Tuesday, August 24, 2004

From The Musings of identical Twin techies, a blog i found with the next blog button:

Al Sadr needs to go bye-bye
Anyone else tired of hearing about Al
Sadr?? I
know I am....Can we just storm the shrine take the guy out and let
that be it?
He is worse than Kerry when it comes to flip-flopping.

Cease-fire, no
cease-fire, Cease-fire, no cease-fire, large
pepperoni pizza, no cease-fire.
These crazies are terrorists and even the
Iraqis in the area agree they need to
be taken out. Back our troops out or
storm the place but stop with the yo-yo
tactics that must be driving our
soldiers up the wall.

What i wonder about is that would he/she think the same if the terrorists were in Vatican. Or, say, the Statue of Liberty.
I think the americans should be careful when operating in the holiest of holy places for half the world. Unfortunately, a world americans arent very familiar with.

Special locations need special treatment, even from the military, i say. Places SO special, anyway.

[music: 4 Hero - Les Fleur]

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