Thursday, July 29, 2004

Its midnight.

I was just reading velo.clubbers and got an urge to bike. Gotta get those £300 lights already. Well, any lights, really. Although cruising around town would be almost just as neat. Should have gone riding today but i didnt. Although a lazy day once in a while is good too. Grr, i wish there were better mountainbike tracks near town. Really i do.
All i can do now is either do the Jänese track alongside the river wich isnt so mountainbikey at all or pedal some 25 km to vapramäe. A 25km well worth it, sure, but one doesnt always have the time. Does anyone know any good tracks near Tartu?

And oh..
Thats me at the elva marathon. I really cant tell you why the picture of me is the only rotated one.

Im actually considering going biking right now.. I doubt getting to it right now, in the middle of the night, but im going out tomorrow.

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