Thursday, August 05, 2004

There has been some discussion about a public letter by a gentleman named Märt Sults.
Until now i had only read all the response to his article, but as i seem to have lost the newspaper the letter was published in, i only wondered what all the fuss was about and then just forgot about it for a little while. Now Kaimar pointed me (although not personally) to a link of the article itself.

Now i understand what the fuss is about. Rightly is it said the man should be fired. His thoughts are outdated by some 50 years. Maybe it is he who should be isolated from society?

I believe everybody has the right to do what the hell ever they want. As they don't deny anyone else their constitutional rights during doing it, of course. If two gay people want to live with eachother, who can stop them? Why should they be stopped. The reasons Sults brings are silly. At least from my point of view. First off, he speaks of preserving the species. That is definately not a problem. Look at China, India and the middle east. What Sults really wants to do is to preserve us, estonians, isn't it? Personally, i dont give a damn if our nation(ality) dies out peacefully. Im not saying that if someone attacks us we should not defend ourselves or anything of that sort. Im saying that if the number of estonians decreases in thousands every year but the total number of people on this planet increases in millions, there isnt much we can do about it. Or much we should do. I understand the government's efforts to increase births. And i favor it. But i see no problem in estonians as a nation becoming extinct if it happens peacefully and not through someone's use of force. The major point (to me) would be mankind as a whole surviving. I dont really care what cultures it is made up of as long as they all get along well.

Or where does Sults take it that mankind should be preserved. I see no specific reason for that either. I mean, if it happens so that in the future people don't want to have children, what of it. So if the last human dies peacefully under an apple-tree watching a golden sunset. I see no problem with it as long as it is not against mankinds will. Although i do not suppose that will ever happen because people generally want to live.

As i mentioned, Sults' ideas about isolating gay people are outdated. And i personally think that gay people are all right.
Theoretically, should mankind die because all the people are gay, so what. The gay people would know mankind is going to die and they would accept it.

But all the above is not my major point. What i mean is although we have freedom of speach (speech? wich way was it?) he is still proposing hostile action towards people. A person like that, as many people before me have said, should not be allowed to run a school. His letter is so full of stupid ideas and facts taken from nowhere that i cant rightly imagine how he got to be a headmaster in the first place.


Anonymous said...


I'm green , and so i think that at first we should preserve nature and trees and stuff like that and then mankind. And okei , i also think that we should make more children and help estonians to survive. But one thing which hasn't anythign to do with the gay problem Sults is tlaking about is that he says that estoninan men ( not in general) bu ALL are really stupid, lazy and basicly just kill their braincells with alcohol. That is what all teachers ( who i have met) think also , eaven my driving school teachers said it to my face that MEN ARE STUPID AND LAZY AND GIRLS RULE! And it really sucks , honestly. In school: girls get better grades and most of them cheat, but teachers don't care they just want that us (boys) won't do that. Every day they say to us that we are scum and idiots ( not all teachers ofcorse, but they think that way).
But still women are fighting for their rights ... !? WTF!? I don't want to be rude or sth. but look at the history and face it.... Men have done almost all the discoveries, men have fought the wars (wich ofcorse isn't the smartest thing to do ). Can you name me a women who has done really something significant for the mankind!? Mother Theresa!? Honestly i dont think that women are stupid and should only be at home cooking and cleaning... But what i want to say is that MEN AREN'T EITHER!

And one more think about the gay thing. Before the 20th century it has always been that men wear trousers and women scirts. Now almost all women wear jeans and t-shirts. They eaven have jackets and stuff... And it's okay , nobody says that they are gays. But if a guy but's on a scirt i think that almost everybody would point their finger and say sth like Look at that gay... isn't that wierd!?

Paul said...


All the great men (supposedly) had mothers.

Other than that, i will not comment.

Just to add that i meant gay as in liking one's own sex, not specifically men. Would there be a better word? As far as i know, gay can be used to describe lesbians as well.