Monday, August 23, 2004

30 km.

Rode on the Viljandi road. Heavy winds so going away from town was very tiring. But the ride back was ever more rewarding because of that. The speed was hardly ever below 40 km/h. Until my tube blew, of course, as it always happens to me. Fortunately i was able to ride home by pumping more air into it at times.
I had slicks on and Lasse was on his new road bike he recently bought. Rich bastard he is. A racing bike is noticably faster on downhills but at our level of trainage (if that is a word), i could otherwize keep up.

Speaking of Lasse, i saw Oliver, his son. He seemed quiet. It might be because he was sleeping. But still. Good (i suppose) to have a new relative.

Speaking of relatives, S, my older cousin from Tallinn is going to live in Tartu at my grandparents' because she will be studying at the university. French somethings will be her field of study.

Speaking even more of relatives and of the university, a relative from america (oo) is going to study at the university for a year. So yes.

Speaking of school(ing), i bought myself the Necessary Notebooks With Vanilla Ninja And Nexus Printed On. w00t!

Not speaking more of anytithing previously mentioned, i think i might be falling ill. I dont feel so good and might have a temperature. That is why i have done so little kilometers today. I planned to go riding in the evening, but i won't.

[music: Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M]

My phone fell onto the floor so badly that the screen got cracked. So i cant see anything. There might be troubles with reaching me via phone. You have been warned.

(not that anyone would want to call me, anyway)

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