Sunday, August 29, 2004

From Mikk:

if you still read this, Payl. just a week ago I made up a new history for myself and from now on I'm from Barbados.(: and another thing, a music dip for you: ska-p. they make crazy music. if you have heard. but if you haven't, crazy is the only word to discribe the music they make. download some and you'll understand what i mean. anyways, see you in school. a little reminder: only 3 days to go now.

Indeed i did. Well, not that crazy really. Spanish (?) ska. Good ol' ska. Me likes.
Well, yes, ska IS crazy.

And now for something completely different:
The topic of schools opening their welcoming doors again has been really popular in the youth circles over the past few days.

Onwards to communist work victories in the field of eduaction.

(Hey, it's hard to say it in estonian comparing to what it might have sounded like in russian so you will excuse my terrible attempt at putting it into english, yes?)

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