Saturday, July 24, 2004

Madli writing about death made me think, too.

alot has been up today. today's subject is death. why do people die? i don't want them to die. there's no need to be dead before the normal death. no-one should die because of cancer or something like that. that is just so unfair. and don't come telling me that it is some "God's" will. what is he then? a psycho? why would he want to kill people? bring all this misery to the relatives and friends? i don't like him. if he exists. he is an idiot and he should know it. does he want people to die untimely just because of his own son being crucified and all? is that why he wants this all to happen?? God is probably some bitter old man sitting on a cloud and pointing his finger. that makes me re-consider the option of going to heaven after death. God should only kill those who really want to die deep in their hearts. only those and no one else.

First off, i dont know if she wrote it because of some recent events or not. But for my replying here, it doesnt really matter. Of course, i hope that she didnt. I'd hope that a person didnt die. Or have an accident or whatever.

That might seem rude, but here is what i currently think about the topic. Currently anyway:

God or no god, there is no point in being exaggeratingly sad about anyone [enter word of nasty thing that can happen to someone]. I dont think i would be. Just move on and deal with the consequences. Being sad and depressed about things, including nasty things, isn't going to help. It only makes you feel worse and really changes nothing. Thats why i don't see a reason to. Of course, NOT being sad and depressed might take some strength of will. That's why i hope i have some. So far, i think i have had.
Stuff like that just happens. And there isnt much we can do to prevent it, really. I mean, in the grand scale of things. Of course we can and should make cars safer and so on and so on, but it wont stop people dying. That is just the way it is.

At any rate, i don't want people to be sad when i die. Why should i? Let the memory of me be a happy one, not sad. That is the way i treat my memories of dead people. F*ck sadness, man.

And about god being a bitter old man. If he exists, wich i personally don't know anything to think of. What about, say, love? The golden morning sun rising over the fields? Puppies and kittens? Bitter? I doupt. Balanced, i'd say.

The trick (okay, MY trick) to life is mentally blinding myself from what an ugly place the world can be and bringing the positive to the front. Otherwize, we all would go mad, would we not?

No disrespect, friends and relatives of recently deceased people. You will get over it and remember your friend. I hope the memory will bring a smile to your face every time. Otherwize, it is not a memory worth having. One gets enough bullshit all day anyway.


Anonymous said...

Find a nice girlfriend, spend some time with her, live till the break-up. Then you'll see. Ignoring the negative side of one's life and concentrating on the positive is, indeed, a right way of living, but some grief and sadness should find it's place at the right time, because we are humans. It's better to acknowledge the grief and pain and sadness, deal with it, and then move on.

And sometimes we can do something to prevent some other thing from happening. Those are the really tricky situations. Sometimes it seems, that if i would have done something differently, then this or that sad thing would not have happened. Even if we are wrong, the imagined thrive to omnipotence makes us think it was something for us to do. Or fix. And our minds play tricks on us. Whether it's the loss of a loved one through death or otherwise. "I should have done something." And that's hard.

Paul said...

The first paragraph of your comment is (more or less) exactly what i want(ed) to say.

Agree with the second one too. Sort of.