Monday, August 02, 2004

Alles rites.

Back from Hiiumaa. It was a good trip, i suppose. Consisted of the things one might usually do when one is in Hiiumaa (did i get the preposition right?). Aviation show on saturday, boat trip to saaremaa on sunday. That's pretty much it too. Good company. Oyea, we cooked lots, too. That usually happens when my father is around. He takes that stuff rather seriously. Not that i wouldnnt like cooking myself. As for the weekend, we had it so that he prepared the stuff and i grilled what needed grilling. Beef on saturday, two (not one, mind you) ducks on sunday. One duck roasted, the other grilled. I dont generally like duck and this was no different. It was edible, but duck has a specific taste i dont like. Just like liver.

I will probably post some pictures later, when i get my hellos and picasas reinstalled.

[music: Drumagic - Easy Boom]
First (and possibly best) piece from a d'n'b album i have. Well worth listening.

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