Sunday, August 22, 2004

45 + 25 + 16 km.

As you can see, im back from the country. As for biking, i would have liked to do more today but i felt sort of tired and the wind was so bad i just got back early. Nevertheless, it was good. I found a wonderful single-trail track. The only bad thing about it is that it's too short. Only some 2 km at best. But still. Having to maneuver and take branches off one's handlebars is a good change to gravel road speeding. Then again, crashing into pine-trees isnt very nice. Fortunately, the pine was only small and bent under my handlebar, lifting my front wheel off the ground. I had to rear a bit and go round it. Good for practicing bike control, anyway.

On saturday, if anyone cares, (the 25km day) i biked with my mother. The 25 km took us quite a while because (not mentioning mothers being generally slower than sons) we just rode through the sandy forest near the sea. No paths, no nothing. Only animal trails here and there. Beautiful scenery and soviet army trenches. Wich were w00t! to ride over and about.

I had fun off the saddle, too. Nothing specific to mention, just a good weekend with friends and family.

So um, yes indeed.

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