Wednesday, August 18, 2004

First things first:

Respect en recognize to Lasse whose child i believe has by now been born. That would make me a... nothing. I dont even know the word for the relative-wize relationship i have with the little gentleman in estonian, even less in english.
Concerning my and Lasse's hobbby of biking and the financial status i (somewhat mockingly) see he has i wonder if they make XTR shifters for children's trycicles.

Congrats, mate. And i still (somewhat mockingly) suggest you name him Leet or H4x0r. Or just Häksor. Or a combination of the two.

Now of less important things:

I just came back from seeing King Arthur (link in estonian). I only went to see it because of the combat scenes. Okay, really i went because my mother (yes, mother) wanted to go to the cinema. And i didnt want to see spiderman 2. The story about arthur was bollocks, just as expected. The free sex scene as well.
Anyway. The combat scenes would almost have been good. But they werent in my book. First, they had worked embarrassingly hard to show no blood and that became disturbing. I couldnt watch the combat scenes because i saw that they desperately didn't want me to see blood. I understand that it might earn them a few more zillion dollars from the 13-aged viewers but it really degraded the whole thing. In that perspective, "Gladiator" was much better. In "King Arthur", when someone was struck by a sword, the camera moved somewhere else most of the time. Or turned to an angle so you couldn't see where blood should have been. And when it didnt, there just was no blood. I mean, i'm not saying that movies have to be violent and bloody, but this avoiding of blood and gore was just silly and didnt look good at all. It started looking like the A - Team where nobody ever gets hit. Lost realism.

Then there was the equipment. Other than the usual plastic chainmail and swords and armor studs you see in all movies, there was a thing that disturbed me most. A knight of Arthur's had a suit of armor inspired by a japanese samurai suit. Come on. Even though it might have looked cool and even appropriate in some other movie, blending medieval european armor with japanese samurai armor (from i believe a later period of history) damaged realism even more. I was like "Hey, mate, wrong movie. What the hell is HE doing here?"

And oh. They had designed totally useless swords for the saxons. I would have rather taken a spade to battle. I sometimes wish hollywood designers knew more about real sword-fighting and that sort of stuff.

The non-combat parts of the movie dont really deserve comment. Just your ordinary Hollywood bullshit. One thing is that i failed at predicting wich of the knights die and wich dont. That is a compliment to the author of the script.

As a conclusion, the movie was almost what i expected of it, only a wee bit less. Had they worked more on the combat scenes, it would have made for a pretty watchable thing. But then again, i dont feel too sorry for the money i spent on the ticket.

[music: Fernanda Porto - Amor Errado]

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