Monday, August 09, 2004

So what did i do this wonderful day?
Nothing much. Got myself yet anoter Brand New Tube and repaired an old one.
Had lunch at grandma's. Had a walk and lunch with mom. Dont think bad of me because of that, will you.

That wasnt a long list at all, was it?

As for other matters, Lasse's and K's (being paranoid and not using names when possible as people somewhy do at blogs) child is to be born sometime soon. Completely normal, that. For the first time today i thought that my grandmother is going to be a great-grandmother so somebody. Wicked.
Along the theme, i was figuring that the age when children will be taught reading and writing is going to get earlier and earlier in our society. Learn google at three and photoshop at four. I imagine Lasse trying to explain what a book is to his kid. "You know, like toilet paper, but with a font on it."

Just a sidenote. Im still burned. I had to walk 2 km with a backpack today. Not nice at all. I had chosen a shirt with the wrong sort of fabric that rubbed really bad. Henceforth the morale: dont suntan for too long at a time.

Word of the day:
risotto - "like, rice that has some built-in sauce"

[music: Aphrodite - Ganja Man; Saian Supa Crew - La Preuve Par 3]

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