Thursday, August 05, 2004

Im not going to write any biking kilometers here because the number is so small it isnt worth mentioning.

But durin the short distance i learned a couple of things. My bike is fucked. Oh, bother, now is the time i wish i knew english bike-vocabulary. I wont fall into very detailed descriptions of whats wrong. Fact is i couldnt ride up the hill where the toy museum used to be at toomemägi. And it's not a very "bad" hill comparing it to some others i have done. I dont want to imagine what would have happened when i would have gone to Väike Munamägi with my bike in this state.
The bike is now being repaired and due to that i won't be able to ride tomorrow. Damnit. Im wondering if they will have it fixed. I hope so. Totally lost motivation today. Well, motivation concerning the current bike, anyway.
Also checked some bike lights. Comes out that im still better off building something myself or ordering something from the internet than just buying a set of normal bike lights and rechargable batteries.

For the good side of today, i got a sports bag i had needed for a long time. Lasse keeps calling me an official sponsor of H2O.

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