. Not to say that we are isolated here or something.
The second lesson was cancelled because of a concert. It might have had or not had anything to do with the environment people. It was a choir and a band and i do think there were actually lesser people in the audience than in the choir. But it was good nevertheless. It was an estonian group singing all sorts of stuff from gospel to covers of pop songs like that "shuddup shuddup" thing.
They also did funny synchronized dancing-singing stuffs that were pretty cool.

Also went running with K. Or i might call him Kristjan from now on because he did it himself on the comments of the blog somewhere. No more paranoia for me, w00t!. (And do notice that this is the only way one spells w00t!, even if it's in the beginning of a sentence or anything.)
Shorter distance, faster speed.

[music: EZ Rollers - Believe (Original Edit)]

Monday, October 04, 2004

(Dropdown favorite menus in Firefox are nice.)

If you dont NEED to read it, then dont.
(The server is currently offline, but i hope it will be back.)

And just a few words about the new messenger 7 beta before i go running.

If you havent downloaded it, dont. Trust me.

It seems silly. Just silly new funtions. I personally dislike the idea of animated display pictures. And the nudge function. I mean, wtf. Shaking windows on my screen is intruding my desktop. I don't like that. And the animated cartoon-like thingies...
Oh my.
It seems useless as of now, i do hope it's just the beta stage.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

I did go run today. Was pretty neat.
I even had M along as company.

The autumn nature looks neat. We saw ducks, a deer and a naked lady swimming.

[music: Ez Rollers - Passage To India]
The bigger part of yesterday consisted of just laying around. I suspect today will be no different.
Not to say that laying around is bad or anything. I might go run a bit, but i might not. We'll see.

We did play Risk yesterday. Me and some other people i happen to know. At my place. Even though it happened so that we all got together too late and were all sleepy, i could say i had some fun. The absurd sort of fun you get when, among other things, you blow air into a funny soviet-time swimming hat to make different noises.
The course of the game itself was pretty predictable as the gent that always wins did so this time as well. He just has a tactical mind, i suppose. Or that he is the only one able to concentrate on gaming three hours into the game. To me, boardgames are a social event. Not that they wouldn't be to other people.
I also saw a person i dont see every day at school anymore and that was nice.

Today it's an overcast day so characteristic to the estonian autumn. I figure that if i have the strength of will, i might go run a bit. Does the body good and so.

And i just remembered i have Huge Heaps of Homework for tomorrow. Huge Heaps of Homereading anyway, not so sure about the rest yet.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The birthday was nice. Although a bit shorter than the usual get-together, or so i think, it felt sortof warm.
It was held in the middle of nowhere (refer to previous post for information about the criminal situation of the area) in what came out to be a biker's club. This time i mean the Harley-Davidson sort of bikers. You could see that in the whole design of the place. But i can't say it wasnt comfortable or anything. A rather pleasant place, actually. A warm oven sort of thingie (you know, the sort that look like a big barrel with pipes on top) and a random wheelchair here and boxing bag there always creates the mood. Part of the walls were even adorned with biker-style graffiti, wich consisted of naked ladies, boobs, and naked ladies made of some sort of wines. Nazi - style helmets and old boots on the walls and so on.
And then there was the altar to satan under the club's flag. No blood or anything, just animal skulls and the major points of satanism and satanism conduct.
And then, just as everybody was sitting around talking, dancing or doing something, we heard engine noises outside. Then somebody opened the huge door of the main party hall and in rode this huge 2 metre tall and wide gentleman, of course in a studded leather jacket and matching pants on a big bike. That seemed neat. Just so you'd know, he had "burner" written on his back. Well, actualy "Motor Club Burners", but still.

"Say, Murderer.." wondered Burner: "where on earth could the bloody moustache clippers be?"
Glancing up from today's Times, Murderer seemed a bit annoyed: "Well, jolly if i know. I think saw Deathmaster having them last. Pass the cigars, would you."
"Cuban black or Vietnamese?" asked Burner while reaching over to the small table next to his armchair. "I do think i haven't seen Deathmaster this week. Are you sure he has them?"
"Cuban, thank you" Murderer took a cigar from the box Burner was holding up to him while folding his Times away: "well, im not very sure. Are you sure your moustache needs clipping anyway?"
"Well yes, they have gone a bit out of hand recently. And the pillows need more filling anyway."
"I suppose we'll have to ask Demolisher then. Maybe he has seen them."
But Demolisher was already sleeping as sound as a baby, his empty bottle of cognac still lying next to the sofa.

And the present was nice too. But i will not fall into great detail here. Let's just say it involved... Well, let's better not. Just in case. Some of you know, anyway.

[music: Eek-A-Mouse - Wa-Do-Dem]

Friday, October 01, 2004

You could say i got lucky at school today.
You see, i wasnt in the mood for doing any homework yesterday. Happened so that i got into no trouble because of that. Or so i say until i get the results of the french test.
Our french lessons have fallen into disarray, anyway.

Going to this fellow's birthday in the evening. It's in a part of town you take an armoured taxi to. OR get knifed / stabbed with a HIV needle. Your choice, really.

And yes, just wanted to point you to this. Makes you think, doesn't it?