Sunday, August 29, 2004

Plenty of roots, not enough rock and reggae.

Back from the marathon and all alive.

This marathon was quite different from all the others i've done this year. First off, it was very short. Only 48 km so i'm not sure if it should even be called a marathon. To compensate for that, the track was a bastard. It was set up as two (or one) 20 km lap(s) and a starting lap of around 5 km.

The main lap had a (very) difficult beginning and a little easier end. Lots and lots of climbs and descents. The people near Rakvere are lucky to have so good tracks. Rather a lot of climbs where one had to use the smallest gears. After the climbs, some good fast downhills and then up again. The second part was milder than the first, though.

As it tends to happen to me, i worked too hard at the start. That meant i had quite depressing thoughts during the first part of the race. But i recovered during the second to finish 372nd. Not too bad for me, i suppose. I started at 563, as you might know.

Very good tracks indeed.
When the pictures the crew took get online, ill be sure to notify.

Just wanted to add that it was a rather technical track. Thats why i liked it. LOTS of dirty forest trails with huge amounts of tree roots running across the trac and steep climbs with loose rocks and mud. Yummy.

Another edit:
I tried the finnish Dexal energy gel. A lot cheaper than all the others and seems to work, too. Also tried their drink syrup. Also good.

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