Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I arrived two minutes after the hairdresser's closing time. Oh, bother.

Just wanted to add some recent thoughts about biking (and dont tell me you didnt see that coming).

First off, the deore hubs i got from lasse seem to roll better than the previous ones. I dont know if it just seems or if there is any real stuff behind the sensation.

And second. During the past two days, i have made huge leaps in confidence as far as biking goes. Doing stuff that might seem dangerous, that is. I think it's a matter of self-motivation, really.

And now for something completely different:

I noticed that the pile of empty plasic bottles in my room is self-sustaining. If that is the correct word. Or self sufficient. What i mean is that when there was a huge pile of bottles on the floor so that i could hardly move around with my chair. (For my chair is pretty much the only thing i move around with in my room.)
Then the pile disappeared. When i started writing this i thought that i had no idea how it had disappeared and suspected mom or grandmother of it. But now i remembered that i had actually taken all the bottles away myself. Anyway. As soon as i take them away, they start piling up again. Hardly a week has passed and there are already three here. I just looked at the bottles and they sort of laid there in such a way that i fear they might eat me during the night. When i stop blogging out of the blue, you know what has happened to me.

And another thing.
I have noticed that the ironic style of writing has come rather common (in blogs and other places). It hasnt always been so. I might have wanted to use the style myself but right now it seems so mainstream i have absolutely no desire to be ironic. I was just thinking of finding some examples of ironic bloggers, but i will do that later. When i spot some, wich i probably will, i will try to remember to bring the example.

With the ironic style i mean the you know, ironic to be funny style. Maybe a tiny bit like Terry Pratchett's writing here and there. The people who keep an eye on the blogosphere will probably know what i'm trying to say.

And speaking of writing, i have wanted to write something for a long time now. It's just that i have had no specific inspiration as of now. Nobody has really pissed me off in a long while. No specific reason to write anything either.

Should i?

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