Saturday, July 03, 2004

Im back from the SAAB meet. As it was sort of the warm-up evening, there werent too many cars and people there. Despite that, it was a nice evening. SAAB owners are generally very friendly and nice people. And of course, the ride to the north coast and back with the crew was nice too. To those of you that might have been reading the blog for some time now, id like to add that, even though is basically a biking "team", we went by car. SAAB doesnt manufacture bikes as far as i know, because if they did , i would have one.

We had amateur-style drag racing competitions and everything. A 400 meter strip competition and then some people tested their cars for maximum speed that the conditions allowed. Check the pictures for spidometer shots.
We were able to do all that racing because the meet was held at a former russian military airfield wich had a 2.5 km landing strip. Some people had maps wich were produced during the russian times and the airfield, as expected, wasnt on it. Just a patch of forest on the map.

Check out the pictures here.

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