Thursday, August 12, 2004

16 km.

There's definately a WOW factor to nightriding. Lots of shouts and smiles while riding past people. Maybe it's because of the cool lightning. BUT maybe its because i look like a teletubby and lasse looks like Mickey Mouse. Either way, we get lots of attention.

Rode 16 km at Toomemägi. I would have done more but Lasse had to work and i didnt want to ride alone. It was raining, too.

Anyway, my bike is still f*cked. As my experiences tell me, the problem disappears for about a hundred kilometers after maintenance. Then it comes back. The chain won't stay where it's supposed to. I can sort of anticipate the problem by now but it's still not fun if you can't use a third of your gears.
Why cant i be rich or there be bike-communism in estonia?

But as far as the lightning system is concerned, everything seems to be okay. Rather shock- and weatherproof, it seems. Even without any extra casing.

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