Thursday, September 30, 2004

From Wanton Wonton:
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, champagne in one hand--strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming holy sh**, what a ride!." ~Mavis Leyrer, 83 yrs old, Seattle, WA.

Just a quote that caught my eye.

Also wanted to add a bit or two about the Nasty History Test. The teacher had forgotten to take the class marks book with her, or so she lead us to believe. Then she had to go get it from the teacher's room on the floor below.
You can imagine what happens when the teacher leaves during a test, can you not? So i got the year number part fixed.
As for the narrative part, i pretty much knew what i had to.
Another problem off my back.

And oh, did i mention we actually won the Tamme relay race. Got a cake and everything. We ate it, the 10 of us plus some random classmates.
Besides the normal and routine schoolday, there were some sport-related events i want to tell you about.

Chronologically first was the annual Tamme race our school holds in a park just outside the school. It just so happened that i somehow messed myself into participation. I suspect that biking all summer and becoming somewhat trained has something to with it all. It all began when i finished fourth of our class in a 1600 meter race. And as our class had to put foward five boys, i was one of them, because the 1600 race seems to be the most credible source of valuation as of now.
So i participated. It was, as many of you know anyway but some might not, a relay race between the, um, 10th forms. Each team consisted of 5 boys and 5 girls.
Anyway, running a 500 metre lap or roaming about in the south estonian bush for eight hours is not quite the same. As of now, i think so short races are a bit out of my league. Racing without a bike sucks anyway :)

And then i came home, found my old-old running outfit and went running. An hour five and some eight kilometers or so i figure. Running for an hour in itself was no problem, but i do feel my muscles now. And it strains the knees and hips.
Oh, and i won't even mention the blister under my foot. Well, now i did mention it, but yes.
Overall it was rather enjoyable, though. Scenery and everything.

[music: Nu Tone - Millies Theme]

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Been a moderately busy day with both ups and downs today.

The downsides are the aftermath of realizing that the new play is not quite as good as the christmas one. And i'm not just saying it as any author feeling doubtful about his work.
Anyway, i did not mean the new one to be so good. Honestly. Sort of resembles writing a short commercial piece. Anyway, i still think we can get a good play out of it, even though it's not as funny or spectacular as the last one. This one, at least, has a sort of message.
Getting some not-the-best marks also part of the downs.

But as for the ups, i got a maximum mark for this literature checkin test on a book hadn't read. I hope Jane is not reading this. She, you see, is the literature teacher. And no, you don't spell like would the english name.
Also realizing that the play still might be good and definately is going to be lots of fun directing it also part of the ups.

Oh, and ultramaximum respect to Unruled for hosting the play. You can now get it over the web here. But if you know you're going to see it performed live, such as by going to the same school as me, don't read it. Okay?

And em, what did i want to say? Oh yes, i got new brakes and other biking stuff he doesn't use anymore from Lasse. Thanks mate. Did have some trouble installing the brakes. A specific spring is missing, but i hope to solve the problem.

Oh, and another thing. Karoliina (who also uses mozilla, by the way) asked me to join her in the showmanship-arguing (or what ever is the english term) next week. Am i special or what :)

So yes, im back to my Nasty History Test. On egypt and stuffs. I don't like studying numbers by heart.

[music: Sky - Fifths]
[music: jpop from Unruled's computer through skype]

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The play is now finished. Anyone wanting to play will contact me, yes? I do hope i won't have to talk more than 8 people of the 10 -orso- characters into playing.

Just as a sidenote, i just made myself laugh. I read the christmas play i wrote last year. Added a link to My Old Site on the right, you can see that, and some other stuff there.

[music: Big Bud - Blu 4 U]
This picture gives a good idea of what Haanja was like.
Yes, that IS a worm.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Me at Haanja.
And pictures

Of the freshman-fox-WHAT-EVER-thing.
First pictures of the race.

Marathon summary. Real marathon this time.

Back and alive, although barely.

8 hours 31 minutes 43 seconds.
108 km.
182nd place.

Well, what can i say..
The race was good, overall. The only thing that ruined it for me was the weather. Not yesterday's weather, as during the race it was fine, but it had been raining heavily just before the race.
That there was lots of mud everywhere.
Combine that with my less-than-great bike, and you get lots of trouble. One thing i should maybe have foreseen was that my very worn out rear tire had almost no pattern left on it. On the slippery grass and mud, traction means life or death. I died. The other problems were more or less obvious. Brakepads wearing out so bad i had almost no brakes for the last 30 kilometers, shitfing not working, and, most of all, not being able to use the granny disc (the smallest of the front chainrings).
And yes, the crappy shimano pedals.

People, if you buy a bike, get a decent one.

My race came to be what it was mostly because of technical problems, i believe. The four of us decided to ride the race together. For the first 5 kilometers we did. Then my chain got sucked and i had to stop. They got ahead of me and i worked hard and exhausted myself, but i reached them again. Then one of my lenses fell off. I spent some minutes trying to put it back, but i lost it. Riding with one and a half eyes isn't fun at all, really. You can't see obstacles on half the track. That made me more careful - and thus - slower.
At least i can say that this was the end of my bigger troubles and i could more or less consentrate on riding from that time. With one eye, yes, but still.

The track itself was great. As i said, the mud didnt suit my tires. But the landscapes and hills were really great. And riding through small bits of forest with no underfoilage, just like in a canadian mountainbike movie. The autumn nature is really great. Especially in Haanja, where you can enjoy great views from the hilltops.

Until some 50 kilometers, everything was okay. Then i started feeling tired. Somehow i reached the feeding point on 60. There i met A, one of the four. We rode together from there on. Some 10 kilometers after the 60 point were the worst. I was riding in the sort of grey fog one gets when overexhausted. But A gave me some chemistry and i ate some of my own. Chemistry as in whatever they put inside those gels and whatnot that make you alive again.

But the moments of fog were rather interesting indeed. Well, interesting now that i think back. They most definately werent interesting when on the saddle. Dragging yourself on and on just on sheer willpower isn't much fun. I was lucky to be in the fog for only some 20 kilometers or so. Between 50 and 70 was the hardest. I was thinking of quitting, but there was nowhere to quit to, really. There was just no way back to the finish other than the one i was riding. So i just sat there, pedalling, looking at the 8 km/h on the speedometer wondering what to do. Luckily, i got over it.

I do have to say there was some confusion as far as the track layout was concerned. I think some of the feeding points weren't exactly where they were supposed to be. And i got off track with a few gentlemen once, but i cant say if that was the organizers' fault or not, because seeing the white strips marking the trail without a lens is really difficult.
Another surprise was when i reached Suur Munamägi on 70 something kilometers. I had thought it was at 90 and sortof mentally forced myself to get there telling myself it would get easier after that. When i got there 20 kilometers early i had to find another mental waypoint to force myself to finish.

As for finishing, when i was riding the end parts together with A, we missed a turn somewhere and got off track. Other people had done it before us and we followed their tracks. When we called the organizer, he couldnt direct us back onto the track so we had to take some public roads to the finish making the Haanja 100 a Haanja 108 for me.

An interesting i realized during the marathon (and this truly was a marathon, unlike the 3-hour short rides of the elion series) is that even though a kilometer is only a percent of the race, it is a very long distance. Both physically and mentally. Thats why getting lost in the forest for some kilometers made it difficult. I didnt exactly know how much i had to ride or when the next feeding point would be.

I could say that i ride below my abilities. Lasse finished an hour or so before me and i think so could have i, had i not had all those troubles.
"Mis sitasti, see uuesti", as they say.
I'll definately be back next year.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Tomorrow is the big race.

The Haanja 100.
My goal is finishing the race, nothing more, but i don't know if i will. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm going to sleep early to get up at 6 tomorrow.

And now for something completely different:
I was just surfing around winamp and happened onto the "most played listing". Here is the top:

(Just as a sidenote, i don't think the played count is completely accurate)

Bob Marley - Lively Up Yourself, 56 times;
Geeta Dutt - Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu, 46 times;
4 Hero - Les Fleur, 44 times;
Track 05, 41 times;
Letta M'Bulu - What Is Wrong With Groovin, 39 times;
Dave Burbeck - Unsquare Dance, 32 times;
Baaba Maal & Taj Mahal - Trouble Sleep - Yanga Wake Him, 28 times (that track is 11 minutes long);
Nu Tone - Millies Theme, 27 times;
Fernando Gelbard - Avvalecoleria, 26 times;
Drumagic - Easy Boom, 26 times;
Natural Born Chillers - Rock The Funky Beat, 19 times;
Claudio Zoli - Noite Do Prazer (Mad Zoo's Massive Sets), 17 times;
Contour - Come Tomorrow, 17 times;
Technozoide ft Rosy Aragao - Esfera (Cosmonautics Mix), 16 times;
Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry, 14 times;

And i can assure you all those are most exellent songs indeed. ALL worth a listen. Now that i think of it, if you compile all those and make a cd of it, you get a pretty good summary of my music tastes minus the reggae.
Why i think the play count is incomplete is because No Woman No Cry should definately be more near the top. But the fact that i have spent some 280 minutes listening to this specific track (Trouble Sleep - Yanga Wake Him), is impressive.

[music: Corduroy - Something In My Eye]

I'm now back from the party. The party the 12th formers arranged for us, you see. Nothing bad comes without a side of good to it.

Not much to say, really.
I didn't like the music. Only metal. I used to like metal, but i don't anymore. Not the sort of metal they played there anyway.
And then there was Chalice, the estonian hip-hop guruu, but i missed his appearance almost completely, only saw the last song. But what i can say is he bumped into me. Who wants to touch me?

Friday, September 24, 2004

How i was crucified and survived to tell the tale.

This electronic message doesn't actually exist. You are imagining things again. I didnt tell anybody anything. You may not use this information (wich doesnt exist anyway) without my permission. My permission is not to be obtained without my permission or knowledge of permission obtaining.

First off, if you are wondering what di hell the last post was about, it was a song were supposed to sing. More aobut that further down.

A while ago, i wrote about the whole christening (or what ever is the word) thing.

Today was the big day, but including the massive preparations, the whole thing started yesterday. So i will just begin from the beginning.

As the theme for the whole happening was "prisoners and guards" or something along those lines, we (that being me and three other fine fellows) decided to make ourselves prisoner uniforms. The 12thformers did promise to give us some sort of costumes, but from previous experience we knew not to expect much quality or anything. No disrespect, 12thformers, though. I know they had a lot on their hands and making a 100 or so prisoner suits isn't easy.

Yesterday, when the lessons finished, we went to town and bought us some classic prisoner-suit cloth. THe sort with black and white strpes.
That done, we proceeded to R's place to actually sew the things. As you could expect, none of us boys had done much sewing or anything of the sort before. We dug out the machine and R's sister kindly even put the string on for us. Then R and K (and not me as I don't really do any actual work, do i?) found some problem (wich i believe was that there was no string on the lower roll or something as absurd and vague as that) and disassembled half of the machine. The first three hours were spent on putting the thing together again. Then we started wondering about how one actually makes a pair of pants. R got an old pair of pants and we cut them up, drew the contours onto the cloth, cut them out and sewed them togeter. Rather easy if you dont count all the hard work it is.

Three pairs of pants (and i must say my and R's pants are the coolest because i designed us elvis-style wide pants wich ended up looking like hip-hopper pants) later, we started on the shirts. Then the hats and the bags and ready we were. By that time, it was 12.45 in the evening. So we actually finished 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Neat, eh?

So we got home and went to sleep.

Getting up half an hour earlyer than usually, i dressed, did my morning routine, and proceeded to K's place. His mother nearly choked in laughter when she opened the door to me. I drew VIRU (you see, Viru is one of the 12ht formers we so much love) on his rear and we headed to the rendez-vous. After meeting M and K, taking off the things we had on for warmth, making the costumes ready and drawing eachother tattoos, we went to school.

Even before we got in the gate, the 12th formers so generously draw stuff onto our faces with paint.

The whole schoolday consisted of lining up outside, being drawn upon and doing other stuff like pushups or group aerobics or what ever. It wasnt as nasty as it sounds.

But the best part came after the lessons. We were lined up outside the school, attached to a big chain, prisoners as we were, and transported to Toomemägi, a green hilly area near the school.

We had sports games there. The first game was about making a line as long as possible of our clothes by taking them off and tying them together. Somewhat amusing, even.

No, wait a minute. The very first game consisted of standing in a line, spinning around, and handing over our heads a bowl with nasty fish and nasty fish water in it.

The second game was the clothes.

The third game was about standing in two lines (but do keep in mind that there were three competitors - three classes - in each game) and doing a relay race. The "stick" was actually an egg. As you could expect, or mayhaps not, it was transported by mouth. Had i not been so cold because i had lost my t-shirt ( i did have the prisoner costume, but it was ratehr cold outside), it would have been amusing, perhaps.

After the race, we all had to go up a hill and then slide down the other side. There was a certain plastic foil (i seem to have forgotten the real word) on the ground, but it slid off the hill even before somebody could whizz down, or so i believe. Under the foil was sawdust. So we had to slide in that.
Considering we were after style points (wich werent actually distributed at all) and jumped down heafirst all four of us togeter, it wasnt so amusing as sawdust tends to get into eyes and other crevaces of body.

Then we were taped to a tree and painted a bit more. And that was it. I sort of expected something more.

Some bits i wanted to add:
There were eggs flying around all the time. Just that. And some nasty fish from the first game as well.

And about the song:
Yesterday we were given a task to sing a song praising the 12th formers today. We were original and created our own song. And they even seemed to like it.
I put it up so people could learn the words (yes, both words) at home.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Without further ado, the words:

letters in FULL CAPS are what the chorus sings.

I want to fuck u.
plaks plaks plaks plaks plaks
plaks plaks
plaks plaks
you are so fuckable
plaks plaks plaks plaks plaks
plaks plaks
plaks plaks
(läheb taevasse)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do.


After school i visited a couple of bike shops to look at hyrdo-packs or camelbacks. Those are the small kind of backkpack with a container for water inside them and a hose running from the container to your mouth.
Then i looked at neophrene boot protector socks wich protect my shitty and covered-with-mesh-that-doesnt-hold-water biking shoes from cold and water. And then some water-resistant biking trousers.
But my dad said the backpack was pointless, wich it isnt. Only a bit too expensive.
Anyway, it just happened so that i didn't get anything. That is not a big deal at all in and of itself but at the time everything seemed so dramatic i felt sortof sad. Just one of those surreal days.

But as for the interesting part, i saw the italian around-the-world biker in my "local" bike shoppe.His bike was laying outside with the rear wheel off and he was walking between his bike and the workshop room discussing something with the mechanic. And it was no regular bike. It had this HUGE cupboard-sized box at the back.
It was sortof cool to see someone like that.
I want to do something like that some day, too.
My stomach is okay now. I think.

What else...
We had a physics test today. (Everybody was panicking.) But it was easy. So i probably will get a three (out of five) because i always make silly mistakes i don't notice.

And now for something completely different:

I started making a new blog template yesterday. Not that i'd be dissatisfied (unsatisfied?) with the current one, but just for practice.
As i opened the picture of me at the rakvere marathon, i wanted to bike. So i will do a little something today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Update on current situation:

Mom gave me some pills and they seem to have worked.

At least i have made rather good use of not being at school and read some homereading and made good progress with the play.
I didn't get to go to school today.
Just while having breakfast and doing the morning routine, i had to go to the toilet twice. The stomach hurts, too.
Mom gave me some pills to take so we'll see.

Monday, September 20, 2004

The screenshot of new Dark Desktop TM.
Back from school and, most lately, washing my bike. She does look neat now. I noticed i am getting skilled at washing bikes. It doesn't take so much time as it used to. Found some dusty spots here and there, but taking her into showroom condition wasnt my goal anyway.

And about school. Don't you just love our physical education teacher. In addition to the marathon plus ten of yesterday, we had to run 1600 metres today. Much to my own surprise, i finished fourth, wich i usually by far don't do. I suppose biking all summer might have something to do with it.

And now for something completely different:
I rencently made myself an entirely new desktop environment. This time it's dark opposed to the bright tones i usually have. Too bad that windows and messenger don't really go with dark desktops without some tweaking. I will hopefully post a screenshot later.

[music: Baba Maal & Taj Mahal - Trouble Sleep - Yanga Wake Am (Feat. Kaouding Cissoko)]
Definately the best piece i have heard in a long while. A nice, long, calm, soothing thing. Definately worth listening to. Many times.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Marathon summary. Again.

64 + 10 km.

Back now, as you obviously can see.

Well, about the race then.
Everything went pretty much as it was supposed to. I started as number 2586 of maybe some 3000. So from as way back as at all possible.
The start was crouded. The middle part of the race was crowded. We were racing wheel-to wheel even in the finish corridor. The whole world seemed crowded.
3000 people at the same race is just a bit too much, i believe. Combine that with the very fast and not-mountainbikey-at-all sort of track and you get chaos 60 kilometers long. And yes, the fast track. Too fast for me. Not as in too fast so i got tired too soon (because i succseeded at energy managing pretty all right) but that the average speed of the track was too high. That owed to the fact that it was a gravel race (not to say rat race
). Absolutely gravel. I dont see why it should be called a mountainbike race as it is. You could finish with any bike, as i obviously saw. Some gentlemen dressed in bride costumes riding a tandem, for example. Or roadracing bikes.
Just too fast and lame and boring. I liked the Elion races much more.

I finished in 2 hours 36 minutes as 1225th. I beat K by 40-something minutes wich fulfilled his goal of not being beaten by me by not more than an hour. I fulfilled my goal of passing a thousand people.

After the race we headed (Of course that heading was done on bike. Hence the 10 extra kilometers) to K's country place to have a sauna and eat. Swimming in this time of year was nice. If one can call that quick dip a real swim.

And then i came home to write this.

And what sports did YOU do today?

[music: Julie London - Cry Me a River]

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Back from the party and soon off to sleep.

Even though i was there for a bare 30 minutes or so, i bet i saw one of the most fun(ny) parts. The part concerned M and a certain girls' gymnastics suit. The part concerned them so much my stomach still hurts from all that laughing. Good thing we didn't die back in that bathroom. Some of us were close to it. Suffocating because of laughter is'nt a fun way to go, on contrary to what it might seem.
Now blogging with mozilla firefox 1.0, arguably the best browser i have used.

Anyone who uses the internet for more than 15 minutes a day ought to consider moving over to firefox. BUT then again, i have yet to fix my blog so that firefox would show it perfectly. It (or IE) has problems with centering. And unfortunately mozilla doesn't have colourable scrollbars.

And now for something completely different:

Today the most important thing i have done so far today is shopping. With the help of my kind parents i visited some biking shops to see for any discounts and stuff. Didn't buy anything but an energy gel for tomorrow's marathon. Also got musli (how ever that is spelled) bars. K (and K isnt Kaimar, as some people have thought) was hanging along too. That was because we got the present for a girl whose birthday party we are going to tonight. So unfortunate that i can only be there for a maximum of two hours to go to sleep early to be able to race the next morning.
At least the present is good. Cant say what it is quite yet because someone might read this. And we don't want the surprise spoiled, do we?

[music: Commix - The Wurly Tune]

The triple H

I'm now back from the triple H. First i want to say that i got more than expected from the party.I was expecting negativity, but didnt quite get that.

It all started when we hear the United German Hard House and Trance Orchestra of BMWs playing outside the cinema. Of course, we feared that it was coming from the inside. Comes out the house is pretty soundproof.

Inside came the culture shock. Although i knew of the hip-hop culture beforehand, i had never been in contact with it so much.
Even before i finally decided on going, i figured that if i go i must just go with the flow. Being at a party and not enjoying oneself is just not worth the trouble. Be it german hard house or not. (No disrespect, admirerers of german hard house.)
I suppose i did fairly good at that.

I won't comment on the music, because i really don't know so much about it, but i want to say that the sound quality was just awful. Too overemphasized bass for even a bassy music that hiphop is and all the other sounds just blending into eachother and not being vibrant.
And a shout out to and utterly mad (dis)respect to the uber deejay mixing skills. All the deejays, and i dont know how many there were, could not switch from track to track without it being noticed. I understand that it might not be the easiest to do with hip-hop and the lyrics, but yet the beat in the background is so loop-y that it should be possible.
But i understand that beginner deejays need to be given a chance as well. What i dont know is if the ones there were beginners or not.
And as i came home early, i dont know if there were any better ones toward the end of the party.

Some people who i was there with complained that there were too many people. I have no complaints as far as that is concerned because overcrowdedness is what i would expect from a club and party. I bet that the amount of people that was in the Illusioon today would be compressed to about a square metre in an UK club.

As conclusion i might say that seeing the triple H made me regret not having gone to see High Contrast while i had the chance. As i now have the new record wich was presented at the party i could have gone to and the record is undescribably good at most parts. I have hardly listened to anything else over the past few days.

And as parties and get-togethers tend to do, it brought this specific problem to my awareness yet again. But of that, later.

So now i'm just listening to some music of my taste to get good dreams and my hearing back. Getting my lungs back from all that cigarette smoke is another matter.

[music: Nu Tone - Millies Theme]
That one is arguably the best track from the new High Contrast record. In reality, i cant be a hundred percent sure that the track even IS from the record, but i have all reason to believe so. Do try to get your hands on it.
It's good because of the mild and playful background. I like it a lot.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Another interesting twist of the plotline.

It happened so that i decided to go to Hip Hop Hooray, a party i cant currently find the site for. As you can tell from the name, its a hip - hop party.
And those of you that know me (or have bothered to read the profile on the right) know that hip-hop isnt among one of my most liked music genres. As a matter of fact, the sort of hip - hop they most probably play there is among one of my disliked ones.
But i figured that sitting here watching telly and eating chicken nuggets all night won't be much fun either. At least i have some people i can relate to there. Obviously there will be some people i will not be able to relate to at all there too. If yo get what i mean with relating to.

As you might or might not guess, i haven't really been into this clubbing and partying thing very much. So i suppose we'll just see, won't we?

[music: Logistics - Together]
One day i and my bike will be there. The ultimate trail.
EDIT: I wanted to link to this specific picture with a mountaintop and a trail in the snow, but it seems that doesnt want me to. Bastards. No disrespect.


Back from school. Only six lessons today so i'm just waiting for A - Team to start on tv.
Going to go get my timetracking chip and number for the marathon after that.

[music: High Contrast - The Persistence of Memory]

Thursday, September 16, 2004

As Madli comments to Karoliina's blog:

madli on kohal nagu viis kopikat. loomakaitse heaks olen ma nõus kasvõi parimate eesti ansamblite kontserdile minema.

Just brilliant.
I sortof mean the bit about popular estonian bands.
Been a busy day today. I only now start with my homework wich includes a russian test and an annoyying thing at geography.

After forgetting that we were to have no first lesson today and going to school and coming back home to do homework for some 40 minutes to head back to school and then being at school for the better part of the day i and K went to my (not very local) bike shop to get supplies. I got new brake pads and more.

Then i went over to my grandparents' to chop and stack some firewood.

And only then did i go to K's place to replace my pads and work on his bike a bit. And to imagine, he even thanked me. My hands still smell of oil.

Now homework and a nice bath.

[music: Wyclef Jean - No Woman No Cry]

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Niteriding madness

15 km @ toome.

Back from some nightriding action. As i have mentioned before, it definately gets attention. All sorts of attention. Positive attention, mostly.

And the new circuit (not quite sure if i'm using the right word) is much better in the dark. Well, not better, but different and fun in a whole other dimension. And as my brake pads seem to be worn out, i couldnt really brake so well, wich meant for more speed during the downhills. The dark also makes this specific otherwize rather bland u-turn-on-the-side-of-a-hill rather much fun. And there were people sitting inside the u so i got to ride round them from a rather close distance. Combine that with the light in the night and you get a bunch of impressed people. Thats what i make out from what i heard, anyway.
I only rode so little (i am good at finding excuses daily, am i not?) because there were negative people amongst the positive. I mean a bunch of drunk adolescents (or so their voices sounded). I think i even might have known one of them through somebody, but still. So i made a tactical preventative retreat. Although i suppose they posed no real threat.
15 km is good too, anyway.

What sports did YOU do today?

Added another blog to the right. Signs Never Sleep.

[music: Caribbean Jazz Project - Caravan]
Right now i'm just sitting here waiting for it to get dark. I want to strap some headlights onto my head and go bike at night.

Studying for an english test will be probably stuffed somewhere between now and going biking.

And yet again have i managed to write a particularly striking post about nothing at all.
Exept for the music part.

[music: Miles Davis - Jean - Pierre]

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Just wanted to add that i hit 2700 km on my speedometer today. That means about 3300 km of total distance this season. Not too bad, i suppose.

And the play is in good progress by now. I started enjoying it. So yes indeed. I hope it all comes along well.

[music: Julie London - I Should Care]
11 km @ toome.

It's getting annoyying to bike so little. Today i got there too late so it got dark quick and i had to come back. But there is a good side to it getting dark so early - i can nightride and still get to sleep on a more or less normal hour of the day. Night. Whatever

[music: High Contrast feat. Spoonface - Only Two Can Play]

This is the design for the shirt i made. And im still alive.

Monday, September 13, 2004

13 km @ toome. Lost a contact, thats why so little.

Anyway, i have news.

First off.

They, the classmates, have somehow gotten me into writing another play. I could barely blink before i said yes. I bet they had some tricks in play. Not that i would really mind writing stuff, mind you. I could say i even like it. You will be probably kept posted of how the thing is coming about. I suppose that when its done (as it's only to performed once for now, as my previous plays have been) i will post the script. All copyright ME, of course.
As the play will be performed on the festive meeting celebrating the 98th birthday of our school, it will probably depict some bits of our school history mixed with the present and everything else. It's not final, of course.

Second, i took part of the first meeting of our school newspaper group this season. That means i will write something for the paper, most probably. What, i am not sure. Other people got some stories handed to them, but i have no ideas as of yet. If anybody gets any, let me know.

Third, i and K finally made the shirts we wanted to make. The design will be posted here tomorrow, that is after the first (and maybe last) public display. Even though the shirt-making machine was broken here and the machine operator unbelievably dumb and blonde (no disrespect smart blondes. if any) so we did'nt want to bother with her, we managed. Today the machine at here had been fixed again. I do'nt reccommend the there, wich is located in the Eeden center, to anyone.

And now for something completely different:
Even though our english teacher herself said she could be our grandmother as for age concerns, she puts our newspaper lessons up into the internet. w00t!
If anyone wants to, you can see the stuff here.


I got my little dirty hands on a (new) album by
High Contrast.
Some beats are recognizable from True Colors, but its so Gooooooood.
Just super. Can't say anything else as for now.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

As Wanton Wonton points out:
Wal - Mart at pyramid of the sun.

They are building a wal-mart store at Teotihuacan, a site of great archeologic importance.

Get some sense, Wal - mart. It's not all about profits, damnit. You have to have respect.

I'm pissed, like many.
I've been messing around with that Linux stuff for a while now.
I downloaded and burned Knoppix v 3.6. Thats a sort of linux you can run solely from a cd.

All i have to do now is format my harddisks again, this time somehow using linux or something, and then install linux.

Hopefully i will get a screenshot or two up as well.
25 km.

A bit at the new toomemägi trail. Then the jänese track and back to town via asphalt.

And now for something completely different:
Doing homework sucks. I just realized that now.

[music: Charlie Parker - Ornithology]

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The pie is in the oven at the moment.

I will probably installing linux into my old computer so you will be kept posted of the progress, if any.

[music: Ltj Bukem - Cosmic Interlude]
I have added some more blogs to the "i read" section.
I have quite a few now. In the beginning, i thought i wouldnt have time to read very many blogs, but it really takes very little time to read a new post if you check them regularly.

[music: Exploding Plastix - Treat Me Mean, I need The Reputation]
A different sort of dnb track. Tip by Kaimar.
Being ill is all about making it as comfortable as possible to oneself.
One has to see the positive side.

Well, yes, i may not be able to bike during this weekend, wich is a drawback as Tartu Rattamaraton and Haanja 100 are getting near.

But sitting here, sipping on my cocoa and listening to good music, i'm not very sad.
And i hear an apple pie is to be baked later. I might be involved.

[music: Tania Maria - Come With Me]

Friday, September 10, 2004

I used the word "crucifiction" in the last post, but i now realized i should have used "baptising", "baptism" or "christening" instead.

And to think of all the satan/jesus fans that want to find godly stuff at google and find this page.

Another english tip from Kaimar:
Instead of "Rebane" or "fox", think of the word "freshman".

I am sorry for my laziness and not just editing the other post.


I want to tell you about a tradition in my school. But if anyone asks anything, i havent told anybody nothing. Actually, i havent even written this. You are imagining things.

This post may not be used anywhere without my premission. My premission is not to be obtained without my premission or without me knowing.

I am so careful about saying this (and i'm being overparanoid for sure) is that last year a famous girl who had to take part in a traditional ceremony commented something to a newspaper agent and her words got twisted. The agent wrote an article saying the tradition sucked through the twisted words of the girl. That scared the headmaster so much he banned the ceremony. So it went underground.

As you know my school consists of two parts. The (a time i wish i knew more english words again) part the government makes everyone do wich is the first nine years and then the part the goverment doesnt wich is the last three years.

Every time a new schoolyear begins, the studens now going to the last 12th form throw a welcoming party to the pupils that will begin their tenth schoolyear. That, i suspect, is so because the tenth form always sees lots of new pupils from outside the school and they need to be welcomed. Welcomed along with them are the pupils that have been going to the school previously too. They are all the same, after all.

The festivities consist of a "crucifying" of the pupils and then a party afterwards.
The party part is self explanatory.

The crucifying, though, is a bit more complicated. It's a chance for the elders (12th formers) to show their power over the just-entered-the-gymnazium, and that they do. Obviously they have no power over us in everyday life (not to mention many of us being friends) , but the tradition is a tradition and i have nothing against it.

So today we, the "foxes" as we are called, were herded into the gym for a briefing. They lined us up by classes, all three of them, and made sure we were standing behinde a certain line. All that was done with full demonstrative roughness and power over us, obviously. That induced lots of laughter on both sides, us and the 12th formers. After some funny moments wich included the demonstration of how to worship your elder student and what the young girls must do when they happen to meet a gentleman from the 12th form (wich didnt include anything kinky), we were briefed.

After the briefing they arranged for total chaos among us by putting one shoe from all of us into a big pile amidst the three lined up classes. Then they let us go wich resulted in a mayhem of everyone finding their shoes. I and two mates of mine got our shoes as the three last ones, just like we had planned. Very dramatic.

That being said, the real ceremony will be in two weeks. The theme of the thing this time is "prisoners and guards". I will to get some suiting clothes from a second hand shop, because after what will happen to us, they will have to be thrown away anwyay.

And what will happen to us? As i have seen a previous crucification or two, i can guess that it will involve, sticky stuff, flour, old russian perfume, silly group games of crawling ontop eachother and picking smelly fish of the ground. That and some variations of perhaps something foul-smelling to drink or eat, too.

But considering that we will get to do all that on our younger colleauges in three years makes it all worthwhile.

A nice addition to the otherwize dull school routine for sure.

[music: Unknown Artist - Dubout]
The pause due to the tire break has turned out to be fatal. Not literally, of course.
I'm ill. Just a cold, but i still slept two of my seven lessons. Or so i think.

The school routine is slowly wearing itself in, too. I'm doing homework and having to look for certain books to read and so on and on.

In relation with that, does anyone have "Three Men In A Boat" on paper. I have asked for it before, but didnt get a satisfying response. Maybe i will now. But a trip to the city library is in order anyway.

Oh, and if any of my classmates is reading this, i want the messenger addresses of the new people. If anybody has got any. Have asked for that too, but oh well.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

30 km.

Well. All i write about lately is where i bike.
Anyway, a quick jänese track, and then some gravel roads. Then K's tire broke and we waited for Lasse for a while. K had his bike in disrepair so we needed big pliers to get his rear wheel off to change the tire and so on and so on.

I found out i need the outer socks one puts on top one's shoe. My feet almost froze off.

Anyway, enough about biking.

Friday tomorrow again. I have physical education among other things. The new teacher seems rather sensible.

And oh, i like psychology lessons. We did a temperament test today. I found out that i am a "sangviinik" (i suppose it sounds somewhat the same in english). I think the test lied somewhat and i am really a "flegmaatik".

Thats all for today. This post, anyway.

[music: LTJ Bukem - Rhodes To Freedom]
Today i had FIVE items of snail mail spam in my real life mailbox. That is not good.

[music: High Contrast - Global Love]

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Unfortunately Blogger is being slow at times.
That created the problem of having the same post repeated a few times, if anyone noticed.
I hope they improve things.

With regards.

Autumn in di hous.

35 km.

10 km at toomemägi. Then my rear shifter went rebellious and refused to drag the bike foward at high twist moments (ie. uphills) and as the toome area pretty much consists of uphills minus the downhills, there wasnt much to do there.
But the ten kilometers i did get to do were quite worthwhile. When i got there i met a group of gentlemen that seemed to train under a proffessional trainer. One of them i think i know from the time that i used to train "proffessionally" myself. They were generally nice and accepting of me and showed me their track. Comes out i have been wheelchair snailracing compared to what one can do at toome. I will have to look into the track, it seemed good. Riding together with them, if only for one lap, made me think about joining some training group again. Unfortunately, i havent heard of any mountainbike groups around here.

When my shifter went rebellious, i decided to try some flat ground in hopes that i can manage to ride without giving it so much twist. I headed to the muddy at places Jänese trail.
Autumn is indeed here. The golden afternoon sun low on the horizon made the gentle rain and the yet green fields all golden. Quite nice.

After the jänese trail i used a bit of the Tallinn highway and then another road to get into town. The new asphalt on the highway is nice.
Taisto bus drivers are not. A specific driver, at least. I do swear i would beat him with my bike pump if i knew who he was. And i am generally a pacifist. The new road is some four cars wide, the road was clear and the bastard (no, make that "bitch") had to overtake me not more than 20 cm from my handlebars.

Hence: Stay the fuck off major roads unless you want to get killed by some lunatic bus driver. Car drivers, then again, seemed quite nice.

[music: Ministry Of Sound - Room 5 feat. Oliver Cheatham - Make Luv]

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Ive always said most bikes have too many spokes. Eight per two weels is surely enough.
Back from the celebrationette.
After we waited for about an hour or so for the surprisee (grammatical correctness or abscence thereof?) to arrive, it was nice to talk to people and hang around for a bit. Well, it was nice talking to them before too, but that was before the major part of the partyette and will not be concerned.

And i havent seen this gentleman i have a 3 meg messenger log (a f00ken lot) with in messenger the whole day. Sortof makes you wonder the same as you might wonder when you see a girl in the mensroom or vice versa. Maybe not the best comparison.

[music: Sergio Mendez & Brazil - Mas Que Nada]
Kaimar recommended the song saying it was good but as it comes out i have pretty much grown up with it. My father and mother and their friends have liked it for years. And i do mean years.
Only 10km @ Toome again.

First off, there are a bit too many people in that area at that time in the afternoon. Second, only 10 because i was in a hurry. Sort of.

Going to the birthday celebrationette (a small celebration, eh) of a classmate. I know three people who have birthdays today.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Delfi commets. Doesnt matter what they are commenting on. Just read. I am in awe.
I have discovered my new god. Villu is a new young sales pro i recently found.
You just have to watch the clips yourself.

Villu Parvet is king man.

As you know, i have been somewhat ironic here and there. Keep that in mind.
Only 10 km @ Toomemägi.

I wanted to do 30 but it got dark because of the rain. It drizzled. Not good to ride in the dark without uber leet nightriding gear (cool nightriding gear for you non-leet-speakers). (By the way, i used the blogger bar at the bottom to google the lights from blog archives. Really neat.)
Lasse started complaining, too. Not his day. No disrespect, sire.

Went to town and got myself a notebook with Che Guevara before biking.

[music: Daid Byrne - Dance On Vaseline (Thievery Corporation Remix)]
A little something before i dive into the massive amounts of homework (moderately exxagerating) to get it done before biking.

Today's major concern is the new physics teacher. She introduced herself by saying she likes motorbikes and practices martial arts and likes snowboarding. I dont know if that is true. She said that there would be no caressing the pupils, for lack of any better word i know. That seems to be true. The kung-fu part doesnt because she was afraid of a wasp. That doesnt exactly bring Bruce Lee into mind.

I believe she wants to demonstrate h3r 1337 t34ch3r pwe0rzz to us. Demonstrate her being above us as a teacher would be, to all you non-leet-speakers. Its obvious she has power over us as a teacher. I feel she has no need to prove it to us. I suppose she is afraid that if she doesnt show us who the boss is, we will not obey her or something. As far my experiences go, the best way to cooperation with the teachers is becoming friends with them. Trusting them and having them trust you. Kaimar, Anne L, Janika K, Hasso K (yes, still paranoid) and many others are fine examples of that. All with their own twists to the main theme, but they remain friends with us.
Trying to sit onto the pupil in the first lesson is not what generates respect. The teacher lost all whatsoever respect in my eyes with the first test on the first lesson. Its not the test itself, its the attitude. "In another school i'm currently teaching, they had n number of twos and n number of barely threes with this test (very bad grades for you non estonians, if any), beat that". She said her main goal is to make everyone taking the national physics exam (wich is in three years) succseed. But she can not and must not expect everybody to take the physics exam even though we are a realities class.
I hope we have just misunderstood her. But i fear that is not so.

So i sort of hope she might get to read this somehow. I hope we can still do something about the bad start to the class - teacher relationship before it is too late. That would be good for all of us.

But the estonian teacher was nice. Well, not technically a teacher, maybe. As the teacher who is supposed to give us estonian lessons has gotten preagnant, we have a new girl, just out of the university. She seems nice.

I managed to listen to three songs while writing this post:

[music: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Judge Not]
[music: Kelis - I Hate You So Much Right Now]
[music: Fernando Gelbard - Alevvacolariea]

Sunday, September 05, 2004

30 km @ toomemägi, average speed of 21.5.

Now what did i want to say...
Anwyay, i am pretty satisfied with the average speed considering the intensity of the toome trail and the distance.

In addition to being physical activity, biking is mechano-social as well. I have to convince my shifter all the time and that takes a lot of effort. As you can figure by now, my bike is somewhat limiting. In addition to the shifter not changing when i want it to, it shifts when i dont want it to. And i never know when it does that or not. I had to mentally force myself to push harder on the uphills because i was instinctively afraid of a chainsuck. That isnt very much fun.
And i suppose my brakes could be better. Although i'm getting sortof used to being on the edge all the time. Not very pleasant, but helps train bike control and pathfinding, i suppose.

[music: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Africa Unite]
Im still giving away gmail adresses. Anyone?
I added two links to the blogroll on the right.
Also added the "email link of post to friend" button.

Hope it helps.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

About the chaos in Ossetia:

First, i must say, that drawing from what i know (wich may not be that much or that correct), i believe the chechens have a right to their freedom. A whole nation can not be forced to submission, as we have unfortunately seen too many times. Too many times in a sense that too many innocent lives have been lost.

On the other hand, the chechens chose the wrong methods for getting their freedom. Of course i understand that by far not all chechens are terrorists. I refer to olny the terrorists. Killing innocent people is not right in almost any situation. I might have understood if they had wanted to kill high ranking russian army officials, but i dont think the people in Ossetia had anything at all to do with the conflict in Chechnya.

I suppose the russians have had their part in being terrorized for if they hadnt caused all that trouble (and i do think they caused it), there would be no attacks.

Then again, all that does not justify innocent people being hurt.

The chechens should be able to see past their rage and fury and understand that russian politicians do not equal russian common people and that the people can rarely do anything after the politicians are elected. Or so i would think.

But when i think of what i would feel when Russia invaded us again, i can at least understand why the terrorists are doing what they are.

That is why the situation in Ossetia is as disturbing and confusing as it is. Everybody has had their part in causing it.

As for the russians' handling of the situation, i cant say much. When i heard about all that chaos for the first time, i thought that the russians had just invaded the school like they tend to do. Russian officials have left me with the impression they don't care much about their people.
But it seems the situation is more complicated than that. From what i hear and read, the russians had made a cease-fire with the terrorists and wanted to gather bodies from around the school. Then all hell broke loose.

From the chechens' point of view, i suppose they might have made a mistake by not giving the children food or water. Unless they wanted them to be as exhausted as possible so they would'nt run away as they still did. I do think there was some food in the schoolhouse. If the russians had supplied them with any if it had been demanded is another thing, but i suppose they might have. Had the hostages been fed and treated nicely, it might have been possible that they would not have run away.

That all COULD have made for the possibility of ending all that with as little blood as possible. I doubt that the terrorists would have given themselves up alive.

But supposing what could have happened is no use to the mourning families.

And a little bit along the same topic: the fbi should not allow an image of this bad design to be on their site, no disrespect.
The Sports Retort: Olympic Medal Count: Adjusted for "Country Effects"

Pretty nifty. Check it out.

Yesterday was a friday night wich included me doing more things than just biking.

As the Tartu Rattamaraton is getting nearer and nearer, even a fellow that doesnt usually bike decided to do a little training. So we headed to toomemägi. Only to see that there were too many people there. Then we went to the jänese trail and back to town via asphalt. We still managed to squeese some 20 km out of it all. The other 10 came from biking around the city later.

After a quick sauna and dinner i got invited to a classmates place to celebrate the beginning of school or something as vauge and unclear.
Rather pleasant, all in all, i suppose. Nothing too special (as in as special as seeing High Contrast might have been or seeing 4 Hero was), but comparing to what i probably would have done if i hadnt gone there, i dont regret it at all.

And finally, in conclusion of the two and mainly the latter part of the day, i realized something. But of that, later, if at all.

Just as a sidenote: you might want to check out these. Only those were played yesterday, if you dont count the trash from the radio. In my humble opinion.

[music: Donna Summer - Bad Girl]

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The remix by me. It got a little out of hand, as you can see. I dont suppose anyone wants to use it anyway, but if you do, let me know and i will get you the full resolution one.

Background made by da_unruled. I remixed it later.
Im giving away four gmail adresses in return for joining folding.

Folding is a program that will help mankind while not disturbing you in any way in doing anything. It uses the parts of your computer processor you are NOT using at any given time to calculate how proteins fold. That calculation takes lots of processing power so Stanford University created a network that connects ordinary home computers to add up their power.

Folding can help find cures for diseases like alzheimers and so on.

Here is a flash piece a mate composed about folding.
I have used folding for half a year and have seen no problems at all.

So if anyone at all wants to Help Fold, let me know. You can find the link to folding on the right. Supposing anyone is interested, contact me over msn or email. They are found under my profile.

EDIT: added link to flash. look up ^

[music: Bee Gees - Nights On Broadway]
14 km @ toomemägi.
So little mostly because i was in a hurry and partly because another biker gentleman showed up riding the course opposite to our direction, wich of course makes for danger. A little bit, at least. I was in a hurry (still am, but my parents arent home yet) because i ought to buy new trainers because i have grown out of the old ones.
First real day at school behind me now. Only a year more to go. Oh, bother.
Anyway, it was pretty nice until before the maths lesson. Wich was the one-but-last.
Then i got tired and sortof frustrated.

But i can still say that its not that horrible. Yet, anyway.
At least i am not the only one suffering. Or, shall we say, being in business with the school. Thats not exactly the phrasing i'd like to use, but i cant think of a better one.
You can find many of my co-fighters (a word in estonian i dont know the real english one for, again) on the right, under "blogs i read".

One more thing i noticed. There is a definite change in teachers' attitude towards us. When we werent in the gymnazium, wich in turn meant that the government forced us to go to school and the school to educate us, the attitude was rather strict. Now when nobody forces us and we go to school of our own free will, the attitude is more free. They sort of accept us not attending all lessons, it seems. That was not acceptable during all the previous years.

There are also changes in schedules and the courses and so on.

By the way, if anyone has the messegner or website adresses of the (sortof) new people, be sure to let me know.

And now for something completely different:
My bike is now back again, with new brake pads and everything. Im going to ride some today, hopefully.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Well then, im back.

Oh man, i dont want to go to school. Arghrhrhg. At least it seems the schedule is almost reasonable. Three new people joining our class, or so i figured. I pretty much know the rest, at least somewhat.

Oh well. Going out to find some good notebooks later.

[music: Bee Gees - Night Fever]
Its so dark outside that my monitors seem to be the only things lighting up the universe. Seems its going to rain. Exactly the weather to get you into the right mood today, i say.
I just saw the first flash of lightning and heard the thunder. So bad things do come in groups.

The first thing that hit me right in the face at point blank range was the fact that i have to get up early five days a week from now on. The thing i hate the most with school.

Oh right, onwards to meet my fate with a brave heart.

[music: Bee Gees - Staying Alive]