Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I had wanted some music with steel drums in it for a long time. Now i finally got some.

[music: Caribbean Jazz Project - Paco & Dave]
So then. Me at Rakvere.

And a good race it was.

Google Search: "bush's foreign friends"

Google Search: "bush's foreign friends"

Took me quite a while to realize the (horrifying) truth.
Google Hacks

Lots of nifty things here.

And did u know that google pays people to find out stuff you want to know? As in one can get an username and then ask the paid people to find out what you want, presumably using google.

I have become to really like google lately.

Monday, August 30, 2004

So this time it's Black Wedensday. And it's tomorrow, if you don't count the few last minutes of waking time i will have of today.

When you are doing it for the tenth time, going to school again doesnt seem all that horrifying. Like there was anything in the realm of real that i could do against it, at any rate.
What is real? How do you define real? If it is what you can taste and touch and see, then real is nothing more than an electrical signal interpreted by your brain...

So yes, once again:
Onwards to communist work victories in the field of education!

[music: LTJ Bukem - Cosmic Interlude]
When i distance myself from the music i listen to and try to look at it the way i look at the music other people listen to, i cant believe what i listen to. The current piece is a good example.

Then again, when i look at the music other people listen to from "my own" perspective, i cant believe what _they_ listen to.

All that goes for reggae, ragga, dub and ska, mostly. And Die Olde Skool stuff. Drum'n'bass has a wider range of fans. Of course, the above list does not by any means define what i listen to. Just a (small) (and yet maybe major) part.

[music: Harry J. Allstars - Liquidator (7inch)]
Just to say that i got into the russian group i wanted to get into at school. Yay, me happy.
As you can see, i have finally changed the template.
Do give me any ideas and/or comments.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

From Mikk:

if you still read this, Payl. just a week ago I made up a new history for myself and from now on I'm from Barbados.(: and another thing, a music dip for you: ska-p. they make crazy music. if you have heard. but if you haven't, crazy is the only word to discribe the music they make. download some and you'll understand what i mean. anyways, see you in school. a little reminder: only 3 days to go now.

Indeed i did. Well, not that crazy really. Spanish (?) ska. Good ol' ska. Me likes.
Well, yes, ska IS crazy.

And now for something completely different:
The topic of schools opening their welcoming doors again has been really popular in the youth circles over the past few days.

Onwards to communist work victories in the field of eduaction.

(Hey, it's hard to say it in estonian comparing to what it might have sounded like in russian so you will excuse my terrible attempt at putting it into english, yes?)
[music: Cleptomaniacs vs Stevie Wonder - All I Do]
My window is open.
Some kids are playing outside:

"Now i am the jew and you are the estonian." "And i am the russian."

i wonder.

Edit: 30 seconds later:
"I am Indrek Pertelson".

All the things you hear when you are'nt listening to music...

Plenty of roots, not enough rock and reggae.

Back from the marathon and all alive.

This marathon was quite different from all the others i've done this year. First off, it was very short. Only 48 km so i'm not sure if it should even be called a marathon. To compensate for that, the track was a bastard. It was set up as two (or one) 20 km lap(s) and a starting lap of around 5 km.

The main lap had a (very) difficult beginning and a little easier end. Lots and lots of climbs and descents. The people near Rakvere are lucky to have so good tracks. Rather a lot of climbs where one had to use the smallest gears. After the climbs, some good fast downhills and then up again. The second part was milder than the first, though.

As it tends to happen to me, i worked too hard at the start. That meant i had quite depressing thoughts during the first part of the race. But i recovered during the second to finish 372nd. Not too bad for me, i suppose. I started at 563, as you might know.

Very good tracks indeed.
When the pictures the esport.ee crew took get online, ill be sure to notify.

Just wanted to add that it was a rather technical track. Thats why i liked it. LOTS of dirty forest trails with huge amounts of tree roots running across the trac and steep climbs with loose rocks and mud. Yummy.

Another edit:
I tried the finnish Dexal energy gel. A lot cheaper than all the others and seems to work, too. Also tried their drink syrup. Also good.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Did you know that if you divide the number of medals with the population, estonia is second after Barbados.

Not too bad, i say.

[music: Soul Hooligan - Sweet Pea]
So then.

Im just sitting here resting while some people i know are preparing to go see High Contrast. Anyway, i had accepted not seeing (okay, hearing, mostly) it a while ago. But its still sad. But i cant go, even if i figured out a way to get inside being 16 as i am. I've got a marathon tomorrow so i gotta get my resting done.

I hope it all goes well tomorrow. I even checked the starting protocols. Im starting at 560-something. Not too bad comparing to what i have had, i suppose. I hope it will move me one starting corridor foward. So cross ya fingas. To sound (although seem would be a better word because text has no sound. Lately, i have been wondering about how we (i) use the word "hear" in context with the web as if i was actually talking to someone and so on.) like a 14 year old brittish internet user.
So then, after a night of cleaning, dusting and lifting stuff, here is the list:

  • 2 squared notebooks. a4.
  • 1 blue pen.1 green wide text marker.1 small daybook. empty.
  • 3 notebooks. emtpy.
  • 2 passport photos.
  • 2 films with photos. Pauls
    graduationish thingie.
  • 2 envelopes with pictures
    of the english lesson
  • 1 "laima" candy box.
  • 3 slips with questions for
    a geography test.
  • 1 a5 notebook. empty.
  • 1 souvenir book of
    graduationish thingie.
  • 1 small daybook with Pooh
    on it. full.
  • 1 slip with info about the
    graduation party on it.
  • 1 card. from madli.
  • 1 maths notebook. a4.
    full. "von taibu".
  • 1 "quick course of
    chemistry for high school"
  • 1 a4 with a printed
  • 1 paper with names and
    numbers of chemistry
  • 1 a4 with an essay:
    "supposing the population
    change rate of estonia
    needs to be raised".
  • 1 squared paper with the
    drawing "kamuflaash". from
  • 1 maths test.
  • 1 letter with excuse for
    being absent.
  • 1 english test.
    1 excuse letter.
  • 1 physics test.
  • 1 chemistry test.
  • 1 slip with maths
  • 2 sheets with chemistry
  • 3 sheets with maths
  • 1 french test.
  • 2 french sheets.
  • 13 slips with chemistry
    exercises and answers.
  • 1 chemistry test.
  • 1 notebook. history. almost empty.
  • 1 "to the graduator of
    basic school about the maths exam".
  • 1 estonian workbook. full.
  • 1 english words notebook.
  • 1 russian notebook.
  • 5 russian tests.
  • 5 russian tests of lesser
  • 1 russian test.
  • 8 sheets with russian
  • 1 sheet with maths
  • 1 russian test.
  • 1 a4 sheet with russian
    song "schooltime"
  • 9 russian summaries.
  • 1 russian test.
  • 1 sheet of paper.
  • 1 history workbook, full.
  • 1 notebook. geography.
  • 2 maths tests.
  • 7 maths sheets.
  • 6 maths tests.
  • 1 chemistry notebook.
  • 1 photocopied article.
  • 1 music workbook. full.
  • 1 cd with box.
  • 1 booklet. social studies.
  • 1 geography workbook.
  • 1 french notebook.
  • 1 social studies notebook.
  • 7 sheets with social
    studies stuff on them.
  • 1 sheet with biology
  • 1 literature notebook.
  • 1 maths notebook. full.
  • 1 english book.
  • 1 english notebook. full.
  • 5 empty sheets of paper.
  • 2 sheets with physics
  • 47 sheets with maths
  • 17 sheets with physics
  • 16 sheets with french
  • 1 sheet of paper from
    inside a medication box.
  • 1 copy of a diploma.
  • 2 a4 sheets with the "Gaz"
    logo. a car, that is.
  • 1 school newspaper.
  • 1 report card.
  • 1 test @ social studies.
  • 4 papers promoting my
  • 1 essay: "is it hard to be
    15 years old"
  • 1 printed e-mail.
  • 1 history summary.
  • 1 letter of excuse.
  • 1 diploma.
  • 1 note paper.
  • 1 french test.
  • 1 note with ideas.
  • 1 cd player instruction
  • 1 d&d sheet.
  • 1 history notebook.
  • 1 french notebook.
  • 1 diploma of bike
  • 1 biology notebook. full.
  • 5 random sheets.
  • 1 maths notebook. full.
  • 1 maths workbook. empty.
    sould be full.
  • 1 children's book
  • 1 physics workbook. full.
  • 1 small viking sword.
  • 1 physics notebook. full.
  • 2 sheets with arts stuff.
  • 1 binder.
  • 2 english tests.
  • 1 speech on paper.
  • 1 folder with history maps.
  • 1 esonian notebook.
  • 1 physics notebook. full.
  • 1 english book.
  • 1 "to the graduator of
    basic school about the
    estonian exam".
  • 1 mobile phone instruction
    book. in russian.
  • 1 box of felt pens.
  • 1 excuse letter.
  • 1 russian book.
  • 2 pringles cans. empty.
  • 1 cd.
  • 4 cheating notes.
  • 2 papers.
  • 11 random papers.
  • 1 rajaleidja.ee bookmark.
  • 18 coins.
  • 1 toy.
  • 1 can with pens and stuff.
  • 2 socks.
  • 1 screwdriver set.
  • 1 bag of dice.
  • 1 semicomplete iron clamp.
  • 2 calculators.
  • 1 envelope.
  • 27 cd-s in boxes.
  • 1 dvd. empty.
  • 2 cd boxes.
  • 2 cd-s as coasters.
  • 1 mouse.
  • 19 cd-s in a box. as a tower.
  • 3 blank cds that dont
  • 6 discs with no box.
  • 1 wooden map stick.
  • 1 photo.
  • 2 floppies.
  • junk paper.
  • 1 large roll of gray tape.
  • 1 folder with dnd stuff.
  • 1 triangle ruler.
  • 1 metal box with pencils.
  • 1 monitor cable adapter.
  • 4 role-playing books.
  • 1 glass box full of stones
    and coins.
  • 1 stone.
    1 handful of scanned
  • 2 paper bags with photos.
  • 1 microphone.
  • 1 scanner.
  • 1 cd-player power cord.
  • 9 candy wrappers.
  • 2 bike tools for removing
  • 1 tube fixing kit.
  • 1 box with sunglasses.
  • 1 bycicle rear light.
  • 1 earphones.
  • 4 speakers.
  • 2 monitors.
  • 2 computer cases.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Today, i will do something only brave men will do. I'm going to clean my room and, most of all, my desk. And THAT is a task not for the light of heart.

As for my desk, a complete listing of what was found on it will be uploaded here.

So wish me luck.
And you know what happened to me if i stop posting. I probably died in an avalanche of books and candy wrappers.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

QDB: Quote #349567:

Rabidplaybunny87: Okay, so my neighbors officially hate me
GarbageStan23: why?
Rabidplaybunny87: Well, me, david and andrew were having a bonfire in the backyard, and we were making s'mores and all... and suddenly we here sirens, and see a firetruck turn into the street in front of us.
Rabidplaybunny87: So we all went running to see what was up, and our neigbor's house was on fire!
GarbageStan23: oh shit!
Rabidplaybunny87: Yeah, and when we got there, the wife was crying into her husbands arms, and we were just kinda standing there, and then she saw us, and then like for 10 seconds, gave us the dirtiest look ever
Rabidplaybunny87: Turns out, we were still holding our sticks with marshmallows on it, watching the fire....
Rabidplaybunny87: talk about bad timing...

20 km.

20 km, mostly at the Toomemägi area. Rather high intensity training, i liked it.

Anyway, it seems my phone does vibrate. It did once, when my father called me. I guess we shall see. Somewhy it didnt vibrate when i tried calling myself using mom's phone.

Im pretty sure there was something else i wanted to say, but i forgot.
I found a new and good thing to eat yesterday.
I picked it off the shelf because the packaging looked interesting. Interesting in a way that it had only one sign saying "Risifrutti" on the side. No text or anything else.

I had it after breakfast as dessert and it was good. A rice pudding with strawberry jam. mmm...

I even found their site but it seems there is no english version. Seems it's a scandinavian product.

Site here. At least you can see the logo there so you can buy some, too.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I succseeded in convincing my parents that i needed a new phone. With the old one being in the condition it was in, it wasnt very difficult.

I got a Siemens m55. For the first 30 seconds or so, all seemed good. Then i figured i didnt know how to switch the vibration in. After some more figuring, i realized that it was the phone. It just won't vibrate.

Anyone had the same problem?
Am i doing something wrong?

I suppose i will have to take it back to the shop or something.
Google Web Search Features

And even more proof that Google is god.
Christoph Sauser's bike

More carbon fibre than i have ever seen in my entire life.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

From The Musings of identical Twin techies, a blog i found with the next blog button:

Al Sadr needs to go bye-bye
Anyone else tired of hearing about Al
Sadr?? I
know I am....Can we just storm the shrine take the guy out and let
that be it?
He is worse than Kerry when it comes to flip-flopping.

Cease-fire, no
cease-fire, Cease-fire, no cease-fire, large
pepperoni pizza, no cease-fire.
These crazies are terrorists and even the
Iraqis in the area agree they need to
be taken out. Back our troops out or
storm the place but stop with the yo-yo
tactics that must be driving our
soldiers up the wall.

What i wonder about is that would he/she think the same if the terrorists were in Vatican. Or, say, the Statue of Liberty.
I think the americans should be careful when operating in the holiest of holy places for half the world. Unfortunately, a world americans arent very familiar with.

Special locations need special treatment, even from the military, i say. Places SO special, anyway.

[music: 4 Hero - Les Fleur]
As i'm a bit ill, i have been sitting inside all day. And i see no change in the future for that matter. I hope i will be better tomorrow.

As for other things, i added two links to the right. Nothing more to say at the moment.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Karu oma - post page.

Äkki mehed on lihtsalt sead. Minust oli ilmselt erakordselt naiivne oodata oma
printsi valgel hobusel, peaks äkki peaks leppima karjusega roosal seal või isegi
rullnoxiga viienda seeria mustal bemaril.

How is it that all this stuff has sortof just evaded me. Everybody else around me seems so grownup-ish and i'm just sitting here wondering about my future Sram X.O shifters.

This really has me thinking.
Will i ever grow-up-ish?

/me blinks.

30 km.

Rode on the Viljandi road. Heavy winds so going away from town was very tiring. But the ride back was ever more rewarding because of that. The speed was hardly ever below 40 km/h. Until my tube blew, of course, as it always happens to me. Fortunately i was able to ride home by pumping more air into it at times.
I had slicks on and Lasse was on his new road bike he recently bought. Rich bastard he is. A racing bike is noticably faster on downhills but at our level of trainage (if that is a word), i could otherwize keep up.

Speaking of Lasse, i saw Oliver, his son. He seemed quiet. It might be because he was sleeping. But still. Good (i suppose) to have a new relative.

Speaking of relatives, S, my older cousin from Tallinn is going to live in Tartu at my grandparents' because she will be studying at the university. French somethings will be her field of study.

Speaking even more of relatives and of the university, a relative from america (oo) is going to study at the university for a year. So yes.

Speaking of school(ing), i bought myself the Necessary Notebooks With Vanilla Ninja And Nexus Printed On. w00t!

Not speaking more of anytithing previously mentioned, i think i might be falling ill. I dont feel so good and might have a temperature. That is why i have done so little kilometers today. I planned to go riding in the evening, but i won't.

[music: Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M]

My phone fell onto the floor so badly that the screen got cracked. So i cant see anything. There might be troubles with reaching me via phone. You have been warned.

(not that anyone would want to call me, anyway)

Sunday, August 22, 2004

45 + 25 + 16 km.

As you can see, im back from the country. As for biking, i would have liked to do more today but i felt sort of tired and the wind was so bad i just got back early. Nevertheless, it was good. I found a wonderful single-trail track. The only bad thing about it is that it's too short. Only some 2 km at best. But still. Having to maneuver and take branches off one's handlebars is a good change to gravel road speeding. Then again, crashing into pine-trees isnt very nice. Fortunately, the pine was only small and bent under my handlebar, lifting my front wheel off the ground. I had to rear a bit and go round it. Good for practicing bike control, anyway.

On saturday, if anyone cares, (the 25km day) i biked with my mother. The 25 km took us quite a while because (not mentioning mothers being generally slower than sons) we just rode through the sandy forest near the sea. No paths, no nothing. Only animal trails here and there. Beautiful scenery and soviet army trenches. Wich were w00t! to ride over and about.

I had fun off the saddle, too. Nothing specific to mention, just a good weekend with friends and family.

So um, yes indeed.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Off to the country for the weekend. I hope to do some good biking there.

Anyhow, can anyone lend me "Three Men In A Boat" by Jerome K Jerome. I really want to read it. In English would be best but estonian would do as well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Here's a little something i wrote a while ago. I found it lying on my desktop.

"Ta ei lähe põlema. Lihtsalt ei lähe põlema." Marvin togis masendatult tema ees lebavat itaallast. "Mida ma tegema peaksin?" Marvin vaatas Grigori poole.

Grigori oli venelane. Ja mitte väikseimate killast. Just risti vastupidi, polnud palju inimesi, kes Grigorit kartnud poleks. Need, kes ei teadnud, et Grigori taimetoitlane on, arvavad siiani et Grigori sõi hommikusöögiks Gorillasid. Tegelikult sõi ta aga sparglit ja idusid ning muud sellist.
Oma kiila pea, suure musta nahktagi, millel NY Rangersi embleem seljal, mustade viigipükste, paremale põsele tatoveeritud kohvitassi (mille ta sinna oma vanglapäevadel tatoveerida lasi) ja suure punase lendurisalliga nägi ta küllaltki kohutav välja.

Siia, õlletehase lattu, olid nad mõlemad sattunud oma tahte vastu. Mitte et nad väga
täbaras olukorras oleksid olnud. Itaallane paistis juba mõnda aega surnud olevat.
Seal ta lebas oma mustas ülikonnas, juuksed geeliga taha kammitud. Tema vasaku jala
püksisäär oli põlveni üles kääritud ja suure varba peale oli tekkinud vill.

Välgumihkel, millega Marvin teda süüdata oli üritanud, vedeles kämbla jagu eemal betoonpõrandal. Õllekast millel Marvin istunud oli, vedeles ikka rahulikult põrandal.

Marvin tõusis püsti ning mõõtis rahustamiseks mõned sammud mööda hallikat betooni.

Grigori oli eemale jalutanud, et uksest piiluda, kas juhtumisi valvureid ei tule.
Paistis, et õhk on puhas.

"Mis me temaga teeme?" küsis Marvin. "Mina ei tea," kehitas Grigori ust kinni pannes
õlgu. "Siia me teda jätta ei saa." Marvin otsustas, et targem on itaallane kaasa võtta
ja temaga hiljem tegeleda, sest hommikuse vahetuse alguseni polnud enam palju aega.
"Grigori, aja auto ette!" käskis Marvin otsustavalt.
"Milline auto?" küsis Grigori ukseaknast unelevalt välja vaadates.
"Meie auto, idioot."
"Kas me jala ei tulnud?"
Marvin kahvatas. Viimane auto, milles ta istunud oli, oli ta vanaema Honda.
Õlletehasesse olid nad mõlemad bussiga tulnud. Peatuses oli veel üksteise varustus enne üle seina ronimist üle vaadatud.

Grigori lõi kinganinaga maas vedelevat õllepudelit, mis nukralt põrandale keerlema jäi.

Kostus võigast kriginat. Avanes uks laosaali tagumises seinas, mida nähtavasti aastaid
kasutatud ei oldud. Sisse astus hallidesse tungedesse riietatud pensioniealine mees.
"Mis pagana päralt siin toimub?" oli tema esimene küsimus.
Ei Marvin ega ka Grigori taibanud esiotsa midagi vastata.
Vanamees pani ukse oma selja taga kinni ja astus lähemale.

Marvin otsustas probleemi loovalt lahendada. "Ega teil siin mõnda autot ole?" päris ta
"Mis kuradi autot, mida te siin teete?"
Siis märkas ta Grigorit: "Jah muidugi, annab korraldada. Mis värvi masinat härrased sooviks?"
"Sinist" kõlas kahest suust üks vastus, üks Marvini neegrihäälega, teine Grigori võimsa bassiga.

"Jah härrased, kohe korraldan" suutis vanamees suust suure hirmu kiuste välja pigistada. Grigori naeratas laia kolme hambaga naeratust. Vanamees kummardas ning viipas mehed endaga kaasa. Kontoriukse lingi leidmisega läks vanamehe värisevatel kätel küllaltki palju aega, kuid lõpuks sai ta siiski lingist kinni.

"Härrased ootavad siin, ma toon seest võtmed"
Kaks noogutust. Vanamees lipsas ukse vahelt pimedusse.
"Aga mis siis, kui ta turvamehed kutsub?" päris Grigori.
"Ta oligi ju turvamees, kas sa tunkesid ei näinud?

Vanamees ilmus ukse vahelt võidukal näol autovõtmeid näpu vahel kõlistades. Kui ta avastas, et Grigori polnud vahepeal kuhugi kadunud, ei tundnud ta end enam pooltki nii võidukana. Ta ulatas Marvinile võtmed. "Auto seisab õues, otse tollest uksest vasakule" jõudis vanamees enne minestamist lisada.
Marvin hingas sügavalt sisse ja välja. "Grigori, võta nad mõlemad kaasa."
Grigori vinnas vanamehe õlale, kõndis tagasi saali keskele, vinnas õlale ka itaallase ning jäi ootama. Marvin vaatas laos ringi, veendus, et kõik on korras, ja korjas põrandalt üles oma välgumihkli.

Astudes laost kevadõhtusesse vihma, ei jõudnud Marvin kohe pimedusega harjuda, olenemata sellest, et ka laos üsna pime oli olnud. Grigori ei paistnud suurtest lao ümbrust valgustavatest prozhektoritest eriti välja tegevat, sest ta kandis alati oma ustavaid Armani päikeseprille.

Ainuke auto, mis hoovis paistis, oli suur sinine rekka, millele valge konteinerkäru järele oli ühendatud. Marvin kõndis kapuutsi pähe tõmmates üle laoesise parkimisplatsi ja toppis võtmed lukuauku ning keeras. Kostus klõpsatus ning uks avanes tõrkumata.
Marvin ronis üles rooli taha ning avas Grigorile parempoolse ukse.
"Mis ma nendega teen?" päris Grigori turvamehe ja itaallase kohta. "Pane pagashnikusse".

Kostus samme, mütsatusi, metalli kriginat, mütsatusi, veel metalli kriginat, ja samme.

Grigori ilmus taas ning vinnas end kõrvalistuja istmele. "Mis nüüd?" päris ta.
"Mis seal ikka, paberid ju saime, tagasi bossi juurde."
Grigori nohises jaatavalt.

Marvin sättis oma istme mugavamaks ja käivitas rekka, mis suurt elevanti meenutades nurruma hakkas.

"Mmm, Betterbilt," muheles Grigori.
"Ah, mis?" kostis kusagilt altpoolt. Marvin oli kummargil rekka audiosüsteemi kontrollpaneeli kohal. Olles raadio häälestanud käredahäälse neegriräpi lainele, ajas ta end jälle püsti, vaatas automaatselt selja taha, kus muud peale rekka magamiskambri näha ei olnud, ning haaras olematu käsipidurikangi järele.
"Siin," koputas Grigori punasele nupukesele keskpaneelil. Marvin vajutas seda ning kostus hüdraulikasüsteemi susinat. " Seisupidur eemaldatud," teatas kena naisehääl neegriräpi kõrvale. "Seff," mõtles Marvin.

Marvin vajutas gaasi ning automonsrtum asus korstendest paiskuva musta tossu saatel veerele. Marvin keeras räpi kõvemaks ja asus sõitu nautima. Grigori näis olevat magama jäänud.
"Kuule," müksas Marvin teda ribidesse, "vaata, kas siin kusagil kaarti on."
"Sinised vatijoped, sinised vatijoped," pomises Grigori unesegaselt.
"Kuuled või?"
"Ah, mis. Kaarti? Oota."
Marvin lülitas kojamehed kiirema käigu peale. Nende sahina kõrvale kostus Grigori tuhnimist. Mõne minuti pärast oli ta põrandale kuhjanud suure hunniku erinevatest panipaikadest leitud prahti, mida ta enam vajalikuks ei pidanud. See koosnes vähemalt nelja banaani koortest, lugematutest kartulikrõpsupakenditest, karastusjoogipudelitest, mehhaanikaajakirjadest, kruvidest ja kruvikeerajatest, kasutatud kohvifiltritest ja
muust. Hunniku pärliks pidas Grigori mannetu olemisega sinist rinnahoidjat.
"Leidsid või?" päris Marvin.
Grigori tuhlas prahihunnikus, leidis sealt mingisuguse voldiku, ning ulatas selle Marvinile.
Ühe käega rooli hoides voltis Marvin voldiku lahti ning lõi silmad kaardile. "Kansas City" oli sinna suurte punaste tähtedega maalitud. Marvin otsustas, et see voldik teda palju ei aita ning pühendus taas teele.

"Mis ma teen sellega?" tahtis Grigori prahihunniku kohta teada.
"Ma ei tea. Saa sellest kuidagi lahti"
Grigori avas akna ning viskas kogu oma sülle kraamitud hunniku välja.

"Mis sa arvad kas Elaine saab pahaseks, kui ma poistele sünnipäevaks koera ei kingi?"
päris inspektor Foster oma partnerilt, inspektor Barnesilt.
"Ma ei tea... Mis ta kogu sellest värigst arvab?"
"Ega ta ka väga rõõmustatud ei ole. Ta ütles, et koera pidamine oleks väga vaevarikas."
"Tõsi. Mul on Spotiga ikka omajagu jamasid olnud. Pese ja sööda, käi jalutamas ja teab mida veel. Ega ilmaasjata räägta, et koer pere liige on, tähelepanu tahab just samuti, nagu poeg või tütar."
"Või naine," ohkas inspektor Foster.
"Või naine," nõustus inspektor Barnes.

Järgnes vaikus, mida aegajalt katkestasid politseiraadio teated. Inspektor Foster haukas mõtlikult oma sõõrikust suure tüki. Inspektor Barnes, kes roolis istus, tagus sõrmedega roolirattale vihmaga ühtlast rütmi. Inspektor Foster plaanis tukastada, kuid ei julenud seda teha. Tööpostil magamise eest on karmid karistused.

Sadu tugevnes. Valitses päikeseloojangujärgne hämarus.
Barnes sulges silmad ning mõtles kodule. Teda kindlasti oodati juba. Ta oli mures oma vanema poja Timmy kopsupõletiku pärast. Samal ajal, kui vaeseke voodis lebab, peab isa tööl rügama, et poisile ravimeid osta. Et ta ka paremat töökohta ei suuda leida.

Inspektor Barnesi mõttekäigu katkestas valju robin vastu politseiauto esiklaasi. Kui ta silmad avas, oli esimene asi, mida ta nägi, sinine rinnahoidja. "Kas ma näen und?" mõtles Barnes. Kuid ei, Foster oli juba autot käivitamas.

Barnes haaras automaatselt raadio ning teatas, et auto BR 502 lahkub vaatluspostilt jälitades sinist rekkat, kust prahti loobitakse.

Politseiauto suverehvid kraapisid teepervelt lahti rohkesti mudaks muutunud tolmu ja liiva, mis mõnuga auto külgedele kleepus. Esiotsa libises mustvalge Ford Victoria külitsi teele, kuid inspektor Fosteri osava juhatuse all leidis masin kiiresti oma õige käigu ja suuna.

Sisse lendas neljas käik ja politseiauto õõtsus võrdlemisi rahulikult suure rekka kannul, vilkurid ja sireen katusel üürgamas.

"Barnes..." ütles Foster rahulikult, "äkki oleksid sa nii kena ja võtaksid selle, ee, rinnahoidja kojamehe küljest ära.
"Mina või? Kuidas? Aknast või?"
"No näiteks"

Rinnahoidjate kojameeste küljest kiskumine polnud päris see, mis inspektor Barnes arvas kaitsta ja teenida" tähendavat, aga kui teenistus kutsub, oleks ta valmis hullemakski. Ta keris akna alla, avas turvavöö, ning vinnas oma ülakeha vihma sisse. 180 kilomeetrise tunnikiirusega liikumisel tekkiv tuul ei aidanud ta olemise mõnusamaks tegemisel palju kaasa. Barnes üritas haarata maksimumkiirusel liikuvast kojamehest ja jäi hetkeks sõrmi pidi tuuleklaasi ja kojamehe vahele kinni. "Ai" räuskas ta vihmas valjusti aga keegi ei kuulnud teda.

Akent kinni vändates heitis Grigori pilgu peeglisse. "Marvin," ütles ta rahulikult: "mendid."
Marvin vaatas peeglisse ning vandus. Tema "shit" langes kokku räpi omaga. "Ole valmis," ütles ta Grigorile.
Rahulikult vajutas ta pidurile ning õllerongi kiirus hakkas vähenema. Mõnekümne sekundi pärast peatus maantehiiglane hüdraulika susina saatel ning kõikus inertsi mõjul korraks ettepoole.

Politseiauto peatus nende ees teeäärisel. Selle uks avanes ning välja astus läbimärja ülakehaga Barnes. Ta kõndis rekka juurde ning vaatas marvini poole alt üles, andes märku aken alla kruvida. Marvin tegi seda. "Teie juhiload palun," ütles Barnes rinnahoidjaid näo eest kõrvale lükates. Need jäid talle pähe nagu veider mütsike, lõuaalune rihm loiult rippumas. "Kena müts, inspektor," ütles Marvin mehele oma lube ulatades.
Barnes süvenes hetkeks lubadel seisvasse. "Hmm," ütles ta ning minestas. Grigori oli rekkast väljunud, teinud ringi ümber konteinerkäru ning inspektor Barnesile rusikaga pähe löönud.

Nähtavasti oli inspektor Foster teinud vea arvates, et sellest tuleb muretu kurjategijate kinni nabimine. Ta oli just oma sõõrikut lõpetamas, kui Grigori politseiauto lukustatud ukse lahti rabas. Ukselukk lendas rõõmsalt vingudes ja nagisedes tükkidena kruusale laiali.

Inspektor Fosteril oli veel sõõrikujupp suus, kui Grigori ta autost välja rabas ning uimaseks lõi. Foster tänas hiljem õnne, et see neetud tükk teda ei lämmatanud.

"Ruttu," hõikas Marvin, kes kätt aknaservale toetades pea aknast välja oli pistnud, "viska nad taha".
Jällegi kostus samme, mütsatusi, metalli kriginat, mütsatusi, veel metalli kriginat, ja samme. Grigori ronis käsi pükstesse pühkides istmele. Marvin lülitas sisse esimese käigu ning vajutas gaasi. Rõõmsalt nurrudes asus rekka uuesti liikvele.

Järgmised kolm tundi kulgeti ööpimeduses edasi ainult vihm aknale sabisemas. Kui rekka keskpaneelil asuv rohelise näiduga elektronkell ühte näitas, otsustas Marvin, et on aeg öömaja otsida. Grigori oli juba tunnikese maganud.

First things first:

Respect en recognize to Lasse whose child i believe has by now been born. That would make me a... nothing. I dont even know the word for the relative-wize relationship i have with the little gentleman in estonian, even less in english.
Concerning my and Lasse's hobbby of biking and the financial status i (somewhat mockingly) see he has i wonder if they make XTR shifters for children's trycicles.

Congrats, mate. And i still (somewhat mockingly) suggest you name him Leet or H4x0r. Or just Häksor. Or a combination of the two.

Now of less important things:

I just came back from seeing King Arthur (link in estonian). I only went to see it because of the combat scenes. Okay, really i went because my mother (yes, mother) wanted to go to the cinema. And i didnt want to see spiderman 2. The story about arthur was bollocks, just as expected. The free sex scene as well.
Anyway. The combat scenes would almost have been good. But they werent in my book. First, they had worked embarrassingly hard to show no blood and that became disturbing. I couldnt watch the combat scenes because i saw that they desperately didn't want me to see blood. I understand that it might earn them a few more zillion dollars from the 13-aged viewers but it really degraded the whole thing. In that perspective, "Gladiator" was much better. In "King Arthur", when someone was struck by a sword, the camera moved somewhere else most of the time. Or turned to an angle so you couldn't see where blood should have been. And when it didnt, there just was no blood. I mean, i'm not saying that movies have to be violent and bloody, but this avoiding of blood and gore was just silly and didnt look good at all. It started looking like the A - Team where nobody ever gets hit. Lost realism.

Then there was the equipment. Other than the usual plastic chainmail and swords and armor studs you see in all movies, there was a thing that disturbed me most. A knight of Arthur's had a suit of armor inspired by a japanese samurai suit. Come on. Even though it might have looked cool and even appropriate in some other movie, blending medieval european armor with japanese samurai armor (from i believe a later period of history) damaged realism even more. I was like "Hey, mate, wrong movie. What the hell is HE doing here?"

And oh. They had designed totally useless swords for the saxons. I would have rather taken a spade to battle. I sometimes wish hollywood designers knew more about real sword-fighting and that sort of stuff.

The non-combat parts of the movie dont really deserve comment. Just your ordinary Hollywood bullshit. One thing is that i failed at predicting wich of the knights die and wich dont. That is a compliment to the author of the script.

As a conclusion, the movie was almost what i expected of it, only a wee bit less. Had they worked more on the combat scenes, it would have made for a pretty watchable thing. But then again, i dont feel too sorry for the money i spent on the ticket.

[music: Fernanda Porto - Amor Errado]
The first thing i happened to think of was that why the birthday happening happened to be the way it obviously was. For one thing (wich i certainly thought of before and might even have mentioned to someone), the music was bad. Well, not bad in a way that it sucked, but bad in a way that the whole music business was'nt organized. Leaving aside that the "stereo equipment" wasnt very good, consisting of a normal cd-player-radio-thingie-boombox between the old russian (but good) big s90 speakers and amps nobody knew how to use. As it was the same house our grand exellent graduation bash was held at, everybody knew about the problem and someone (suggestedly the hosts) could have taken a few cables to connect a cd player to the amp and huge speakers. That would have made one difference.

The other problem, still with music, was that the music itself was played from the same discs the same goup of people had been carrying along to the same parties for at least 3 years or so. Combine that with the fact that only two tracks were played from each disc and you get a pretty dull experience.

At least some people at the party noticed that. Maybe not so very fortunately it happened to be the hiphop people. Not that i have anything against hiphop, but i cant say i like it, either. And the gentleman knowing _every_ estonian rap/hiphop song by heart and rapping them out sort of scared all the would-be dancers away.

When i woke up, i thought of at least three good songs that could have been played in about a minute or so. If you want a list, here goes:

  • Baddest Ruffest - Backyard Dog (Radio Edit)
  • This Is How We Do It - Mis-Teeq (Rishi Rich Mix)
  • Drumagic - Easy Boom

The first two might have made for a somewhat silly experience, but at least it would have been an experience.

At least, when i will be organizing a party sometime, i will know better.

No disrespect to the hosts, of course.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

BBC And Nature Leonardo Thinker Quiz

What thinker are you?
Im an intrapersonal one.
31 km of mud and grime.

I now have more spots on me than a leopard does. Only that a leopard's won't wash off. And my socks weigh about a kilogram each.

30 km without ever leaving more than 5 km away from town. I explored some new tracks. First i checked out the skiing track behind the Laululava. Only good for practicing medium-speed steep turns on gravel. Or at least with the weather i was there in. Oh yes, i got soaked. It started raining just as i stepped out of the door. As i needed to go to the gas station to pump some more air into my rear tire as my leaking hand-pump couldnt doi it, i decided to squeese some fun out of getting wet. After the track i went over the river to check out the area opposite the usual Jänese track. Most of it was just bush and thickets and not very nice at all. It has some good trails but there are too many of the plants-that-sting-when-you-touch-them-and-i-dont-know-the-english-word-for there.
I am no longer a stranger to the words "nghh", "grr", and "damnit", all in estonian, of course. Just as a note, nghh and grr in english and estonian are rather similiar.
Not to mention "fuck".
I want to go back there when it's colder and the stingy plants are dead. I suspect it might make a good nightriding location. Also found a very nice romantic place with a big fallen tree and a view to the sunset and the river. I bet that it is a key spot in rising the population of Tartu.

After riverside i came over back to "my" side of the river again and went to the end of the Jänese. Came back via the asphalt road.

Then checked out the dendropark area. Found some rather nice tracks that they also use for skiing. They were a bit too soft-surfaced, but rather fun nevertheless. Combining those with the Jänese and the asphalt road makes for a pretty good track, i say. Within the resources of bike trails the vicinity of Tartu has to offer, anyway.

Oh, i noticed that the rear wheel of my bike is somehwat loose and shakeable. I dont know if i should be worried or not.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Shirt design i made as a birthday gift for Ronn. Already printed onto shirt.

Shirt design i made as a birthday gift for Laura. Already printed onto shirt.
Im now back and awake.

The party wasnt as good as i expected. Too few people in too big a house. Too calm even for me and i am generally a well-behaved calm person. Or so i'd like to think.

Having slept a bit too little because my father woke me up too early, im a bit confused and dont know of anything else to say.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The most miserable marathon i have ever done.

First off they had some troubles with the starting number system wich meant i had to start at 860- something. Waiting until all that crowd dissolves is not very fast or nice. Because of that i raced at great speeds during the first 15 km to get my position back. That of cource killed me. I ate and slowly crawled along. After the murderous climb to Emumägi someone was counting places. I was 530-something. That gave me strength. From there on the race went pretty well, the track was nice and i managed to keep good speed.

All was well until about 7 km from the end. Then i noticed my rear tire was flat. At that moment, my speedometer told me i had ridden for 2 hours 33 minutes. Wich would have meant a total time of about 2 45. But woulds and coulds are no good. 2 45 WOULD have been a very good time for me.

Oh well.

Off to the birthday soon, so i m off.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

At least IE shows the sidebar again.

Im just sitting here listening to aphrodite in marathon anticipation. Up early tomorrow.
After the marathon im heading to R and L's (oh holy paranoia) birthday. Let's just say that i will post my presents sometime. K liked them.

So yes, you will also be notified of how the marathon went along, but probably not tomorrow as it will be a very busy day.

[music: Aphrodite - Stalker]
No kilometers. Rakke marathon tomorrow. So i'm saving energy.

I went to Kütiorg to see the Esonian championships of downhill biking. I took pictures and hopefully lasse will put them up somewhere soon.
It was rather fun, actually. From a spectators point of view, at least. Had i been a contestant, i would not have been so thrilled. But the crashes and the men crawling around in mud were funny.

Oh. And why the hell doesnt the damned IE show my blog sidebar. It seems to work under mozilla. Bill, get your stuff working right, will you.

Friday, August 13, 2004

BlogShares - leet haxor style

This stuff seems interesting. Sortof. A simulated game where blogs have shares and you can buy and sell them. I wonder...
13 km.

As i was in a hurry we only biked a little. Star wars gaming after that.

Just watched the estonians at the olympic ceremony. Nothing spectacular, but not too bad. I left after the estonians had passed.

[music: Layo And Bushwacka! - Blind Tiger]
To bed early and up late. Thats the way they brought money to the house. Or something like that the estonian proverb didnt go. Anyway.

Yesterday i discovered that photoshop does html. That is the wikkedest. No more pain-in-the-ass f*ckering trying to get it all together. Byebye css and welcome again, tables. Expect changes at template test site soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

47 km.

Asphalt/gravel roads. We had a Lasse's old classmate as a guest star.
Nothing more to say, really.

Got myself a new helmet, partly because there is a lamp on the old one, partly because the old one was sortof falling apart. The plastic parts, i mean. The whatever-o-foam seems to be okay.

Ah yes, i got my hands on "Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl" yesterday. Unfortunately, the show consisted of their old sketches mostly. It had some new parts in it, but not much. So it wasnt as fun as i expected it to be.
16 km.

There's definately a WOW factor to nightriding. Lots of shouts and smiles while riding past people. Maybe it's because of the cool lightning. BUT maybe its because i look like a teletubby and lasse looks like Mickey Mouse. Either way, we get lots of attention.

Rode 16 km at Toomemägi. I would have done more but Lasse had to work and i didnt want to ride alone. It was raining, too.

Anyway, my bike is still f*cked. As my experiences tell me, the problem disappears for about a hundred kilometers after maintenance. Then it comes back. The chain won't stay where it's supposed to. I can sort of anticipate the problem by now but it's still not fun if you can't use a third of your gears.
Why cant i be rich or there be bike-communism in estonia?

But as far as the lightning system is concerned, everything seems to be okay. Rather shock- and weatherproof, it seems. Even without any extra casing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

No kilometers yet. That's about to change, i think.

Got up early as hell and went to Tallinn with dad. Spent half a day getting myself a pair of trousers and a shirt and hanging around while dad was doing business.

Lasse built himself a bike lightning system with two lights. Im not saying one isnt enough, though. But still. That man is going to make me shoot myself one day.
As the thunderstorm that i thought was going to rip my roof off seems to have passed, im off for some riding. Like drugz, i would suppose. Give a finger and it takes a hand. Well, only second time so far but still.

So off i go, maybe a late-night post later when im drawing the new blog-template.

For now, over and out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

70 km.

My odometer is now at exactly 2111.1 km.

We did the 60 track for the Tartu Rattaralli first. Sinilille.org crew minus T and A instead of him (still being paranoid, as you can see). Nothing special. Fast asphalt race all the way. I happened to have slicks on because my MTB tyres are in trouble at the moment. I will need to get my pump fixed or if its not possible, get a new one. Having slicks (tyres sortof like the ones one finds under a real racing bike and not a mountain bike) made me a lot faster than the others. Wich was good and bad. But enough of that.

I am now the proud owner and co-author of the invention of the year 04. We built a bike light. For a long time we (i) had wanted a good ligntning system. The ordinary bike lights they sell at shops are not an option. The ones they sell here or over the internet are expensive as hell. The one we built costs about 300 kr or 19 eur. Thats about the cost of a normal bike light, now that i think of it. If my calculations are correct, that is about a tenth of the cost of a similiar-powered system one can get over the internet.
The system consists of a battery, a switch, the bulb, wires and stuff that hold the bulb and wires. Really easy to build. The battery is kept in a backpack, the switch sits in a pocket of the backpack, the wire runs up your back and onto the helmet where the light is. Wonderful :)
We tested it and it works like a charm. Lasse tells me it's even weatherproof. I suppose we are to see about that.

And it is good for getting looks, too.

Ah, invention of the year indeed. Well, not technically an invention, but still.
Im really happy about it. Nightriding is wicked.

Oh well, of to tallinn really early tomorrow morning so i'd better go now.


Pics of the system.
International High IQ Society | Puzzles

Number 5 is especially mad. I mean, really.

[music: Zlantnite Ciganski Pesni - Godejari]

Monday, August 09, 2004

So what did i do this wonderful day?
Nothing much. Got myself yet anoter Brand New Tube and repaired an old one.
Had lunch at grandma's. Had a walk and lunch with mom. Dont think bad of me because of that, will you.

That wasnt a long list at all, was it?

As for other matters, Lasse's and K's (being paranoid and not using names when possible as people somewhy do at blogs) child is to be born sometime soon. Completely normal, that. For the first time today i thought that my grandmother is going to be a great-grandmother so somebody. Wicked.
Along the theme, i was figuring that the age when children will be taught reading and writing is going to get earlier and earlier in our society. Learn google at three and photoshop at four. I imagine Lasse trying to explain what a book is to his kid. "You know, like toilet paper, but with a font on it."

Just a sidenote. Im still burned. I had to walk 2 km with a backpack today. Not nice at all. I had chosen a shirt with the wrong sort of fabric that rubbed really bad. Henceforth the morale: dont suntan for too long at a time.

Word of the day:
risotto - "like, rice that has some built-in sauce"

[music: Aphrodite - Ganja Man; Saian Supa Crew - La Preuve Par 3]

Sunday, August 08, 2004

20 bud lights.
Another goodish commercial that todays world needs more of.
38 km.

Back from the country, all sunburned. As it always happens to me, my rear tyre started going flat just at the right moment. I managed to ride on saturday but with a tire in the middle of going flat. As one might expect, it takes a lot more effort to move a bike with a flattish tire. But it was sort of fun because i got to ride upright for a long distance (because one can put more power to the pedals that way) and that kept the speed up. Fun.
I had planned to do 100 km on sunday but the tyre was flat. As it tends to happen to me, my pump is broken, too. And i didnt feel like going into the village looking for a pump either. You'll never know what the locals might be up to.
Instead of biking, i went to the beach. Now my legs are red and a little stingy.

[music: Aphrodite - I Got Five On It]

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Off to the country. Back Sunday evening.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Nice japanese cars.

Maybe just a wee bit overdone here and there. Look at the rear lights. And oh, yes, the WINGS. Or whatever they are supposed to be.

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Cheap electronics. Just did not expect such a domain name to be taken. Im gonna try leet.com next.
Im not going to write any biking kilometers here because the number is so small it isnt worth mentioning.

But durin the short distance i learned a couple of things. My bike is fucked. Oh, bother, now is the time i wish i knew english bike-vocabulary. I wont fall into very detailed descriptions of whats wrong. Fact is i couldnt ride up the hill where the toy museum used to be at toomemägi. And it's not a very "bad" hill comparing it to some others i have done. I dont want to imagine what would have happened when i would have gone to Väike Munamägi with my bike in this state.
The bike is now being repaired and due to that i won't be able to ride tomorrow. Damnit. Im wondering if they will have it fixed. I hope so. Totally lost motivation today. Well, motivation concerning the current bike, anyway.
Also checked some bike lights. Comes out that im still better off building something myself or ordering something from the internet than just buying a set of normal bike lights and rechargable batteries.

For the good side of today, i got a sports bag i had needed for a long time. Lasse keeps calling me an official sponsor of H2O.
There has been some discussion about a public letter by a gentleman named Märt Sults.
Until now i had only read all the response to his article, but as i seem to have lost the newspaper the letter was published in, i only wondered what all the fuss was about and then just forgot about it for a little while. Now Kaimar pointed me (although not personally) to a link of the article itself.

Now i understand what the fuss is about. Rightly is it said the man should be fired. His thoughts are outdated by some 50 years. Maybe it is he who should be isolated from society?

I believe everybody has the right to do what the hell ever they want. As they don't deny anyone else their constitutional rights during doing it, of course. If two gay people want to live with eachother, who can stop them? Why should they be stopped. The reasons Sults brings are silly. At least from my point of view. First off, he speaks of preserving the species. That is definately not a problem. Look at China, India and the middle east. What Sults really wants to do is to preserve us, estonians, isn't it? Personally, i dont give a damn if our nation(ality) dies out peacefully. Im not saying that if someone attacks us we should not defend ourselves or anything of that sort. Im saying that if the number of estonians decreases in thousands every year but the total number of people on this planet increases in millions, there isnt much we can do about it. Or much we should do. I understand the government's efforts to increase births. And i favor it. But i see no problem in estonians as a nation becoming extinct if it happens peacefully and not through someone's use of force. The major point (to me) would be mankind as a whole surviving. I dont really care what cultures it is made up of as long as they all get along well.

Or where does Sults take it that mankind should be preserved. I see no specific reason for that either. I mean, if it happens so that in the future people don't want to have children, what of it. So if the last human dies peacefully under an apple-tree watching a golden sunset. I see no problem with it as long as it is not against mankinds will. Although i do not suppose that will ever happen because people generally want to live.

As i mentioned, Sults' ideas about isolating gay people are outdated. And i personally think that gay people are all right.
Theoretically, should mankind die because all the people are gay, so what. The gay people would know mankind is going to die and they would accept it.

But all the above is not my major point. What i mean is although we have freedom of speach (speech? wich way was it?) he is still proposing hostile action towards people. A person like that, as many people before me have said, should not be allowed to run a school. His letter is so full of stupid ideas and facts taken from nowhere that i cant rightly imagine how he got to be a headmaster in the first place.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

20 km.

I now consider myself one of those that have had a near death experience. Mildly exaggerating, that. I didnt even get a scratch, but dont laugh.
Well, to tell the story from the beginning or try at least.
Yesterday we found a pretty good place to practice jumps and stairs on bikes. Not far from where i live and otherwize quite good. So we practiced there yesterday. There i had the jump i previously mentioned.
There are two pretty nice flights of stairs there. One of them is usable very well, the other ends up on the pedestrian path and near big traffic. But othewrize they are just the same so it isnt a problem because we can use the safe one. Previously we had only practiced going down it, but even yesterday i wanted to go up the flight. There were small sections consisting of 3 steps wich i got up nicely yesterday so i supposed that the 10 or a bit less step flight isnt too bad either. Although the theoretical techniques for getting up those differ somewhat, i won't discuss them because it wouldnt do any good.
I gathered some speed and got up the flight with no problem. Adding a bit of spice to the thing was the fact that i undid my pedal clips because falling sideways down onto a concrete stair isnt nice. And the pedal is pretty small and when one has to use the middle narrow part of the shoe because that is the part that WONT stick to the pedal going up a stair at high speed is rather interesting. It shook, let's just say.
So i get up and all is well. After some random practicing (if one can call it that)i decided to do the stair again. I line myself up for the uh, whats the word, "speed gathering". (Can anyone tell me the real word for "hoovõtt"?) As you might figure, gathering speed causes the pedals to be applied more power than during just cruising. As i have learned today and even before today, my bike has problems with that. You see, the chain tends to "slip" or come off the front chainrings if i apply too much power. Unfortunately, i did. So just a metre or so before the first step my chain comes off the front cog. As i happened to be applying pressure to get the best possible speed, i was leaning on the pedal quite furiously. The chain came off causing the pedal to lose any resistance from the rear wheel. That meant i lost balance and i had to support myself with the arms. To say the least, i wasnt in full control of the bike. And that can and does have lethal effects. As mentioned before, all i had between me and the beginning of the stairs was a metre or so of asphalt. As i quickly figured, hitting the first stair with the speed i was travelling would have been lethal (mildly exaggerating) to me and my bike. All i had to do was to reduce the speed as much as possible during the metre. That in turn meant vigorous usage of both brakes. And you do know what happens when one uses the front brake too vigorously, dont you? Not to mention that i had my centre of weight rather foward. So yes, as one would expect, i flew over the handlebars. Very luckily, i somehow managed to land on my feet or something. Not a scratch.


Had it been some 50 cm later i would have landed sraight onto the concrete at full speed. Im not too keen on trying to figure out what would have happened to me in that case. Trust me.

I didnt lose the wanting to bike or anything, but i did lose trust in my bike.

(Just as a side note: Using Comic Sans Serif on an actual product sold at shops does not show the designer in the best light. Not when it isnt done professionally. And the product im holding isnt. I cant tell you what product it is because then some real designer person could come and tell me that it ISNT comic sans serif supposing i have made a mistake. Oh, okay, it is a bottle of "värska" water. It is comic sans serif on the descriptive text in different languages, isnt it?)
I arrived two minutes after the hairdresser's closing time. Oh, bother.

Just wanted to add some recent thoughts about biking (and dont tell me you didnt see that coming).

First off, the deore hubs i got from lasse seem to roll better than the previous ones. I dont know if it just seems or if there is any real stuff behind the sensation.

And second. During the past two days, i have made huge leaps in confidence as far as biking goes. Doing stuff that might seem dangerous, that is. I think it's a matter of self-motivation, really.

And now for something completely different:

I noticed that the pile of empty plasic bottles in my room is self-sustaining. If that is the correct word. Or self sufficient. What i mean is that when there was a huge pile of bottles on the floor so that i could hardly move around with my chair. (For my chair is pretty much the only thing i move around with in my room.)
Then the pile disappeared. When i started writing this i thought that i had no idea how it had disappeared and suspected mom or grandmother of it. But now i remembered that i had actually taken all the bottles away myself. Anyway. As soon as i take them away, they start piling up again. Hardly a week has passed and there are already three here. I just looked at the bottles and they sort of laid there in such a way that i fear they might eat me during the night. When i stop blogging out of the blue, you know what has happened to me.

And another thing.
I have noticed that the ironic style of writing has come rather common (in blogs and other places). It hasnt always been so. I might have wanted to use the style myself but right now it seems so mainstream i have absolutely no desire to be ironic. I was just thinking of finding some examples of ironic bloggers, but i will do that later. When i spot some, wich i probably will, i will try to remember to bring the example.

With the ironic style i mean the you know, ironic to be funny style. Maybe a tiny bit like Terry Pratchett's writing here and there. The people who keep an eye on the blogosphere will probably know what i'm trying to say.

And speaking of writing, i have wanted to write something for a long time now. It's just that i have had no specific inspiration as of now. Nobody has really pissed me off in a long while. No specific reason to write anything either.

Should i?
20 km.

More goofing. Me likes.
Going to bike more later today. I even managed to cruise down a little hill-thingie (wich didnt seem that innocent while i was doing it). The "bombhole" near the lung clinic, if anyone cares. Probably not.

Heading out to get my hair cut right now. Uf all goes well, i WILL have them cut. So we will see.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Flash music video. Immense work gone into this as you can see. Respect. Check out the rest of the site as well.
20 km.

Just goofed around, basically. Jänese track and back to town via the Tartu - Tallinn "highway" currently under construction.
Then did some stair climbing/unclimbing. And then there was the jump. I managed to jump, yes. Something i previously thought impossible at my level of biking morale. Thanks to Lasse, who kept disrespecting me until i jumped. Had he not been there, i woulda done it in half the time i did it or not done it at all.

And oh, im not getting the camera because the gentlemen at the US photo shop decided to NOT give a discount after all. Or something like that. So my relative didnt buy the camera and is coming back with nothing. Just to mention, he wasnt in the US only to buy the cam. I'll have to figure out another way now. Stupid american fucks. (I bet that as soon as i publish this post i'll have CIA or FBI or both knocking at my door. As a positive side, i ll probably be getting tons of hits from the islamic countries. All due to the sentence above. Well, it isnt technically a sentence, because it doesnt have a verb in it. Oh bother.)

Monday, August 02, 2004

Photos from the hiiumaa Trip. All of them copyright me, Paul Hion.
Alles rites.

Back from Hiiumaa. It was a good trip, i suppose. Consisted of the things one might usually do when one is in Hiiumaa (did i get the preposition right?). Aviation show on saturday, boat trip to saaremaa on sunday. That's pretty much it too. Good company. Oyea, we cooked lots, too. That usually happens when my father is around. He takes that stuff rather seriously. Not that i wouldnnt like cooking myself. As for the weekend, we had it so that he prepared the stuff and i grilled what needed grilling. Beef on saturday, two (not one, mind you) ducks on sunday. One duck roasted, the other grilled. I dont generally like duck and this was no different. It was edible, but duck has a specific taste i dont like. Just like liver.

I will probably post some pictures later, when i get my hellos and picasas reinstalled.

[music: Drumagic - Easy Boom]
First (and possibly best) piece from a d'n'b album i have. Well worth listening.