Saturday, July 24, 2004

Now that we got the other (look below) thing out of the way, some words about Märt's birthday i recently attended. (Ah blast, chaps, "attend" is rather a brittish word indeed, eh?)

Very nice party. Extremely nice to socialize with people for a change. And i'm not using the word "nice" just of politeness. Me really liked.

Gave him a wicked gift, too. As some of you might have heard and some not, a bunch of gentlemen i happen to know is planning, yes planning, to buy and restore an old hippie-style VW transporter bus. Yes, the old hippie sort. The hero of the day happened to be one of them. So Three Hairy Balls Productions inc., consisting of me and two other gentlemen with even longer hair, got him a toy bus, painted it, and gave it to him as a present as one might expect on the occasion of a birthday. And a nifty present it was indeed.

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