Saturday, August 28, 2004

So then.

Im just sitting here resting while some people i know are preparing to go see High Contrast. Anyway, i had accepted not seeing (okay, hearing, mostly) it a while ago. But its still sad. But i cant go, even if i figured out a way to get inside being 16 as i am. I've got a marathon tomorrow so i gotta get my resting done.

I hope it all goes well tomorrow. I even checked the starting protocols. Im starting at 560-something. Not too bad comparing to what i have had, i suppose. I hope it will move me one starting corridor foward. So cross ya fingas. To sound (although seem would be a better word because text has no sound. Lately, i have been wondering about how we (i) use the word "hear" in context with the web as if i was actually talking to someone and so on.) like a 14 year old brittish internet user.

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