Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The first thing i happened to think of was that why the birthday happening happened to be the way it obviously was. For one thing (wich i certainly thought of before and might even have mentioned to someone), the music was bad. Well, not bad in a way that it sucked, but bad in a way that the whole music business was'nt organized. Leaving aside that the "stereo equipment" wasnt very good, consisting of a normal cd-player-radio-thingie-boombox between the old russian (but good) big s90 speakers and amps nobody knew how to use. As it was the same house our grand exellent graduation bash was held at, everybody knew about the problem and someone (suggestedly the hosts) could have taken a few cables to connect a cd player to the amp and huge speakers. That would have made one difference.

The other problem, still with music, was that the music itself was played from the same discs the same goup of people had been carrying along to the same parties for at least 3 years or so. Combine that with the fact that only two tracks were played from each disc and you get a pretty dull experience.

At least some people at the party noticed that. Maybe not so very fortunately it happened to be the hiphop people. Not that i have anything against hiphop, but i cant say i like it, either. And the gentleman knowing _every_ estonian rap/hiphop song by heart and rapping them out sort of scared all the would-be dancers away.

When i woke up, i thought of at least three good songs that could have been played in about a minute or so. If you want a list, here goes:

  • Baddest Ruffest - Backyard Dog (Radio Edit)
  • This Is How We Do It - Mis-Teeq (Rishi Rich Mix)
  • Drumagic - Easy Boom

The first two might have made for a somewhat silly experience, but at least it would have been an experience.

At least, when i will be organizing a party sometime, i will know better.

No disrespect to the hosts, of course.

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