Tuesday, August 10, 2004

70 km.

My odometer is now at exactly 2111.1 km.

We did the 60 track for the Tartu Rattaralli first. Sinilille.org crew minus T and A instead of him (still being paranoid, as you can see). Nothing special. Fast asphalt race all the way. I happened to have slicks on because my MTB tyres are in trouble at the moment. I will need to get my pump fixed or if its not possible, get a new one. Having slicks (tyres sortof like the ones one finds under a real racing bike and not a mountain bike) made me a lot faster than the others. Wich was good and bad. But enough of that.

I am now the proud owner and co-author of the invention of the year 04. We built a bike light. For a long time we (i) had wanted a good ligntning system. The ordinary bike lights they sell at shops are not an option. The ones they sell here or over the internet are expensive as hell. The one we built costs about 300 kr or 19 eur. Thats about the cost of a normal bike light, now that i think of it. If my calculations are correct, that is about a tenth of the cost of a similiar-powered system one can get over the internet.
The system consists of a battery, a switch, the bulb, wires and stuff that hold the bulb and wires. Really easy to build. The battery is kept in a backpack, the switch sits in a pocket of the backpack, the wire runs up your back and onto the helmet where the light is. Wonderful :)
We tested it and it works like a charm. Lasse tells me it's even weatherproof. I suppose we are to see about that.

And it is good for getting looks, too.

Ah, invention of the year indeed. Well, not technically an invention, but still.
Im really happy about it. Nightriding is wicked.

Oh well, of to tallinn really early tomorrow morning so i'd better go now.


Pics of the system.

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Karin said...

congratulations...job well done!