Tuesday, August 17, 2004

31 km of mud and grime.

I now have more spots on me than a leopard does. Only that a leopard's won't wash off. And my socks weigh about a kilogram each.

30 km without ever leaving more than 5 km away from town. I explored some new tracks. First i checked out the skiing track behind the Laululava. Only good for practicing medium-speed steep turns on gravel. Or at least with the weather i was there in. Oh yes, i got soaked. It started raining just as i stepped out of the door. As i needed to go to the gas station to pump some more air into my rear tire as my leaking hand-pump couldnt doi it, i decided to squeese some fun out of getting wet. After the track i went over the river to check out the area opposite the usual Jänese track. Most of it was just bush and thickets and not very nice at all. It has some good trails but there are too many of the plants-that-sting-when-you-touch-them-and-i-dont-know-the-english-word-for there.
I am no longer a stranger to the words "nghh", "grr", and "damnit", all in estonian, of course. Just as a note, nghh and grr in english and estonian are rather similiar.
Not to mention "fuck".
I want to go back there when it's colder and the stingy plants are dead. I suspect it might make a good nightriding location. Also found a very nice romantic place with a big fallen tree and a view to the sunset and the river. I bet that it is a key spot in rising the population of Tartu.

After riverside i came over back to "my" side of the river again and went to the end of the Jänese. Came back via the asphalt road.

Then checked out the dendropark area. Found some rather nice tracks that they also use for skiing. They were a bit too soft-surfaced, but rather fun nevertheless. Combining those with the Jänese and the asphalt road makes for a pretty good track, i say. Within the resources of bike trails the vicinity of Tartu has to offer, anyway.

Oh, i noticed that the rear wheel of my bike is somehwat loose and shakeable. I dont know if i should be worried or not.

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