Sunday, August 15, 2004

The most miserable marathon i have ever done.

First off they had some troubles with the starting number system wich meant i had to start at 860- something. Waiting until all that crowd dissolves is not very fast or nice. Because of that i raced at great speeds during the first 15 km to get my position back. That of cource killed me. I ate and slowly crawled along. After the murderous climb to Emumägi someone was counting places. I was 530-something. That gave me strength. From there on the race went pretty well, the track was nice and i managed to keep good speed.

All was well until about 7 km from the end. Then i noticed my rear tire was flat. At that moment, my speedometer told me i had ridden for 2 hours 33 minutes. Wich would have meant a total time of about 2 45. But woulds and coulds are no good. 2 45 WOULD have been a very good time for me.

Oh well.

Off to the birthday soon, so i m off.

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