Tuesday, August 03, 2004

20 km.

Just goofed around, basically. Jänese track and back to town via the Tartu - Tallinn "highway" currently under construction.
Then did some stair climbing/unclimbing. And then there was the jump. I managed to jump, yes. Something i previously thought impossible at my level of biking morale. Thanks to Lasse, who kept disrespecting me until i jumped. Had he not been there, i woulda done it in half the time i did it or not done it at all.

And oh, im not getting the camera because the gentlemen at the US photo shop decided to NOT give a discount after all. Or something like that. So my relative didnt buy the camera and is coming back with nothing. Just to mention, he wasnt in the US only to buy the cam. I'll have to figure out another way now. Stupid american fucks. (I bet that as soon as i publish this post i'll have CIA or FBI or both knocking at my door. As a positive side, i ll probably be getting tons of hits from the islamic countries. All due to the sentence above. Well, it isnt technically a sentence, because it doesnt have a verb in it. Oh bother.)

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