Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sun is shining, weather is sweet.
If you are wondering what i am doing here inside posting to a blog, i already got my share of sunshine today. Im not saying that i wont get any more, but still.
Went to our country house near Otepää yesterday. I went there by bike, but didnt quite cycle the whole road. At some 30 km Lasse picked me up.
When i got there i realized that they had mown all the grass there was to mow and then some. Im wondering if i could ever mow so much grass in my entire life. They even seemed thrilled about the mowing. Oh well.
Had a nice evening with too little chicken wok for us all.
Today was biking day, of course. (Expect pictures, by the way) Only 30 km, but what sort of 30 they were... We rode around the Väike Munamägi area. Extremely nice single tracks, then the asphalted roller-ski track and more. Including the Tehvandi hill and ski jump tower, from the top of wich we didnt somewhy jump down.
So yes, 30 km here near Tartu or 30 km in the southern regions of Estonia can be vastly different. Remember that. I recommend the Tehvandi area to anyone looking for a good track or two. Or six.

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